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December 15, 2013

Integration cost and abolition cost.

These are two things that, in my experience, are either universally ignored completely, or universally analysed in such a way that the only numbers that ever come out are totally unrealistic best case scenario numbers.

The thing is, these two things, I’ll call them IC and AC, apply to *everything*… even wimminz.

Let’s take a really simple example, you have a 5 year old Dell laptop with an old core2duo, and you move to a newer Stinkpad with i5. Sticker price on the stinkpad is 950.

OK, now before we go down that road, let’s press pause, and look at something else as a thought experiment.

Guy has a rifle, let’s say an AR15, and 1,000 rounds of ammo.

  1. Does he own the rifle, which is a treasured and loved and customised device to better throw those 1,000 rounds downrange
  2. Does he own 1,000 rounds, and the rifle is the method used to get them downrange

These are, in reality, two separate tasks / jobs / approaches.

It becomes interesting when you ask a gun owner a simple question, which none of them every know off the top of their head, how many rounds do you have to fire downrange to expend the same amount of money as it costs to purchase the gun?

This isn’t a dig at gun owners, you can ask the exact same fucking question of a car owner and gallons of fuel, the question is how many units of consumables equal the capital cost of the thing.

It’s interesting, because if you can’t answer that, you don’t even have the basis for guessing at your IC and AC.

Let’s pop back to the guns, Bob buys an AR15 for 800 bucks, Jim buys one for 1,600 bucks by the time it’s tricked out…. they both buy 1,000 rounds of Winchester ammo, say a buck a pop if they 20 or 50 at a time, (say .50c a pop if they buy the whole load in one go.)

Bob = gun for $800 + ammo $1,000 = $1,800
Jim = gun for $1,600 + ammo $1,000 = $2,600

Bob sees his rifle as nothing more than a tool to get his 1,000 rounds downrange.

Jim sees his rifle as a personalised top quality yadda yadda to get his 1,000 round downrange.

Sam, says to Bob and Jim, right after they have bought their respective rifles, y’all have a budget of two grand total, now go buy ammo at a buck a pop.

Bob has 1,200 rounds

Jim has 400 rounds


People used to take the piss out of me because I would quite happily pay cash and buy a car for 700 notes, they would buy the 4k car on credit, but the point of a car is you pull up to a gas pump and feed it, and since I had no outgoings for the car finance I could feed it easier, so yeah, my car got less mpg than yours, but I could afford it…. I wasn’t paying HP

UNLIKE the gun analogy, the CAR analogy there is no ammo in a specific calibre, there is just a choice of petrol or diesel, but even so, IC and AC aren’t limited to just what ya paid for it and what ya sold it for.

If you have already taken out a loan to buy the 4k car, chances are your credit is maxed out, and you wouldn’t get another loan, whereas me buying a clunker for cash, I could in theory finance a loan.

Finally, before I get back to the Dell and the Stinkpad, I want to talk about rules and laws, we all have to live by them, but there is that grey area, as with all regulations, where doing something this way is an illegal act of tax avoidance, and doing something this way is a perfectly legal act of tax avoidance, and this doesn’t just apply to taxes, it applies to all laws and to all life.

I took advantage of one such grey area, I was ahead by 125 a week, every week, week in, week out, for seven months, but I made abso-fucking-lutely sure going in that not only was I not breaking any laws, but that nobody could argue that I was… IC and AC, the implementation cost of adopting a avoiding tax strategy may be quite minimal, just a signature on a piece of paper and a postage stamp, the abolition cost of getting out of that shit and back to where you started can be incredibly fucking high, if anyone things you avoided that tax illegally.

Yeah, y’all are way ahead of me here, IC and AC as applied to marriage.

Except you’re NOT fucking way ahead of me here.

Because IC and AC applies to everything, and by the time you get to marriage you are already stood in the middle of the fucking minefield, and at THAT point you learn the true nature of IC and AC, the mines know which direction leads deeper into the minefield, they don’t trigger on anything moving that way…..

You were NOT lucky to get this far, intact. You were a dumb shit.

You just racked up a ton of IC, blind, and as for the related AC, that’s going to be a bitch. Bend over and grab those ankles. Lube? Fuck that, this is supposed to make you bleed and cry.

OK, still, with me, now we can get on with the old Dell core2duo upgrade to Stinkpad i5. This was / is a computer literate person, who is the go to guy for friends and family when they have pc probs…. this is a guy who is happy to type ipconfig /all in the winders command line and doesn’t need books or websites to prompt him to do it or to interpret the results…. and who knows all about coffer.com

THe only thing you need to know about this deal was that the guy wouldn’t be able to get the stinkpad before he got rid of the dell, which wasn’t a problem, as be bought an external usb3 portable hard disk, and not only copies all the working files and data from the software he uses most on to this disk, he also uses the rather good Windows Easy Transfer tool, which he has used dozens of times before, to create a transfer file on this hard disk.

He wipes the dell HD and installs Suse and off it goes, he sits back and waits for the stinkpad to arrive.

At this point he thinks he has his IC and AC managed.. he doesn’t, he just doesn’t know this yet…. each *thing* in your life has a separate and unique IC and AC, just like an individual company, and he has not only not realised this, he has compounded the problem by taking the AC for the dell and putting it towards the IC for the stinkpad, and in doing so he has transposed the sign, so instead of a cost for abolishing the dell he has taken the money he is getting by selling it, and offsetting that against the purchase cost of the stinkpad, and he thinks the purchase cost of the stinkpad IS the fucking IC. It isn’t.

Next morning at 8:30 am the DHL man drops off the new stinkpad, he unboxes it, it looks perfect in every way, exactly what he wanted, then the problems start, of course, he does not realise that these are really problems with IC and AC.

That evening he has called me in, for a coffee and some help.

NOTHING has gone according to plan, his problems are just starting.

The wiki page says WET doesn’t support moving from 64 bit windows to 32 bit windows, I got news for you, it doesn’t support going from 32 bit to 64 bit either.

Other shit he didn’t figure on is 4 of the applications he paid for and used daily on the dell will not continue to work on the stinkpad, because they were older 32 bit versions, and to get the 64 bit versions he has to pay to upgrade, and I am not talking 20 bucks a pop, put em together and we are at about 50% of the sticker price on the stinkpad.

Other shit he didn’t figure is one of his hardware peripherals, they don’t do updated 64 bit drivers for that kit, y’all have to buy the new kit, that’s about 50% of the sticker price of the stinkpad too.

Now, these are the headline grabbers, there is no guarantee whatsoever that if I can decompress and process the WET archive to make it 64 bit compatible there will not be other issues elsewhere.

I told him, matey, you have two real choices, we can wipe the stinkpad and put Win7 32 bit pro on there, which means you wasted all that money on the kingston RAM upgrade too, which just landed, or, you can bite the fucking bullet, I’ll patch across the WET files, and you’ll have to upgrade all this app software, and we can run the old external hardware temporarily in a VM but it will not be seamless with the rest of the OS.

Either way, you are looking at 2 or 3 hours of MY time, which you get to pay for too.

He bit the bullet, guys have this ability, he said I’ll pay you the full fucking day, do your stuff with the WET and the VM, and spend the rest of the time teaching me where I went wrong.

That was back in February this year.

He has just been in touch, his employers are moving everything into the cloud with chrome boxes, he tried to talk to them, telling them the lessons I had taught him, they didn’t listen, I said swing by my place, I’ll loan you a pair of wire cutters, you can place them over the net connection cable and look at them meaningfully… lrfh


Integration cost and abolition cost.

When dealing with wimminz, treat every single penny and second you spend as a complete write off the instant you spend it, other wise you will fall into the trap of throwing good money after bad, and signing yourself up for abolition costs that you really can not afford.

You’ll be a lot less keen to buy the bitch drinks to get laid, fill your tank to go see her to get laid, buy her flowers to get laid, lend her a 20 to get laid, etc etc etc.



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