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December 19, 2013

Into every life, a little rain must fall.

I often see democracy described as an absolutely crap way to run a country, and the only thing positive you could say about it was that all the alternatives were worse.MjAxMy1hYzU1YTQyMzYxZGE5M2Y3

Patriarchy, eg the way we used to run the world up until 1880 or so, could arguably be described the same way.

If you want to play devil’s advocate, you can make a case that wimminz are no worse than men when presented with an opportunity to exploit an unfair advantage, and all we are seeing now is da wimminz exploiting a whole slew of unfair advantages.

It is a sad fact of life that life is unfair, some people catch cancer at 16, some people catch a bullet, some are born the wrong colour for where they live, some are born with the wrong number of limbs or senses.

You can’t do anything about those so afflicted, but you can treat them with some compassion and humanity, and that is where it all falls down, because compassion and humanity are essentially charitable things, and when you legislate giving to a charity, it ceases to be a charity, it becomes taxation.

Chivalry, or other words to describe treating a wimminz with respect, opening doors, giving up seats, goes the same way, it is a charitable act given freely by those so inclined, but as soon as you legislate it, it becomes a tax, and it is no longer given freely by anyone, even those who would have given it freely in the past.

The recipients of charity might not have liked being the recipients of charity, “living on the parish” as it was known when my dad was a boy, before the welfare state and social security, was a thing of shame, nevertheless those who lived on the parish were grateful for what they were given, and there was a certain level of influence by the parish, if you were the modern “neighbour from hell” type, don’t expect more than stale bread in your weekly package.

The recipients of a “right” obtained by universal taxation are however quite a different breed, it is my fucking right, cunts, fucking give it to me NOW! ALL OF IT!

Now, let me tell you something you may not be consciously aware of.

You know those old sci-fi stories where they talked about robots making everything so nobody had to work, and they imagined everyone would lead a life of leisure.

Well, they are not sci-fi, thanks to industrialisation and technology, to all intents and purposes, nobody has to work, if you want to be fucking picky about it, maybe at most 2.5% of the population have to work.

For the first time in human history producing enough X for everyone is not a back breaking job that involves everyone, it isn’t even easy now, it is easier than that, it is trivial, so trivial that producing enough X for everyone is the last of the problems you face, the real stick is selling X, in a market flooded with similar things.

When I grew up, there was a fucking telephone, that is it, you could walk into ANY fucking house in the UK from Buckingham Palace on down, if they had a phone, they all had the SAME FUCKING PHONE.

Today, a list of telephones that you sit down and make with pen and paper, even if you manage somehow to do the research and list every single make and model and shape and colour and design and variety available, no mean task all by itself, said list is out of date the instant you finish it.

Telephones are just an example, you can say the exact same thing about anything and everything including tins of soup, trainers, cars, pencils and even fucking toilet roll for christ’s sake.

The other 97.5% of the population who don’t actually work, well, let them be hairdressers and sales advisers and computer programmers and HR types and real estate agents and clerks and shit, and give them money in exchange for this non-work, so they can choose between ( I just did this at Tesco website, search for “toilet roll”) ONE HUNDRED AND MOTHERFUCKING THIRTY MOTHERFUCKING SIX results / matches.

How many types of fucking soap powder does the planet fucking need, Tesco ALONE has more varieties of fucking soap powder than Heinz used to have as fucking product lines…

But far from the sci-fi dreams where this 97.5% of the population who don’t actually fucking work live carefree lives of leisure and pleasure, we all know is the reality is they would all be bored shitless, and within 12 months all of them would have become radicalised suicide bombers campaigning for the rights of rabbit droppings to remain undisturbed or some such crapola.

Hence, the pretend make work that they all do.

So, what price the economy, if 97.5% of the populace serve no purpose whatsoever other than being given some make believe make work to keep them out of trouble and make them think they have earned the money they splurge over choosing between which of 2,635 varieties of cup cake to eat with which of 385 varieties of coffee flavoured beverage?

If they stop “work”, it just means more idle hands for the devil, it doesn’t actually make the slightest bit of difference to how many different varieties of tampon the various manufacturers are able to produce.

Which goes some way to explaining something.20131124_o10corps

This… click it for the full size version

All that variety… not.. all those separate companies competing against one another…not… all that choice… not.

So here is a thought, as evil and crap for everyone except those who directly own and run those ten companies that own almost everyone one else in consumerland, what if like democracy and patriarchy, the only positive thing you can say about it is every possible alternative is worse, many of them much, much, worse…

If 97.5% of the population never having anything except a make believe fake job is crap, what if all the alternatives, including the sci-fi life of leisure, are worse, many of them much, much worse.

What if, everything about society and the economy and politics was fucking crap, but it just happened to be better than all the alternatives, so instead of leaving well enough alone all we have been doing if fucking with it in the name of equality or liberty or freedom or human rights, well, suddenly, not only is it all still crap, it is even more crap, so much so that increasing numbers of people start to question those alternatives, yeah, I know they are all worse than what we HAD, but in reality, how much worse are SOME of them, than what we have NOW?

What if, now things are going to hell in a handcart, the brakes, which were appeals made to my better nature, to my charity, no longer work, because the charity was taken away and replaced with a taxation, moreover, a taxation without representation, an unjust tax, one I DO NOT FUCKING LIKE…

What if, in an attempt to ensure that exactly the same number of raindrops of the same composition and the same size  falling at the same speed and same temperature on everyone, equally, we end up destabilising the weather to such an extent that only the extremes are now possible, fimbulwinter, or 40 days and nights of rain, or a Bradbury drought?

I’ll tell you something else that has changed, DRAMATICALLY, since I was a child, no, not human nature, that is immutable, but human beliefs.

Never, in all my born days, have I met so many people who GENUINELY believe in all kinds of arcane, improbable, implausible, and down right impossible shit, but then I wasn’t around in the middle ages.

Combine this with the facts that;

  1. the last of those who saw first hand the effects of a real war on white man’s soil are now in their 90’s
  2. the last of those who saw first hand the effects of a major economic bubble and depression are all dead
  3. the last of those who saw first hand the final stages of the rollout / step change from one fundamental set of technologies and industry to the next are all dead

And it doesn’t look good, unless you find change “interesting”, and I use that word in the sense of the Chinese curse, may you live in interesting times.

How ever much rain is falling on us men as individuals and absent fathers and guys living alone etc etc etc, it may well be time to invoke chamberlain and peace in our time, and macmillan and you never had it so good.

December 11, 2013

I could just be unlucky

or maybe I have some sort of genetic deformity that emits a secret pheromone, or maybe god just hates me.

I mean, otherwise, what are the chances, you know what I mean…

It is statistically improbable beyond the point of credibility or belief that mere bad luck on my part can account for me to spend fucking decades drifting through life, imagine a being walking amongst the teeming masses, and yet I have managed, so far, to completely and utterly fail to meet even one single wimminz who didn’t lie through her fucking teeth for a pass-time, and who said one thing yesterday and did something completely opposite today.761Bv

I mean, can you imagine something where you have a guy, and every single dog they have ever met bit them…. you’d start to get suspicious… maybe the guy is giving off “bite me” smells to the dogs…

And then you dig deeper, and find that guy has never met another guy who has had a different experience, sure, he has met a few who claimed different, and when you point out the puncture marks and scabs they claim Fido was just being playful and didn’t mean anything by it.

At what point are you going to stop and say, you know, maybe this guy isn’t the salient factor here, maybe we should be looking at these dogs.


I chose dogs for a reason, the reason is that you can argue both sides of the coin, back in pre-history did early humans adopt early dogs and tame them, or did early dogs adopt early humans and tame them…. it’s a bit of a quandary, but either way we are now in a place where dogs are a man’s best friend overall, and vice versa.

Now, if human beings are just DNA‘s way of making more DNA, you can start to get into some interesting thought experiments.

Here are some;

1/ It is not necessary for DNA (or indeed RNA) that males and females get along all cosy like and everybody wins, in fact you can look at things like the life cycle of the Malaria disease, provided nobody loses so badly it affects the propogation of the Malaria, Malaria doesn’t give a fuck.

2/ Nor is it necessary in sexual reproduction for the two sexes to get along all cosy like as equals, in fact, I will challenge you to name a SINGLE species anywhere on the planet where this is true…. as long as reproduction takes place at a rate sufficient to sustain both evolution and population, all is good.

3/ Alpha males / pack leader was one way for a male to ensure continuation of his DNA, and the competition served evolution too, and then came speech, so it stands to reason that if speech were all Star Trek Vulcan and always 100% truthful / logical / accurate, at least when it came to matters of sexual reproduction, it wouldn’t work, the liar will win every time. Yes, this is your child.

4/ Genetically speaking, the evolution takes place in the male, XY and all that, and genetically speaking, a foetus is somewhere between a symbiote and a parasite on the host organism, so in evolutionary terms, the female needs something extra to make up for this, and that extra was to become a parasite to the male, and live off their effort…. Suddenly communication came in to play… Yes, this is your child.

5/ Genetically speaking, it is only in the last 150 years that the female stood *any* chance of being caught out in such a lie, humanity lived in small isolated groups that didn’t mix much, everyone in the community *was* a relative. It took the advent of the railway to provide enough mobility that a female could produce a child that clearly was *not* related to anyone in the village… Yes this is your child does not work when the child suddenly has brown eyes, or red hair, or dark skin.


I touched on this yesterday, with the what will the wimminz really do thing.. but the point here is this.

Genetically and evolutionary wise, the last 150 years of technology and the ability to breed outside the local gene puddle is such a short time it isn’t even the blink of an eye.

Hell, it was only the invention of the chimney in the 1500’s which changed the way houses were built that permitted people to fuck in privacy, before that it was one big room…

Up until this time…

Far from the patriarchy being a privilege, it was the only possible way that you could sell a guy on the idea that he had to sit still and be a host to a parasite that lived off the fruit of his labours… and such labours were such a significant part of each man’s total output that the mere idea of any of them being stolen by a cuckold was serious, serious, shit.

As the Stones sang, the so called privileged patriarchy alpha male was in effect, from many many many viewpoints, no more than a beast of burden, and any so called male privilege that he got was in fact no more than the minimum you could possibly do to convince any beast of burden to stay harnessed to the yoke… no point being a plough horse if the wild ponies eat better, I want my fucking fresh yummy oats.

I see a wimminz lie to me, one week promising me the earth, next week I do not exist, bitch is doing me a fucking favour, she is showing me her inability to fulfil her end of the bargain and provide me with my fresh yummy oats every day, so I refuse to put on the harness and yoke and be the beast of burden.

Again, as I alluded to in the last piece, from the DNA perspective this sounds like an instant lose / lose proposition, but no, because now the wimminz are parasites on the state, and the state is putting men to the draft as beasts of burden.


You know, I got a *lot* of shit for fucking a wimminz and her daughter, but honestly, get fucking real, you turn up in my presence with another adult female that is younger and more fertile than you, WTF do you think I am going to think? One thing I *do* know for sure is it ain’t *my* fucking daughter, so why should I not want to fuck it?

Seriously, where is the payoff for me for *not* fucking you both?


Sure bitch, *you* don’t like it, but to prevent it all *you* had to do was stay with the father, assuming you even knew who that was…. if you dump him you can’t complain if 20 years later some other random guy is as willing to fuck her as he is you.

But, to get back to the plot.

Instead of being parasites on individual men, or on small groups of related men, now wimminz be parasites on the State, and I fucking DEFY any of you to come up with a better definition for a creature that takes their entire life and gives nothing back but more of their own DNA other than a fucking parasite.

Men went from having a parasite that was at best carrying his own child, and at worst carrying his brothers or cousins child, either way there is a LOT of his DNA there, and he gets to see and influence that child throughout their growing years…. to the situation we now have, where the one person LEAST likely to be anywhere near their own DNA is the father, but, via the State, you still get to pay… and not just for your own personal parasite, in exchange for regular fresh oats, but as a social bill, and no oats in return.

For the parasite, the wimminz, there is no downside to all this, in fact it is win/win, now they can not merely have 5 kids by 5 fathers and maximise the DNA mixing, which is their role as host to the foetus, which, if male, will be the actual engine of evolution, but they can pull a train of 5 guys for each pregnancy, and let the most fertile sperm win.

The only downside to all this is the beast of burden, who is supposed to just carry on pulling that plough, not getting any fresh oats, and shut the fuck up, while also accepting that his *individual* role in that evolutionary DNA mixing lotto machine is minimised to the maximum extent possible.


So the world as a whole is looking at the engine of everything, the ultimate host for all subsequent tiers of parasites, the working man, as a boiler, and they are pouring more and more coal under it and demanding ever greater volumes of steam and ever greater levels of superheat, because, you know, that is all parasites can do (Scorpion and Frog bro) and when rivets start creaking and seams start rumbling what do they do?

They pick up a hammer and start beating on the individual rivets and seams, and, to an extent, yeah, this can actually work, if you are a fucking lunatic with a death wish who is feeling very very fucking lucky.

Back in the day, in the old Board of Trade days when you were sitting your Chief Engineer exams, they used to throw in the odd not so trick question, to see if you were awake and thinking…. one of these questions was, “What steps to you take when the main steam line fractures?

The answer was of course “The engine room steps… and fucking quickly.” Because 60 to 90 seconds later everything in the engine room is bathed in superheated steam, it’s not just dead, it is cooked and tender enough to fall off the bone.

If you suspected a boiler was getting near failure, you opened all the valves, dumped the hearth and aimed hoses at it to cool it down, ideally you did all that in a few seconds, and then took the fucking engine room steps or equivalent, and retired to a safe distance, and you did not return until the temperature inside the boiler was below boiling and the pressure was open to atmospheric.

You didn’t run up with a hammer and start trying to beat on the rivets and seams in question.


Well, let’s look at that, we have a population of parasites, wimminz, and their parasites, kids, that have already vastly exceeded whatever resource consumption they could get directly from males as individuals.

So the situation evolved to the one we have today, where the required resources for the parasites are taken from the males en masse, socially, via the State.

And you think a big war, which of course means MALES going off and getting killed, which even further unbalances the situation, is going to solve anything???

The facts are that there is a direct correlation between the number of years a parasite, wimminz, stays in a monogamous relationshit with a single host, man, and the maximum number of womb turds she can produce, when you look at society as a whole.

Statistically speaking the catholics/jews/muslims/you name it in 40 year monogamous situations out-breed everyone else.

Simply because the individual males, hosts, responsible for that level of parasitic activity stand for it, they get fresh oats daily.

Sans the State, wimminz can *maybe* support 1 or possibly 2 kids, but it is a life of grinding hardship, and nothing is off limits, 2 dollar whoring is good… and this is a big maybe, most will abandon the kid or kill it, as they will already not have enough resources for themselves.

Expect lots of die offs, kids first…. if TSHTF

Nothing that involves silencing those creaking rivets and seams is a solution, it is a part of the fucking problem, at this point the solutions are not going to be pretty.

An engineer is someone who can look at doing nothing until the boiler blows and everyone is fucked, some time in the future, who knows when, keep kicking the can, or turning the spigot back from 110% to 40% for the foreseeable while repairs are made, and people start dying NOW in large numbers, and not see any real choice or difficulty.

December 9, 2013

well sheeeit…

You see, while it may be true that there are more dyed in the wool red pillers who have been through the mill of the wimminz more than me…  the-frog-and-the-scorpion-metaphor-for-big-government-statists

It is also true that despite this vast experience, I have never quite managed to completely throw off the feeling of WTF when I see wimminz number 45,654,837 exhibiting exactly the same characteristics as all those that went before.

It is not so much that I have problems learning the lesson, more that I have problems accepting that the wimminz will never either learn the lesson or evolve into something more honourable than pond scum.

It is, in short, a never ending source of awe and wonder for me.

Will these worthless cunts truly never learn, will they truly, to the last one, charge at full speed like lemmings into the wall and rebound into the catfood aisle?

Which begs the question, if a dyed in the wool red piller like me has problems truly accepting and internalising it to the point where there is no longer any shadow of WTF at yet another bug trying to fly through the windscreen at 70 mph, how the fuck are the young guys and blue pillers supposed to cope?

Fact is we can’t expect it, we can only hope for the best, while watching the slow motion train wreck, which pretty much depends on young guys NOT getting it until they have been bitten by several scorpions…. it is a fucking harsh reality.

Harsh realities are becoming my speciality lately, fuck it, if Albert E could do them, I think I am entitled.EINSTEIN-ANTI-SEMITISM-QUOTE

I was chatting to a skanky ex last night, somehow we got onto the subject of me meeting Mrs Right…. I told her…

What you wimminz never appear to get, it’s like this, some wimminz sits down at the table and I have to tell her, before she opens her mouth, I have met and known hundreds of wimminz before her, and ultimately they all stung the frog, so the fact is there is sweet fuck all that she can say to me that I have not heard before, so what does that leave as options?

She simply didn’t get it, her only answer is NAWALT, which is exactly what I just said doesn’t fucking exist, or if it does, I have never seen any sign of it, which is the same thing, pink elephant.

*I* didn’t fuck it up for this latest wimminz to sit down at the table, all her sistahs did, and judging solely by my experience to date, they didn’t fuck it up for her either, cos she is just the fucking same.

Tell me why I should take ownership of, or responsibility for, this problem.

Lovely mental image from something posted on another forum.

Your cunt is not a fucking clown car.

I’ll level with you, just for the sake of experimentation, more than fucking once, I have had something steady going where the skank promises me everything, including eternal fidelity and obedience and loyalty, and it’s been OK, and I get this nagging itch, and so I say, just once, “I love you”

Of course I don’t, fact is I don’t even think I know what love is anymore, it’s just three words and eight letters, devoid of meaning.

But, every fucking time I have done it that “relationshit” has self destructed within 7 days, and I have gone from a wimminz who pledged everlasting loyalty and obedience to a wimminz who wouldn’t even respond to a text, blanked, dead, I fell off the face of the earth.

Hello Mr Frog, meet Miss Scorpion.amazon-speed-gun

There is literally no limit to the disparity between what a wimminz will say to you one week, and how she will act the next or previous week in real life, it is beyond fucking bizarre.

How do you convince a young guy that literally every sound that will ever come out of a wimminz mouth, without exception, will sooner or later be proven to have little or no connection to reality.

Actually this also applies to literally every word that ever comes from a wimminz hand too.

So what do you do with scorpions when you are a frog?

Pretty much the only thing you can do that will work is make them property with literally zero rights, but there is fuck all chance of that this side of a total collapse because there is always some niggerz cunt all too willing and eager to drink the wimminz kool aid and listen to what they say, and promise…

Then there is the problem of scorpions playing dress up s frogs, and other frogs trying to make cozy with scorpions, so pretty much all you can ever do is only ever go swimming across that river alone, no exceptions, don’t even go near other frogs.

Now here is a nugget of pure gold and pure truth.

Tell a wimminz about Aesop‘s tale of the Frog and the Scorpion, and what does she see?

It ain’t what YOU see asshole.

She sees two things.

  1. A scorpion who did not die alone
  2. A frog who did not have the chance to go near any other scorpions ever again.

I shit you not.

Why are you acting all surprised, this is EXACTLY in line with how wimminz act in family court when it comes to custody and contact between the kids and the father.

It’s a bit like taking some green recruit fresh out of boot camp and airdropping the poor bastard in the middle of afdiggastan, amongst people who have spent generations growing up and living in circumstances that make boot camp look like all expenses paid disneyland and free hookers too.

Telling him he is hot shit is enemy action.



December 6, 2013

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Pinky just got kicked to the kerb, FoffI was supposed to be going there to bone it tonight, but despite the lack of a hamster wheel there was no lack of the usual wimminz fare of say one thing, do another, and frankly my life is too short, no matter how good and kinky the sex was, so kerb time it is.

So… sitting here having just discussed it with a couple of the lads down the pub. Nothing of value was lost, because there was nothing of value there anyway, if there was, she would not have said one thing and done another… QED

So… further to a comment one of them made, it’s all about the feelings, and channelling Derek & Clive, you got to have fucking intuition mate, and channelling AfOR (because you almost certainly DO have fucking intuition mate), you got to fucking listen to it.

I had *that* feeling last night, that hard to describe feeling, that combination of being kept in the dark and fed on shit, and knowing something ain’t right, and wondering why you’re the last one at the party to get the joke.

Ask me to explain it, or justify it, or back it up… and I can’t, I can’t give you anything except I had that feeling, and knew it was significant, and recollected other times I had had that feeling.

It’s not a feeling that just applies to your dealings with wimminz…

This guy


He had that feeling, in his own words.. “It came in a brown envelope. When the postman gave it to me I kept asking him if he was sure this package was for me and he kept saying it was.”  he KNEW…

Like I said, justification, explanation, supporting evidence, I can’t give you any of that shit when I get that feeling, all I can tell you is I have that feeling, and that feeling has ALWAYS BEEN FUCKING RIGHT.

A guy asks you “do you think my wife is cheating on me?“.. he already knows the fucking answer, he has that feeling.

Thing is, Pinky that just got kicked to the kerb, she could no more adequately explain her actions and choices than I could explain the feeling, I do not mean I will never know what went on in her head, I mean even if I had a nanosecond by nanosecond replay of whatever did go on in her head, I would be none the wiser… observing the process in her head is as much use as observing the feeling in me.


Every guy I have ever met who gets that feeling starts playing what if scenarios in their heads, looking for an answer or explanation or enlightenment, they will never get it, that urge to look for answers is the “dark side” of that feeling.

If I had listened to the dark side I’d have gone to her place as planned, and maybe been greeted by plod, maybe been greeted by darkness and locked doors, maybe been greeted by who knows what, the dark side of that feeling wants knowledge, explanations, answers, understanding.

With experience, you get like me..

As DMJ says in a current piece, I get that feeling, I go snake eyes, people do what they wanna do, if da bitch wanted me to know where I stood or what the fuck was going on, nothing would have stopped her from making sure I knew… NOTHING…

The very fact that I did not know is the feeling, is the reality, do not be attracted by the dark side Luke, come over here to the light side, go snake eyes with me, turn that car around, drive home, edit your contacts on the phone to move the skank from “current” to “skanks” + “blocked“, turn your back, walk away, she is literally dead to me.

There is no animosity, there is no hate, there is no desire, there is no wanting to know, there is nothing, there is only memory, fun while it lasted.

Past tense.

Move on, chilled, take the opportunity to do something you want, play Skyrim, go down the pub for a pint, walk the dog, anything, as long as you are snake eyes.

Snake eyes, stopped me going to her door, stopped a possible altercation, stopped possible po-lice involvement, stopped me continuing to feel that (unpleasant) feeling, stopped me giving a fuck, stopped me seeing her as anything except past tense.

No good EVER comes from ignoring snake eyes and going to the dark side and embracing that feeling, none, ever, not ever.

DMJ’s article was spot on, snake eyes != (is NOT equal to) Mr Nice Guy

Mr Nice Guy gets fucked over and loses, every time, BECAUSE he is trying to be Mr Nice Guy.

As I discussed elsewhere here, when I was arrested for my alleged FRA from the psycho skank ho ex, the initial reaction was to convince the po-lice that I could not have raped the bitch because I am a nice guy and rape is alien to me, the fact that I didn’t rape the bitch is irrelevant, I wanted the po-lice to SEE that I didn’t, and the only way to prove a negative is to try to make the other guy like you, and to do that you WILL lie…. you will, for example, deny any sex happened, and the DNA will prove you lied about that, and at that point you’re left with admitting you lied about the sex, but maintain you never raped anyone… good fucking luck with that.

Despite the fact that the FACTS are that early this week Pinky wants to spend the rest of her life with me, *some* fucking thing happened while I was 200 miles away, I dunno what and I never will, all I know is I had that feeling and next thing I know I am being blanked.

*IF* I had been dumb-ass Mr nice Guy enough to turn up at her door, and *IF* plod were there, there is no possible thing that I can say to them that will do me any good whatsoever.

Snake eyes, now the FACTS (verifiable by GPS and extensive digital records of texts etc etc etc) are that early this week I was there and everything was perfect, and I ain’t been within 50 miles of there since, and when whatever it was happened in the last 24 hours happened, I still did not go there, and I will never go there again, or attempt to contact her again.

Bottom line, I may well get “that feeling” again, but it won’t be Pinky behind it.

The last ship on that route already sailed.

If I get that feeling again, even if I get it 1,000 times, it will be 1,000 different causes / people, and in 1,000 cases snake eyes will kick in, and in 1,000 cases within 24 hours it will be ancient history… that is a scab I will ***NEVER*** pick at again as long as I live, I just discard it like a lizard losing its tail…. or a turd I send off to the coast with a flush.


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Having had a lot or correspondence from guys worried that the pink and the brain thing was a sign of me getting cuntstruck, and thus focusing on some absence of negative aspects of a particular wimminz, and transmogrifying that into thinking there are many positive blue pill aspects to her.

Fear fucking not.

Was never on the cards, but in any event in my experience the moment you say something non-negative about a wimminz, you just made yourself a hostage to fortune and have between 24 and 72 hours before that one comes around and bits you on the ass.

As it was in this case, still no hamster wheel, but that didn’t negate the ability to pull another typical wimminz stunt and act one way while saying another.

I have the attitude nowadays that wimminz be 50 dollar cars, ride em till they crap out on you… sometimes you get one that seems like a real good buy and just keeps on driving, sometimes you comment about that, hey, this one is a diamond in the rough, doesn’t mean you think it is a new car with a no questions asked unlimited mileage parts and labour and loaner warranty.

I ride the tiger as and when I can, while the going is good.

Doesn’t mean I think kitty just got domesticated and would make a good house pet.

Just because I see theoretical potential in some skank, doesn’t mean I buy into it or have forgotten that if wishes were horses nobody would walk.

Yeah, I’d fucking *love* it if it were not so, but it is, and one thing I do know is that there is sweet fuck all that I personally can do to change it.

Just sayin’…


December 11, 2012

Predictions of 2013 and onwards

There are some things I have learned in life;

  1. The most significant changes in anything usually happen in the final moments of the event in question in a catastrophic manner, think ships sinking or runs on a bank or the slide into war or even a business going bust… 99% of the action takes place in the last 1% of the time.
  2. Nature itself and therefore humanity abhor both a vacuum and stasis, nature likes change and churn.
  3. 25 kWh per person per day is the breadline for a modern technological civilisation in a temperate climate, that includes food accoms heat transport tech the works… it also presumes you have already in place the appropriate physical stuff to supply that energy budget to… a 220 volt AC supply won’t keep you warm and alive unless you have an enclosure to bring it to and an electric fire to put inside that enclosure… this isn’t a theoretical availability in market terms, this is what 99.999% of the society have to have actual access to as a fucking minimum… think stall speed in an aircraft, fall below it and everyone on board takes the plunge.
  4. There are no new lessons to learn, only old and forgotten lessons to re-learn.
  5. You cannot un-ring a bell, or take scrambled egg and convert it back to eggs and milk and butter, once a new technology becomes intertwined with society, it costs more to separate it out again than it does to keep it going.

It is tempting to point at my car and say “we cannot go backwards”, but it would be wrong, because there is an implicit assumption that “my car” = “internal combustion engine” when the reality is “my car” = “personal transport module”

In reality I could give up “my car” and replace it with an electric vehicle, there are 86 currently available on Ebay UK, and 77 of them are either hybrids or toy racing cars put in the wrong category, so it is down to buying a brand new Smart ED for £18k or one of the new japanese jobbies such as a Leaf for £30+k… not really a valid proposition.

Then there is charging it, currently (sic) I’d have to open a window in the house, run an extension lead outside and across the pavement and plug it in that way, health and safety from the local council would be down on me like a ton of bricks.

So the problems to electric car adoption are the up front capital costs, which means £18k or £30k, which in real PRACTICAL terms means at £1.40 a litre for diesel means 2,800 (imperial) gallons of diesel for the smart or 4,700 (imperial) gallons of diesel for a Leaf, my current shed gets around 4/5 gallons per fill up and unless I am doing a run it gets filled up once a week, and since electric cars do not have the range to do a run… so 2,800 / 5 = 560 weeks motoring, which takes us to 2025 AD, or 4,700 / 5 = 940 weeks motoring, which takes us to 2031 AD.

Even this ludicrous proposition assumes that;

  1. either of these cars will still be running and in once piece in 2025/2031
  2. the batteries supplied will still be working in 2025/2031
  3. no other technologies come on line by 2025/2031 to supercede them (batacitors etc)
  4. I somehow surmount the running an extension cable across the pavement to charge and do not have to move house to get a driveway, or pay extra for an overnight parking / charging slot.

and all of these are VAST and very unsafe assumptions to make…

This is electric cars, but it gives is the CORRECT mindset for some futurology.

Back when I was a boy, there was an expression, “Hong Kong punya” which basically meant cheap crap made in Hong kong.

SOME early japansese stuff was quality, the Sony Tapecorder 500 thermionic valve reel to reel tape recorder (which I still have and which still works) and the Hitachi transistor radio with 14 transistors (itsaid this on the front) which ever survived going over the side of the boat into the south china seas at a beach… that and the early Minolta 35mm camera

Apart from that you bought Grundig, Rollei, Roberts, Quad, and t’were all fucking expensive kit. I still have a 1960’s era Rolex in stainless, and it carries more credibility than a 2012 patek phillipe, because back when it was new it really was something special.. and that air of true quality still holds to it, rather like a 1930’s Bentley parked alongside a 2012 one, sure, the 2o12 one does everything a lot better, but the 1930’s one oozes class and style.

We are back in those days, where the market has been saturated with cheap crap, there is nobody else to sell to and nowhere else to go for cheaper labour.

Given that the current social and economic models are based upon the “Hong Kong punya” method of commerce, we are in an end game, again, where lots of the huge brands that exported worldwide will come crashing down and factories will close, taking with them everyone in the supply chain, and the only things that will sell are genuine value and genuine quality.

When it comes to monetary shifts I have seen and lived through a few, I have seen currencies broken away from the gold standard, I have seen decimalisation here in the UK, I have seen the transition from one currency to another in various places, not just the Peseta and Franc and Lire and Drachma to Euro, and I have seen currencies rapidly devalued against others, by rapidly I mean by 40% overnight, and when that happens all work and contracts in progress stop.. dead.

I have seen the devaluation of currencies.

I can remember Roses Lime Marmalade going from 1 shilling and 6 pence, or 18 pence in old money, which is 7.5 pence in new money, to 9 pence in new money literally overnight with the change to new money.

I have seen the loss of Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price which meant that the 1lb jar of marmalade in the corner shop was no longer the same price in the supermarket down in the town… and look what that did for the tesco’s and the corner shops.

I have have lived off the grid, no mains power or running water or telephones.

I have seen the introduction of the STD trunk dialling phone system (all operator placed calls for long distance before that), and tone dialling, and the introduction of the microprocessor, transistor and indeed electronics.

I have seen the change from the right to be paid in cash every Friday, the change where having a chequeing bank account actually said something about you, the change from the maximum mortgage being 3.5 times your gross annual salary…

I have seen enough of people and politicians and businessmen and military types to appreciate that when the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, the longest standing democratically elected politician in the world, Jean Claude Juncker says “We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we have done it.” he is stating a fundamental truism and problem with the modern western world.

So, predictions for 2013 and onwards.

2013 will be the start of the change, when we come to the stark realisation that in many areas what was true yesterday simply will not work tomorrow, and suddenly we will have to start working with what we actually have that is still working, and not some esoteric models of what should be working.

Essentially unlimited access to the latest greatest newest hong kong punya via the mechanism of essentially unlimited personal credit of one form or another (pay nothing but a monthly fee and a new phone every two years is credit by any other name) is going to just stop working.

Essentially unlimited access to housing credit (20+ year interest only mortgages and liar loans plus 8x earning multiples etc) is going to just stop working.

The present financial system and the present value of the banknote in your pocket has to change, not in an incremental way, but a large step change, we have absolutely no alternative but to go from here, to a place where;

  • The working man has a realistic prospect of paying off a mortgage in 20 years…
  • The bulk of the kWh value of every product cannot be tied up in the energy required to ship it from the point of manufacture to the point of consumption.. eg hong kong punya clothes and food and trinkets…
  • The current status quo regarding resource wars etc shifts to the new steady state.
  • The overburden of parasitic state workers is reduced by 75% or more, which means MASSIVE swings in the employment landscape.
  • The cost of transporting meat to and from work every day is eliminated for all non essential roles, the plumber has to travel, the worker sat at a computer does not.
  • The costs of producing and distributing both energy and data are addressed, we need to double or treble national grid baseline generation and distribution capacity to make things like electric cars viable, and we have to bite the bullet and call symmetric 25 mbit/sec (not “up to”, but actual) a fucking minimum standard for every household, or at least for 99% of all households.
  • We have to address efficiency across the board, from the thermal efficiency of our homes through the electrical efficiency of our lights and computers to the efficiency of transport.
  • We have to abandon, utterly, short term solutions, whether it being a company abandoning R&D in favour of shareholder dividends, or the stock market itself, if you buy stocks in anything you should be forced to KEEP them for a minimum of 5 years before you are allowed to sell them.

At one extreme we have the old Russian model, where toothbrush manufacture, down the the smallest design and manufacturing detail, was controlled by the state, at the other extreme we have algorithm driven high frequency trading where a piece of software can literally wipe out a company, an industry, a resource or a region as fast as the human eye can blink (Enron etc)

In our disdain for the Soviet model, we have gone to the other extreme.

It is not time for A reset, it is time for many thousands of things that together make up our modern western society, all of which are interlinked, to reset.

2013 is when these rests start, and like all dynamic processes, it starts so slow almost nobody notices, then it escalates and escalates and 99% of the apparent change happens in the last 1% of time.

2013 is not, for my money, where we will see that 1% peak activity, my bet is 2013 is the lower slopes of that hockey stick curve, 2014 or maybe 2015 will be the cusp, but then I could easily be wrong, it could come before summer 2013.

It is not if, but when.

The “when” will be when the Juncker’s in politics and finance and industry and military are no longer saying things like;

We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we have done it.

but are instead saying

We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected if we do not do it fast enough and well enough.

The problem is, the gap in perception between those two statements is vast, and everything I have said above fits in that gap, with room to spare.


December 9, 2012

What it means to be a man and a father in 2012 AD

I’m late and it’s worrying me

So take the morning after pill bitchez, not interested, not my problem, now, are you going to bounce up and down on my cock or what…

This is one reality, once you wise up and reject the fiat currency capitalism and work ethic, you render yourself legally and financially immune to the whole child support racket… hell, I have a very good friend, a fellow FRA victim, who said fuck it and goes to the doctor once every three months to get a sick note for stress and anxiety caused by the FRA, he’s been doing it four, getting on five years now, living off the state, doesn’t work a lick, he says his is the only sane response to a state that amongst other things punishes men and fathers and rewards FRA’s and skank ho single mommies.High-Pressure-Sodium-Lamp-JY-1-

Here in Cornholeville, if you know where to look, you can tell that despite all the bluster and bullshit the ill winds of financial collapse are finally making themselves felt at the highest levels of the local state teat, the council and councillors.

Naturally with all these people the response is the same, shades of the two leased german executive saloons on the driveway being the last thing to go, while the fridge is empty, have to keep up the appearances of success at all costs.

And so it is that all the high profile very visible and very expensive stuff is all ring-fenced and untouchable, while on my regular evening drive to visit and check on an elderly relative what I first assumed was a dead street light has evolved into patches of urban darkness, the street lights near shops and junctions remain on, the other are going dark as early as 6pm

To be sure, each 400 watt sodium light turned off is a saving of say ten hours @ 400 watts = 4 kWh of electricity, which at current domestic prices = 4 x 14 = £0.56p

From the Cornholeville PR blurb about this, we have some 72,000 street lights costing some £3 million in electric every year, so perhaps a 10% reduction in this is £300k per year…. these are best case scenario numbers.

At £2 million a year each, the police helicopter would make a far greater saving, you just don’t need a fucking helicopter to catch burglars and twocers, it is a fucking scandalously profligate waste of resources.

You can ALWAYS do this, create a list of the shit that REALLY matters, road surfaces, signs, and furniture in good order, regular rubbish collection, maintenance of public lands and pathways, enforcement of local civil and planning regulations, some basic public services such as a library and you’re good to go, not much else that is important to the community, and lo and behold you just accounted for a 5% slice of the pie chart of local government expenditure, assuming you are allowed to see the actual figures that is….

The other 95%, that’s all shit, ring-fenced shit.

Wimminz be like this, tell em something has to give and they always start looking at the 5% of basic essential stuff, while the 95% of non-essential bullshit is ringfenced and simply not up for negotiation.

For X amount of money I can either go out and buy an iPhone5, or a separate washing machine and tumble dryer, hell, I can walk into my local bike shop and buy a brand new 2013 Triumph Bonneville (assuming I was daft enough to want one) for £99 a month, I know one wimminz paying that for a fucking Sky subscription, and another wimminz paying that for an iPhone5 + iPad on network subscription….

My washing machine and tumble dryer means all my clothes and bedding and towels and everything are always clean and fresh and dry, it has UTILITY.

For all its faults, a new bonnie would make me mobile and give me transport and allow me to commute Auf Viedersehn Pet style from the UK to Germany Monday to Friday to work, it has UTILITY.

To be fair, these are tough choices in some ways, I can sit at home with clean and dry clothes and a bonnie to get me to work, and no toys to entertain me or distract me or pass the time, but nevertheless this is life, you have to make choices, and the choices are not always as easy as these, and the future consequences not as easy to predict.

I faced such a choice when my own psycho skank ho he went nuclear and dropped an FRA on me to steal my kids away, suddenly all the “right” and “best” options were taken off the table, the only choices left sucked donkey balls and had impossible to predict future consequences.

God, Allah and Fate willing, my sons will reach the age of 16 and no longer be subject to the whims of the secret family courts, that is one of the more concrete future milestones in my life, between here and there everything is hazy and obscured and unknown, so making choices is tough.

Of course WHEN they reach 16 they will have their own agenda’s, and it is quite possible that psycho skank ho mummy has managed to instil a belief in a dead beat abusive dad who never gave a fuck about them and who they are better off without. Nothing I can do about that.

On the other hand, it is also possible they will decide to find this “daddy” and see for themselves what the fuck it is all about.

In THAT scenario it doesn’t take much brains to work out that there is a world of difference between them finding some broken down loser who has taken it up the ass from the skank ho and the state and cried in his beer, and them finding a man who when faced with a harsh choice decided that his sons would find a MAN, a man who could still be some use to them, teach them shit, hopefully help them catch up a little on the essential knowledge and skills they have missed out on.


I WILL NOT EVER LIE TO MY SONS, neither will I ever say anything other than this, no matter what the incentive, to anyone.

The above paragraph alone means that I will never seen my sons before the age of 16 (or maybe ever) because until that age those in control of their lives, psycho skank ho mummy and the secret family courts etc, will ensure that I do not…

Mummy says you hurt her and you don’t love us and you left us all alone

Should I be given or offered any hope whatsoever of seeing my sons, it will be on condition that I do not do anything but meekly accept such statements as fact, which means if I went along with the bullshit and effectively condoned the actions of psycho skank ho and the secret family courts et al, the person the boys might eventually be allowed to meet might well be their biological father, but he would not be a man, or anyone they could respect, or anyone ever able to help them… nor would his word be worth a damn when he did say “I love you Son”

Tough fucking choices for a man and a father in 2012 AD, and I am only one of hundreds of new men each fucking day drawn into the machine and faced with these choices.

While I am not incarcerated, my doors have locks but I hold they keys, my rooms have light switches on the inside, and I can come and go as I please, I have much in common with the wrongly convicted prisoner serving a very long sentence for a crime he did not commit.

I can continue to refuse to accept my guilt, and do the whole 16 years of hard time, or I can go along with what the machine wants, accept my guilt and get out on parole in three years with good behaviour.

In the latter case a man went into prison, and died there, and what came out was not a man.

I said above, I will not lie to my sons.

That means that when they are 16 they may walk up to me and say the following;

So dad, what you are saying to me is that in order to preserve yourself, you basically abandoned me and my brother to mum and the courts.

and I will have to say “Yes Son, because it is not a battle I could have won, I would have lost and gone to prison and made every lie they told about me true, and you and your brother would STILL be a ward of the courts and property of your mother.

Do I feel good about that? Do I feel proud of it? Do I feel I have done my duty as a father? Do I feel that I have shown my love for my sons? etc etc… fuck no.

It’s a gamble, your mother and the state pointed a loaded gun at my head, so I had to make a tough choice, and the tough choice is to give up all hope of being a father to you, ever, in the hope that in doing so I could at least teach you something worthwhile, how to be a man.

I don’t hope that you boys will ever love me, or ever like me, or ever want to spend time in my company, I haven’t earned any of that, and I am not going to give you any whiny shit about I wasn’t allowed to by your psycho skank ho mummy or the state.

I DO hope that you boys will see how a man acts when presented with truly horrible choices, and learn from that, and perhaps in time respect me a little for it.

I DO hope that you boys will grow up to say their dad was a cunt, but at least he was a man… and maybe feel a little pride that that same strength rests within you boys too.

January 6, 2012

When Friday feels like Sunday.

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Very weird out there now, just got back from banging one of my skanks, which in this case means driving back through the entire breadth of one of the UK’s best known south coast seaside towns…

… and it is fucking DEAD out there, the streets are fucking empty of vehicles, the pavements are fucking empty of pedestrians, and the establishments that are open are empty of fucking customers…. and it is a FRIDAY, and reasonably early (but not too early) and unseasonably warm, and dry, and it feels like it should be 3 am on a Sunday, not fucking 8/9 pm on a Friday…

Part of the reason I was out, instead of fucking the skank again and staying for breakfast was that the skank obviously decided that our second fuck-date was an ideal time for the psycho skank ho shit test, she started telling me about what a violent and evil bastard her ex was… cue Fake Call Me, an excellent Android app that I got turned on to at work by a guy who uses it to get out of meetings (“What, there is a burning smell coming from the server room?”   lmfao) the pro version is excellent because it not only calls you, it will play an audio file that purports to be your caller, so you can take a call in a silent room or take a call on speakerphone, superb, so my response to this “my ex was a nasty violent man” shit test is to pretend to check my texts, and set Fake Call Me to call me in 5 minutes and play spike.mp3, which is a recording of Spike telling me there is a burning smell in the server room OMG panic panic come quick (I have done one for him too) and so on and so forth, exit stage left, nice and clean, no fuss, no arguments, no hassles.

So, wondering if it was just me, I took a look at http://www.webcamgalore.com/EN/United+Kingdom/countrycam-0.html and what do I find? A bunch of empty roads like the set from 28 Days, not what I expect from a Friday night, party night.

So I am left with this weird feeling like I used to get, back in the days when I used to go to the cinema, which was a long time ago, but the sort of weirdness you got after seeing 2001 A Space Odyssey or Tron and then walked out into daylight in your local town, zap, only this time I walked from a bedroom with a skank ho and her shit test, into a country and economy that appears to have flatlined while nobody was paying attention…

I mean we are only ONE FUCKING WEEK into 2012 and to all intents and appearances everyone is completely and utterly fucking broke, not even any wriggle room left on the plastic, and then I started hitting the smaller towns and villages on my way home, and noticed / remembered a funny thing.

The places we all used to congregate as kids, the places all the kids used to congregate in, the places are still there, but the kids ain’t, so they will be at home interacting with other kids via high tech virtual comms, so there is a parallel there, all the bars and pubs were empty, so no chance of picking up some skank there, but there is always the high tech virtual comms world of PoF and the like, and in fact the real streets turning into sets from 28 Days is only going to drive more eyeballs to the virtual world… and of course it was a virtual person that Fake Call Me used in order to give me a nice clean exit from a real world interaction with a skank ho, to the cocoon of my vehicle and eventually home here to my techo-hermit-crib…

Of course it makes perfect sense, if money is tight then comms in a virtual world provides so much more bang per buck than the real world, but similarly the virtual world is virtual… lots of shit just doesn’t fly…

Over the past couple of years I have become quite the expert at converting from the “cold sell” on PoF to the physical pump that cunt and dump, with minimal effort, virtual or real, and zero effective expenditure, and the wimminz really really really do not “get” it, compared to real life, which means all the advantages that wimminz tend to enjoy in real life just do not play out in the virtual world, there is no herd, there is no wingman, there is no toilet to dash into, no nose to powder, no drink to get someone else to buy, no “you and him” to “let’s you and him fight over me”, no nothing… not even the allure of actual flesh…

Suddenly it is a minefield for the wimminz, and one wrong move means “KTHXBYE” from the man, and with no other wimminz to commiserate with that means the wimminz are basically in the position of asking the man what they have to do, buy you a coffee, ask you back to theirs, give you all the kinky sex you want and no chat / shit / hassle…

Interestingly enough, this new paradigm, where “take no shit” virtual chatting up leads to take no shit fucking pump and dump, makes me even LESS interested in wimminz bullshit, shades of playing call of duty all day making me more callous and bloodthirsty when I enter a warzone, but in this case making me more impatient and jaded, pump and dump and as soon as they money shot has spurted fake call my ass outta there…. the next one? fuck, the supply is essentially unlimited, like the next zombie to shoot in some game, or the next car to steal in GTA, which brings me full circle, to the realization that the skanks that you DO see, for example walking out of the local university at lunchtime, all look like GTA hookers, they all smoke, and dress and walk and act like the sluts they are.

I guess this economic crash is going to be a lot more interesting that I had initially assumed, because the new factor in play is that the virtual world is going the play the role of the third world in manufacturing and service industries, our actual streets will be a ghost town, while the virtual resources are made to fit the outsourced and vastly cheaper new environment, and while girl with a dragon tattoo may be all the rage in broadcast holly-weird world, in the interactive virtual world the role models for the wimminz are more GTA whore / PoF slut / Fuckbook trout pout / etc

For the wimminz, “one cunt to rule them all” has turned into “game over man” while nobody was watching.

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