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November 26, 2013

A tale of two shitties.

I have a friend.

For her sins, she decided to give a home to a girl who was not a relative, time passes, the girl leaves, time passes, the girl returns to the same town, and it basically a complete, using, nasty, worthless cunt.

My friend is ***slowly*** accepting the truth, the girl was *always* a nasty worthless cunt, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, thing was, she only acted like a decent human being while my friend gave her a home and in effect controlled her environment.

There is a lesson here, the lesson is two-fold…

  1. Just because people behave when you control them, it doesn’t mean they have learned anything or that their nature has changed.
  2. When you remove controls from people, what you see is their true nature, what you saw before was just an act.

This is why I, and many men, don’t big up ourselves at every opportunity, we know that in a post apocalyptic / anarchic / end of the world party scenario the brakes come off, scores get settled, and I will fuck you up just to see that look on your face….

We have humility.

Just like smoking 20 a day for 30 years becomes a habit, so does “obeying the rules” and being a good citizen, neighbour, employee… it becomes automatic, second nature.

All of which makes it tough on anyone under say 30, they haven’t lived long enough to form good habits, especially not if they grew up in a skank single ho wimminz household with a deadbeat dad who hasn’t been seen for years due to false accusations of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

I’d love to love my sons, but I don’t, I have zero contact of any kind with them, and for that I just detest their lying skank ho mom, and avoid her, and THAT is my priority, never giving that psycho skank ho another second of time.

The little bastards will either follow nature and fall close to the tree that is me, or follow nurture and fall close to the tree that is psycho skank ho mommy… time will tell, and there is no substitute for that.

Could this have been avoided? Of course it could, but my thoughts on that matter were not worth shit…

It’s a cruel and callous and cold approach, but it works, and it is, contrary to the friend who started this off by providing an environment of positive reinforcement, the only possible result of providing an environment of negative reinforcement.

I am being TAUGHT to be a cunt, fair enough, I got the memo, I will be an ace student.

Last night a shocked a group of people at a pub, they were discussing a newspaper article about young girls exchanging sex for favours / status / goods / booze etc… and one of the stories was a girl of 12 who let a guy fuck her in exchange for 20 cigarettes…. they were all doing the usual, oh how horrible, I asked what brand of smokes, were these 20 tailor mades or 20 rollups? Because if it was 20 tailor mades the guy overpaid… I coulda slapped faces and had a lesser reaction.

They were all fucking outraged at my attitude, told em, why should I give a fuck, not allowed to give a fuck about my own kids, why should I give a fuck about yours or anyone else’s?

Well yes, what happened to you is wrong, they say, but you shouldn’t apply that to everyone… they say… why not, I ask, well, it is just wrong, you know….  no answers then, just we don’t like it… we don’t like you actually attending the lessons to be a cunt and studying and getting straight A’s, we don’t got shit to say about the classes and courses themselves, or you attending, we just don’t want you learning them lessons pardner.


They were discussing this too, I dunno, how you can be a SLAVE in a house where you can come and go as you please, aren’t liable legally for any bills or costs, write hundreds of uncensored letters, yadda yadda yadda is fucking beyond me… to me slavery meant ownership, property, zero rights.

But then again, it was born with a cunt so it must be a victim, and the support groups hit the nitrous and pedal to the metal and talk about this being the tip of the slavery iceberg in the UK…. while waving their iDevices which were manufactured by people a damn sight closer to slavery, but still nevertheless free and independent…

It’s been insane for decades, but hear me well brothers, it is getting hysterical now with the meedja and nothing but wall to wall reporting on how da wimminz be suffering one way or another, whether is it because not enough of them are billionaires or too many of them are victims of some atrocity or another at the hands of evil men.

TWO of the guys (shades of the previous article about beta boys suddenly going all alpha and won’t back down) puckered up and said they didn’t buy it, it wasn’t slavery, and they were fucking sick to death of wimminz this and wimminz that and wimminz other, and boy you shoulda seen the look on the faces of their wimminz, utter disbelief, and I’ll give these two fuckers their due, they didn’t back down in front of their alpha wives, they just stuck their chins out and said it’s gone too far, that’s all… we are just sick of hearing this bullshit.

The wimminz of course looked at each other for consensus… lol

The rich irony with the slavery story is it then transpires that the alleged slave masters were not exactly unknown recluses, in fact, they were so well known that they were the actual characters that inspired the cult British TV comedy series Citizen Smith, back in the day…. three decades of slavery, and nobody noticed… on a fucking council estate where *everything* is seen and noticed… not even the Scotland Yard and MI5 investigations into their communist activities uncovered any slavery or abuse.

Because, it didn’t fucking happen.

Justin Beiber better fucking watch out, he may think all those young sluts are of their own free will choosing to buy his shit and scream incoherently at his concerts, but the reality is he is a dark, sinister and abusing cult leader who should be yadda yadda yadda… if things continue as they are, in 2040 Beiber will be in solitary Charles Manson style.. infamous for his crimes…

The disconnect between the reality that many are trying to imprint upon the mass consciousness, and the reality that is seeping into the peripheral vision of the masses on the street, is now starting in earnest.

In the film it was glitches in the Matrix that disturbed peoples dreaming, it reality it is glitches in the propaganda that are disturbing peoples wakefulness, and the real danger here is the the genuine danger signals are being ignored or drowned out by all the false alerts and warnings and panics, we are ignoring all the traffic warning signs and dashboard lights, some of which are telling the truth, and putting our foot down in a bid to get past all the bullshit ones, and next thing we know we will be looking at the  >>>>>>>>>>> chevron signs coming at us at 80 on a corner that an F1 car couldn’t take at 40…



December 22, 2012

Mental as anything

It seems to me in many ways that the less I give a fuck about teh wimminz, and the more I see them as stupid creatures that never pay attention to a word of truth that I say, and the more I judge them based on their actions while ignoring all their words (which unlike my words are ALWAYS contrary to their actions) the more they respect and want me.

I end up being offered “friends with benefits” deals that if I had come straight out and asked for them on day one would have been refused, instead I allow them to attempt to fill the role of girlfriend, and fail miserably, and then be delighted to fulfil the role of friend with benefits.

I could sit here and cry in my beer and lament the waste that is jane47, she could make a good little girlfriend or maybe even one day wife if she dropped the bullshit, but it’s never going to happen, or I can do what I do and accept the reality that jane47 is offering me friends with benefits, once a week or once a fortnight use of her body for sexual purposes at zero cost to me… a gift… I’m still looking for the downside to this method…

It’s a lot like living in a world where we would hope that the politicians and po-lice and legal system were not hopelessly corrupt and incompetent, it’s a nice fucking thought, but the reality is somewhat different, and I am instead offered the use of the state and system and infrastructure at zero cost while I ghost through the economy living the simple life but warm and dry and fed…. you see the parallels here.

Case in point.

Now and again I indulge myself in speculative thoughts and projections, what if’s.

Last week I did one of these, you can do it where you live.

Make the case for buying with a loan or leasing an Epilog Zing 24, in the business sense, work out a viable business plan with the paying work your are going to get so you can own this toy for yourself, who your customers are, how much you will charge, so it comes out with the sort of hard projected numbers you’d need to do the business load plan with anyway.

eg I can etch 40 pieces of leather a week for 50 bucks a pop to supply the local leather car seat maker so he can get his own logo etched on his shit.

Except, there is no local leather maker, and if there was, he would be bunging me 40 jobs a week, not a 50 bucks a pop… at 5 bucks a pop he might…  rinse and repeat for other possible customers.

I know someone who did this years ago in Spain, Ford has recently moved production of the sub compact Fiesta to Spain, and this guy knew one of the buyers (which is KEY to any viable business model, find your market) and so he ended up buying a big industrial metal cutting laser from Italy, all it did all day was feed in a spool of alloy like a narrow toilet roll, and cut out the word “Fiesta” to be stuck on the rear hatchback of the car.

I end up that I cannot come up with a viable business model to support the purchase of the laser in this city, and if I do a google it’s not because there is already someone here offering laser engraving and cutting, there isn’t.

There are plenty of people walking around with smartphones who’d like them laser engraved, both to personalise them and for security / ownership marking purposes, but nobody is going to pay 50 bucks a pop… like the hypothetical leather guy, maybe I could get the customer numbers at 5 bucks a pop, but that isn’t a viable business model…. people have gotten too used to the imported 1.99 crap

There may be enough POTENTIAL customers out there, but there aren’t enough ACTUAL customers of the type to bling up their iDevice and who would see 50 bucks a pop as small change.

OK so it’s Christmas and I could cut some fancy snowflakes in acrylic for the top of the tree, but again 50 a pop plus 20 for the acrylic means 70 bucks a pop, for something people might pay 5 bucks for… after all an imported phone case can be had for 1.99…

…and this is the essential problem with the economy and why there is no manufacturing base left, there just aren’t enough potential customers around who are both able AND prepared to pay what it costs to do stuff locally, and I can’t reduce the costs of doing stuff locally because there is no local manufacturing base left, I have to buy A USA made laser or a chinese knock off with a crap tube with a lower capital cost but a higher maintenance and running cost and lower flexibility.

A “thing” has a perceived street value of 5 bucks, but there is no way to bring the unit cost below 50 bucks, there is no fix to this, you either go ahead and trade at a loss and cease to be economically active, or you admit you are beat from the get go, and cease to be economically active…. and this spreads… nobody else who depends on locally available laser cutting and engraving can be active, and the ripples spread.

How did we get to this from wimminz who fail to make the grade as girlfriend material but are acceptable as fuck-buddies?

Well, everything I said about the potential laser engraving business I can say about jane47 sexually.

How is she going to make the business case for me to buy or lease her cunt, she can either go ahead and trade at a loss and end up being marked to market at 1.99, or she can say fuck it and not trade at all and accept it is worth 1.99.

What she can’t do is make it worth 5 bucks, much less 50, and more than I can make people queue up to buy my services at 50 bucks a pop.

Like the putative laser business, the access to cunt / relationshit business also depends on the local market conditions, and that means associated and supporting and dependent “industries”…  jane48, 49, 50 et al have their perceived street value already set by jane47, who is offering friends with benefits… zero cost.

Like the putative laser business, you can’t fix all the other local economic problems that raise the cost of doing business by giving me a government grant for a free laser, I still have to buy a USA made Epilog or a chinese knock off… just like there is no supplier of non ferrous metals within 50 miles of here, and they have fuck all stock, and thanks to the cost of diesel and other local economic factors it is all fucking expensive anyway.

A free laser doesn’t cut the cost of 25mm cast acrylic for laser cut trophies, and the acrylic supplier isn’t going to buy a whole sheet at 2,000 bucks so he can sell me one trophy sized piece every 5 days….US Debt to GDP Since Independence_1

… and so it is with cunt… you can’t fix all the problems with cunt by offering me a government supplied or mandated personal slut to fuck.

The putative laser business is like the putative jane47 as steady girlfriend/wife, both require me to make a long and sustained effort and investment in the belief that it will reap future rewards… you can’t government mandate THAT attitude from me, or other entrepreneurs or potential husbands or members of society.


So the talking heads are worried, but the responses and comments tell the truth, the po-lice have been lying about us citizens for so long that nobody on the street trusts them, or the fucking politicians, or the fucking mainstream media….

Shades of the wimminz who are only just waking up to the fact that their cunt is only worth 1.99, not because I as a man value it at that, but because OTHER WIMMINZ value cunt at 1.99, and hey buddy, if that is too rich for you, here, take it for free, be my fuck-buddy.

Fixing the local economy and recognising that there is a certain minimum level of local manufacturing and industry that must be maintained before anything else can prosper, is in fact not merely a good analogy to fixing the problem of the value of wimminz, it is in fact also a pre-requisite.

If you don’t know the value of work and investment, you don’t know the value of anything.

I cannot see the laser business as viable, not just because of the business model, but the wider local economy and conditions, so I do not do it, but the problem wasn’t my lack of ability or talent or willingness to work for nowt until it flew on its own.

This means that nobody sees my ability, or talent, or willingness to work, because I choose to withhold all those things, the risk vs reward extant is just too heavily loaded against me.

Same shit goes for jane47, I don’t see her as a viable long term girlfriend or wife, not just because of her, but the wider societal and legal conditions, so I do not do it, but the problem wasn’t my lack of ability to be a great husband and father and partner and pillar of society.

This means that nobody sees my potential as a husband and father and partner and pillar of society, because I choose to withhold all those things.

And all of us withholding all those things becomes the perfect storm, whether you are talking about the local economy or the local matrimonial state.

We were the fucking canaries in the coal mine, and my how they laughed at all our hilarious death throes…. now the gas has reached THEIR level, and THEY are starting to take note and panic, and they find themselves Neimoller’ed, they didn’t say shit when they came for the fathers and husbands and self employed small businessmen, now there is nobody left to give a fuck when the ship has sunk to the point where the seas are coming over the railings on the first class decks and the fights start.

Go ahead, do the laser experiment for your town.

Then do a couple of others…

  • Can I build my motorsickle and put it on the road…. check
  • Can I get access to free cunt via fuckbuddies…. check

do I look like I give a fuck about any one or any thing else….

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