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August 28, 2011

Doubling down.

As I scan the various mainstream media (MSM) I see that the aftermath of the rioting means more prisoners and more prison crowding, and the prisoners are rioting, but the “vulnerable and damaged” wimminz prisoners are worthy of special mention and protection, yesterday on BBC TV news the skank ho wimminz anchor has two more skank ho wimminz talking heads in for an opinion piece, and they use 30 seconds of prime time news to congratulate each other about how nice it is to have all wimminz, yeah, apart from all the cameramen and technicians that actually make the fucking broadcast possible, all of whom are men.

The fact is that as the economic penalty for decades of pedestalising wimminz and penalising men comes home to roost, we are going to see ever more of this wimminz doubling down on their own special precious snowflake status.

Wimminz have this in common with our political leaders, our economic leaders, our business leaders, they are all one trick ponies, when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail, and all any of these assholes can do it keep doubling down on the only trick they know, while blaming everyone else for it not working.

And that’s a fact jack, blaming everyone else when their one trick pony doubling down continues to fail to come out the way they expect. And that should worry you, because these useless cunts all have their hands on the reins.

And that is the subject of this post, because as these cunts keep doubling down, and it doesn’t have the desired effect, but it does have other, utterly predictable effects, you can bet your last minute of freedom that they will be blaming anything and everything, and that especially includes anyone saying “Told you so” and anyone who can be painted as a scapegoat, you know, like, say, a Man Going Their Own Way…..

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MGTOW may think things are tough NOW, you just wait till the doubling down and blame game progresses, and before you know it you will have the status of a Jew in Berlin in 1938.

Think I am fucking kidding? Think again…. Own a business, even a one man self employed plumber just about makes ends meet business, and do not employ at least one affirmative action skank ho, and you will be just like the Jew, not allowed to own a business or the tools of your trade.

Own/Rent a home, and do not give cheap rooms to affirmative action skank ho mummies, then clearly you do not deserve to have that home, out you go in the shirt you are wearing and in they go, to all your goods and property.

Don’t have a recognised job that pays a wad of taxes every week into the state purse to subsidise all these cunts wimminz and their niggerz, well fuck you, off to the labour camps to support the wimminz and niggerz…. and please, do not be so stupid at to point your finger at the less productive single skank ho mummies around you, being wimminz they are excluded from the definition….

Now you can be like the Jews in Germany in 1938 and live in denial that it can ever get that bad, or you can be like the Jews in Germany who realised that it could get that bad, but decided that they were going to make a stand, or you can be like the Jews in Germany who decided to change their name from Hymie to Heinrich and invented a new life and identity for themselves running Auchwitz as a Nazi, if not one of pure Aryan stock.

What y’all need to remember that the “Achtung Juden” signs were not there to warn the great unwashed public that there were Jews about, and that jews were likely to cheat them, etc etc, oh no, the signs were there to warn the great unwashed public that there were Jews about, so you better watch who you associate with, else you may be classed with them, maybe not as a Jew, but for sure as a Jew Lover.

You know, we sit here now and say how fucking awful it was, signs up saying “Achtung Juden“, but the fact is we are fucking surrounded with messages that say “Achting Herren” and the fucking reality is that to the great unwashed, the “Achtung Herren” of 2011 is just as invisble as the “Achtung Juden” was in 1938…. think on that…. long and hard…. your future liberty depends upon it.

I’m talking camouflage

MGTOW sitting around saying we are superior to the wimminz and niggerz, well, the time is coming when you get the chance to prove the rhetoric, sort the men from the boys, and find out if you are the real deal or just another niggerz.

MGTOW who are men and not niggerz, who have a superior brain to the wimminz and niggerz, will use that superior brain to act like the Stainless Steel Rat, always one move ahead of the cunts, and most of all that means the ability to move freely and seamlessly through that collapsing society, and the first trick you have to learn is the trick of camouflage.

Fly below the radar, behind the skirting boards, inside the walls, below the tops of the grass, this does not mean pretend to be the enemy, this does mean practice effectively being invisible, society is the mob, and the mob is not very smart and does not have very good eyesight, it will grab hold of and kick the shit out of anything that remotely resembles whatever it is looking for to kick the shit out of, and there will in effect be many mobs with many different targets, so no one disguise will work, the chameleon effect is what you seek, be all things to all people, for the 3 seconds quick glance that they give you.

A well known writer once noted that the way to become invisible on the street was to see everyone else 3 seconds before they saw you, so that when they notice you they notice your gaze has just passed over them, making them feel noted, so you are not vulnerable, but also ignored, so they are not threatened.

I knew a guy who ran a fancy dress shop, not a joke shop but proper costume hire, every day he would go out wearing a different outfit, one day we has a soldier, next he was an undertaker, next he was a mechanic, and every single day he himself was invisible and all anyone saw was a uniform.

I myself have travelled through much of the world, there were very few places where I could not become local and invisible simply because I happened to be wearing some greasy overalls and had some oil stains on my hands and around my forehead where I had wiped sweat away.

Be alert, the world needs more lerts.


With all this in mind, feel free to use / modify / distribute the following logo, done crudely in electronic aerosol, based on the Female sex icon, which means easy to deface / disinfo / rebrand a Female sex icon anywhere you see it.

Achtung Herren

August 24, 2011

The God particle.

It’s not the Higgs Boson.

It has more in common with the old saying about the most dangerous part of a motor car being the nut between the steering wheel and the seat.

The God particle is a small piece of shit that lodges in many human brains, and which acts in much the same way as the toxoplasmosis parasite that makes cat piss smell interesting, the God particle is not a physical particle at all, much like the boson, but it is instead an idea, a meme.

The meme or idea is itself a shit idea, a shit meme, but that doesn’t matter, once lodged in the brain it adapts and changes its surroundings and environment, namely human thought processes.

Like the boson, the God particle I am talking about has never been directly observed, but rather its existence has been inferred from studying a vast bulk of observations, and its postulated existence forms the simplest answer we can think of to explain everything else that we can and do observe.

The God particle in this case is the idea or meme that “Not all women are filthy lying whores” which in turn spawns memes such as “very few women are filthy lying whores, and most of those few who are can blame it on a man

Once this particle becomes lodged in a human brain, that brain loses the ability to think rationally and logically on any subject, and becomes quite insane and twisted with regard to any subject involving wimminz.

The reason we look for this God particle is the same reason the guys at CERN are looking for the Higgs Boson, if it doesn’t exist, then life is a lot more complex and chaotic that we had anticipated, and for the guys at CERN that is bad, because the “stall speed” for them is when something becomes more chatoic than your available computational power can handle, at that point it essentially might as well be random acts of the flying spaghetti monster, unpredictable.

If we cannot assign a God particle to human brains, specifically the brains of those so infected with this meme, the wimminz and niggerz, then like the guys at CERN suddenly we find ourselves in a place where the possible outcomes exceed our computational power, and may as well be completely random.

At that point you have two choices;

  1. Put it on a pedestal and worship it, in effect deliberately infecting yourself with the meme.
  2. Deny it liberty and freedom, in effect exclude it from all otherwise clean and logical areas.

My personal belief is that we already have too many mystical, ethereal and transient subatomic particles, and the truth is that these subatomic particles, and indeed the Higgs Boson itself, if it exists, if it is found (two different things) are all just manifestations of perhaps less than a dozen more fundamental building blocks / rules of nature.

I think there is a direct parallel to human brains and the God particle / meme, I think you can take the entire DSM-V and wimminz and niggerz and everything else, and explain it all quite adequately from a much more fundamental level, and a few simple principles.

Undoubtedly these will include the FACTS than men are essentially born with unlimited (potentially billions) sperm, and women are born with a relatively dramatically limited cache of eggs, only a proportion of which can ever be used, eg 13 x 30 = 390

And then you will have to factor what happens to an organism that can have a maximum of 390 progeny, when it doses itself with hormones and cuts that back to 10, while the other sex of the species can still do billions.

Human beings, like fish or birds or anything else alive, are just DNA‘s way of making more DNA.

From DNA’s perspective, anything that interferes with that does not damage DNA as a whole, it just creates its own dead end.

Anyone who has had kids knows for a fucking fact that a significant proportion of kids are born with inherited mental characteristics, traits and predispositions, the acorn rarely falls far from the tree… sure, there is some blank canvas in the nature vs nurture argument, but the canvas as a whole is anything but blank, and its size and shape and weave are determined by the DNA.

So the fact is that being a skank ho feminazi does not happen at a level above and beyond the reach of DNA, quite the contrary, the reason that these skanks are singularly sexually unattractive, and the ones who reproduce produce sub-standard and unattractive kids, is because of the DNA at work.

The DNA in the toxoplasmosis brain parasite that makes cat piss smell interesting to mice, and makes humans like cats, is helping DNA along, it makes mice evolve, it makes cats evolve with them, and makes toxoplasmosis evolve with them, for DNA it is win win win, for individual mice, cats and parasites it is lose lose lose.

I think that eventually we will discover that the current crop of psycho skank ho feminazi wimminz are just DNA’s answer to the problem of human beings ascending to the point where they face no survival or breeding pressures, so it is time to introduce some and cull the herd of the deadwood and re-invigorate it.

And if you are going to play those games it stands to reason that given a choice between tampering with something that can potentially have billions of offspring, and something that can potentially have a couple of hands full, you are going to tamper with the one where even a 0.01% change alters the odds, you are going to tamper with the females.

You are going to get selected inferior specimens to reduce their already low reproduction rate in any way possible (equality / career / pill) and make any offspring they do have less viable (fucked up / ill educated / fugly / attitude problem) and while the results may take a few generations to start to accrue, once a head of steam is built up changes start happening rapidly.

Nature does not do evolution gradually, nature does evolution is manic fits and starts and spurts, with long periods of calm and consolidation and observation and testing in between.

In DNA’s “opinion” (and it is an opinion with the weight of God) the modern psycho skank feminazi is a fucking dead end, which is why you will see as in my case, when a proper man impregnates them, the male children are in effect mini me clones of daddy, and the female children are mini me clones of skank ho mummy… if skank ho mummy’s DNA survives, it is only to produce another womb… and not the traditional womb that mixes and matches and evolves DNA, but nature’s clone womb that produces cheap clones of viable male DNA, preserving it for future evolution.

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