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February 26, 2012

Male or female sex drive stronger?

This is a subject that I see come up with annoying regularity, and as always the opinions people, no, not people, GUYS, give make me want smack my head against a wall until it stops hurting.

I find myself reading their opinions and asking myself if they have ever met an actual flesh and blood real wimminz, or only read about them in a magazine or on a website somewhere… they are clearly well programmed card carrying and fucking proud of it mangina niggerz just looking for some skank ho bitch to pedestalise and worship.

So, here is the news;

  • Unless you have fucked a thousand wimminz, or unless you are that literally 1 in a 1,000,000 statistical freak that only has carnal knowledge of one wimminz, AND that wimminz is the 1 in a 1,000 with a serious sexual hormonal imbalance, then you have not ever met a wimminz who has a lower sex drive than a man.
  • Men, because of their ability to father tens of thousands of kids, at any time of the day or month, have a “slow burn” or “dripping tapsexual desire, yeah we are ready at the drop of a hat for a fertile wimminz, but we can also go days while the pressure builds very slowly and no big deal.
  • Wimminz, because of their monthly cycle literally get lunatic and hysteric (look the etymology of the words up) episodes, where unlike the guys with the slow burn desire, they are hit with a rush like an addict trying to reform and go cold turkey… you may as well expect a crack addict surrounded by ten buck rocks to abstain.
  • WESTERN WIMMINZ, and I CANNOT STRESS THIS STRONGLY ENOUGH TO YOU SWINGING DICKS who have never had a wimminz that was not a drug addict who was constantly “high” on the DAILY HITS from the DRUG known as the contraceptive pill, western wimminz, they are worse than the crack addict or heroin addict, they are the heroin addict on daily methadone treatment… methadone only works when you want to kick the habit, wimminz can’t kick the habit of being biologically female, so they are all like methadone users who have no intention of quitting, but this shit is free and it keeps me out of prison, meanwhile they still act / think / feel just like a smack addict, and they will steal and sell all your shit and then crap in your goldfish bowl, just because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The upshot of this is that unless you are that one in a billion man, the one in a million statistical freak that only has carnal knowledge of one wimminz, and that wimminz also happens to be the one in a thousand with a severely fucked up hormonal regime, you should basically shut the fuck up with your horse-shit about men having a greater sex drive.

We have a DIFFERENT sex drive, men are cursorial hunters when it comes to sex, wimminz be periodic sprinters, again look up the words if you don’t know what they mean, but at no time is wimminz sex drive LOWER than mens…. she may have no interest whatsoever in fucking YOU bucko, but if George Clooney walked in the room buck naked she would be all over that cock lickety split.

But your average western wimminz, e.g. the kind of wimminz you guys have known for the past 50 years, which for many of you is all your lives and then some, e.g. all of recorded history, for you it is the smack addict on daily methadone doses… the burning physical desire is dulled by the methadone, but there is enough DNA and race memory there for them to know what was missing and be generally pissed off about it.

Not saying phthalates and all that shit in wimminz cosmetics / perfumes etc that they dose their body chemistry in daily is doing them any GOOD, but lets face it, they are ALREADY smack addicts on methadone because that’s what the daily contraceptive hormone dose is…

You may have racial memory of wimminz being some clean and efficient and marvellous nuclear power plant, but the reality is every one you fucking meet is a walking Chernobyl, and boy you’d better have your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. of Pripyat shit down cold if you plan on going anywhere near them.

I have guys who know my story in detail try and get their heads around the fact that I spent best part of a decade fucking a mother and her daughter (not not threesomes you dirty bastards) and of course they both knew all about the other, but provided I didn’t rub one’s nose in it about the other one….  and guys just shake their heads trying to get it to sit in their heads until it makes sense…. and fail…

There IS a red pill for that, forget thinking of them as women, wimminz = smack addicts on the methadone, that is what the contraceptive is, they are all walking Chernobyl’s, all bug shit crazy.

You can physically SEE the mists clear and the gears mesh and synchronise in these guys heads and the well oiled machine starts to work, and then BAAAAAAANG! it all jumps out of gear again because it took 3.7 seconds for their brains to come to the inevitable point…

err, hang on, my woman is on contraceptives… which means she is a Chernobyl.. which explains ….  H^H^H^H^ ABORT SYSTEM REBOOTING IN 3, 2, 1

So, now that we have settled the fact that even before you factor in the drug addiction, male and female sexual drive was quite utterly different, but they were complementary, then once you factor in the drug addiction they are still different, even more so, and no longer complementary either, we start to make some progress.

One of the real niggerz in the woodpile here is of course the whole question of fathers and their daughters and sexuality.

The feminazis and wimminz will try to tell us all that daddy’s gonads don’t think, and daddy’s gonads are like a rutting animal, and daddy fucking his own daughters happens a whole shit load in nature…. interesting because none of the wimminz claiming that are either naturalists or country girls… it is just some shit they repeat, and while it may happen in genetically isolated communities in nature, generally speaking, not so much.

What you DO see, and boy this is fucking BLATANT if you are on the outside looking in, is little girls flirting with dad.

When I see a 10 year old girl playing “games” with daddy that involve her rolling on the floor and opening her legs and flashing her crotch / underwear at him, in full view of skank ho mummy, who refuses to either see anything wrong with it, or to correctly attribute dad’s general feeling of wrongness to the child’s inappropriate behaviour, and instead trying to gaslight him into believing the problem is he is a daughter fucking incestuous paedophile and child rapist for even noticing, much less objecting, to his daughters “innocent play” then frankly you know that the walking undead chemo-zombies from Chernobyl and Estrogen have well and truly taken over the asylum.

When I was a fucking child, 10 year old girls were specifically taught to be polite and keep their knees together, and I mean from the working class mean streets all the way up in society….

Think daughters don’t want to fuck daddy?

Many years ago I had the privilege of being present when a father and daughter who had fucked each other argued about it face to face, after it got out, after she tried to blacken his name and blame him and no she did not claim he raped her, but she did say it was all his desire and doing…  sounds bad eh… dirty bastard…


The “every time” revelation that it was not just once didn’t help, the revelation that she was at least enough into it to take her own fucking clothes off every time nailed it…. the stunned silence was broken when she resorted to the only tactic a wimminz knows…blubbering and crying.

What really nails it about sex drives however is something else perverted, not incest.

I know of only two incidents in this region in the last 40 years of guys fucking animals, one was sheep and one was horses.

I have lost count of how many wimminz that I have known and fucked who have either directly admitted to, or just gone bright red and “doth protest too much” denial, fucking the family dog…. even if the family dog is not a dog but a bitch, getting licked out by the family dog.

Hell I was a proper country boy, I saw pigs and horses and cows fucking, saw the cocks on the males, saw they were all different sizes and shapes and designs… saw plenty of dogs fucking too.

As far as I knew from observation only, a dogs cock was like a woman’s lipstick in a furry holder, knew dogs got “hung up” and saw it often enough, and saw them finish and the dogs cock slide out… but never ever saw a “knot”, because it only swells up when inside the bitch’s cunt, and the dog can only get his cock out of the bitch’s cunt when it has gone down, and yeah, poured cold water over the dogs ass and balls so been in the right place to see plenty of times, but never saw the knot and therefore never really knew about it…

Then in adult life fucking wimminz who think tuna grows in tins, and you would knot (sic) believe how many of them know exactly what shape a dog’s cock is, and resort to blubbering and protesting too much when you ask, quite fucking reasonably and innocently at first “How do you know that? I mean, I’m a country boy and I didn’t know that!

You think that after the separation she only wanted the dog to piss you off? LMFAO….

Yeah, wimminz have a much lower sex drive than men, and pigs might fly, and I have some beautiful ocean front property in Arizona, and this here is a piece of the original cross.

February 25, 2012

I have a confession to make…

…it is a dirty little secret, it is something the wimminz and the secret family courts will not accept.

it is the lesson that men learn, or more accurately, what we become when we learn the lessons that the feminazis teach us, that our children are not our own, that our homes are not our own if we cohabit, that our wages are not our own if we marry, etcetera.

The dirty little secret is this;

  • I don’t give a fuck about my female kids, they will inevitably grow up to be skank ho’s, AWALT
  • I don’t, under the circumstances ***, give a fuck about my male kids, they can however come see me when they get to 16

*** = the circumstances where the secret family courts have intervened, and I am offered all the bills and all the shit end of the parental alienation stick, in exchange for a a couple of hours a month with the fruit of my loins.

When people ask me now if I am going to get married again I tell them straight, why should I look after another man’s daughter?

Fact is, my psycho skank ho ex and the feminazi secret family courts have given me something I could never have taken for myself, out of a sense of duty to my kids, despite what a cunt their mother is, and the thing they have given me is a total and complete break from them all.

So the dirty little secret is the cunts have all done me the greatest service that they could have possibly given me, in the current society, with the current feminazi laws and attitudes.

They have not just given me an education and hit me with a clue by four about the state of society, because I was in some danger of losing my cynicism and getting all rosy eyed when dealing with the kids, they have not just given me my freedom from burden and obligation 24/7 and my freedom from all financial obligations, when I was in danger of sucking it all down and spending what it took at least until the youngest hit 16, and probably beyond, they have not just given me unlimited free access to guilt free skank ho cunt, by removing their cock-blocking selves from my life, they have not just given me back my freedom of expression, by removing their disapproving attitudes and presence from my life, they have given me back my sense of FUN, by fucking off out of my life and taking every last fucking thing associated with them out of my life too.

When daughters start sucking cock at 12 and coming home to skank ho mommy pregnant at 14, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

When sons start ruling the roost at 12 and treating skank ho sisters like the filthy sluts they are, and mommy as the bitch that does the laundry etc, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

When skank ho mommy tries to get some replacement cock and has to contend with the fact that she has kids at home and any man stupid enough to take her on knows she is already basically past it at late 40’s and a minimum of 10 more years to go before the youngest is out of her hair, home and purse, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

While the youngest has the next ten years to forget who his daddy is before he comes to a place where he can choose to find his daddy and go see him, that knife cuts bot ways too, I have another ten years to forget who my boys are, and hell it has already been three, and yeah it fades…. and already I don’t give a fuck, because nobody gave me a choice (and I suspect that is how the kids will feel)

So I’m going to skip all the torn another pair of school trousers / fighting with your sister again / stole money from mums purse / sucked on the neighbour girls titties shit, and go straight to the “Wanna grab a beer, son?” stage… I already done all the bowel movements and first steps and first “dada” and all that shit, so I don’t give a fuck about what I am “missing”, I won’t be there.

When my skank ho ex’s freaky broke mother and freaky emigrated father finally kick the bucket and its crocodile tears and funeral time, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

When the skank ho ex’s body collapses they way wimminz in general do, and the way hers will (see a woman in 20 years, look at her mum now, and her mum looked *fucking* rough 12 years ago) and things dry up and stop working and so on, I don’t give  fuck, I won’t be there.

When the economy crashes and times get hard, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

When psycho skank ho ex has to walk or get the bus or train everywhere, which she does now, all weathers, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.
(I’ll be cruising by in my luxury German auto, laughing my fucking ass off at you peasants standing at the bus stop, like I did today…)

When the grass needs cutting, the leaking radiator needs fixing, the rubbish needs taken out, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

Let’s be honest and face it, if you hadn’t thrown all this shit at me, I would have been so busy doing all that other shit that I wouldn’t have had much if any *real* quality time with my kids, being around you would have poisoned all that.

Your attempts to “punish” me by taking your cunt, and everything that came out of it, out of my life, has basically been the greatest favour you could have done me, you have set me free…

…that, is my confession, my dirty little secret.

Comparing what I have now, with some FANTASY IDEAL RELATIONSHIP WITH MY SONS THAT I WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN PERMITTED TO HAVE, not as long as you were around, is not a valid yardstick.

Comparing what I have now with what I would have ACTUALLY been allowed to have if you were still around, that’s the key, and frankly I have had all the good years, as mentioned above, seen the first steps, first potty, first dada, I can miss that interim shit and wait for the first beer together.

That’s my dirty little secret, my confession, and trust me on this, if I had let the cunts even suspect that this was my attitude before all the dust settled and all the court cases were done and false accusations and shit had faded away…. well I wouldn’t be here, they would have done far worse, and I would be dead or inside prison for many years to come.

It was soooooooooooo fucking gratifying when it was finally done and dusted, to be able to let my locked in facial expression go and laugh out loud in their faces, because I could see from the facial expression of my psycho skank ho ex, she still thinks she is the catch, and she is punishing me by separating me from her cunt, and everything that came out of it….  social services, the court, they all think they have put one over on me and put me in my place…

  • NO alimony
  • NO child support payments
  • NO injunctions prohibiting me for certain streets etc
  • NO attachment of earnings
  • NO reporting or disclosing of any of my finances or affairs or business
  • NO monies or assets to be handed over

The home we shared was rented, and I put all MY shit in storage, and called the house clearance people to take EVERYTHING else (except her clothes and some papers, two 4 cubic foot tea chests of stuff that was hers) away.

I don’t see that I came off worst here…. lol

January 8, 2012

The third fuck

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Some questions are difficult to answer, questions about me and the way I feel I can answer, ask me for the mechanism behind all that and it gets more difficult, how much of an independent and unbiased party am I when describing things about myself?

Such was the case when I was asked not what is wrong with wimminz today, but what it is about me, what process it is, that the wimminz fail at in that historical progression from stranger through dating through girlfriend to intimate relationship…. I will fuck you bitch, but I will not get intimate.

It was actually a good question, because it catalogues what went wrong with the wimminz, and how the changing sexual and relationship environment forced men like me to adapt and survive the new and evolving conditions.

And so on to the answer…

The first fuck is easy, the sap is rising and I want to dump my cum, so yes I will display what roissy et al call “asshole game” and attitude, and then we get together and get naked, and I can already tell if there is going to be a second fuck, but my balls need emptying so enough of that, and enough of the “I am the best fuck you will ever haveshit that was only part of the game we were both playing, like you told me you have only been with 6 men… lmfao, so I spurt and empty my balls and whatever pleasure you get out of that is your business.

At this point if your out of focus PoF photos do not match the wrinkles on your face, or your ass is bigger, or you are nuts, or you have an unpleasant voice, or basically fucking anything, it is time for me to get dressed and go. We have been together anything from 15 minutes to an hour.

Guaranteed ways to end the game right here is to start shit testing me with what wimminz want…..

If, however, none of these things are in my face too much, then I will stick around, let you rub my back etc, drink a coffee, and fuck you a second time.

The second fuck is not like the first fuck.

The second fuck requires that in that interlude after the first fuck not only were you nice to me, not only were there no too hard to ignore issues with you, you also have to posses enough of that kinky slut factor to make me want to have that second fuck, because the second fuck is more kinky, takes longer, and has to tap into that reserve in my balls that nature intended to be spurted into a second cunt.

I’d say 30% of PoF wimminz that I fuck fail at this hurdle, I get dressed and go.

So the second fuck is done, and 3 hours have passed, now you (the wimminz) have the next challenge, which is exponentially larger than the last, which is making me relaxed enough to stay around for the third fuck… the third fuck may or may not be later that night, it may be a breakfast fuck, but getting me to stick around for it is the trick.

Conversation is out, you are a wimminz, so what is in is basically waiting on me hand and foot, rubbing my back, scratching my balls, making me comfortable… if it is overnight then you’d better not snore for example.

I’d say 60% of wimminz fail at this hurdle. I have my second fuck and get dressed and go.

So the third fuck comes and goes, and then I leave, whether it be late at night having been with you 5 or 6 hours, or first thing in the morning having been there overnight.

Note well, I have talked about my PHYSICAL needs here, draining my balls, having my shoulders rubbed, having my balls scratched, being fed and watered… up until the third fuck there is nothing else you can offer me or have to offer me.

This is what feminazism and the wimminz and niggerz have done, all the talking and getting to know you and walking hand in hand and all that shit has gone, forever, never coming back…. now you have to get to the third fuck.

After the third fuck I’d say another 9% of wimminz fail at this hurdle, I get dressed and go and have no urge to come back for more at a later date.

This leaves us with 1% of the wimminz that I fuck. Which, we must remember, is probably 1% of the wimminz who I contact on PoF, which is probably 1% of the total wimminz on PoF in my area…. as I type this there are 110,000 wimminz actually on-line on a Sunday morning in my area.

On the 1% rule this means 1,100 are potentially fuckable, on the 1% rule this means 11 will have my cum dumped into them, and this is what is on-line NOW, not forgetting the constant churn in membership, not forgetting the possibility of expanding my dating area beyond 20 miles.

1% get past the third fuck, and here it starts to get really grim and turns into a bloodbath for all those wimminz expecting roses and chocolates and being whisked off to Paris for a weekend.

(disclaimer, of course my percentages are made up and off the top of my head, not the subject of actual statistical analysis, the one time I did that over a period of one year I found that approximately 1 contacts who I started chatting to on PoF turned into a fuck in real life, for every 3 that turned out to be a waste of time, so 3 wasters for every cum-bucket, the precise percentage was 21.875% fucks and 78.125% flakes)

As it type this in the beginning of 2012 I have;

  • One skank ho who made it past the third fuck, who I have no interest in as a human being, but who worships my cock, who lives only a few hundred yards away (the irony of internet dating) and who essentially performs the role of a prostitute, minus the negotiation, payment or indeed talk. This slut likes it kinky and is one of those rare wimminz who can actually give a good blow job.
  • One skank ho who made it past the third fuck, who I have no interest in as a human being, who is going to join the other handful from 2o11 who were worth of second or thirds meetings, and then it just sort of fades out… a shame in a way as she is as submissive as fuck and will use her mouth for anything, and gives a passage blowjob.
  • One skank ho who made it far enough past the third fuck to qualify as a human being, albeit a faulty one, who has thus far been what can only be classed as a very nice person towards me, but that is thus far, and I limit my interactions with her to once a month or so, which keeps her desperately keen on me, she wants much more.

And there we have it…..

Or do we? Because actually we have only just scratched the surface of the armour that I have donned as a necessary precautionary measure when venturing out into the world of wimminz and niggerz.

Dig past that and you’ll get to the “what the fuck do I want with some wrinkled old dried up bitch with sagging tits” while completely ignoring the question of my own age and experience and baggage.

Dig past that and you’ll get to the “I have to physically find you and your body sexually attractive and nice to look at” which excludes everything over weigh and over 35ish

Dig past that and you’ll get to the “You’d had better not have any limits sexually on what you will do, and how eagerly you will do it, with me.

Dig past that and we get to the whole question of CAN I actually like you, is your house tidy and clean, do you feed and water me well, can I relax in your company.

And should you make it past all that, as one of the three “contenders” up above has, instead of breaking through to the mother lode, you find yourself in free fall in limbo, because the core of me got removed for safe keeping after my last escapades with a couple of your female species, and let me tell you girl, no wimminz is ever, ever, ever going to earn my trust ever again, not even “trust lite” where I share a small secret about some minor misdemeanour’s that I may have performed at work by buggering off after lunch but charging for the whole day, because it is bad enough years later to have made up false shit thrown at you as accusations without also having the odd titbit of truth thrown in for good measure, which you, being a man, admit to being true, which is then used to make all the made up shit sound true…

SO there we have the three fucks rule.

It’s a bit like star ratings for a restaurant or hotel.

Most places / wimminz are no stars, most of the rest is one or maybe two star, and overpriced, and three star is sort of the cut off point.

There is four and five star out there, but it is ridiculously expensive, and no matter how much shit the marketing says not like your own home, quite apart from the cost.

Fuck four is not the start of intimacy, it is just the suspension, not end, suspension, of treating you like a freaky psycho skank ho, you just graduated to skank ho, possible freaky and psycho tendencies, keep under observation.

That whole chocolates and roses and walking hand in hand, that is for emotional children, those who have not been to war, those who have not seen the enemy, those who have not had to fight for their own survival and abandon their kids to the skank ho and the state.

Chocolates and roses and weekends in Paris gets filed in the same drawer as the tooth fairy and santa claus and all the other childish and innocent nonsense that gets you killed in the real world.

There is no romance in a battlefield, and a battlefield is what the feminazis skank ho wimminz and their niggers have made modern life in the western world into.

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