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September 15, 2013

Dummies guide to what wimminz want.

The Dummies guides are reasonably good, if I read one dealing with a subject that I know something about in some depth, I find that they glide over everything and give a simplistic explanation and instruction that will usually achieve the desired result, but never educate the user as to why or how or what is going on under the bonnet as it were….

So think of this as the dummies guide to what wimminz want…

First thing you have to understand is wimminz never know what they want, that is not how they operate, they do however know what they DON’T want, and that is how they operate.

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Those of you with any electronics knowledge will know the difference between an NPN transistor and a PNP transistor, and those of you with boolean logic knowledge will know about OR and NOR, and so on… none of them are very good examples, because they are all consistent and logical, whereas wimminz functioning when taken alone is an exercise in darwinism.sickdump-thumbs-picdump-133-40

However, when you look at wimminz functioning in the natural evolutionary environment, which is the wild card input into men’s functioning, then it all starts to make sense.

Nevertheless, we are here today to talk about the wimminz side of the equation, and as we have seen, wimminz are real good at knowing not so much what they do not want, but when they do not want that particular thing…. they might well have been clamouring to get that thing, and they may well have been content to have that thing, but this is all just the DON’T WANT at work, they did not want that thing, rather they did not want to not have that thing…..

These are transient states.

But only once they have had and sampled that thing, rather like a baby who has screamed and fought for a slice of lemon, only then can the wimminz logic actually make a real decision, and IF that decision is made, or WHEN it is made, the wimminz decision mechanism only allows one decision to be made, and that decision is NOT WANT, and at that time that particular logic circuit for that particular thing lets out the magic smoke and becomes permanently fixed.

Once a wimminz decides that she has had enough of your skinny ass in her bad, that is it, game over, forever.

Of course, if you win the lottery she will let you back into her bed, but, to her that decision to NOT WANT you any more is still there, that neural pathway is fused in for life.

But, to a wimminz, “Bubba the ex” is “item 485,874”, and Bubba the ex and his lottery winnings is “item 486,735”, a completely new and separate thing, not item 485,874 + $5,000,000 in cash, but a completely separate thing.

However, once she realises that either the cash is gone, or she ain’t gonna get any of it no-how, then like a magic trick there is a puff of smoke and item 486,735 turns instantly into item 485,874.

If Item 485,874 is a really unlucky bastard, item 486,735 will not turn into item 485,874, but into item 487,658, and item 487,658 committed rape and DV against her, so all she has to do is call in da po-lice and collect all that lovely money, and at THAT point, when she gets her hands on the fucking money, item 487,658 turns into item 485,874.

You see where this is going…..

The most popular, painful, excruciating and exciting game shows for all wimminz everywhere are those that include the formula where there are a series of things, A, B, C, D etc

As the wimminz contestant works her way through the game she wins item B and throws away item A,  then at the next correct play she wins item C and throws away item B, and so on, rinse and repeat.

If you want the bitches to wet their panties and freak with excitement as the hamster wheel does 14 squillion RPM, makes items A through M boxes that hold unknown prizes, each prize being an ever larger wad of cash, but randomly in there are three unknown boxes containing one red cent and a note saying “fuck off, loser”

To the wimminz this is working their way down a line of men, sampling each one that does not earn an instant DON’T WANT before it goes anywhere, until each guy does or fails to do something, and she wakes up and it’s DON’T WANT, on to the next.

And then one day they realise that the last 365 days have all been DON’T WANT, and guess what, they DON’T WANT that either, but being wired only for DON’T WANT, there is no way to fix this dilemma and accept the next half decent guy that comes along, some will try this strategy, but as soon as they have a man the DON’T WANT to not have a man is gone, so it is only a short time before they DON’T WANT that man.

Of course, we know where 100% of the fault, blame and responsibility for this situation lies, but since wimminz DON’T WANT to feel bad about themselves, well, it’s the fucking men’s fault innit.

If you want a wimminz to think “he is fucking dead to me”, all you as a man have to do is tell her to her face “I DON’T WANT YOU”, and that’s it, you are dead to her. Because she cannot conceive of a world in which DON’T WANT is anything other than a permanent state.

However, she *may* like item 485,874 above, decide to “change” herself, and then mebbe you’ll want her, so gastric band, liposuction, tit job, bingo.

One of the things wimminz DON’T WANT is being told CAN’T HAVE, and that is the basis for so called alpha male pulling power.

But, it isn’t kryptonite, because not all DON’T WANT’s are equal, as we have seen above, and as they get older, the DON’T WANT to end up alone and smelling of piss and cats starts to get REAL strong.

This starts ramping up big time in their thirties, and by the time they are in their fifties it is mainlining meth and PCP through their skulls 24/7.

I have had a couple of wimminz my age, just turned the corner into the half century, though their dating/swinging/fucking profiles claimed 41…lol… who would do ANYTHING I wanted sexually, and buy me beer, and so on and so forth, in an effot to trap me into a relationshit, starting by trying to get me to say I loved them, or trying to get me to give them an orgasm or lick their cunts… and then one day the penny drops, they realise they are NEVER gonna trap you, so not only are you an instant DON’T WANT, you are also an evil nasty mother-fucker who wasted three months of their lives, and when you are a 41 year old H^H^H^H^ 51 year old post wall wimminz, that feels like taking 20 bucks from a guy with 110 to his name, not only did you take a large chunk of what he had, what he has is now measures in two figures, not three, double plus ungood…lol

They DON’T WANT me so much it hurts.

And so dear readers, to conclude this brief introduction and dummies guide into what wimminz want, all you need to know is that there are two states to a wimminz logic.

  1. Schroedinger’s cat, almost, in that you simply do not know until you open the logic box if that cat is alive or dead.
  2. DON’T WANT, if the cat dies the box opens automatically, if you force the box open the cat dies automatically.

She will either be DON’T WANT, or DON’T KNOW, there are no other logic states, and don’t know is transient, while don’t want is permanent.


September 3, 2011

Pay attention Bond.

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For my sins, I have been tutoring a guy in internet dating.

It has been the usual battle with the guy’s innate masculine decency, he wants to listen to what the wimminz tell him, he doesn’t want to play the numbers game because it is cheating and lying about his single status, he is engaging in dialogue…

As you can imagine, this attitude seriously fucked up his conversion rate.

As I knew it would eventually, the penny dropped for this guy, he was basically chatting to three skanks on Plenty of Fish, unfortunately he was engaging them in conversation rather than talking at them and allowing them to agree with his world view, but at least he was playing the numbers, so anyway;

  1. Skank ho #1 says “I have to go now and pick up my daughter
  2. Skank ho #2 says “I am dead tired and have to go to sleep now
  3. Skank ho #3 says “My computer is playing up again, speak tomorrow

Now you need to know a couple of things, number one is all these skanks say the same thing about not wanting players, and why oh why is it impossible to find an honest man, you know the drill, and thing number two is that as part of the mentoring process this guy had shared with me these skanks’ user names on PoF.

Actually thing number three is that this guy only lives a few miles away, and so it was that I toss laptop into chariot and bimble my way over to his pad just after midnight.

01934 These Numbers Are Everywhere

Image by nickhall via Flickr

Open my laptop, and carry on chatting to three skanks, yes, skank 1, 2 & 3 are chatting to me, after they have respectively gone to collect their daughter, gone to bed, and crashed their computer…. nota bene all three skanks hate players and hate men lying to them….

My young Grasshopper student looks at me and you can see the flash of territorial emotional anger pass across his face, before the male intellect rises to the fore…. why did my mentor drive five miles after midnight to show me this if he was only after stealing my pussy.

And then the penny dropped.

All wimminz lie all of the fucking time about absolutely everything.

And this penny dropping moment was so profound I had to go into his kitchen and make my own fucking coffee, because all he could do was wander around waving his hands and saying “How could I have been SO…… FUCKING…… STUPID……” and muttering about how he now “gets” the lessons I have been trying to teach him.

So I shared a few used PoF profile names with him, this one will do x, this one gives good head, this one pisses like a steer when she cums…

So far today he has phoned me three times, the penny dropping last night is penetrating his conciousness, and each time he rang me it was to tell me about some other event in his past with an ex that suddenly, with blinkers removed and 20/20 hindsight, made perfect sense, whereas before it was a source of constant confusion and irritability.

Sadly, this lesson is one that each man, like this guy, has to learn individually, it cannot be taught without also experiencing the relevant real world physical lesson.

But once it is learned it becomes just another little trick in the arsenal of what it is to be a man, like opening a beer bottle with a disposable lighter or a stick or a chip of rock, a trivial little trick than can never be forgotten, yet which is so useful you automatically open the beer bottle with anything within reach, rather than getting up and looking for a bottle opener.

All wimminz lie all of the fucking time about absolutely everything, so just ignore everything wimminz say all of the time about absolutely everything, and if you must interact with wimminz such as on PoF, take the role of the preacher orating his sermon, and select your skanks from those who self select themselves by paying attention to your world view.

Nothing born with a cunt is capable of telling the truth with its mouth and words, nor is it capable of lying if you ignore everything said, and pay attention only to body language and everything done.

It’s a bit like watching commercials with the sound off, try it some time.


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