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November 19, 2012

Farming the fiat

See, here’s the thing, you can only sit in places, in my case it was the Secret Family Courts, for so long, before you are overcome with a feeling.

The feeling in question follows on from the feeling that this is all so fucked up and amateurish and pathetic and these assholes are all so totally useless, before the penny drops.

The system is not “broken” and these people are not trying to fix it but failing due to their incompetence and greed.

The system is in fact working exactly as it is supposed to, which is WHY it isn’t being changed.

You can then take this observation and apply it to other areas of life, for example tha banking and financial system, it isn’t broken, it is doing what it is supposed to do.

All it took was a misleading label and mission statement to fool you and suck you in.

Just as the title of this piece says, farming the fiat (currency), the present banking and financial system and housing and other bubbles work PERFECTLY, if the REAL aim is to farm the fiat system.

If you look at the financial systems as though they were supposed to provide capital which is used to buy assets and enable production, the system is clearly not working and hasn’t been since 1974 at the very least.

If you look at the financial systems as though they were supposed to maximise cash FLOW through every individual and institutions hands, then the system clearly IS working, and taking a cut of that flow is the farming of the fiat.

I’ve talked before about Vonnegut and men projecting their own beliefs upon the blankness, and then seeing exactly what they expected to see there, and there are innumerable real world examples of this, Roosevelt and Hitler both looked at EXACTLY the same thing, and both walked away with identical results, they both saw evidence to support their own beliefs, even though those beliefs were quite, quite different.

One thing you will learn as you go through life, 99.999% of people only ever have one idea, and like only owning a hammer makes everything look like a nail, only one idea makes everything look like it provides supporting evidence.

Freud only had one idea, man was driven by the reptilian mind, Bernays (Freud’s cousin) only had one idea, groups of people can be controlled by appealing to their emotions, Freud’s daughter Emma only had one idea, fathers want to rape their daughters.

In some cases, these ideas have some applicable truth, the proof is the corporations hired Bernays to get wimminz to smoke, and later to change the definition of democracy itself, and even the definition of “citizen”, and he delivered.

Where all these ideals and idealists and one trick ponies fall down is thinking that for each individual, once you have performed one card trick successfully, you have then defined that person accurately as an individual.

Farming the fiat is another one of these tricks, fact is, it works, but that doesn’t mean you know what you are doing, or understand the complexities of the system you are dabbling in.

The danger, and it is a huge fucking danger, is that instead of the pieces on the board being pieces on the board that the one trick ponies can game, it is a dynamic living and evolving thing, the pieces on the board are living thinking breathing evolving creatures of flesh and blood, and every time the one trick ponies roll the dice and make a move, the pieces do not merely move, they evolve and adapt and learn and change.

More importantly, while you are looking at YOUR pieces, every other piece is evolving, including all the pieces not shown on your board.

More importantly still, your board is unchanging, but the real world is not.

And yet, as always, pulling the strings are groups of influential people who are all essentially just groups of one trick ponies, who have only ever had and whom will only ever have one big idea.

You could in fact substitute all the central bankers with Klingon devotees from a sci-fi fest, you could substitute all the politicians with Jedi devotees, you could substitute all the corporate bosses with Facebook Farmville devotees, and so on, and the overall picture and functioning of the world wouldn’t change that much.

Farming the fiat will end the same way it has always ended. War.

Simply because farming the fiat destroys the fiat, it destroys the currency, utterly.

Naturally enough the only people with the resources to bring in a new currency and monetary policy and exchange are the very same assholes who wrecked the last one, forget all ideas about the mighty US Dollar collapsing and taking the USA and western democracy with it, and rising from the ashes an entirely new Bitcoin based currency run by a completely new set of assholes.

The trouble is nobody will stand still for a transition from, for example, the fucked up US$ and current financial systems, via a monetary collapse Weimar replublic style, to a new US$ and new financial system with new Glass-Steagall, new fraction reserve 10x limits etc etc etc

You gotta have an interlude, and the interlude has to be so bad that everyone will decide to accept the new US$ because it is better than the gold plated tungsten, pressed latinum and bitcoins that is all we have left.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, but 20 million died to make it marketable.

Nota Bene, none of this ongoing cyclic process REQUIRES the gnomes of Zurich, the illuminati, the alien lizard overlords, all it requires is a system where;

  1. Some people only ever have one decent idea in life.
  2. They take that idea an run with it to become one trick ponies.
  3. They find enough external “proofs” that their idea is valid to become even more enamoured in it.
  4. They manage to convince other people, based on these “proofs” that this idea is the way to go.

The rest, as they say, is History, but real history, not the shit we are told, that is just marketing from another one trick pony.


Bernays was approached by an american tobacco manufacturer to address the problem that wimminz didn’t smoke because men did not approve of it, thus cutting the tobacco company’s potential customer base in half.

Bernays went to a shrink, who said that wimminz want a penis, so make the cigarette a penis and it will sell.

Bernays hires some DÉBUTANTES and tells them to march in the New York Parade, and at a pre-arranged signal pull out the cigarettes supplied and light them up.

Bernays then goes to the press and tell them that some SUFFRAGETTES are going to stage a protest with “Torches of Freedom“, so stand at this point in the parade with your press photographers to get the scoop.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Why did the tobacco company hire Bernays?

Well, after all he was the man hired by Woodrow Wilson’s “Committee on Public Information” (sic) to sell the idea of going to war to the American public, and so the phrase “Making Europe safe for Democracy” was born.


February 25, 2012

I have a confession to make…

…it is a dirty little secret, it is something the wimminz and the secret family courts will not accept.

it is the lesson that men learn, or more accurately, what we become when we learn the lessons that the feminazis teach us, that our children are not our own, that our homes are not our own if we cohabit, that our wages are not our own if we marry, etcetera.

The dirty little secret is this;

  • I don’t give a fuck about my female kids, they will inevitably grow up to be skank ho’s, AWALT
  • I don’t, under the circumstances ***, give a fuck about my male kids, they can however come see me when they get to 16

*** = the circumstances where the secret family courts have intervened, and I am offered all the bills and all the shit end of the parental alienation stick, in exchange for a a couple of hours a month with the fruit of my loins.

When people ask me now if I am going to get married again I tell them straight, why should I look after another man’s daughter?

Fact is, my psycho skank ho ex and the feminazi secret family courts have given me something I could never have taken for myself, out of a sense of duty to my kids, despite what a cunt their mother is, and the thing they have given me is a total and complete break from them all.

So the dirty little secret is the cunts have all done me the greatest service that they could have possibly given me, in the current society, with the current feminazi laws and attitudes.

They have not just given me an education and hit me with a clue by four about the state of society, because I was in some danger of losing my cynicism and getting all rosy eyed when dealing with the kids, they have not just given me my freedom from burden and obligation 24/7 and my freedom from all financial obligations, when I was in danger of sucking it all down and spending what it took at least until the youngest hit 16, and probably beyond, they have not just given me unlimited free access to guilt free skank ho cunt, by removing their cock-blocking selves from my life, they have not just given me back my freedom of expression, by removing their disapproving attitudes and presence from my life, they have given me back my sense of FUN, by fucking off out of my life and taking every last fucking thing associated with them out of my life too.

When daughters start sucking cock at 12 and coming home to skank ho mommy pregnant at 14, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

When sons start ruling the roost at 12 and treating skank ho sisters like the filthy sluts they are, and mommy as the bitch that does the laundry etc, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

When skank ho mommy tries to get some replacement cock and has to contend with the fact that she has kids at home and any man stupid enough to take her on knows she is already basically past it at late 40’s and a minimum of 10 more years to go before the youngest is out of her hair, home and purse, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

While the youngest has the next ten years to forget who his daddy is before he comes to a place where he can choose to find his daddy and go see him, that knife cuts bot ways too, I have another ten years to forget who my boys are, and hell it has already been three, and yeah it fades…. and already I don’t give a fuck, because nobody gave me a choice (and I suspect that is how the kids will feel)

So I’m going to skip all the torn another pair of school trousers / fighting with your sister again / stole money from mums purse / sucked on the neighbour girls titties shit, and go straight to the “Wanna grab a beer, son?” stage… I already done all the bowel movements and first steps and first “dada” and all that shit, so I don’t give a fuck about what I am “missing”, I won’t be there.

When my skank ho ex’s freaky broke mother and freaky emigrated father finally kick the bucket and its crocodile tears and funeral time, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

When the skank ho ex’s body collapses they way wimminz in general do, and the way hers will (see a woman in 20 years, look at her mum now, and her mum looked *fucking* rough 12 years ago) and things dry up and stop working and so on, I don’t give  fuck, I won’t be there.

When the economy crashes and times get hard, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

When psycho skank ho ex has to walk or get the bus or train everywhere, which she does now, all weathers, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.
(I’ll be cruising by in my luxury German auto, laughing my fucking ass off at you peasants standing at the bus stop, like I did today…)

When the grass needs cutting, the leaking radiator needs fixing, the rubbish needs taken out, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

Let’s be honest and face it, if you hadn’t thrown all this shit at me, I would have been so busy doing all that other shit that I wouldn’t have had much if any *real* quality time with my kids, being around you would have poisoned all that.

Your attempts to “punish” me by taking your cunt, and everything that came out of it, out of my life, has basically been the greatest favour you could have done me, you have set me free…

…that, is my confession, my dirty little secret.

Comparing what I have now, with some FANTASY IDEAL RELATIONSHIP WITH MY SONS THAT I WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN PERMITTED TO HAVE, not as long as you were around, is not a valid yardstick.

Comparing what I have now with what I would have ACTUALLY been allowed to have if you were still around, that’s the key, and frankly I have had all the good years, as mentioned above, seen the first steps, first potty, first dada, I can miss that interim shit and wait for the first beer together.

That’s my dirty little secret, my confession, and trust me on this, if I had let the cunts even suspect that this was my attitude before all the dust settled and all the court cases were done and false accusations and shit had faded away…. well I wouldn’t be here, they would have done far worse, and I would be dead or inside prison for many years to come.

It was soooooooooooo fucking gratifying when it was finally done and dusted, to be able to let my locked in facial expression go and laugh out loud in their faces, because I could see from the facial expression of my psycho skank ho ex, she still thinks she is the catch, and she is punishing me by separating me from her cunt, and everything that came out of it….  social services, the court, they all think they have put one over on me and put me in my place…

  • NO alimony
  • NO child support payments
  • NO injunctions prohibiting me for certain streets etc
  • NO attachment of earnings
  • NO reporting or disclosing of any of my finances or affairs or business
  • NO monies or assets to be handed over

The home we shared was rented, and I put all MY shit in storage, and called the house clearance people to take EVERYTHING else (except her clothes and some papers, two 4 cubic foot tea chests of stuff that was hers) away.

I don’t see that I came off worst here…. lol

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