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July 21, 2013


There are many, many, many things in life that you get a default answer to.

Paedophilia, yes, it is just wrong, end of discussion.

God help you if you want to discuss it intellectually,to wonder aloud why the label is applied, completely incorrectly, to 21 year olds having mutually consensual and loving sexual relationships with 15 years and 11 months olds.rideolsen

God help you if you wonder aloud that for much of English history the age of consent was 12 and there was no paedophilia to speak of, now it is 16/18 there is apparently loads of it…. just as there was no illegal homosexual sex before homosexual sex was made illegal.

God help you if you wonder aloud at the imposition of a law making something quite common suddenly arbitrarily illegal, if she is 5,843 days old I am a rapist and paedo, if she is 5,844 days old we can nip up to Gretna Green and get married.

Where does the State get off in passing laws that suddenly render apparently common enough behaviours illegal, surely this is against everything the state itself was founded to preserve.

What comes next, laws banning the wearing of primary colours?

The real point of this post, and, now that the stage is set, another default answer that must not be questioned or discussed, is Men and their abducted by the state / skank ho ex kids, specifically the boy children, because the girl children and just sluts in training… oh noes… we’re back to the paedo thing again..

But here we are, ask any deadbeat dad who does not have contact with his sons, and you’ll get the stock answer, I should be there for them, teaching them, guiding them, doing manly things with them.

But is it the fucking truth?

About now I am as popular with deadbeat dads as a “paedo” admiring the tits on a 14 year old chick in a topless beach…

Oh I know, there are all sorts of things I *could* be doing with and for my absent sons, all sorts of things I feel I *should* be doing with and for my absent sons, yadda yadda yadda

But the unspeakable question.

What’s in it for me?

Did you cringe reading that? Did it make you feel guilt, the same way looking at the pic above and thinking she is pretty…

Is me explaining how my life is easier, more money and free time and all that jazz, somehow reminiscent of “if they are old enough to bleed, they are old enough to breed”, you cannot counter it directly, but it is just WROOOONNNG… MMKAYY.. so DROP IT…

However, no pubescent teen virgins were harmed by this discussion, just as no absent sons were harmed by this discussion, so the only thing this discussion is a threat to is the whole concept of the unspeakable.

Paedophilia is a good place to start, in your creation of an unspeakable, cannibalism is a better taboo, but, you cannot potentially link 75% of day to day activity for 99.999% of the population with potential cannibalism, it just doesn’t fly.

Of course you then have to set the boundaries in such a way that 99.9% of people are tempted, because you need that fucking guilt to get them to shut the fuck up when someone else is accused, so there is no good to be had from making the minimum age at which you can have sex 7, like cannibalism, 99.999% of the population wouldn’t be tempted anyway, so you have to set it at a ludicrously high level, biologically and historically speaking, see homosexuality, a young boy of 16/7 could join the army and get his ass blown off by flying lead and HE, but he couldn’t consent to a loving sexual encounter with another man unless he was 21.

Ok, now you have a universally reviled act, that you have simultaneously engineered to be something that, within the broadest terms of the definition, 99.999% of the population are biologically hard-wired to find “interesting” at the very least, so you have your guilt, which gives you your control… Neimoller anyone?

Next step?

Well, you mission creep that fucker.


Now I have been online since fidonet and the BBS days, long before there was an internet, last time I accidentally came across some paedo porn? Must have been about 1996… so this isn’t exactly a pandemic of filth that needs urgent attention, it’s just mission creep, making ever more people feel guilty.

Let’s be honest, who is going to stand up and say “Hang on a minute, do we actually need any more fucking useless laws on this subject?” nobody, you filthy paedolover and apologist you…

Want to marginalise some fucker, no worries, just label them a paedo, or a deadbeat dad. Job done.

Actual paedophilia is of course still going on, and it is a great tool for blackmail and political control, so it is not actual paedophilia, or active drug use, or active anything that is ever targeted, it is all about guilt, which is all about control.

So, you have systems in place that arguably both;

  1. do nothing whatsoever to combat the alleged problem
  2. just happen to be a very effective means of coercion and control for the 99.999% of the population who were never tempted by the alleged problem in the first place.

Pure coinckydink, of course, only a paedo or terr’rist would suggest that in fact the REAL goals and the actual outcomes were the only game in town, and the stated goals were just a methodology, social engineering.

Now tell me again, what is in it for me to become actively involved in raising my abducted by the skank ho ex and State sons…. they already have my fucking DNA

Being brutally honest with you, if they read and memorise this blog, that’s about all else I can give them.

My skills, well, bit like grandad teaching me how to make buggy whips, not relevant to life in 2013 innit.

If the remaining 99.99999% of me feeling bad about somehow letting my son’s down is just social engineering, then by definition it is alien to me, and I am better off rejecting it, and so are my sons, so if I have contact with them it will be BECAUSE of the social engineering, and as such I would be infected by it, and my proximity to them would infect them.

Hilariously. This is the exact argument the state uses WRT sexual abuse, that the abused go on to create more abusers.


Because it is a bell that cannot be un-rung in your mind.


October 12, 2012

Teh fucking MSM (main stream media)

Today, I am going to look at the front page of the daily mail

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2216453/John-Peel-got-pregnant-I-15-Woman-claims-month-affair-DJ.html – quelle surprise another wimminz comes out of the woodwork after the guy is dead and starts claiming victim status.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2216489/Sir-Jimmy-Savile-set-Broadmoor-keys-How-sick-star-access-mentally-ill-patients.html – now things have escalated to the point where this other dead man is now openly being called a paedophile, after, you guessed it, some wimminz come forward and claim he abused them etc, back when he was alive, back in the 70’s

The interesting thing about the Saville story is that according to ALL the press, *everyone* at the BBC knew all about Saville’s sexual antics, and indeed Saville was just one of many…

…if this is true, given the relationship between media and press, then every journo at every newspaper also knew, and kept it quiet, so they are in fact a PART of this conspiracy that they are now screaming loudest about, and indeed methinks the lady doth protest too much.

But, moving swiftly on..

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2216553/International-Day-Girl-Child-2012-Devastating-images-terrifying-world-child-brides.html – this article continues with the statement “Although child marriage is against the law in many countries, and international treaties forbid the practice, it is estimates that about 51 million girls below age 18 are currently married.

In the UK you can run away to Gretna Green and get married at 16, or you can wait till 17 and walk into any register office… so these are part of this 51 million suddenly “child” brides… had thus argument with a slut recently who claimed that 18 was the age of adult hood in the UK, so how come they can fuck at 16 and join the army and get handed a gun and sent on deployment at 16… children aren’t allowed to decide to fuck or to sign up for the army.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2216274/Jimmy-Savile-pictured-perched-Stoke-Mandeville-hospital-bedsides.html – Yes, one headline story about the BBC case, sorry, the Saville case isn’t enough, so lets have some “chilling” photos of a guy sat on a hospital bed, you know, photos taken by professional PRESS photographers.. you know, the same people who must be implicit in the cover up, should there have been one….

Just when you thought it was over…

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2216224/Jimmy-Savile-Yet-known-British-TV-celebrity-accused-abusing-young-girl.html – oh no, a woman accuses another well known british BBC celeb of abusing her, this will be the John Peel allegation / non-story, done twice

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2216381/Jimmy-Savile-Its-time-called-New-Tricks-squad.html – fan the flames, now it is a scandal, of course it is, a scandal the press would not stoip until it had created, while pointing the finger at the beeb, while studiously and hypocritically ignoring the fact that in the iniquitous world of journos, anything that was common knowledge within the beeb for the past 40 years has to have been common knowledge in Fleet Street for the past 40 years too.


I’d like to go on, but I can’t, I can’t stomach any more, and yes I know they are not working hyper-links in the green text, sure you can copy and paste if you feel the need.

No, it is the what passes for language, that fucks me off the most, like the sluts I know who are always telling people what those other people “need” to do, till they try it on me, and I interrupt with “No, I do not NEED to do this thing, you just WANT me to do this thing, and you aren’t giving me any reason why I would want to do this thing, so you can kiss my ass.”

That of course leads into circular arguments with the skanks where if it suits them the 16 year old girl is an empowered pwincess, or if it suits them the 16 year old girl is a vulnerable child, of course what usually suits them is both simultaneously being true, the ultimate wimminz shit test…

Amusingly since my FRA and red pill on steroids event I haven’t even bothered to pay lip service to even being polite to these skanks, I hear shit like that I do not merely call it, I openly ridicule it for what it is, pathetic childish and nauseating, as a result they often fall in “love” with me.. go figure… of course the more unfuckably ugly and obese they are the more they are prone to use this kind of newspaper language, where everything is elastic, their wants become everyone else’s needs, and of course men are always creepy evil rapists and paedos…


Invariably, when I get into arguments with people over what I have written and said, the core of their position is never that what I have actually said, as per words actually uttered or written, and the dictionary meanings thereof, is something they are in disagreement with, rather it is always “what I really meant” or “what those words really mean

It is the church of the committee, where what they call communication and dialogue, I, and the dictionary, call propaganda and monologue.

There is literally not one single paragraph, much less one article or one page, in any of the MSM that is actually intended to inform or educate me.

Instead 100% of the output as we can see above is intended to get me steamed up about something or other, some cause de jure, while simultaneously twisting and misrepresenting that cause to such a vast extent that it no longer bears even a passing resemblance to the truth.

When the MSM *is* a gas-lighting bunny boiler, chicken little, then all the politicians and businessmen and financiers and bankers and cops can do as they please, secure in the knowledge that the circus maximus is doing it’s job, and keeping the great unwashed as ignorant as ever, which is of course why they own the MSM in the first fucking place…

…then the man in the street is apt to grasp any old shite and cling to it.

Go to Africa and there is a real problem, apparently, with AIDS infected men who think that raping a virgin is a cure, you see the difficulty…

  • The story itself is just more MSM bullshit
  • The story itself is true, BECAUSE of the MSM bullshit and failing to actually inform.

It’s a binary choice, only one of those two choices can be true, and whichever one it is, the consequences for us all suck.

I was shopping in Tesco’s earlier, and I rounded a corner in the aisle and bumped into Rolf Harris… “Hey Rolf..” I said “… I remember you doing “Two Little Boys” back in 1970

Fuck off you cunt…” said Rolf “… that was Jimmy Saville


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