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October 12, 2013

Just how honest would you like me to be?

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With you, with myself?

How honest will you be, with me, with yourself?

There are plenty of things I won’t share, or talk about, and no, that isn’t code for being sodomised as a 7 year old or any of that shit, it’s just that there are some things that a me-centric enough that they are nobody else’s business.

But, while avoiding talking about specific things, some times we can talk about the paths we found ourselves on due to these specific things.

The feeling you get when you look at your family tree and actually realise for the first time you are a dead end, literally. And too old to meet and fall in love and marry and all that shit… so you are a dead end, literally.

The feeling a whole decade plus later, long after you have made your peace with the fact you are a dead end, when a wimminz deliberately and without consulting you or your wishes, gets pregnant by you, goes to term and delivers a healthy baby boy.

I suppose I could sit here and give y’all the proud and happy dad bullshit, but no, that ain’t true, it was duty and no more.

It is not the greatest day of your life, or the happiest, or any other fluffy shit.

Unlike the quiet day a decade before when you had had time to think and contemplate that you were a dead end, and be saddened by it, the day your son (commiserations if the womb turd is a mini slut) is born there is just too much shit going on for you to come to any honest answers.

I’m sorry, was I supposed to be a nice guy, a genuine solid man of integrity who was just used and abused and hurt by wimminz?8124529600_b3d6a8a504_z

I am the sum of my experiences, both at the hands of others and my own, if I am to take any credit for anything it is that I am not some crazed vengeful serial killer.

I am not a nice man, but I am a truthful man, and a fair man, and a stands by his word man, and don’t do unto what I don’t want done unto back, even when it is.

Said to a wimminz last week, one of the few who is honest enough herself to be able to have conversation with her, that in reality raising kids is like raising a dog, it’s not hard, it’s not rewarding, it’s duty, and your kids, however much you may love em, they are not companions, they are sovereign territories of their own.

She just stared at me in silence for several seconds, before casting her eyes down in shame and admitting what we all know, what I said was truth, that level of honesty with oneself is unsettling and disturbing in the privacy of your own mind, scary when it is stated openly.

When I was younger I wondered, and secretly worried, that I might one day be a paedophile, if I didn’t watch myself, you see I had these urges, and you can’t discuss that shit…. and then one day I met someone who I later found out worked with such kids and their abusers, very eminent, very respected, and so one day we had a discussion on the subject… turns out she knew before I did I wasn’t one, if she suspected I could have been we would never have gotten close, turns out that those feelings of awareness of the sexuality of some of the more physically mature 14 and 15 year old girls were just natural biological functions, and I learned new words like hebephile and ephebefile, and that I was neither of those either, being aware of sexual maturity isn’t the same as wanting to fuck… wanting to fuck was conditioned out of me by my family and society and the way I was raised.

Once I learned that I was none of these things because I was none of these things, not that I was none of these things because so far I had resisted urges and impulses, all the shame was lifted.

I had nothing to be ashamed about, looking at the St Trinians‘s girls (pic above) and thinking phwoar as a young man did not make me a paedo, it made me normal… I was not “in temptation” by mere proximity, there was no thin end of a wedge, there was no desensitisation, there was no hidden psychopathy, and then I in turn started talking to others, and found that they had had exactly the same “awareness” of sexual maturity, and the exact same thoughts of secret shame, because they went though the exact same mental processes of being scared to examine it, just in case they were sick in the head.

And suddenly all the shaming language used in society was water off a duck’s back, I knew it wasn’t me.

Sure, I knew I still had to watch my ass, not just do nothing wrong, but don’t get yourself in a situation where things could go wrong, but suddenly….

I was no longer participating in my own shaming and control and self loathing.

I didn’t come out the other side of it a saint, honesty to oneself is not a pleasant experience, but the people most horrified by my ‘gazing into the mirror’ honesty are those who set themselves up as custodians to society, and unease and awkwardness YOU felt reading the above disclosures is magnified a thousandfold by what those who set themselves up as custodians feel.

In my secret family court case the judge, lawyers, social workers, court shrinks and assorted hangers on quite plainly looked at me with absolute hate and loathing, not because of the various things I was maliciously and falsely accused of by my psycho skank ho ex, but because I stood up and looked them all in the eye and had zero internal doubts, I was no longer able to participate in the attempted shaming of me, and I could not be manipulated into making any kind of concessions or admissions or twists of language or allowances.

I was powerless, but I was a fucking rock, unmoved, unaffected, unable to participate in the circus and play my appointed role.

I didn’t *have* to be honest with anyone else, but I *had* to be honest with myself when looking in the mirror, I had to turn over rocks, pull out all the worms, give them a post mortem, and then examine everything for consistency, all the while fighting the urge to just turn my back on it all and ignore it all and pretend none of it is true.

I am 100% responsible for putting myself in a situation where the psycho skank ho ex could make false allegations of DV and FRA etc against me.

I enabled her to do this, I gave her the opportunity.

I kept doing it, even when I had several opportunities to bail, and I am not talking opportunities to walk away, anyone can do that any time, if they are prepared to pay the price.

I am talking opportunities to bail where I deliberately put myself back in the target zone.

She is 100% responsible for making malicious false accusations.

I am 100% responsible for putting myself in a place where she could, and then staying there.

The difference between then and now is now I have faced that internal mirror some more, and turned over far more rocks… not them all, but far more.

Some of those rocks include;

  • Being scared of being “alone”
  • Being scared of being a dead end genetically
  • Wanting to see myself as a knight in shining armour
  • Not wanting to accept that my initial impressions of someone were mistaken, there was no good, hidden deep with them, that would come out if only they were given a chance.

Yeah, it was the last couple that really did it for me.

Wanting to be perceived by others in a certain way is a folly.

Wanting to be perceived by yourself in a certain way is the greatest folly.

In a strange way, I am grateful to the psycho skank ho ex, if she wasn’t so psycho I would still be trapped in a prison of my own making. I know it is an anathema to say such things, like those who are grateful to shit that nearly killed them for giving them a whole new perspective and lease on life.

Finding and analysing and eliminating these rocks was key to ridding myself of the poison of anger and hate and loathing that dwelled within me, and I could see that same anger and hate and loathing in the judge, lawyers, etc etc

Don’t make a career out of keeping these rocks alive, Tamagotchi style…

In ages past they would have been called inner demons, and keeping them alive would be demonic possession, and of course da wimminz, well, that was where the word hysteria and hysterical comes from innit….

Guys often ask me why I still associate with da wimminz, and fuck them, why don’t I ghost.

Yay, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, not because I am the meanest motherfucker in the entire valley, but because I am that valley, and I am done fearing me.

I never did fear others, it was always me that scared me, not what I was, but what I was capable of.

No longer, I have met the enemy, and he is me.

We have come to know each other, and come to a truce of sorts, not all of the rocks have been examined, but at least there are none left in our shoes or in our eyes.

How honest do you want me to be, I am a deeply flawed human being, but there is no malice in me, and I am content to get by trying to do unto others as I would have them do unto me, and avoiding them if they aren’t happy with that.

How honest do you want me to be, that son that was taken away from me and his paternal family, I’ll do something as / when / if enough factors change so that I can actually do something, until then I’m not going to beat myself up, or allow anyone else to beat me up, about being a deadbeat dad.

Don’t let this be you.

The old man’s sitting there, his head bowed down
Every now and then he’ll take a look around
And his eyes reflect the memory-pain of years gone by
He can’t regain nostalgic dreams he’ll never see again

With trembling hands, he wipes a tear
Many fall like rain, there’s one for every year
And his life laid out so clearly now, life that’s brought death
So nearly now life once he clung to dearly lets go

But spare a thought as you pass him by
Take a closer look and you’ll say
He’s our tomorrow, just as much as we are his yesterday

A lonely grave, and soon forgot
Only wind and leaves lament his mournful song
Yet they shout his epitaph out clear
For anyone who’s passing near
It names the person lying here as you
And you…and you…and you…


August 12, 2011

….of sealing wax and string

As the old saying goes regarding how to tell if a man is honest, you ask him, if he says “Yes.” then he isn’t.

Personally I’d have to answer that question “I try to be / mainly (shrugs and grins) trouble is, most people don’t want you to be…

Which brings us neatly to today’s subject, wimminz and honesty…

I have a really great record for finding chicks, fucking their brains out, the best sex they ever had, then walking away and never hearing from or being hassled by them again. Now just last week a mate asked me the secret, after his phone SMS notification went for the third time in an hour from the same skank, and I told him, “Be 100% honest with her.

He then said he was honest with them, and I pointed out that there is a difference between not telling any lies, and telling some unpleasant truths.

Remember, wimminz like teh romance, and what is romance except a set of carefully crafted illusions and dreams, e.g. purest lies and bullshit.

Remember, wimminz see everything in terms of their image, e.g. how they think other wimminz will perceive them, which is a recipe for schizo city any day of the week because it is a constantly changing morass.

So all I have to do is tell the wimminz all the unpleasant “truths” (that matter to wimminz) about me, of course in a laughing and contemptible tone of voice and manner, like “A psycho skank ex falsely accused me of being a paedo as part of a divorce/custody battle that went nuclear on day one.

Nota bene, telling wimminz the psycho skank ho ex falsely accusing you of being a violent rapist will not necessarily put these wimminz off you, it may have the opposite effect… beware… lol

Instantly the skank starts thinking, what if, doesn’t matter how remote or unlikely, what if… because that is how wimminz minds work.. want to sell a wimminz a new car, point out that the old one is associated with downtrodden housefraus.

It is most important you get the skank to verbalise something, that it is just a tiny bit worrying for her, that another wimminz said that about you.

Which gives you the intro to deliver the coup-de-grace, which is the “Obviously only a complete fucking idiot would believe such a thing, I mean a complete fucking no brain air head, I mean, what are the chances that I would be walking around as free as a bird, especially in this day and age of CSI forensics

And your parting shot is “.. and frankly I’m fucking disgusted and insulted by your lack of faith (over ride their hand waving and protestations of innocence) and far from you not trusting me, I don’t fucking trust anyone with such a complete lack of judgement. We’re through. So long and thanks for all the fish.

Now, my mate was a bit jaw agape, and as he pointed out, he hasn’t been accused of such things, and he is quite right, it is about absolute brutal honesty, and while that story is true for me it works, he needs to choose a story that is true for him, and it will work, and the root secret is the story MUST be about how you are telling this skank that an ex skank thought you were damaged goods and bad for her image.

This skank will instantly relate to the ex skank thinking you were bad for her image, and think maybe you might be bad for her image too, and you are instantly off the hook, permanently.

If your true story is as good as mine they won’t even return your calls, if you do not have a true story, invent one, wimminz lie all the fucking time anyway and it is the effect that counts. Just keep it simple, very very simple, and very very brief, and get the message across that an ex skank thought you were bad for her image, job done.

Only thing I will caution you about is this, ensure that this is a VERBAL conversation that takes place face to face ONLY, and make sure your demeanour is as casual and dismissive as if you were talking about something you saw on the TV last week. Do not put it in any medium that can be recorded electronically, especially if your true story is invented…

There is a HUGE fucking difference between causing the skank to be concerned about her image amongst other skanks if she associates with you, and causing the skank to be concerned about her safety if she associates with you… if you cross that line you are totally fucked and your next conversation may well be with the police.

My mate promptly dug up a true story from when he was 17 and got so drunk he shit himself while unconscious, and yesterday we had another coffee and I asked him how it went.

Fucking magic” he said, he told her that an ex had dumped him because of his very rare and very infrequent irritable bowel syndrome because she didn’t want to be seen out with a guy who shit himself in public, and that as he had a slightly upset stomach he had been avoiding her for a day or two until it settled down, he said she said “I’m just going to the toilet” and he never saw her again, and he was so enthused he sent her a text, and she hasn’t even responded to that either.

So, having come full circle on that little story and top tip, we do need to address the whole subject of a man being honest with wimminz in all their dealings with them.

Wimminz do not want men to be honest, they fucking hate it, but they also fucking hate being lied to and used, so you have to be very careful in dealing with the airhead sex.

When chatting them up you should always stick to the 100% unvarnished truth, just masterfully steer the conversation into areas as discussed in the internet dating sections of this blog so you stay on safe and productive territory.

When with them you should also stick to the 100% unvarnished truth, and any conversation (or location) that can’t be ended by whipping your cock out and inviting her to suck it is to be avoided.

In both of the above it is not merely acceptable, but abso-fucking-lutely VITAL, that while you are telling the 100% unvarnished truth, you are also lying by omission, who needs the details, not the wimminz, they won’t ask, dating for wimminz is just checking some boxes and only a fool complicates it.

When ending it with them you also stick to the 100% unvarnished truth, but now you cut back on the omission, include some of the things your ex’s have SAID about you, or ACCUSED you of, but do take very great care to select things that are not true in fact

for example.

My psycho skank ex accused me of xxxxx

She must have actually said that, but it must be something that you can trivially disprove.

My psycho skank ex accused me of being a grumpy bastard who expected her to do the housework.

Speaking personally, this would be true in both ways, true that she said it, and true that it is true of me, so this is definitely NOT one to choose.

You might find a wimminz who relishes that traditional role, and has been searching for a real man, and where will that leave you…..

The bottom line.

It is a fact that in modern western society, you as a man do not hold any of the cards, the wimminz do, so all your dealing with wimminz should be treated as though you a dealing with a superior (as in might, not right or intellect) adversary, so you need to outwit them at every turn, this is real world psyops guys, with real world consequences for forgetting your true status or fucking up, and the single most significant tool that the man has is a logical brain capable of consistent thought, and the single greatest weakness your opponent has is that a wimminz is a fucking airhead ruled by monthly biochemical changes and her perception of her own status amongst other wimminz.

Beating them by never ever telling a lie you can ever be caught out in, not even by the police or courts, should the wimminz decide to go nuclear on your ass, is the name of the game.

The flipside of this coin is that you must remember that you can never ever take anything a wimminz says as being either truthful, or something that she will not do a 180 on and deny ever saying at the drop of a hat.

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