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November 12, 2012

Being 3L337

In shades of surreality where Jesusifying Obama’s speeches renders them more sensible than the original, well, it would if you could jesusify anything any more…

And so it is In The Red Pill World With The Wimminz Of PoF (and dang if that don’t make a good porn film title) that bizarrely the more you overdose on red pills, the more the kind of wimminz you want to be avoiding avoid you, and the more the other kind of wimminz be dropping all the pretence and bullshit and saying “Fuck me Master! Please…

Yes, I am the first to admit that it is all fucked up, but then again everything is all fucked up.

So in the daily fail today is a story about a “high flyer” wimminz who is divorcing her husband because he WON’T do the shit in 50 shades with her… red pill heaven right there…

And so it is with the wimminz in the rotating PoF “harem”, they don’t have a problem being number 7 of 14 in the harem, and they don’t have a problem with being the only wimminz in my life, what they have a problem with is being told one while the other is happening, and of course if they were the only wimminz in my life they would have a problem with that too.

Biggest mistake you can make is not giving wimminz what they want, what they say they want, refusing to give them what they want, what they say they want, it is treating them as rational thinking human beings.

Frankly speaking a lot of the so-called abusive, manipulating and distant behaviour as described in divorce proceedings and laid at men’s door is the only way to treat wimminz without being fucked over at the first hurdle.

Fact is one of the most effective tactics I have discovered is grab your everything archived to the cloud android smartphone, pull up a few pictures of #4 because she is a lot hotter than #7, who is giving you the shit test / whining thing, and show these pictures to #7 and tell her you were with #4 an hour ago.

Within 24 hours #7 is pledging lust and love and calling you sir and offering booty call any time you like any way you like.

Course, the INITIAL reaction is different, if you can have her why do you want or need me, hope you’re both happy together… the correct response is “You work it out girl” and close the subject and kick her out.

Like I say, within 24 hours you get the all you can eat free poon buffet.

24 hours after that you’ll get the “do you wanna meet my kids?” thing, which you ALWAYS dodge, no babe, I ain’t rushing into anything, slow ahead both, steady as she goes.

Now she is almost begging you to take up the offers of free poon.

Which brings me to a reader question from a wimminz…

“Why are so many men preferring doggy style?”

The answer comes in two parts;

  1. Most of you wimminz no longer have hard flat bellies, so it’s more comfortable and you get better penetration that way
  2. So we don’t have to look at your fucking face or gut

If I was your average MRA type I’d leave it there, but this blog is meant for men, not wimminz, so you get the rest of the answer too.

  • Because it stops you looking at our faces and being able to read us.
  • Because it is a submissive position for you.
  • Because it makes your asshole handily available too.
  • Because doggy style is singularly appropriate for a bitch
  • Because frankly speaking your cunt and ass is your best feature
  • etc

Plus of course do it right doggy style and she will be begging for doggy style forever-more, it is the natural mammalian way to mate, and orients the cock and cunt the right way around.

Which brings me to another email, this time from a bloke, who says “I can’t get over this feeling that there is something wrong with me if I don’t have a girlfriend, and that I have failed if a girl dumps me or refused my advances

Well, your problem lies in two parts, both of them are you taking blue pills.

  1. This idea that your own personal worth is somehow sweet fuck all unless a wimminz endorses you by hanging off your arm.
  2. This idea that a wimminz not wanting to be with you reflects negatively on you.

Fact is, wimminz are parasites, so if they want you for anything more than being your cum bucket, eg being seen out with you, then it is a parasite and host thing, and being a host to a parasite may well keep you in company, but it is nothing to bray about… it is just advertising your beta status.

Your problem then is not so much who you are or what you are, but how you treat wimminz, you are treating them way wimminz SAY they want to be treated, and lo and behold it is getting you nowhere.

Getting negged and put down by a wimminz is like getting negged and put down by a 5 year old, if the little shits had any class or brains at all they would be hanging on to your every word, no son, all that shit about what is better, the Mustang or the Charger (or indeed the Caprice shooting brake for shopping…lol) is a crock, this is better.


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