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December 27, 2013

Duty, and the death of the MIL joke

MIL = Mother In Law BTW

When my grandfather (on one side) was 14 he ran away to sea, signed up for the Royal Navy, ended up at the Battle of Jutland, WWI, then when WWII broke out, having spent a lifetime at sea in the wavy navy, and being too old for the regulars, he and his sons all marched down to the recruiting office, on the day war broke out… in WWII he had three tankers torpedoed out from under him, Murmansk run, so even if the torps and fuel didn’t get ya, the arctic seas would, but he survived all three, and went on to die from bowel cancer, probably brought on by years of chewing tobacco, as you couldn’t smoke on a tanker.

One of those sons who signed up with him on day 1 ended up in Singapore at the fall of same, and instead of being evacuated or left to surrender, he was told to stay behind and report on the Japs movements, after being reported missing presumed killed in action, he turned up at Calcutta 11 months later, having made his own way there, in wartime, and when he got there he had to steal rations for three months, until they could confirm his identity, he was reported MIA/KIA see…

Now we can sit here and dismiss the obvious courage, bravery and remarkable resilience and tenacity of these people as fucking stupid, having one tanker torpedoed out from under you is bad enough, going back for two more helpings…  being told to stay behind and report on the japs is bad enough, somehow managing to survive and make your way 2,000 miles through jungles and mangroves in enemy territory, only to be told you were dead and not entitled to any rations or new kit (clothes) to stick around so they can decide you are actually alive, to spend another three years in service for these same fucks….

Thing is, they weren’t actually dumber than you and I, and in many cases they weren’t actually less informed and worldly wise than you and I, they knew “our” leaders were as bad as “theirs”, they knew in all probability they were going to die, but they still went… and it wasn’t for the money or glory, there was none of either. Seriously, the monetary compensation, IF it was paid, would not have kept them in food.

They certainly were not mentally less intelligent than you and I, in many ways, in all these things, you could make a good argument that the opposite is true.

So… WHY????

Why was a little word called duty, and having spoken to these people first hand about this very subject, duty was never to king and country, or merrie olde england, or any of that shit.

Duty was to “a way of life“, they were fighting to preserve the way of life they had known, at the local, personal and family level, before hostilities started.

They were fighting to preserve the life they knew when they grew up.

In this, they, and all men everywhere who went to war, failed utterly.

It is this very disenchantment for example, that some of the GI’s returning to the good ole USA after WW2, felt so bitterly that they used their de-mob money to buy motorcycles, which meant ex WD Harleys and Indians, and thus was formed the Hells Angels.

The world my grandad returned to after WWI was very different from the world he left in 1915, and not merely because he left as a boy of 14 and returned as a man of 18/19, many of the things he fought for, out of duty, were gone by the time he got back.

The same thing happened to him again in WWII, and to his sons for the first time, the world they came back to in 1945 was a very different place from the one they left in 1939.

And no, it wasn’t changed because entire streets or local regiments had ceased to exist, it changed because of a mixture of demographic shift (all the men off to war) of technology emergence and “what most people on the home front did for work day to day” changed when the country gets on to a war footing, and all those things enable huge socio-political changes to be rammed through.

Tom goes off to endure 4 years of hardships to preserve the way things were back home, eg for his sweetheart Jane, meanwhile Jane has been trained and got a job as a welder, she is now earning, literally, more money than Tom, plus all that goes along with spending all day in a working environment and not a domestic one…. Tom comes back to find that;

  1. The old way of life is gone
  2. Tom own personal role / space / niche is gone
  3. nobody gives a fuck about HIS sacrifice, because THEY have been making bombers and suchlike all day, and getting well paid
  4. Jane as he knew her is gone
  5. New Tom doesn’t fit in either

“Duty” just died in Tom.

I am here to tell you, you are probably more likely, if you were able to magic up some brain scanning device that monitored me 24/7 even deep down to the animal subconscious levels, you are probably more likely to find thoughts of me wondering what it is like to suck cock, than you are to find thoughts of me thinking about DUTY.

This is, probably, the most important thing that our leaders have never read, I’m denied my opportunity to do my duty by my own son, my flesh and blood, so I take that sense of duty out back and BANG BANG, double tap to the head, done properly, side to side low down on the brain, then just because what the fuck, might as well, empty the rest of the clip into the body.

Duty is dead.

In fact, it is worse than that, IT IS AGAINST MY BEST INTERESTS for me to individually attempt to preserve the way of life I find myself in now.

This is the TRUE reason empires like Rome fell, forget all that jingoistic crap economists and historians and military jugheads tell ya, not saying all that shit doesn’t play a part, it does, but it is not decisive… it fell apart from the bottom because the guys at the bottom had no interest in maintaining the way of life they lived in.

Take a look at people like DMJ, a reasonably well educated white man, who has been through the best indoctrination money can buy (apart maybe from ten years in the slammer) the military…. a champion of the 2010’s decade of western life he is not.

I’m being totally fucking serious here, the guy SHOULD be at the apex of those fighting to preserve ever last little things about our current way of life… because if you can’t manipulate guys like him who have been through the carrot and stick indoctrination school to buy the kool aid and bathe in it, like brawndo, you are F U C K E D….

Historians generally, and military and political historians particularly, vastly under-estimate the significance of things like the Spanish Civil War…

Quite apart from the literally hundreds of thousands of serving regulars from various other countries who were sent to fight, the REALLY significant stuff is things like the English, who, despite it actually being made a SERIOUS fucking crime to go and fight, over 4,000 went and did just that, at their own expense.

And of course as the Spanish Civil War ended, WW2 started.

And today we underplay the significance of those who make their own way to Syria or Palestine or Afdiggastan to fight.

NONE of these people have a way of life at home they want to preserve as a priority.

Duty… it is gone, dead, do not underestimate the deep and lasting significance of that.

Which brings me to….

Mother in Law jokes.

You just don’t hear them any more, and in fact a well known but now dead comic told me many years ago that you did not hear them in the pre WW2 days either, it took that peculiar transition period in the decline of Family 1.0 / Marriage 1.0 / Community 1.0 where, as we all know, women end up looking and acting like their mother’s, which didn’t matter back in the day when a man was the head of his own household, but later, that changed and then…, the relationshit with the wimminz after the period when the man was head of his own household had to stay intact long enough for the man to grow tired of the mother in law, today marriages are too transient, if the marriage doesn’t last 20 years you can’t have a 20 year relationshit with the mother in law, and see the marriage lasting long enough to see your wife become her mother, and start telling mother in law jokes.

Mother in law jokes were the canary in the coal mine, were we smart enough to know it at the time, and again, the guys put up with it, that little word again, duty.


November 30, 2012

There are no good girls gone bad, only bad girls found out….

This (the title) is a phrase that I have heard so many times I have lost count from wimminz, and never ever from a man. It’s actually a quote from Mae West
(“A hard man is good to find.” & “It’s not the men in my life, it’s the life in my men” are others of “hers”)

One of the interesting things about Mae West is to my knowledge no nude photos of her exist anywhere, apart from a few infamous fakes, and of course the rumour is that “she” was actually “he”, to be specific a TV…. in fact it was allegedly the fact that she was actually a he that formed the foundation of the 1926 obscenity conviction that launched “her” career.

And so via Stan Boardman and the germans bombing our chip shops, I want to relate the story of two men I knew personally, now dead.

What they had in common was they both hated yanks.

The first guy was an RAF pilot, flying Mosquito’s in the pathfinder squadrons.

The way he told it, the yanks helped the war effort by sending over thousands of untrained young men in B17 Flying Fortresses to bolster Bomber Command, the problem was, these young yanks literally were in his eyes totally untrained, they lacked even basic skills and they lacked all forms of experience under fire.

This meant that their navigation was crap (no GPS back then, it was all dead reckoning and navigation by stars, the ground was blacked out, so if you couldn’t do that you flew by day) so the first few missions each new squadron of B17’s was sent on, Bob was sent in the Mosquito and the yanks played follow my leader to the target.

Of course all the Germans knew this so they tried to shoot him down, and the yanks knew this, so the forward gunners would try to keep the Germans off him, and often their .30 cal rounds flew straight through his plywood plane without even slowing down.

He was the only one of his pathfinder squadron to survive that tour, he lost two copilots and three navigators, two of them to .30 cal.

The second guy was in Korea, the French hadn’t quite left, and the yanks had only just arrived, of course this became “vietnam” later, but after his squad had been decimated several times over, his lasting and repeated memory / nightmare was the yanks on the flank opening up on full auto, cries of “more ammo” and that followed by “fall back”, meanwhile he and his lads with their single shot weapons still had ammo left, but had to fall back with exposed flanks, hence the regular decimation.

I was reminded of this because I met a chap who has been a professional soldier and then a professional merc for all his life, just back from afdiggastan, and he was basically telling the exact same story, the yanks sending in green troops and treating them as being as expendable as the ordinance they carried… which reminded me of the two chaps above and their stories… but this chap went on to say that the British Army troops he was assigned to were just as green and treated as just as expendable by their brass as the yanks.

He’s now been hired by the Chinese to go to north east Africa….

Like many professional soldiers he is very much the military historian, and says it is no coincidence that the lessons of the first world war were learned by the brass, officers no longer lead from the front and stand in front of “anonymous” ranged weapons held by the troops… at least in the west, he notes that many of the people he is fighting have an “officer” cadre equivalent that does indeed lead from the front, and has no fear of being shot in the back.

The difference between this chap, and the two above, is this chap is far more cosmopolitan, far less insular, than they ever were. When he was a boot he hated the French for selling effective weapons to the “enemy” he was fighting, and what changed wasn’t that he got older, he just got a lot more experienced and wiser.

You see the parallel here to the Mae West quote, the good girls did not go bad, they just got found out, and only a more experienced man who has taken the red pill is capable of finding them out.

In my own family we still have someone who hates the Japanese, only in the last 10 years he has allowed any Japanese electronics in his home, we had aa family friend who felt the same way. Our family member was ordered to stay behind when Singapore fell and report on the Japs activity, the family friend just didn’t get out, and was sent to the Burma Railway, where he had an especially humiliating experience, being a 6 foot 6 blonde… he was paraded around and used as an example.

The only time the family member got REALLY angry with me was when I, as a small boy, asked him why he stayed behind, after all it wasn’t the Japs that caused him his suffering (he was listed as MIA presumed dead for a year) but his own brass who basically handed him a suicide mission, stay behind and report as long as you can.

He flew into a rage about duty and honour and obeying orders.

Again, parallels to myself when facing an FRA and child custody battle with the psycho skank ho ex, basically we were both reacting with anger in preference to questioning the nature of the blue pill we had been eating quite happily up until that point.

It’s a bit like the video above, once you realise (it is a true story) that the Polish air ace whose life was being honoured (This Is Your Life) may well have spoken English with a foreign accent, but when he said Fokkers he meant Fuckers, because he had been there and knew the difference between a Fokker and a Messerschmitt, after all he had been shot at by both, it makes the misconceptions of the presenter of TIYL plain as day blue pill lack of experience.


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