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May 30, 2012

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As someone who has travelled widely around the world, I have periodically left and returned to many countries, none moreso than my native UK

Here in the UK, like the vast majority of western nations, we have essentially a two (main) party political system, often described as “left” and “right”, and here in the UK that means the Cuntservatives and New Liebor are the appropriate label.

I am about to give you the most important, profound and far-reaching political insight that you ever receive, so sit tight.

It is simply this, whether I have been in country for ten minutes, or ten months, whether I am in the street or in a pub, whether I am working or not, it has been flatly impossible to determine from any of the real world factors surrounding me whether the government of the day is “left” or “right”.

Nota Bene, I am not saying that I cannot quite simply look in a newpaper, or look at the label affixed to a certain set of rules or situation, and determine whether that set of rules was created by the left, or by the right.

I am saying that IN PRACTICE, both left and right create identical situations on the ground for the individual citizen.

Welcome to the new boss, exactly the same as the old boss, literally, exactly the same.

Now I am going to tell you something else that I have seen in other countries.

90% of the population, 90% of human beings, and basically decent, peaceful, law abiding people, I know this because I have been to places where on the ground there is literally no law and no state, and yet these people manage to just fall into working relationships both social and economic.

It is the 10% who riot when the lights go out, when the police are disbanded, when the state collapses.

Of these 10%, a further 10%, or 1% of the whole population, are fucking sociopaths, and they were usually in positions of power beforehand, they were the police, the mayor, the mine owner.

But, by and large the 90% kept the 10% in line, and the 99% kept the 1% broadly in line, because after all the mechanism where the protections for these minorities existed, e.g. the state and police and security forces, do not exist.

Where this fails is when the 10% and the 1% behind them, exceed their sanity and trash the things that the 90% call “home” and “family”.

By now you are thinking or Bosnia or Rwanda or Iraq, and the fact that quite often in these places the 10% could be identified by a tribal or ethnic or religious label that differed from the 90% is mere coincidence.

When you fly into or land at one of these places, again you can never tell from the ground whether it is the “left” or the “right” that is in power by observing the rules on the ground for the man in the street, indeed, attempting to do so is usually fatal… thousands of “contractors” have died in the middle east in the past few years because they were making this exact mistake.

Can’t tell a good gook from a bad gook, is how it was expressed a generation or two before them.

“Old hands” at such trouble-spots, hell, I literally grew up in one, the labels then were “communist” and “federalist”, but left and right, red and blue, ying and yang will all do, but the old hands know the first secret of survival, spotting the group that comprises the 10% and the group that comprises the 90%, and if you are up and close to the 10% group, also be able to spot a 9%er and a 1%er at 100 yds.

The second secret of survival is for all three groups to see YOU as a complete irrelevance, and also as NOT having taken any other sides.

I have, many many times, walked alone and unarmed through places where trying to walk as a pair, or worse still a larger group or armed, will lead to you NOT walking out of that area… and it was not as though I did not stand out, being the only white northern European for 100 miles or more.

The very idea that any ideology can be applied to a dynamic system, day after day, is the acceptance that 50% of the time that ideology will have a positive effect, and 50% of the time a negative effect, with, as I stated at the beginning, an overall, nett, amorphous effect that is so vague that you cannot determine the label of the ideology in power, is it left or right?

Who knows? Who cares?

Concentrating on such trifles is no more than concentrating on the hand that the magician is always flourishing, especially to attract your eye, while the other hand performs the slights and manipulations and substitutions.

Our “troubles” today can be attributed to something that was documented on film in 1977, an episode of Horizon called Now the Chips are down, about the new and emerging technology of computers.






Because, what they were documenting was the end of the era when financial calculations and processes could only be done at mechanical, human speed… the programme literally deals with the computerisation of the NYSE amongst other things, and you are a complete cunt if you do not watch all three clips.

It was and remains an ongoing technological sea change, and the only reason WE cannot see it, is we are on the inside looking out.

Neither a left, nor a right, political system can deal with such things, and as you get older and wiser you realise that the only things a left and right political system can deal with is self perpetuation.

Just as there can be no good without evil, no light without dark, there can be no left without right, and now we get to the fundamental human nature reason why we always end up with such things.

As I said above, both left and right create the same, an overall, nett, amorphous effect that is so vague that you cannot determine the label of the ideology in power, is it left or right?

Nota Bene, an amorphous effect, NOT a nett zero effect, it is in fact the murky gloom that is the whole purpose, because without it it would be like watching a one handed magician, something you have never and will never see.

Neither the 90%, nor the 10%, nor the 1%, know what is going on in the amorphous murky gloom, but the 10% like the shadows and the 1% love the camouflage of the 10%.

Why do the 90% vote for the amorphous murky gloom?

Away from the left and right ideology, we have stark simplicity, the technology that we now rely on, that we CANNOT sacrifice without ourselves going back to the stone age, is entirely dependent upon a western society per capita energy budget, I have discussed this before, call it 25 kWh per person per day.

From here it becomes simple math, minimum 25 kWh per person per day x population, subtracted from national energy budget, and from there it is a simple as having to take someone else’s share of energy, or go balls out for newer higher energy sources, the various fission reactions until you can perfect commercial fusion, and then on and up.

You enter the world of the engineer, the illusion of choice is removed.

The engineer will not accept a million immigrants when the current population is eating every calorie your farms can produce, he can see the stark choices;

  1. let those million immigrants die on the outside of your borders, or
  2. let them in, and kill a million of your own citizens to release the food they need, or
  3. let them in, and ten million die and the remainder are malnourished and ravaged.

There are of course other options, steal land from your other neighbouring countries, or steal calories from the mouths of said neighbours citizens and redistribute to yours.

Sadly for us in the western world, the wimminz and niggers have weakened the system, just when we needed it the least, when digital technology took over, and humorously, hilariously, and typically for evolution, the extra burden, in this case the wimminz and niggerz, represent those LEAST able to cope with the ongoing change, and most threatened by it.

Search this site for “iDAd” if you like.

Which is why we are heading for a reset at least as great as the original industrial revolution and electrification of society, suddenly factories and workhouses were not just possible, but essential, along with all the iniquities of early adopters.

Getting ACCESS to that 25 kWh per person per day is going to be as difficult as the irish getting access to good quality potatoes during the “potato famine”, which was NOT a shortage of potatoes, but a shortage of affordable EDIBLE potatoes, the best ones being sold.




November 30, 2011

I don’t know how much longer the signal will last…

It’s a line from many films / stories.

It’s a meme, but it is a resonant meme because all human beings get the idea that all things come to an end, and sometimes there just isn’t enough air / food / water / lifeboats / power / bullets / whatever to survive any longer.

My original trade was engineering.

Let me tell you something about engineering, it applies to life generally.

When something mechanical dies, the actual dying event from beginning to end is relatively speaking quite brief, before that there is a protracted period of wear and inadequate maintenance, which is often referred to as the “service life“, but the “failure event” is quite short.

The other thing you need to know about the failure event is you can break it down into smaller slices of time too, and 99% of the damage happens in the last 1% of time.

With me so far? Good.

The last thing you need to know is that once the “failure event” has started, there is nothing you can do to prevent it, the time when you could have limited the damage was back in the “service life” period, but you can no more do anything about that than you can pop back in time and give yourself in 2005 all the winning lottery numbers for the next 5 years.

Businesses, societies, wars, they all follow this pattern, when things start to go to hell in a hand-cart it is already too late, and the pace at which that hand-cart speeds down the hill to hell is constantly accelerating.

Sadly for us our western economies have passed the point where mere preventative maintenance will suffice, far too much is broken, far too many lies have been told, far too many bodies swept under the carpet, far too many vested interests refuse to accept reality.

Tomorrow in the UK loads of state workers go on strike demanding that the taxpayer continues to fund their already very generous (compared to the private sector) wages and pensions, meanwhile the UK is the most indebted nation on the planet.


Oil prices are already fucked and yet the powers that be are agitating for a land war in Iran, which will have knock on effects on the Straits of Hormuz etc… it’s not like Libya isn’t basically offline and Iraq isn’t basically offline already.

When the banks crash and take sovereign currencies with them, and your deposits and pensions, and as has always happened in the past the state prints a NEW currency and all your old currency is toilet paper, you are going to find an interesting situation where only one class of people in society have any real life experience or surviving in an economy without access to currency.

Prison inmates and ex-prison inmates.

Let me take cunt as an example, as I type this I have two wimminz who basically beg me to fuck them, in any way I please, imagine you are a third wimminz, precisely what value do you think your cunt has to me right now?

Just how much time and effort do you think I am prepared to spend negotiating access to and use of your cunt?

There is only so much cunt I can use, I already have two, so basically you are aiming at lay-away standby status, unless you are very very hot and horny and sexy and hope to displace one of the current two, and even so, what is your actual value to me?

The question then becomes what do you have to trade APART from cunt for my company… one of these two offers me free food, beer and long or short term accommodation, what do you have to trump that, especially bearing in mind that I do not take that offer, except the odd overnighter.

Car? I have one, better than yours. Giant flat screen telly? I have one, better than yours.

It’s that old prison inmate barter system, chances are that mostly it doesn’t matter what YOU want, because YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO TRADE THAT THE OTHER GUY WANTS.

That’s why the economy and banking system will collapse, who actually wants Bank X’s bad debts?

Branson / Virgin only took on Northern Rock on the express understanding that he took on none of the toxic debts.

Take my street, who wants to take on 150k mortgages from people who can not ever pay them off, “secured” against properties that were recently “worth” only 50k and soon will be again?… the bloke / bank holding / selling the 20 mortgages for my street, “valued” at 20 x 150 = 3 million, can’t find a buyer, because the people who owe that money can’t pay, won’t pay.

As prisoners know, unless you have something of value to trade, you can’t even buy protection, so unless you can stand on your own two feet, you actually become someone else’s commodity.

Even if you have something to trade, the value you ask me for it in trade better be less than the effort it costs me to just take all your shit.

Even if you have something to trade, the value it has is no higher than the value anyone else with the same thing is prepared to trade it for, or what I can take it from them by force for.

We have successfully devalued the “worth” of a human life, of human dignity, of human rights, in places like Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan and soon Iran to effectively zero.

Our lives cannot be worth any more, and indeed they are not, the endless streams of our young men sent over to have limbs blown off proves this beyond all possible doubt.

As indeed does the treatment of fathers back home here in the UK.

When you systematically reduce the value to society of a man to zero, then the “mark to market” for the value to society of wimminz, of niggerz, of politicians, of bankers, must inevitably follow and be found to have a similar worthless valuation.

I have skills, I can design, build and install running water, sewerage, electricity, comms, all the basics of human life, we have already established that if you are a wimminz your cunt is already almost literally worthless to me, so what do you have to offer if you are a niggerz? an ex policeman, an ex lawyer, an ex politician, and ex office manager, an ex banker? You do not even have cunt to offer me.

The really funny thing?

The vast majority who flatly refuse to hear the warnings that we have already passed the service life stage of society and are in the failure event stage, and the rate of change towards chaos can only increase as we approach the end of the failure event stage.

To paraphrase Churchill; “this is not the end, this is the beginning of the end

October 24, 2011

Not knowing this is often fatal, literally.

It is one of the hilarious twists in fate that human nature insists that we all learn our own lessons the hard and painful way, rather than being taught them the easy and painless way.

We all have to test that fire we have been told will burn us is hot enough to burn, that a blade we have been told is sharp will cut us, and so on and so forth.

This isn’t because we are stupid, I think it is because we are hardwired to crave the direct memory experience, and also because we are hardwired to gather empirical evidence before putting trust in another and their knowledge.

Of course when it comes to mating and reproduction this shit all goes out the window.

Which brings us to an interesting question.

What is the difference between a father of 20 years of age holding his newborn son, and a father of 50 years of age holding his newborn son?

How you receive the answer to this question will be totally dependent upon your own age, and experience…. TOTALLY.

The answer is the 20 year old father wants to do everything possible for his son, and his heart breaks at every little thing he fails to do, while the 50 year old father knows that there is nothing he can do for his son, except be there when his son comes calling, particularly after his son reaches 16 himself, and no longer needs a father but needs a man whom he can trust to teach him how each fuckup he made was made, and why it was a fuckup, and how to learn from it.

You see we are talking about perceptions shifting with the passage of time and accumulation of knowledge and experience.

You simply have to live a certain number of years before you realise that your human time span is simply far too short for many many things, and far too long for others, and confusing the two can often be fatal.

You also have to live a certain number of years before you truly understand that human society does not change like a river course slowly and gradually eroded over time by the river, well actually it does, but those changes are gradual, you have to live long enough to see the periodic torrential floods that completely alter the landscape to understand that they are where the majority of change takes place, and it takes place very very rapidly indeed, and with apparently little or no warning.

The Men’s Rights movement is one such, the older bastards amongst us realise that while it is important to keep the seeds alive, gradual growth and change are not realistic goals, the sole purpose of keeping the seeds alive and distributed widely is in readiness for the torrential floods that will literally alter the entire landscape overnight.

The older bastards amongst us are also old enough to see impending torrential flooding, we saw the dark clouds and flashes in the horizon three days ago, we have lived long enough to learn that the current topography of the valley could not be explained by gradual erosion alone, so some nights we would climb the peaks and sit quietly and talk with our peers and gaze out at the horizon.

The other thing we would do is compare notes, because the older bastards amongst us were not just told that fire burns and blades cut by our parents, who of course had first hand knowledge of this, but also about the Great Depression and the two World Wars and poverty and society, by our parents, who of course had first hand knowledge of this.

One of the greatest dangers you younger bastards face is this lack of knowledge, you do not know, deep within your bones, that what is legal and proper today can merit 20 years in prison this time next year, that the person or indeed institution who is your friend today, can be your implacable and deadly enemy this time next year.

In short, you all think you can change the world.

We older bastards know that yes, each man can have a very small and local influence on the world, but the world will have a massive and irresistible influence on that man… we are all individually changed far more than we could ever change the world, and this is even true for those with the most personal power, the Hitler’s of this world, so it is true a billion trillion zillionfold for the small man in the street, you and I.

Indeed, the older bastards will nod and agree that the Hitler’s are made from small men in the street who are too stupid to learn that life changes you more than you can ever change life…. nobody, not Galileo, not Newton, not Einstein, not Jobs, not Gates, nobody was changed by what they did, they were essentially the same people throughout life, being changed by the world they inhabited.

The older bastards will nod and agree that no idea ever was born from one man, no matter that the history books say otherwise, but rather like a solution becoming saturated to the point crystals can form, the world creates conditions where many men working on similar things from similar foundations arrive at similar answers at similar times.

We older bastards also know, direct from our parents who we know for a fact were not lying, but trying to teach us, that they lived through these torrential floods where the entire landscape changed overnight, and the effects upon them and their attitudes was not merely life changing but character changing.

And if you younger guys are nodding and thinking you get it, character changing like guys coming back from the Nam or Iraq with PTSD, then you don’t fucking get it… you don’t fucking get it because only a very small and easily ignored minority of the population came back from “war” with PTSD.

What my parents and grandparents were trying to tell me about was EVERY SINGLE MOTHERFUCKER ON THE ENTIRE PLANET WHO LIVED THROUGH IT getting changed FOREVER.

NOBODY did not get PTSD and a permanent character change, and these were the lucky bastards who lived through it. Those who failed to adapt died, literally… irrespective of age or sex or how hard they had had it, failing to adapt and change utterly forever was literally fatal.

So the bottom line is be very careful what you do, and do not do, today, because you could very easily find that next year a law is passed to make that thing retroactively illegal, with a minimum sentence of 20 years hard labour.

Being the small man on the street has its advantages, you get to stay under the radar, unlike the French nobility, when TSHTF… not if, when.

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