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February 9, 2012

Rinse and repeat your brain

This follows on from a series of long phone calls with a mate on the whole subject of wimminz and PoF and indeed us and sexual drives / desires / needs.

Learn the following FACTS;

  1. Failing to “pull” a specific woman is not a failure on your part.
  2. Failing to get a great response generally is not a failure on your part.
  3. Failing at the same point with the same stated or guessed reasons for rejection is not a failure on your part.

Fact 1.

We will pick an imaginary PoF profile and call her “SlutA”, you have sent your quick and mass produced copied and pasted opening lines, you get no response, or you get a lukewarm response that dries up after three or four messages back and forwards.

Fuck it, walk away, there is no mileage wasting another second on the skank ho, she clearly expects Craptain Save a Ho to pop along any minute, so she isn’t even worthy as a pump and dump, no matter how hot the body….

You are in REAL danger of letting the porno factor take control, the bit where you got NOTHING but a crappy picture, and your brain starts adding details that are not there, and before you know it your cock is throbbing for the hot slut…

So take the hint, walk away.

Fact 2.

If the same thing as Fact 1 seems to be a regular occurrence, well, what the fuck did you expect dude, have you not read a single word I have written, AWALT, or you think maybe PoF is a hidden treasure trove of sexually deprived hot cunt throbbing and desperate for your cock.

Did you not read the things I wrote about HAVING to play the numbers, production line style, it is an industrial process, not a fucking treasure hunt.

Did you not understand the implications of AWALT? What the fuck is your “keeper” woman doing on PoF??? No woman gets on PoF without having sucked a hundred yards of cock and still failed to get and hold on to a man, so what are the chances of you finding anything other than a pump and dump in there?

Fact 3.

If the same thing as Fact 2 seems to be a regular occurrence, and it always happens around about the same point, when you send your pic, when you speak on the phone, when you reveal what you drive, then yeah dude, it probably is how you look, how you sound, or what you drive that put the bitch off, and you know what, you lucked out because another psycho skank ho eliminated herself from the pleasure of your company, and she did it before you spent one red cent.


Which brings us to what prompted these phone calls and worries from my mate, which is that he has had a long dry spell on PoF, and by long dry spell I mean 1 new skank fuck so far this year, and one old standby that is available but which he doesn’t fancy much.

I told him, shrugs, these things go in cycles, besides, you know what date it is?

And he says 4th Feb because these chats started a week ago, and I ask him what date is coming, and he says uuuh?

I tell him, Feb 14th, Valentines day.. the wimminz are all in extreme hamster wheel psycho stage looking for romance that ain’t there, I told him, thank your lucky stars you aren’t doing “well” on PoF, because at the moment the wimminz only want the sucker who will buy the flowers and chocolates, so look at the money you are saving, and come the end of the month, it will be back to normal, spring coming, sap rising, summer on the horizon and some cock needed to ride, but now still makes excellent practice times, so get on PoF mate, don’t worry about the conversion rate, just enjoy yourself.

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