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December 26, 2013

Lez be friends

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I’m noticing something, increasing numbers of wimminz who, after spending years shitting on their own doorstep and moaning about where have all the good men gone, are turning to lesbian relationshits, for a bit, at least.

If you want to know how bizarre this is, swap the roles, loads of single guys who can’t find a decent wimminz starting to have homosexual relationshits with other guys…. I can’t get any cunt so I’ll try sucking some cock… does not compute.


The mind is a funny thing, shit goes in, and is apparently buried and forgotten, and then years later it surfaces out of nowhere, and so it was on Christmas Day visiting some rellies that a cousin who I have no time for anyway tries all the false bonhomie shit with me, it falls on stony ground so he attempts to do what I suspect was a bit of shaming language, as he is there with his girlfriend, and aks me when I am going to get myself a woman.

It just surfaced from somewhere in my mind and popped out, and the first I was aware of it, I had already said it, so I am stood there mentally reviewing where that was buried, and looking at the shocked and appalled faces on the rellies, and finding nothing that needed to be added.

Why should I look after another man’s daughter?

It’s actually a very good question, like “What’s in it for me?“, and very good questions require very good answers.

Before I get into the answers, the reason I am a single guy is simple, the question and answers are in many ways like buying a car, you look at what is on offer, you look at the terms, and you look at the price, and of course both buyer and seller must do this.

As a “buyer” I will be the first to admit that I am not such an attractive buyer as I once was, but I am willing to negotiate fairly, the problem is, the lots are full of used up beaters with sellers asking Bugatti prices and not being willing to negotiate or be realistic.

So, the good question.

Why should I look after another man’s daughter? and What is in it for me?

  1. Wimminz have a fertile period, so if kids are on the agenda she better be in the fertile period.
  2. Wimminz should be nearer the beginning of that fertile period rather than the end of it… the nearer the end, the less she has to offer.
  3. Wimminz who have used part of that fertile period to have kids by other guys, well, that reduced your value too, I don’t need to explain why.
  4. Wimminz who are basically at the end of that fertile period, eg the big 4 0 that is a whole range of values taken off the table for good.
  5. Even if the wimminz is still fertile, I am in my 50’s, plus, I already have (at least) one son, which takes care of the procreation urge, so speaking frankly the appeal of becoming a dad all over again in my 50’s isn’t that great…
  6. So basically the whole fertility / procreation / babies thing, which was and always will be a huge part of wimminz allure, is pretty much rear view mirror stuff.

OK, so what else does a wimminz have to offer me?

  1. Sex is the obvious one
  2. But, there is a whole load of other non sexual stuff that would tempt me as a buyer, giving me a bath, giving my shoulders a rub, making me a coffee, making me a meal, tidying house,  they are all things that I like and would genuinely appreciate.
  3. I’ll put this one down anyway, it would be nice to be genuinely loved, appreciated, respected, and I said I’ll put it down anyway just to be honest and complete in my list, not because it is a thing that there is any hope whatsoever of actually finding in the wild as a living example… dodo territory this.

And for my part.

  1. I can accept you ain’t 20 no more
  2. I can accept you are overweight
  3. I can accept you have baggage (but baggage be the opposite of dowry, it makes you less attractive)
  4. I can accept that in reality you are probably crap at 99% of the things you do

See, I may still be fertile in my 50’s, but it is plainly obvious that me in my 20’s was more fertile, more virile, more healthy and the real biggie had an extra 30 years of potential… sure, I have more experience now, but I am doing the salesman thing, so I accept that wimminz that I can expect NOW also have less potential than wimminz I could expect 30+ years ago.

My problem, my question, is that the wimminz are not accepting of these facts, the wimminz are not, ever, under any circumstances, going to do any honest self appraisal and say, you know what, he may not be George Clooney, he may just be a diesel fitter for a broke down bus company, but he is working honest work for 40 hours a week for that 300 bucks takehome, and he don’t have any bad habits like drinking hard liquor or gambling, and I can rely on him for the next 20 years to keep up his end of the bargain… I’ll grab this guy while the grabbing is good.

When the “what’s in it for me?” question is answered with;

  1. Being lied to
  2. Being lied about (false accusations and being slandered to others)
  3. Being robbed
  4. Being accused of shit you ain’t done… (yet, but are getting sorely fucking tempted to, may as well do the crime you’re being accused of all the time)
  5. Being treated with contempt
  6. Being disrespected despite the many things that you do that should earn respect, starting with bringing home a fucking wage every week.
  7. Being refused sex
  8. Being cheated on
  9. etc etc etc and you don’t get just one off this list, you get most or all.

You get like, Bitch, and you want me to PAY to join this exclusive club????? WTF… When I could like, NOT have to put up with all that shit, simply by NOT making any effort to join that very expensive club?

The question was “what is in it for me?” and all you have done is tell me “what AIN’T in it for me…

Where is the fucking incentive?

Excuse me for limiting myself to test drives, I have as much intention of actually buying at the price you want and you have of actually delivering all the sales shit written on the windscreen in soap…   think of me as one of those people with no intention of buying who visits houses for sale as a day out…

I am being one squillion per cent fucking serious here.

We are a scant few days away from starting a new year, 2014, and the future is unknown, what POSSIBLE fucking incentive or attraction do you think there could possibly be, under any circumstances whatsoever, so start filling in my 2014 calendar right now with entries about being lied, to cheated on, disrespected, refused sex, and constant daily entries about 50 bucks here are 20 bucks there and 75 bucks over there for shit I would never have any use for and for shit I will never see again.

I’ve been around, I have loaned heroin addicts money, and some of them paid it back, I have loaned alcoholics money, and some of them paid it back, I have loaned co-workers and acquaintances money, and some of them have paid it back.

There is only one class of person that I can honestly say in my entire life not one of them ever paid me back, in full, in cash, the amount loaned, and that is wimminz…. the few (literally maybe two my entire life) who did it the first loan, failed on the 2nd or 3rd.

I’m OK I won’t loan or spend money I can’t afford to never see again, and I see it as a test, a cheap test, if that person has any integrity.

But back to the calendar for 2014, why would anyone in their right mind want a calendar filled with that shit???

Possibly if it also said “January 1st, 12 month contract in Afdiggastan in US air base, salary US$1,000,000 paid monthly tax free in advance.

But not if it said, in shades of Monty Python and the 4 Yorkshiremen, “Paid boss $500 for permission to come to work again this week…

Which is the kinda “deal” the wimminz are offering when I ask “What’s in it for me?” or “Why should I look after another man’s daughter?

You have to be taking the piss, either that or it is one of those Eureka moments where previously you thought you knew all about insanity, but some new example comes along and you COMPLETELY fail to model the mental processes that must be at work between INPUT and OUTPUT to connect the two, and you realise that everything you thought you knew about insanity was wrong…. and I mean, either way, either you are taking the fucking piss, or you are fucking looney tunes, either way, no sale….

If you think that is all fucked up, how about how fucked up you have to be to give one of these wimminz a fucking JOB….

I mean, seriously…. same hamster wheel at work here…

I can avoid the cunts in my home, but in order to buy product from your company and make you richer, I am forced to deal with wimminz whom you have employed?  No thanks…. not while there is an alternative self employed guy down the road…..


Now, I have mentioned before, that deep down, in fundamental nature, men and wimminz might not be that different, and that modern wimminz are just a product of an environment in which they can do no wrong, never suffer consequences, and are always protected.

This is a true story.

Nearly 50 years ago, my father left his wallet, full of cash, in a bar, the bar was called The Hub, the town was called Bulawayo and the country was called Rhodesia. It was the first time he had been in that bar, he was not a regular, or known, or with any regulars.

About 20 hours later, well aware that he had lost his wallet, but in some bar in some town at some time after the xth beer, so no details, he goes to light a cigarette, pats his pockets and pulls out a small book of matches, and there on the cover is printed the name of the pub…

He finds the bar, walks up to the barman, to ask if there is any chance they know anything about his wallet… Here it is Sir, one of the “boys” (which means black guys waiting and wiping tables and shit) found it at your table after you left last night.

Not one single thing or note was missing.

The “boys” weren’t slaves or property, but the slightest sign of dishonesty and the instant sack, get the fuck out and never come back, and fuck your wages.

If you were to go to that same region today, the white man no longer rules, and a black man who never even owned a bicycle can accuse you of stealing his bicycle, and into jail you will go, until you pay off the police and the black man etc etc… they are “boys” no more.

The same people, LITERALLY, not just the same race and the same region but the same fucking TRIBE, but change the environment and the rules (and leaving aside utterly questions of racism and colonialism and equality etc) and you go from not daring to steal anything from another man’s wallet, even if he got drunk and forgot it, even though in temptation terms it means about a year’s salary just sat there saying take me….. to accusing you of stealing something that never even existed, to get some free money.


Going to Zimbabwe in 2014 and appealing to the better nature of the kaffirs is like living here in the west in 2014 and appealing to the better nature of da wimminz.

It’s really only a question of time before you see the inside of a prison cell and one way or another you get some personal wealth extorted.

What are you going to put in your diary for 2014?

Far from it being too early to plan, 2014 is almost upon us, now is the time to plan.

September 28, 2012

Greedy girls, gangbang sluts and betas..

… it’s one of those seedy areas of everyday urban life that chances are you have never been exposed to and so do not know exists…. that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, or that it is incredibly rare, or anything else…

…but like many other things, the advent of the internet doesn’t make them more prevalent, it just makes them dead easy to find… the Phil Lynott fan club is just a couple of clicks away, so is the Middle Wallop Swingers club.

One of the things the swingers clubs websites do is a thing called validation, where member 1423 says that member 1764 is a real person, that is a current photo of them, and the things we got up to when we met… 1764 then does the same for 1423, 1922 comes along and at least knows that 1764 and 1423 are real people and not wannabes etc.

Which is great, until you stumble across the phenomenon of the greedy girl, gangbang bitch, or old skool skanky slut, because the last 20 “validation” entries (all those that show) for their profiles and whiny “ooh this lady was so great to meet and so wonderful and genuine to fuck“, and these 20 entries start yesterday and go back maybe 30 days, maybe a month or two… and get this, these are the ones that the subject in question did not delete from their profile.

While in many ways the jury is still out on what the definitions of alpha and beta men are, the guys who queue up to fuck these skanks and then post praises about them, are nothing if not beta…. may I be one of many to supplicate myself at your skank cunt mistress…

On a personal anecdote basis, I have fucked teen porn sluts who would take 25 guys on in a gangbang, but I have done them one on one, and according to everything they said (yeah I know) and any other observable metric I fucked them better than all 25 guys put together… nor has this been a one off… I mention this because there appears to be some female hard wired sexual responses at work, rather than any individual female responses, quantity vs quality.

The greedy / gangbang sluts themselves are of course, it has to be said, deeply beta, because in real life you just have to see the sorts of guys they take on, out of the 25 for example to pick a random number, you can sorta see the attraction in three of em…

The reason I mention all this is the “alpha fucks, beta pays” mentality and meme that seems to be everywhere in the manosphere.. if you can get your cock wet you are an alpha, if you are always paying for supper for two and going home alone you are a beta… by definition, if you open your fucking eyes and look at the people involved, they may be fucking but none of those concerned is anything other than basement beta, nor were any of them ever alphas that fell off the perch at some time in the past and are now slumming it.

Now, you tell me the fucking difference between a skank ho slut who takes 25 different men in one go, and a skank ho slut who takes those men one at a time over the next three to four weeks?

You can see a difference? Because I can’t, except for very small and unimportant values of kink.

So, if these are all betas, then you are left with a quandary, because the single major identifying trait of an alpha, that they fuck a lot, has been show to be also heavily present in the beta end of the spectrum, and so the mere fact that that person fucks a lot can’t tell you a damn thing about whether they are alpha or beta.

Certainly, sex sells, always has done, so removing the sex sells element from “how to be an alpha” certainly wipes the board clean of the vast majority of those trying to tell us, because mainly they are trying to sell (to) us…

Maybe its a whole lot simpler, maybe alpha vs beta is nothing more complex than a long list of conditioned responses to certain scenarios, I don’t pretend to know, I do not even pretend to know if there even is such a thing as alphas and betas… sure I talk about the wimminz and niggerz being herd animals and the men being pack animals, but when those animals all live in a zoo, as we do in modern society…. all bets are off.

Is George Clooney alpha?  How about the recently deceased Neil Armstrong? He lived an utterly different on every level lifestyle to Clooney?  So any label that is applied to them both becomes by definition a broad and rather meaningless brush of low definition, “white yank guy”… that fits both of them too.

But I came into this with the statement that there is one hell of a lot more kinky sex going on in your local area than you know about, unless you are already one of the kinksters and swingers involved in the scene…

So, the woman working the checkout, the electrician, his wife, the newsagent, the woman serving coffee at the cafe, are they loser betas, or do they also partake in the swinging lifestyle and fuck like rabbits and become alphas, like superman changing his cape in a phone-box after work…

And how can THEIR status be dependent upon YOUR knowledge, or lack of knowledge, of them?



February 26, 2012

Male or female sex drive stronger?

This is a subject that I see come up with annoying regularity, and as always the opinions people, no, not people, GUYS, give make me want smack my head against a wall until it stops hurting.

I find myself reading their opinions and asking myself if they have ever met an actual flesh and blood real wimminz, or only read about them in a magazine or on a website somewhere… they are clearly well programmed card carrying and fucking proud of it mangina niggerz just looking for some skank ho bitch to pedestalise and worship.

So, here is the news;

  • Unless you have fucked a thousand wimminz, or unless you are that literally 1 in a 1,000,000 statistical freak that only has carnal knowledge of one wimminz, AND that wimminz is the 1 in a 1,000 with a serious sexual hormonal imbalance, then you have not ever met a wimminz who has a lower sex drive than a man.
  • Men, because of their ability to father tens of thousands of kids, at any time of the day or month, have a “slow burn” or “dripping tapsexual desire, yeah we are ready at the drop of a hat for a fertile wimminz, but we can also go days while the pressure builds very slowly and no big deal.
  • Wimminz, because of their monthly cycle literally get lunatic and hysteric (look the etymology of the words up) episodes, where unlike the guys with the slow burn desire, they are hit with a rush like an addict trying to reform and go cold turkey… you may as well expect a crack addict surrounded by ten buck rocks to abstain.
  • WESTERN WIMMINZ, and I CANNOT STRESS THIS STRONGLY ENOUGH TO YOU SWINGING DICKS who have never had a wimminz that was not a drug addict who was constantly “high” on the DAILY HITS from the DRUG known as the contraceptive pill, western wimminz, they are worse than the crack addict or heroin addict, they are the heroin addict on daily methadone treatment… methadone only works when you want to kick the habit, wimminz can’t kick the habit of being biologically female, so they are all like methadone users who have no intention of quitting, but this shit is free and it keeps me out of prison, meanwhile they still act / think / feel just like a smack addict, and they will steal and sell all your shit and then crap in your goldfish bowl, just because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The upshot of this is that unless you are that one in a billion man, the one in a million statistical freak that only has carnal knowledge of one wimminz, and that wimminz also happens to be the one in a thousand with a severely fucked up hormonal regime, you should basically shut the fuck up with your horse-shit about men having a greater sex drive.

We have a DIFFERENT sex drive, men are cursorial hunters when it comes to sex, wimminz be periodic sprinters, again look up the words if you don’t know what they mean, but at no time is wimminz sex drive LOWER than mens…. she may have no interest whatsoever in fucking YOU bucko, but if George Clooney walked in the room buck naked she would be all over that cock lickety split.

But your average western wimminz, e.g. the kind of wimminz you guys have known for the past 50 years, which for many of you is all your lives and then some, e.g. all of recorded history, for you it is the smack addict on daily methadone doses… the burning physical desire is dulled by the methadone, but there is enough DNA and race memory there for them to know what was missing and be generally pissed off about it.

Not saying phthalates and all that shit in wimminz cosmetics / perfumes etc that they dose their body chemistry in daily is doing them any GOOD, but lets face it, they are ALREADY smack addicts on methadone because that’s what the daily contraceptive hormone dose is…

You may have racial memory of wimminz being some clean and efficient and marvellous nuclear power plant, but the reality is every one you fucking meet is a walking Chernobyl, and boy you’d better have your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. of Pripyat shit down cold if you plan on going anywhere near them.

I have guys who know my story in detail try and get their heads around the fact that I spent best part of a decade fucking a mother and her daughter (not not threesomes you dirty bastards) and of course they both knew all about the other, but provided I didn’t rub one’s nose in it about the other one….  and guys just shake their heads trying to get it to sit in their heads until it makes sense…. and fail…

There IS a red pill for that, forget thinking of them as women, wimminz = smack addicts on the methadone, that is what the contraceptive is, they are all walking Chernobyl’s, all bug shit crazy.

You can physically SEE the mists clear and the gears mesh and synchronise in these guys heads and the well oiled machine starts to work, and then BAAAAAAANG! it all jumps out of gear again because it took 3.7 seconds for their brains to come to the inevitable point…

err, hang on, my woman is on contraceptives… which means she is a Chernobyl.. which explains ….  H^H^H^H^ ABORT SYSTEM REBOOTING IN 3, 2, 1

So, now that we have settled the fact that even before you factor in the drug addiction, male and female sexual drive was quite utterly different, but they were complementary, then once you factor in the drug addiction they are still different, even more so, and no longer complementary either, we start to make some progress.

One of the real niggerz in the woodpile here is of course the whole question of fathers and their daughters and sexuality.

The feminazis and wimminz will try to tell us all that daddy’s gonads don’t think, and daddy’s gonads are like a rutting animal, and daddy fucking his own daughters happens a whole shit load in nature…. interesting because none of the wimminz claiming that are either naturalists or country girls… it is just some shit they repeat, and while it may happen in genetically isolated communities in nature, generally speaking, not so much.

What you DO see, and boy this is fucking BLATANT if you are on the outside looking in, is little girls flirting with dad.

When I see a 10 year old girl playing “games” with daddy that involve her rolling on the floor and opening her legs and flashing her crotch / underwear at him, in full view of skank ho mummy, who refuses to either see anything wrong with it, or to correctly attribute dad’s general feeling of wrongness to the child’s inappropriate behaviour, and instead trying to gaslight him into believing the problem is he is a daughter fucking incestuous paedophile and child rapist for even noticing, much less objecting, to his daughters “innocent play” then frankly you know that the walking undead chemo-zombies from Chernobyl and Estrogen have well and truly taken over the asylum.

When I was a fucking child, 10 year old girls were specifically taught to be polite and keep their knees together, and I mean from the working class mean streets all the way up in society….

Think daughters don’t want to fuck daddy?

Many years ago I had the privilege of being present when a father and daughter who had fucked each other argued about it face to face, after it got out, after she tried to blacken his name and blame him and no she did not claim he raped her, but she did say it was all his desire and doing…  sounds bad eh… dirty bastard…


The “every time” revelation that it was not just once didn’t help, the revelation that she was at least enough into it to take her own fucking clothes off every time nailed it…. the stunned silence was broken when she resorted to the only tactic a wimminz knows…blubbering and crying.

What really nails it about sex drives however is something else perverted, not incest.

I know of only two incidents in this region in the last 40 years of guys fucking animals, one was sheep and one was horses.

I have lost count of how many wimminz that I have known and fucked who have either directly admitted to, or just gone bright red and “doth protest too much” denial, fucking the family dog…. even if the family dog is not a dog but a bitch, getting licked out by the family dog.

Hell I was a proper country boy, I saw pigs and horses and cows fucking, saw the cocks on the males, saw they were all different sizes and shapes and designs… saw plenty of dogs fucking too.

As far as I knew from observation only, a dogs cock was like a woman’s lipstick in a furry holder, knew dogs got “hung up” and saw it often enough, and saw them finish and the dogs cock slide out… but never ever saw a “knot”, because it only swells up when inside the bitch’s cunt, and the dog can only get his cock out of the bitch’s cunt when it has gone down, and yeah, poured cold water over the dogs ass and balls so been in the right place to see plenty of times, but never saw the knot and therefore never really knew about it…

Then in adult life fucking wimminz who think tuna grows in tins, and you would knot (sic) believe how many of them know exactly what shape a dog’s cock is, and resort to blubbering and protesting too much when you ask, quite fucking reasonably and innocently at first “How do you know that? I mean, I’m a country boy and I didn’t know that!

You think that after the separation she only wanted the dog to piss you off? LMFAO….

Yeah, wimminz have a much lower sex drive than men, and pigs might fly, and I have some beautiful ocean front property in Arizona, and this here is a piece of the original cross.

September 26, 2011

Wimminz tips, checklist on how to get a man.

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This post follows a rather frank discussion with one of the more intelligent, but still fucked up, wimminz on the internet dating production line…. basically she tried to exit with the usual bullshit, and got it thrown back in her face, instead of crying she just looked at me stone cold and said “OK, tell me what men really want in a woman“… so I did.

Then she cried, because she pissed away that currency years ago.

  1. Everything you have ever done at any time in the past sexually better be on the table now as an absolute fucking MINIMUM, any other option is like saying I am not worth as much as them, in which case go fuck off back to them. I may not want to do all that shit with your skank ho ass, but it sure as fuck better be on the table and on offer, gratis.
  2. Every single word that comes out of your mouth today better be a word you stand by for the remainder of your life, no moving the goalposts, ever.
  3. Keep your fucking feelings to yourself, and keeping your fucking feelings to yourself means not acting on them and then using them as an excuse to break rule #2 above. “I don’t think you are what I am looking for / I am what you are looking for” etc, if men wanted to know what you think we will fucking ask you, assuming we want the mutable “opinion” of a spoiled child in the first fucking place.
  4. Shave your cunt and wash your body and all your holes (douche, bitches) so that they are always fresh and clean, this applies to your fucking bedclothes and pillows etc too…. fresh and clean does not mean smelling of deoderant or your cats, soap and fucking water is enough.
  5. If you are over 35 your cunt will be starting to dry up, this is not my problem, it is yours, so buy a bottle of a suitable lubricant such as Liquid Silk (no, no KY Jelly or Astroglide) and keep it by the bed.
  6. No, I will not ever lick your mangy cunt, not even if you stuff it full of strawberries and smear it with cream right after washing it, if you want your cunt licked smear some butter on it and get a dog.
  7. Learn how to deep throat, practice with a dildo or a banana, you can stop the gag reflex simply by breathing through your nose, you still cannot class deep throat ability as being able to give a good blow job.
  8. Good blow jobs, I have fucked hundreds of wimminz, and I can literally count on my fingers the number who could give a decent blow job, and I can literally count on my fingers the number who did give blowjobs, (98% of them) who did not falsely claim they gave good blowjobs…. giving a good blow job is easy, use your mouth to simulate a cunt, that means no hands, no teeth, no talk, no emulating a vacuum cleaner, no emulating a tyre inflator, no spitting, no tissues, not gagging and wait a minute till I stop coughing / get my breath back.
  9. Lose fucking weight, yes you, you fat cunt, 10 stone / 140 lbs / 64 kg is top whack no matter what your height is.
  10. Do not EVER, EVER, EVER tar me with the same brush you just used to tell me what a cunt your ex was, I do not give a fuck what happened to you, or what you claim happened to you, because I don’t believe any of your fucking stories anyway.
  11. Do not EVER tell me “My kids come first” because if they did you would still be with their father you useless skank ho cunt.
  12. Do not EVER tell feminist jokes in front of me, like about man flu or when god made men she was only joking or women can multitask, do not EVER suggest we watch some limp dick wimminz film together, do not EVER suggest we listen to some George Michael or Gary Barlow or whoever the fuck is flavour of the week, do not EVER tell me George Clooney is hot and makes your cunt drip… you are with ME, you will pay me the requisite amount of respect and attention or you will no longer be with me, comprendez?
  13. Tidy your fucking house, if you don’t you stand zero chance of me ever going back there after the first visit/fuck. All you stupid skanks who post pictures of yourself on dating sites with piles of laundry, cluttered kitchen worktops and assorted crap everywhere in the background won’t even get a first fuck.
  14. Wake me up with a blowjob, every day, without fail.
  15. Learn how I like my coffee, pay attention the first time you are told, it isn’t that complex, eg “white and sweet and strong” and never have to be told again, consider it one of those little ways of showing me you give a fuck.
  16. Do not ever expect me to open a fucking door, carry a fucking parcel, or pick up a fucking bill.
  17. Learn how to cook and feed me… not on demand, have the shit there and offer regularly, also make sure you have my favourite brand of beer in the fridge.
  18. If I am staying the night wash and dry my smalls (socks and underwear) overnight so I have fresh to put on in the morning, like items #13 onwards these things all go towards your ability to to make a man feel at home and comfortable.
  19. Never ever ever be even one minute late, be fifteen minutes early if necessary and wait. It shows you give a fuck.
  20. Do not ever answer your mobile phone or check your messages, that shit can wait. If you want something to do with your hands massage my shoulders and back.             …and finally, perhaps the most important one of all.
  21. SHUT THE FUCK UP. You do not have to talk.

August 17, 2011

Ramblings and musings

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Very often, I find myself moved to comment, and end up saying nothing, because basically nobody wants to hear what I have to say, they would rather have me listen to what they have to say.

Other times they might listen to what I have to say, but having listened they will dismiss it as bullshit.

Take last night, one skank (A) flaked at the last minute, so I ring up another (B) and drop a few lines on her, to the point where she agrees it is time she picked a night for me to fuck her, I then ring up another (C) that is currently at FWB stage and book a night, and then ring up one (D) early in the production line, suggest I come right over and fuck her, and she agrees.

But for me the interesting story is in all the details not revealed by those simple and true statements above.

B, C & D knew I was out for the night in Gotham City, even if you are sat home alone scratching your balls it increases your market worth to let these skanks think you are out and about.

B, C & D all asked what I was doing in Gotham, I told them I was fucking my sex slave, A, and another slut, in some kinky group sex action.

B, C, & D all stated that this was disgusting and they hoped I did not think they were that kind of girl or would go along with it, or share me like that…. I laugh and say “All wimminz say that” and B, C & D just carry on talking to me, and making plans to fuck me.

Interlude, after fucking D, I am driving home and pull up at the lights next to a pug 206 with 4 young (20 something) girls in it, they ask if I want to race, I say no thanks, I already know who would come first, they all start laughing and shout “love you” as the lights change to green… Old Spice doesn’t count for shit against that “just emptied my balls” aura, and even a 50 year old man in an old class car can exude it enough for 4 young girls to detect and react to.

A is busily texting me today to say what a cunt she was, I agree, and tell her she will have to make some demonstrations of her intentions as as far as I am concerned after flaking on me she is a bullshit merchant… A agrees she has disrespected me … I tell her I expect her to lick my asshole clean after I take a crap, she again apologises and says she just got scared because it was all going so quickly, but she will do anything I want, no limits, including licking my ass clean…. watch this space.

B texts me this morning saying she is serious and will definitely book a date for me to fuck her, I tell her I am a busy man, so she can suggest a day and I will tell her if I am free, she readily agrees.

C texts me this morning and tells me her cunt is dripping wet for me and she can’t wait until the next time I fuck her, she has been without for a week and has another week to go as punishment for disrespecting me last time I fucked her, by comparing me to other men, she responds to this by telling me she loves me and will do anything I want.

D expects me to go over and fuck her tonight, which was to be our first date, but frankly after last night, when my cock was in her mouth 60 seconds after walking into her place and seeing her for the first time, the bitch can wait, a long time, nice tits and very tight cunt, but overweight and basically a 0 on the fuckability scale… after I emptied my balls into her I made my excuses and left… she wasn’t worth a second fuck.

Meantime this morning E and F from Plenty of Fish are making interested sounds at me.

A is a 3 to 4, a cook.

B is a 3 to 4, a manager.

C is a solid 5 to 6, a senior nurse.

D is a 0, a quality controller.

All were picked up for free on PoF (Plenty of Fish).

The only one I spent any actual cash on was B, one coffee.

I wish I could show you their pictures, mugshots as well as candid, I wish I could show you their own texts and messages in their own words, I really am considerably understating the case, both their fuckability and their responses to me.

I am no George Clooney, I have a car that was a top of the range executive saloon, but it is now 20 years old, I have no money, and by that I mean filling up the diesel tank in the car hurts, and as to my home, none of them have even seen it so for all they know I could live in my mum’s basement.

What are the chances that I basically can’t go on PoF without tripping over skank ho’s who want me to fuck them, on my terms, but that these kinds of skank ho are also in the minority of women?

These women are NOT sluts, on the face of it, they dress well, act well, have respectable jobs and clearly state that they will not share their man or condone me doing threesomes, etc etc, and yet when I laugh and say all women say that, what do they ACTUALLY DO?

They continue to talk to me, those who I have already fucked still want me to fuck them again. Those who I have not yet fucked want me to fuck them and make plans. You see their ACTIONS are utterly separate from everything else about them, and quite opposite to everything you would suppose, and they would have you believe.

Me acting like a callous unfeeling bastard does not make me less attractive to them, it makes me more attractive…. it makes me so attractive that four young girls at the traffic lights pick up on the aura of well travelled cock.

I do not kiss any of these wimminz, ever. I do not lick any of their cunts, ever. I fuck all of their holes at will, as a precondition of fucking them in the first place. I tell them all their blowjob technique is crap, they need to practice it, I tell them all they are either overweight or too boney or too disobedient or not kinky enough.

I do not ever tell any of them they are good at sex. I do not ever mention the L word, though I accept their protestations of love for me as my due, while remembering it is worthless and meaningless, for such is the nature of wimminz.

I do not ask them if they had an orgasm, or if they enjoyed fucking me. I don’t care either way.

I do not indulge in small talk, polite conversation, chatter, or go out with them in public.

I do not even take my fucking socks off… and dare them to say something about it so I can put them down… your carpet is dirty….

In short, I give them not one single thing that wimminz ask for.

All I give them is the thing wimminz say they can get anywhere, sex, good sex, as much as they can handle, pushing all their boundaries sex.

Because this is the truth my fellow man, wimminz do think about sex as much as man if not more, are as kinky if not more, etc etc etc, but the truth is they can’t get decent sex, because the wimminz have made all men niggerz, there is a shortage of traditional, unreconstructed, testosterone laden real men… and the wimminz fucking well know it…

It is that very same “Old Spice” I-can-get-any-woman-I-choose-to-favour-by-dumping-my-cum-in-her attitude (a self fulfilling prophecy by the way) that attracts the wimminz for sex, and which drives them fucking insane and frothing with hatred if they are a feminazi skank wimminz, eg all the wimminz you meet in the secret family court system, wimminz who are social workers, wimminz who work for the police, wimminz who work in jobs supporting battered wimminz, you get the picture.

Whether it is because the feminazi skank ho wimminz know that even if they offer to lick my asshole clean I would not fuck them, even if they offer to lick my dog’s asshole clean I would not let him fuck them, or whether it is because feminazi skank ho wimminz know that I can get (non feminazi) skank ho wimminz to do anything I want sexually, or whether it is because I can tell a feminazi skank ho from a regular skank ho, I neither know nor care.

The point of the rambling is, this knowledge is the REAL Red Pill.

everything else is just white noise.

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