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August 20, 2013

Conversations with wimminz…

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AfOR – So what’s the best thing for your kids? For you to have a man in your life, or for you to not have a man in your life?

Wimminz – To have a man in my life.

AfOR – So what’s the best way to make sure you don’t have a man in your life? To put him first, or to put your kids first?

Wimminz – (subdued) to put my kids first.

AfOR –

Wimminz – gobble

And it really is that simple, not to make a wimminz think, that’s a hopeless task, but to determine if this wimminz in question is a completely unredeemable skank ho that you never want to put your cock anywhere near, or a wimminz worth fucking.. AWALT of course.

Anything born with a penis that WON’T present wimminz with stark choices like that ain’t a man, it’s a niggerz.

Niggerz only ever get skank ho’s, still AWALT, but bottom of the barrel AWALT.

Filters, which is what a red pill attitude is, they don’t so much, when it comes to wimminz, filter out type A and let through type B, because our filters are always nested, so what they do do is present to second third and fourth stage filters a *different* selection of wimminz than a blue pill attitude will get you.

There is no quick questionnaire or set of pass / fail tests you can give, you pretty much have to live a righteous lifestyle, and by doing so you attract less of the wrong kind of people and more of the right kind of people.

Live a righteous lifestyle, and you will find that the conversations you do have with wimminz will change, and indeed the type of wimminz you end up having conversations with will change.


Back in the day, there was a biker’s saying, what’s the difference between a Honda CBX and a Honda C90?

The answer was you don’t mind if your friends see you riding a CBX.

If you apply this to wimminz, you are in for a world of fucking hurt.

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