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September 4, 2013

Grab a beer, pull up a chair.

Is my life the way I expected things to be? Is my life the way I hoped things would be? Is my life the way I dreamed things would be? Is my life the way I would like things to be?

The answer of course is NO

When I was a small boy dreaming of growing up to be a train driver or racing driver or astronaut, nowhere in my dreams was a future where everything about being a man would be despised and punished.

As a small pre-pubescent boy girls were stupid and boring, so frankly speaking a world in which they turned into worthless sluts wasn’t anywhere on the plans, as girls weren’t anywhere on the plans, so no big deal, and the only thing likely to have changed that for a 7 year old is who is gonna cook my tea?

But, a part of the process of growing up is the realisation that dreams and reality are not the same thing, and the gap between the two is not altered one iota by how much you want X to be true, all that changes is how much it hurts every day.

I never set out to socialise with men who apparently beat the crap out of their wives, raped the shit out of them, indulged in crazy obsessive psycho behaviour towards them, or wanted to fuck their little children… if I had I would have chosen an appropriate career.

In most cases of course I never actually meet or speak to or communicate with these men in any way, just the wimminz they did all this shit to.

I myself am not that kind of man.

So why do I find myself, if not increasingly tolerant towards such actual behaviour, then certainly feeling like I have more in common with these guys, whether they be alleged abusers or rapists or paedophiles, than I have in common with their alleged victims?

When a wimminz lies to a man, at the point that the man realises that X was total bullshit, while he may feel a brief flash of anger, the predominant and lasting feeling is wanting to puke.

When a bloke watches his ex on a fuck site picking up verification after verification from different people every week, 99.9% of what he feels is wanting to puke.

It isn’t a desire to kill her, or rape her, or beat the shit out of her, and if any of those feelings appear they are usually there for no purpose other than to mask the feelings of wanting to puke.

Putting yourself in proximity to that wimminz, where you can say something genuinely monumentally stupid like “why?” and actually think you are going to get an answer that isn’t total bullshit, is no more than the height of folly.

It is that “not grown up yet” thing, where you think that somehow, just because it hurts REAL bad, there must be some way to bridge the gap between your dreams and reality.

If you really really really believe hard enough, you can fly.

Your first vehicle crash, your first accident where you broke something expensive, or where your actions injured someone, or where that fire got out of control, or where you lost something really important to you.

Think back, what you felt was wanting to puke.

It is a natural human reaction when presented with a situation where the carousel stops turning and the music stops playing and there, right in front of you, is a big yawning gap between how you thought things were, and how they clearly are now.

Abject immediate and total fear for your very life will make you void your bowels and bladder, you will piss and shit yourself, a natural and evolved reaction to enable you to better survive what is right here and right now a life or death situation.

Presentation with having to face the gap between what you thought was so, and what clearly is so, is not life or death, so your body learned a different natural and evolved reaction, puke your guts up.

Ask anyone who ever got shitfaced, puke your guts up and 10 seconds later you are relatively clear headed and able to think, 10 seconds is way too long in life or death fight or flight, but it is just fine for needing to hit the turbo boost button on your brain to assimilate the difference between what you thought, and what is.

AFTER you have puked your guts up, and faced reality, the best word to describe what you feel is melancholy.

You don’t feel BAD, you feel SAD.

ohgodIamnevergonnafuckingdrinkagain is said by people who have not puked, but should have, those who have puked feel an immediate improvement, and either get back at it or wipe the bile from their mouth and say damn that was some nasty shit.

All those “no” answers at the beginning, if they make you feel sad then that is fine bro, you’ll live, and if they make you feel bad then you might not, because you ain’t puked that shit up yet.

Wimminz and their cupid stunts ain’t alcohol and diced carrots, you can’t call huey and ralph down the porcelain pipe and rid your body of the poisons that make you want to puke.

But like when you first broke something or hurt something, it is a virtual, a mental version of alcohol and diced carrots, so you have to do the mental equivalent of hurling that shit out of your body.

If watching “your” woman with another guy, or hearing about it, or reading about it, doesn’t leave with you not much more than a bit of sadness and melancholy at the sheer waste, then you need to puke that shit outta your head and heart until that is all you can make yourself feel, even if you try, most times not even that, cos you ain’t trying to pick at that scab.

If it still makes you want to puke then you have not squared what you thought was, with what was, and you need to get that shit sorted, pronto, and only you can do it bro.

Only way to do it I know of is to embrace the reality, and laugh at yourself for being such a stupid cunt you ever bought the fantasy.

The new guy upstairs is gonna get treated the exact same way the old guy upstairs was, he just don’t know it yet.

So her girlfriend turns up and all three of them go out in her shitbox 2 door compact car, guess who rides in the rear seats….. it ain’t the slits.

So what did the old boyfriend actually lose, (his clean record, his flat deposit, his liberty for a bit) with respect to her?

Serious question.

Only things he actually lost were never actually there, so he never actually lost them, they were never his to lose, sure, he had fantasies and dreams, and when the time came to puke them up and that bile rose and he was puking in his mouth, like a good beta simp he swallowed it all down again, yummy, please sir can I have some more.

So I watch a skank I fucked for a while until she lied to be slide further down the gutter, and how she is around the level where she is meeting people who (unlike her tales of allegedly abusive raping ex’s) really genuinely don’t give a flying fuck about her, they are there to use her and use her hard as long as he puts up with the ever increasing demands, rinse and repeat.

And so we are back again to where we started, where frankly I have more sympathy with them, than with her, even though they are pond life at best.

Accept *that* reality, and all the wanna puke feelings are history.

August 29, 2013

The friendzone – from the wimminz side

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Oh, how I lol’ed….

I have discussed before how wimminz will never, ever, ever break a so called “friendship” with another wimminz, no matter how horribly that other wimminz behaves.

We all also know all about (thanks in part to the manosphere) that beta male zombie living death known as being friendzoned by a wimminz.

So, what happens when a man friendzones a wimminz, you ask?

I’ll tell you, it’s as if god reached down with a magic eraser and wiped you from said wimminz life in mere moments flat, suddenly you cease to exist, if she had your phone number, email or other electronic contact details, they all get blocked permanently.

Even if said wimminz gets in the shit, she won’t call you, she’d rather walk 5 miles home in the rain and dark.

Mark Twain said something along the lines of it being anger that got men in to trouble, and pride that kept them there, but never were truer words said about the wimminz…

Of course, trifling with a wimminz pride is never a safe occupation, so I would caution against seeing it as a really great way to end a relationshit.

In other news, with the imminent Syria shit, and knock on effect on the economy in general and price of fuel in particular, I can see a lot more wimminz facing the financial wall, so we may see if my often stated observations about wimminz being in need of men to provide for them in exchange for kinky sex hold out true.

I suspect they will.

A recent commenter said that “people do what they wanna do” has to cut both ways, and apply to me to, and he is quite correct in this.

  • I don’t take shit from wimminz or niggerz
  • I fuck skank ho sluts, zero emotional or financial involvement or outlay
  • I live alone
  • I am accepting of the fact that while my lifestyle might not be what I once imagined, or hoped for, or dreamed of, in reality it is sustainable and pretty cosy, and any faults I could find with it are probably of the grass is greener next door variety.

I’m sure you get the idea, so yes, the commenter is right, there are many things that I should be doing that I ain’t, but the flipside is there are very very few things that I am doing that I bloody well shouldn’t be.

One of the things I am doing that I should not be doing is going all Nightrider on the roads, particularly towards other assholes (lol) who are exhibiting signs of road rage towards me.. In the past week there have been three fucks who are all rather fortunate that it is illegal heah-abouts to drive with a loaded 44 automag in the glove box.

The interesting thing is not so much what pisses them off, but what tips them over the edge.

What pisses them off is (here in the UK) the rule of the road is keep left, you ain’t the fastest mother-fucker on the road, and just because YOU are doing 0.1 mph below the legal speed limit, some of us are happy to go faster… that and me just tailgating the cunts till they get the message… OK, I drive like a cunt, or as one observant wimminz said, you drive a car like you’re riding a motorbike.

What sets them off is this fine example of German automotive engineering has automatic everything, and everything includes lights and wiper, and being cautious and practical, this means the lights come on early.

So, cunt up their ass in the fast lane they could possibly deal with, cunt up their ass with headlights on when it is merely cloudy at 3pm, they flip, thinking said cunt has physically reached down and made the decision to put the headlights on to intimidate other drivers.

Yeah, you guessed it, you can only think like that if you are driving a piece of shit Vauxhall or Peugot or some such shitbox, not a German shitbox, and not an 18 month old German shitbox, and not an 18 month old black German shitbox, with a driver wearing a black shirt and tie (you choose, mafiosi / barista / doesn’t give a fuck field tech) but thank fuck no mirror shades.

Those suitably set off tend to fall into one of three categories, wimminz, niggerz sat in their own car with a fucking hi-viz vest on, and ricers.

The thing they ALL have in common is none of the cunts can drive, smooth is fast, placing yourself correctly and then taking a smooth run up you can take 3 or 4 or 5 vehicles at once, driving too close and jerking out at the last moment and planting your foot without selecting the right gear, you hold up every other cunt trying to overtake.

My 2012 eco box German car will return (imperial gallons) around 49 mpg at a sustained 95 mph on a flat dry motorway with no crosswinds, it does that by using a small 1.6 litre 4 pot inter-cooled turbo diesel, which means below 2k on the rev-counter there is no boost and no torque, so if you are trying to hump along a hilly A road such as the A35 south coast road at 85/90 with the occasional spurt to 99 mph, or overtake a couple of arctics and caravans on a hill in one of the few dual lane overtaking spots, you just GOT to be smooth, or the motor will never get you there.

And the point of all this fucking drivel?

Well, if you are gonna be doing something you din’t oughta be doin’, for fucks sake at the very least do it with some style and measure of competence.


June 9, 2013

“my son’s cock” & sperm brothers

as subject, it’s not a conversation I can *ever* recall a man starting with me, ever, not even in passing reference, wimminz on the other hand, they all have some variation / combination of summer shorts / sitting down / towel slipping / whatever, to explain why they ended up looking at their teenage son’s cock… and it is a subject that most if not all wimminz with teenage sons have managed to inject into a conversation with me at some point.

wimminz will also of course have loud noisy kinky sex with you so their kids and neighbours can hear it, or rather, can not possibly not hear it.

quite why wimminz apparently feel no boundaries on their sexuality between themselves and their kids is something beyond the scope of my intellect, certainly beyond rocket science, or else, it is really very simple, wimminz will fuck anything if they can tell a convincing lie and deny it and get away with it.

So Layla who is 51 becomes Linda who is 41 on the dating/swinging site, and dude if she told you she would do “anything” in bed, you can bet your ass she said that to the absolute minimum 100+ guys before you, and you can bet your ass enough of those guys said “anything huh… okaaay” that anything becomes everything, she has done everything, including a lot of shit that probably would not occur to you or appeal to you, but, she has done it.

And Layla ain’t that fucking dumb either, she knows that skank ho Susie, who has finally realised all she can offer you is booty call, so offers it, is a real fucking dampener on Layla’s plans, and how much she can inflate the value of access to her cunt, and the pleasure of her com-pan-eee… so convincing you to cut yourself off from Susie becomes a real priority for Layla, and she’ll buy you your favourite beer, and say fuck all about habits of yours that boil her piss, because she is on the hunt… and you are on the menu.

Layla has the same opinion of me as many wimminz, I am too fucking “aggressive” and by aggressive what she actually means is Code Rainbow, this rude boy ain’t buying ANY of my bullshit, nor is he backing down at my usual tactics.

The only play she has left is to take her ball and exclude me from the game.

I just been banned for life from yet another forum on yet another sex site, the initial charge was that I breached the T&C, I challenged this, stating that I had not, in any way, broken the T&C, and if they could show that I had I would not only back down and apologise, I would send then a cheque for 100 notes to be given to the charity of their choice.

I got an answer, that I was way too aggressive for the forums, meaning I don’t back down when faced with wimminz bullshit, fair enough, their site, their rules, but even then they cannot be honest about this, “attitude” isn’t covered in the T&C, so the initial reason given was bullshit, no worries, I will keep my 100 notes.

You could sit there and say Layla was a dumb fuck, all that do anything in the bedroom was 60% of the trick, buying me my favourite beer and shit was another 30% of the trick, the remaining 10% was to not try to fucking manipulate me.

But the fact is Layla, and wimminz, don’t work like that, kinky sex isn’t something they do because they enjoy it, which is why I, as a man, do it.

Kinky sex is something they do because it is a way, usually, of achieving control and power and influence over a man, and that is what they enjoy.

Take away the idea that they can ever actually attain that power, or worse still, actually grant that power, and the kinky sex is removed, after all, it was never done for its own sake.

Take away the idea, as I did to Layla, and I am a nasty manipulative and aggressive man, and she is damn grateful she sussed me out before I sucker her in too deep, and she is as pissed as fuck that she wasted 3 months of her life on me, and that’s the 51 year old life, not the 41 year old profile life that is still ten years away from the menopause… lol

Grant that power and you are a pathetic loser of a man.

When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything gets treated like a nail and pounded flat.

When the only tool you have is a cunt…..

It’s a uniquely male trait to look at Layla and think “what a waste“, just as it is a uniquely male trait to look at an old but once great vehicle or piece of machinery and think “what a waste

But, unlike an old vehicle that has seen better days, Layla is the architect of her own fall, and if you were foolish enough to tamper, she would resist and fight you all the way.

This is why all other late forties onwards feminazi wimminz are so fucking bitter and man hating, they know two things for a fact;

  1. They themselves are 100% responsible for the situation they find themselves in.
  2. They have hit the wall and can no longer delude themselves that their own personal history is a story of steady decline and fall, under their own captaincy.

If you think under 40’s wimminz can be batshit crazy, you ain’t seen nothing, wait until they can see that wall coming in their nightmares, or worse still, after they have hit it… they are as good a definition of insanity as you are likely to find.

Einstein defined insanity as repeating the same actions over and over, hoping for a different outcome.

Older wimminz like Layla, they don’t just repeat the same actions, they fucking double down on the bet every time.

The 3 months she “wasted” on me ain’t more than a chunk of change out of a 41 year H^H^H^ 51 year life, subtract 14 for 37 sexually active years.

The 3 months she “wasted” on me is however a fucking huge bite out of any imagined sexually active years remaining, and Layla is one of these progressive/desperate bitches that goes to the fucking gym every day to try to keep in shape, and has potions and lotions to try to make her skin feel and smell like it did 30 years ago, and all the rest of the finery and drapery and shit.

There was a (white) south african thing about “sperm brothers”, two guys who had fucked the same skank, and only realised it later, over a beer.

Thanks to the internet and technology and sex sites, after a period of time you start to see something, something entirely expected, but nevertheless something deeply warming and pleasant to see.

You start to see that the sperm brothers come in groups, and generally speaking so do the skanks / cum buckets, and individuals tend not to stray out of these groups.

The feral feminazi skank ho’s are one group of cum buckets, and there is an associated group of sperm brothers, but the chances that any of these guys have been anywhere near Layla is slim indeed, for she is in the group of feral the-wall-is-approaching-but-I-only-have-an-accelerator-pedal group of cum buckets, and that has a separate but associated group of sperm brothers.

And then there is the roving “band of raiders” sperm brothers, of which I am one, and we look like a group to those outside, but we only come across one another when some wimminz gets a case of mistaken identity, or assumes we are a crew and drops one name to another, we nomads dip into the various groups of skank ho cumbuckets, like ghosts in the machine.

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Bitch it’s me

September 28, 2012

Greedy girls, gangbang sluts and betas..

… it’s one of those seedy areas of everyday urban life that chances are you have never been exposed to and so do not know exists…. that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, or that it is incredibly rare, or anything else…

…but like many other things, the advent of the internet doesn’t make them more prevalent, it just makes them dead easy to find… the Phil Lynott fan club is just a couple of clicks away, so is the Middle Wallop Swingers club.

One of the things the swingers clubs websites do is a thing called validation, where member 1423 says that member 1764 is a real person, that is a current photo of them, and the things we got up to when we met… 1764 then does the same for 1423, 1922 comes along and at least knows that 1764 and 1423 are real people and not wannabes etc.

Which is great, until you stumble across the phenomenon of the greedy girl, gangbang bitch, or old skool skanky slut, because the last 20 “validation” entries (all those that show) for their profiles and whiny “ooh this lady was so great to meet and so wonderful and genuine to fuck“, and these 20 entries start yesterday and go back maybe 30 days, maybe a month or two… and get this, these are the ones that the subject in question did not delete from their profile.

While in many ways the jury is still out on what the definitions of alpha and beta men are, the guys who queue up to fuck these skanks and then post praises about them, are nothing if not beta…. may I be one of many to supplicate myself at your skank cunt mistress…

On a personal anecdote basis, I have fucked teen porn sluts who would take 25 guys on in a gangbang, but I have done them one on one, and according to everything they said (yeah I know) and any other observable metric I fucked them better than all 25 guys put together… nor has this been a one off… I mention this because there appears to be some female hard wired sexual responses at work, rather than any individual female responses, quantity vs quality.

The greedy / gangbang sluts themselves are of course, it has to be said, deeply beta, because in real life you just have to see the sorts of guys they take on, out of the 25 for example to pick a random number, you can sorta see the attraction in three of em…

The reason I mention all this is the “alpha fucks, beta pays” mentality and meme that seems to be everywhere in the manosphere.. if you can get your cock wet you are an alpha, if you are always paying for supper for two and going home alone you are a beta… by definition, if you open your fucking eyes and look at the people involved, they may be fucking but none of those concerned is anything other than basement beta, nor were any of them ever alphas that fell off the perch at some time in the past and are now slumming it.

Now, you tell me the fucking difference between a skank ho slut who takes 25 different men in one go, and a skank ho slut who takes those men one at a time over the next three to four weeks?

You can see a difference? Because I can’t, except for very small and unimportant values of kink.

So, if these are all betas, then you are left with a quandary, because the single major identifying trait of an alpha, that they fuck a lot, has been show to be also heavily present in the beta end of the spectrum, and so the mere fact that that person fucks a lot can’t tell you a damn thing about whether they are alpha or beta.

Certainly, sex sells, always has done, so removing the sex sells element from “how to be an alpha” certainly wipes the board clean of the vast majority of those trying to tell us, because mainly they are trying to sell (to) us…

Maybe its a whole lot simpler, maybe alpha vs beta is nothing more complex than a long list of conditioned responses to certain scenarios, I don’t pretend to know, I do not even pretend to know if there even is such a thing as alphas and betas… sure I talk about the wimminz and niggerz being herd animals and the men being pack animals, but when those animals all live in a zoo, as we do in modern society…. all bets are off.

Is George Clooney alpha?  How about the recently deceased Neil Armstrong? He lived an utterly different on every level lifestyle to Clooney?  So any label that is applied to them both becomes by definition a broad and rather meaningless brush of low definition, “white yank guy”… that fits both of them too.

But I came into this with the statement that there is one hell of a lot more kinky sex going on in your local area than you know about, unless you are already one of the kinksters and swingers involved in the scene…

So, the woman working the checkout, the electrician, his wife, the newsagent, the woman serving coffee at the cafe, are they loser betas, or do they also partake in the swinging lifestyle and fuck like rabbits and become alphas, like superman changing his cape in a phone-box after work…

And how can THEIR status be dependent upon YOUR knowledge, or lack of knowledge, of them?



September 10, 2011

Gangs of cunts

I was reminded again today by an incident on Plenty of Fish that wimminz are social creatures, and perhaps more than in any other way are they are social and socialise and participate and share in the subject of sex, with other wimminz that is…

On PoF I have lost count of the number of wimminz who have told me that;

  • lol, you just sent my daughter a message.
  • lol, you just seny my mum a message.
  • you just sent my friend a message.
  • my friends told me about you (and they have fucked you).
  • my friends told me about you (and they have blocked you).
  • I told my friend about you and told her to contact you.

What all these messages had in common was that in every instance the wimminz in question continued to talk to me.

I don’t know how many times I have been at some wimminz house and she has one or two of her skank ho mates around for drinkie-poos, which is wimminz speak for getting shitfaced and talking about sex, and sadly I must admit that it took me a few years to learn that the way to deflect their sexual abuse and predatory behaviour towards me (well, that’s how the fucking wimminz would portray it if the roles were reversed) was to suggest playing a game…

How about y’all take turns sucking my cock, 30 second each, and the one whose mouth I blow a load in wins…. double dare y’all.

That one has about a 95% sucess rate if you time it right, but I warn you now, you need a thick skin to stay hard and dump your cum into one of those mouths, because the two who aren’t sucking will be talking, and what they will be talking about is your dick, and they will be talking about comparing it to their current husband’s, their current boyfriend’s, their boss’s, and then they will get on to ex’s…

and that is the bit where you will get distracted and go limp, because at various times in their past these skanks have all fucked the same guys, so you are with say tracy and sharon and julie, julie is blowing you, sharon and tracy and talking about how your cock compares with john’s, who tracy fucked 12 months ago, who julie fucked 4 months ago, and who sharon is fucking last week, and then they will move on to steve, and dave, and richard… I’m still waiting to hear them compare rover or trigger, I guess it is only a question of time…

But the fact is these wimminz keep this shit not just straight, like some anal retentive blokes who can tell you who scored a goal in what minute of play of which match in which year, and interestingly the referee’s middle name is the same as that players home town, you get the picture, the fact is these wimminz can do this but make all these statistics dynamic and ever changing in nature.

My cock’s relative place and rating in these statistics varies, not because trigger came along and made us all look small and pathetic by comparison, but because this week tracy rates steve’s cock a bit lower and dave’s cock a bit higher, and this week sharon rates steve’s cock a bit higher and dave’s cock a bit lower, and until julie takes my cock out of her mouth and puts it in sharon’s, then says that she thinks steve and dave had very similar cocks and neither tasted very good, unlike mine and richard’s, and suddenly tracy and sharon adjust their views on steve and dave, and richard, and me.

To wimminz, this whole scenario is like young guys getting drunk and puking, he who puked first and crashed out first is ridiculed by the other guys, and he promptly resolves to show em all next week, and yes guys, this is exactly the fucking casual and communal attitude that wimminz have to the cock.

Gangs of cunts craving the cock, and setting their relative status and pecking order by how they performed.

And these evenings are then described to current husbands and boyfriends as “girls night”…. and so julie’s boyfriend steve thinks julie is just having a few drinkies at sharon’s house with tracy, no cause for concern there… little does he know his girlfriend and ex girlfriend and girlfriend’s best friend just agreed that my cock tastes a lot nicer than his…..

September 6, 2011

Hitting the targets.

I’m returning to the Internet Dating theme again, and Plenty of Fish which is my chosen hunting ground.

Today I had a couple of production line skanks flake, one kinda come through but I expect she’ll flake, and one that I only started work on yesterday come through.

The interesting thing about the one that came through and wants twice a week fuckuddies is the bottom of her profile said this, and this only…

Must not be looking for Other Relationship
Must not be looking for Intimate Encounter

Now I know a lot of guys couldn’t get their cock in a cunt even if it had a target painted on it, and I have talked before about using sales type language like “conversion rates” on the wimminz Internet Dating, but the fact is that the dating market is like any other market such as double glazing sales, it varies over time with market conditions.

If it is overcast and pissing down with rain every day you are going to sell fuck all solar photo-voltaic power installations, quite apart from seasonal trends and factors such as subsidies and costs per kWH of mains all affecting the market, and the fact is it is no different with Internet Dating.

Yes, you are selling the same product every day, but you adapt to market conditions and variations by rebranding it every single day and tailoring it subtly to every single customer, eg while the broad strokes of what works on skank ho #1 will work on skank ho #2 for the initial warm up, to make the sale you have the tailor the fine details, and this will vary from skank ho #1 to skank ho #2

What I have seen lately with the spreading economic unrest is a change in what the wimminz are seeking, and a change in what they are offering… make no mistake, this is an instictive response by the wimminz, but it is also a rapid response and very much a smart adaptation to changing conditions.

To give you one concrete example, there is one skank ho on PoF that ain’t bad looking, good body, not a bad face, aged well for mid thirties and quite well presented, way too much of a stuck up bitch for yours truly to waste time on, but physically it is all there, a definite 7+.

This bitch is a property / real estate valuer, and of course the property market is about to tank big time, so whereas a week ago her profile was all about how hip and exciting she was and showed a profile pic of her holding a bottle of champers and partying like it is 1999, she has re-written her profile, suddenly she is looking not for a hooray henry to pay her bar and coke bill, but a nice and dependable man, and oh, the cocktail dress profile pictures have gone, to be replaced with the beach top showing off some very nice natural tits to within a millimetre of the aureolae.

Incidentally if you have an interest in the decline of the UK property market, go to http://www.propertysnake.co.uk/ and have a gander… currently the front page shows properties with asking prices reduced between 50 and 58 percent, just enter your postcode to see the top droppers in your area.

She, like all wimminz, is finely tuned to changes in the market… lol

I can tell you now, and have a very large degree of accuracy, that wimminz with secure homes, eg hubby died well insured, are still looking for casual friends with benefits, but all the other wimminz in less secure accomodations previously looking for friends with benefits or fuckbuddies have all just about vanished in the past two weeks…. now they are looking for long term relationships.

I can tell you that all the ones living in the house they got the ex kicked out of and living off the child support payments, which is all the ones with big hoopy ear-rings and a fucking attitude problem, still have a fucking attitude problem and are completely delusional, but they too sense a storm on the horizon because suddenly none of them want to get into long exchanges of emails and texts, they want to meet quickly and decide…. grab a chair before the music stops.

I can tell you that all the eternally single moms who have some negative trait such as a slight facial birthmark or squinty eye or big nose, are suddenly open to any kind of kinky sex you like and will be professing love within 24 hours and asking you to move in within 72.

I can tell you that suddenly (I have been fucking for 35 years, my fucking style hasn’t changed worth a damn in the past month) all the wimminz are genuinely having a lot more orgasms, being a lot more vocal, and being a lot more complimentary, and I do not mean the tired old “you’re the best” shit but new shit like “it isn’t fair I get to cum so much and you only cum two or three times“… in the seventies you heard that shit but it was a hard recession, and in the eighties you only heard that shit from some skank if she was about to ask you to marry her, and in the nineties you never heard it, nor in the noughties, now suddenly it is back….

I can tell you that suddenly all the bitches are dieting properly and going to the gym to do a proper workout…. no more is the “does my ass look big in this” shit, where you were expected to say no anyway, now they are all “I am dieting and working out and I know I am not there yet but I will get there to please you“….. WTF….

I can tell you that the subject of you perhaps having a roving eye or a roving cock has vanished like a factory job, it just isn’t mentioned at all, even if you are only spending one night a week at her place and she can see you on PoF the other six days a week, not a fucking word is said.

I can tell you that where it used to take about three or four her / you / her responses in a chat to get from strong woman who denies and refuses any possibility of submissive kinky sex and bondage to meek bitch who agrees, it now takes one, sometimes two….

I can tell you that my rather basic and brutal attitude to dating, which on the 0 to 10 scale of hotness used to bring in a mixed bag ranging from 2 to 7, is now producing a mixed bag ranging from 4 to 7, and the average age has dropped a year or two as well.

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