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December 5, 2013

Pinky + the Brain and AWALT

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I have thought long and hard about this, because I have a unwritten rule that I don’t write anything uniquely identifiable about myself or others… also… I don’t write anything about those who don’t deserve it.


If this friend reads this, forgive me, nobody else (but me) will know who you are, and I am not talking about you as a person, rather using you as an example of something greater.

I have a friend, they were in a car crash, suffered a head injury, and permanent brain damage. When I say brain damage I am not talking about drooling all day and having to wear adult nappies, I am talking about the brain no longer working as it used to, so think “stroke victim” rather than lobotomy patient.

This friend is female, and yes it is a relationshit friendship not a platonic social friendship, eg we fuck… and no, I’m not fucking a ‘tard, any more than a guy who is blind or lost a limb is somehow unable to consent as well and as fully as the able bodied brother he has.

AWALT, but, without invoking crap like “there is an exception to every rule” and such, what I do find is that the behaviours and responses I have come to know and learn and accept when dealing with wimminz, AWALT, frequently fail to manifest in this person, and interestingly, they fail to manifest coincidentally with manifestations of the brain injury.

The result is that I can have *proper* discussions with this person, I don’t have to watch what I say or how I say it, not that I do anyway, but the lack of the typical wimminz responses means that the conversation does not die then and there, communication continues.

Now, I’m not a stranger to people with TBI, but, in the past it has always been other guys, guys who fell off motorcycles, guys who stopped lead, guys who had accidents at work, but, not being a fag, there was a whole area, namely sex, that I never ventured in to… and in any event, guys ain’t wimminz…

This person is the first wimminz I have known with TBI, and of course there is a *vast* variety in outcomes and symptoms from TBI, so even if I met 999 others they would probably all be different, but, that doesn’t detract from the validity of this particular individual as an observation.

Thing is, I *very* strongly suspect that prior to her TBI, this is not a person I would have wasted any time on, classic strong empowered independent single mom stuff, but one of the classic symptoms of a TBI is trouble with memory, concentration, attention, or thinking, ain’t that they can’t do these things, is that doing these things is *hard* work and requires all their attention.

Result, someone who finds *all* thinking hard and exhausting work, and literally not enough thinking hours in the day to spend any of those mental CPU cycles on spinning up the hamster wheel… result, someone who despite being female, is generally pleasant to be around, and who doesn’t expect me to modify *my* behaviour in *any* way whatsoever, on the contrary, she knows she is brain damaged, and therefore VALUES my behaviour as a reference point, something to cherish, not something to alter.

To give an example, after fucking a regular AWALT wimminz, I may, sometimes, if the mood and the devil takes me, wipe my cock on her curtains, just to see that look on her face…. you know where I am coming from when I say this, I can hear you laughing.

So, I used the word “person” and not the word “wimminz” because it is so *unusual* to get a frown and a small smile and a verbal comment that isn’t really a complaint, it wasn’t taken as one of the male patriarchy disrespecting the pwincesses’ chamber and furnishings, it was taken as a guy being a guy, albeit a not very nice one, and the lack of “seeking conflict” that we would expect from AWALT wimminz (because conflict is also very hard work for her brain) has the result that I now wipe my cock on the duvet, which gets washed anyway, not the curtains, which probably don’t get washed more than 2 or 3 times a year normally.

Now, I don’t want you to get distracted with thoughts that within weeks you are going to see my proclaiming undying love and impending nuptials on this blog, and then she becomes editor in chief.

I’m just trying to highlight the fact that despite apparently being “brain damaged”, it is this very damage which has chronically limited her capacity to spin up the hamster wheel, and the end result is, for me, a somewhat unsettling deviation from the AWALT carrier that we are all used to.

Instead of, as I am used to, being told that she “can match me” or “is as good as me” or “I like a woman with spirit” etc, none of which are even remotely true, I’m presented with with someone who I only had to tell, once, when we first met and fucked, that (if I spend a night in bed with you) I like being woken up every day with a blow-job.

We *did* have a discussion about blow-jobs recently, because she has two styles, one which is intended to make the guy shoot his load, and one which is spending an hour or more just using her mouth and tongue to give sensual pleasure, and during this discussion, in which she indicated that if there were any preferences I had or improvements she could make I should tell her, she stated that she was hoping to maybe figure somewhere in the top 3 blow-job-ettes I had personally known, I went silent thinking about this, she didn’t do anything I expected, just said it’s obvious I’m not that good yet, I have to practice more.

WTF… why can’t all wimminz be like this…

I really, really, really want to stress the point that I don’t want y’all to be sidetracked by thoughts of AfOR walking some skank ho wimminz up the aisle while proclaiming eternal love and here is my wallet and here are my balls, or any of the other predictable shit.

The point is that in this particular case, this particular brain injury, the results have produced something that is by far the mildest case of an AWALT wimminz that I personally have encountered, by far the most *complementary* female I have encountered.

Is she perfect? FUCK NO!!!! She isn’t even good. She doesn’t have anything to offer, even she knows this and will say it.

She has the full compliment of AWALT skank ho check boxes ticked.

The point is, one tiny change, one tiny injury that makes thinking hard work, that makes no brain power left to run the hamster wheel, far from damaging or ruining this creature, it has made her more of a woman than any of her contemporaries, it has made her genuinely pleasant to hang out with, it has made her positive traits more pronounced while neutering the poison in her more negative traits, far from being a disability or an injury, it was a fine swiss finishing school, making the most of what actually was there, even if you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Until meeting this person, I personally never realised just how huge a part the hamster wheel played in *all* aspects of wimminz’ make up, I thought it was just itself a product of some entitled bitches personality and attitude, take away the hamster wheel and she will still be an unpleasant poisonous bitch, that was how my thinking went.

But no, take away the hamster wheel, and she becomes much more like one of the guys, sure, he has flaws and issues, but mainly he never puts a nanosecond of effort into making his flaws and issues your problem, so you can hang out with the guy and have a good time, call each other ass-holes, mean it, laugh, hang out some more.

I think I am experiencing fag-world, without actually being a fag, I can hang out with something born with a cunt and tits, and fuck it, but without the hamster wheel, so it is as chilled as hanging out with the guys.

It all begs an interesting question, has modern technological civilisation freed up so much previously used female intellectual capacity, that said newly freed capacity, in true devil finds work for idle hands form, was used to spin up the hamster wheel and turn AWALT wimminz into pointless hateful worthless skank ho’s?

If so, if all male newborns are circumcised, then all female newborns should be lobotomised, they’d still prolly grow up to be skank ho’s, but maybe not so psycho, no hamster wheel… yeah yeah, tongue in cheek…

It does however raise an interesting question, and I am fully aware that I put myself firmly in Klaus Barbie territory by voicing it, that it *might* theoretically be possible to replicate, perhaps chemically, this person’s TBI, and see if it had the same effect in other wimminz, does making thinking *hard* work kill the hamster in the wheel?

If it does, then the dumbing down of society and idiocracy may not be such a bad thing, as far as peaceful intersexual relationships are concerned…. with the caveat that “dumb” wimminz still have enough mental ability to run a hamster wheel at a squillion RPM, the secret is making thinking hard work.

Dumb wimminz don’t need to think to survive.

We can thank big daddy guvvmint and the welfare state for that.

I suspect “zero” rights and benefits and protections would serve the equivalent of making thinking hard, you’d have to think constantly, which would be hard.

Because it’s seasonal…


November 26, 2013

A tale of two shitties.

I have a friend.

For her sins, she decided to give a home to a girl who was not a relative, time passes, the girl leaves, time passes, the girl returns to the same town, and it basically a complete, using, nasty, worthless cunt.

My friend is ***slowly*** accepting the truth, the girl was *always* a nasty worthless cunt, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, thing was, she only acted like a decent human being while my friend gave her a home and in effect controlled her environment.

There is a lesson here, the lesson is two-fold…

  1. Just because people behave when you control them, it doesn’t mean they have learned anything or that their nature has changed.
  2. When you remove controls from people, what you see is their true nature, what you saw before was just an act.

This is why I, and many men, don’t big up ourselves at every opportunity, we know that in a post apocalyptic / anarchic / end of the world party scenario the brakes come off, scores get settled, and I will fuck you up just to see that look on your face….

We have humility.

Just like smoking 20 a day for 30 years becomes a habit, so does “obeying the rules” and being a good citizen, neighbour, employee… it becomes automatic, second nature.

All of which makes it tough on anyone under say 30, they haven’t lived long enough to form good habits, especially not if they grew up in a skank single ho wimminz household with a deadbeat dad who hasn’t been seen for years due to false accusations of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

I’d love to love my sons, but I don’t, I have zero contact of any kind with them, and for that I just detest their lying skank ho mom, and avoid her, and THAT is my priority, never giving that psycho skank ho another second of time.

The little bastards will either follow nature and fall close to the tree that is me, or follow nurture and fall close to the tree that is psycho skank ho mommy… time will tell, and there is no substitute for that.

Could this have been avoided? Of course it could, but my thoughts on that matter were not worth shit…

It’s a cruel and callous and cold approach, but it works, and it is, contrary to the friend who started this off by providing an environment of positive reinforcement, the only possible result of providing an environment of negative reinforcement.

I am being TAUGHT to be a cunt, fair enough, I got the memo, I will be an ace student.

Last night a shocked a group of people at a pub, they were discussing a newspaper article about young girls exchanging sex for favours / status / goods / booze etc… and one of the stories was a girl of 12 who let a guy fuck her in exchange for 20 cigarettes…. they were all doing the usual, oh how horrible, I asked what brand of smokes, were these 20 tailor mades or 20 rollups? Because if it was 20 tailor mades the guy overpaid… I coulda slapped faces and had a lesser reaction.

They were all fucking outraged at my attitude, told em, why should I give a fuck, not allowed to give a fuck about my own kids, why should I give a fuck about yours or anyone else’s?

Well yes, what happened to you is wrong, they say, but you shouldn’t apply that to everyone… they say… why not, I ask, well, it is just wrong, you know….  no answers then, just we don’t like it… we don’t like you actually attending the lessons to be a cunt and studying and getting straight A’s, we don’t got shit to say about the classes and courses themselves, or you attending, we just don’t want you learning them lessons pardner.


They were discussing this too, I dunno, how you can be a SLAVE in a house where you can come and go as you please, aren’t liable legally for any bills or costs, write hundreds of uncensored letters, yadda yadda yadda is fucking beyond me… to me slavery meant ownership, property, zero rights.

But then again, it was born with a cunt so it must be a victim, and the support groups hit the nitrous and pedal to the metal and talk about this being the tip of the slavery iceberg in the UK…. while waving their iDevices which were manufactured by people a damn sight closer to slavery, but still nevertheless free and independent…

It’s been insane for decades, but hear me well brothers, it is getting hysterical now with the meedja and nothing but wall to wall reporting on how da wimminz be suffering one way or another, whether is it because not enough of them are billionaires or too many of them are victims of some atrocity or another at the hands of evil men.

TWO of the guys (shades of the previous article about beta boys suddenly going all alpha and won’t back down) puckered up and said they didn’t buy it, it wasn’t slavery, and they were fucking sick to death of wimminz this and wimminz that and wimminz other, and boy you shoulda seen the look on the faces of their wimminz, utter disbelief, and I’ll give these two fuckers their due, they didn’t back down in front of their alpha wives, they just stuck their chins out and said it’s gone too far, that’s all… we are just sick of hearing this bullshit.

The wimminz of course looked at each other for consensus… lol

The rich irony with the slavery story is it then transpires that the alleged slave masters were not exactly unknown recluses, in fact, they were so well known that they were the actual characters that inspired the cult British TV comedy series Citizen Smith, back in the day…. three decades of slavery, and nobody noticed… on a fucking council estate where *everything* is seen and noticed… not even the Scotland Yard and MI5 investigations into their communist activities uncovered any slavery or abuse.

Because, it didn’t fucking happen.

Justin Beiber better fucking watch out, he may think all those young sluts are of their own free will choosing to buy his shit and scream incoherently at his concerts, but the reality is he is a dark, sinister and abusing cult leader who should be yadda yadda yadda… if things continue as they are, in 2040 Beiber will be in solitary Charles Manson style.. infamous for his crimes…

The disconnect between the reality that many are trying to imprint upon the mass consciousness, and the reality that is seeping into the peripheral vision of the masses on the street, is now starting in earnest.

In the film it was glitches in the Matrix that disturbed peoples dreaming, it reality it is glitches in the propaganda that are disturbing peoples wakefulness, and the real danger here is the the genuine danger signals are being ignored or drowned out by all the false alerts and warnings and panics, we are ignoring all the traffic warning signs and dashboard lights, some of which are telling the truth, and putting our foot down in a bid to get past all the bullshit ones, and next thing we know we will be looking at the  >>>>>>>>>>> chevron signs coming at us at 80 on a corner that an F1 car couldn’t take at 40…



October 14, 2013

Love = ownership

Got this skank, she has been proclaiming undying love for me for some 18 months now, thing is, to her, her “loving” me means she should be able to control me.

I am not talking about “I love this person so I don’t want them to hurt me” which can be a huge grey area depending on the definition of hurt me, but I love you so you should do x to please me.

I had this discussion, what is love anyway, with a FWB over the weekend, and I had to admit, I had no idea what love actually is.

It’s not that I am a robot or psychopath without feelings, it is that no definition I can come up with carries any more meantingful, empirical and semantic content than Meh, bleugh, wibble… though I was able to tell her that every time I had felt what I would have described as love, I ended up getting hurt, often badly.

So, what is love, other than some sort of catch all code used to cover and express the indefinable and inexpressible?

I can remember that ache in the chest, “such sweet sorrow”, but I am always reminded of something my dad used to say, that yawning wasn’t a sign of tiredness, but a sign of not being well, he was right, I yawn when I’m running on empty, grab more oxygen the body says, not when I could crash out 10 seconds after putting my head down… but looking back that is what that ache was, the realisation that something wasn’t as I wanted it to be, the ache was because my dog was gone, not because I loved him.

They also say love and hate are two sides of the same coin, I’m not sure what hate is either, but it sure isn’t the inverse of love, I’d toast the great spaghetti monster if the psycho skank ho ex had a long and painful battle with cunt cancer, but I don’t feel great that those I care for are healthy.

I literally wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire, but it is an apathy and a refusal to participate, not a participation in her downfall.

I conclude that actively seeking her downfall is going to be down to one or both of two things, anger and obsession.

Hate is a word that is abused as often as love, “I hate broad beans” no, I don’t, I just don’t like the taste of them.

It seems that in fact both words are used to describe a state of irrationality, of being absent from your senses, and therefore absent from a state of both rationality and sound judgement.

Back in the day, one day Queen was unheard of, then a week later they were all over the radio and telly, seven seas, my dad took one look at them and said “Queen,. Queer more like”… and thirty years later people were still debating freddie’s sexuality, and not debating the rest of the band, someone who should be in the know once told me that deaky was the only band member never to have sucked on a cock… but to the female fans, which was most of them if we are going to be brutally honest here, boys were more into Purple / Foghat / Zep / Yes / BTO, falling in love with a lead singer who preferred cock was a state of being absent from reality.

I fail to see how something that defies description as well as love does, can play a functional part in POSITIVE evolution, and I fail to see how something that fails to play a functional part in POSITIVE evolution can be anything else but NEGATIVE evolution.

Positive evolution is me fucking the psycho skank ho ex and creating a son to carry on the DNA

Negative evolution is me not reproducing.

Homosexuality is negative evolution, save for those rare cases when faggy uncle chris can save the life of nephew joe.

Homosexuality is not eliminated by evolution, therefore it is an artefact of evolution, and it is not the fact that fags are created that we should be focusing on, but the fact that fags (by and large) do not reproduce, DNA don’t care what you are, just what your genetic legacy is.

And when I say homosexuality I mean homosexuality, only being with one sex, your own, not people who put “bisexual” on a profile because it makes them sound trendy and everyone else is doing it too.

Loyalty and bonding, they play a part in DNA, and are therefore real.

Love and hate, no, don’t buy it, so they are just “noise”, plenty of signal, but no valid data.

Which ties in with the fact that I can quite easily explain and point to examples of loyalty and bonding, no difficulty whatsoever, unlike love.

In the final analysis it always appears to me that “love” is used as a get out of jail free card to justify actions and behaviours that would otherwise be beyond the pale.

When a child does something unforgivable, and that act is then forgiven, it is always love that is used as an excuse… whereas loyalty and bonding between a parent and child can be destroyed totally by that same act.. never darken my door again.

The skank that started this off, who proclaims undying love and then gets all upset when I don’t dance to her tune, she will never get the fact that it is the very fact of her getting upset when I won’t dance to her tune that puts her firmly in the “have fucked, won’t fuck ever again” category.

Her self declared love for me survives all this undiminished.

In effect her desire to remain irrational and absent from her senses remains undiminished.

My failure to comprehend love, is, I feel, not exactly unlinked to my failure to feel guilt and shame at being a deadbeat dad.

Only someone who is irrational and absent from their senses would feel guilt and shame over something that he would nether wish for nor make happen nor had any control over.

Grief, yes, I feel grief and sorrow, as I would if my dog was run over by a truck that crashed into the garden, something I am neither responsible for nor have control over.

With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, it is telling that a phrase that was mentioned a *lot* in secret family court, along with “the child’s best ‘interests” was love, “duty” was only even mention as something belonging to the court, and “loyalty” didn’t get a look in.

I did a word analysis of the affidavits filed with the court by by psycho skank ho ex, in which I was accused of a decade of every manner of vile and disgusting and violent and abusive actions possible.

What was remarkable was the fact that until I did this, no matter how often I had read the documents in question, I completely failed to notice what words were missing.

World like pain and agony and bruising and uncomfortable and so on were either completely or totally absent, I’d run though the house waving a dagger and screaming I was going to kill her, or she would wear high necked and long sleeved tops to cover the bruises (used once) but no mention of the things a body feels when it has been subjected to such treatment.

Words and phrases that can be found in every other affidavit seeking child custody ever written were littered throughout, feelings and controlling and abusive and violent and scared and afraid, dozens and dozens of mentions of all of them.

What is love?


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