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November 16, 2012

Dropping pennies

It is a truism that it is a lot easier to say, with truth, “this is clearly fucked up”, than it is to come up with workable solutions to that same problem.

It is a truism to say that 99% of the bad stuff in any catastrophic event happens in the last 1% of time of that event, long past the point where intervention can avert said event.

It is a truism to say that 99.9% of people are sheeple, preferring to be lead by the nose than to think for themselves.

So let’s take the USA as an example, I could have picked anywhere else in the western world and the details might be different, but the picture would be the same.

The USA guvvmint budget can be divided into three sections;

  1. Discretionary spending, such as roads, infrastructure, education etc
  2. Mandatory spending, such as social security.
  3. Debt servicing, such as paying interest on debts the State owes.

We can draw an analogy here to the average household;

  1. Discretionary spending, such as high tech, take away, cable telly
  2. Mandatory spending, such as food and fuel
  3. Debt servicing, such as paying the mortgage off, or lately paying the interest on your interest only mortgage.

When you get a situation that income drops to below the level of 1 + 2 + 3 then you just have to cut back on #1…. except none of the above did, they just doubled down on more debt and boosted #3

Nota Bene, income does not have to DROP, 1 / 2 / 3 can INCREASE to exceed income, it all ends up the same, less income than expenditure.

When you get a situation that income drops to below the level of 2 + 3, you are what is known as BANKRUPT.

When you have a situation such as we ACTUALLY have now in the western world, where income is insufficient to cover 2 + 3, and yet #1 still hasn’t been cut, AT ALL, then you are what is known as fucking delusional.

So, getting back to the three premises in red at the start.

This is where we are, we are effectively in a financial boat that is holed below the waterline, and the hole is letting in more water than the pumps can pump out, not only this, but we have refused to do anything about the hole below the waterline, or lightening ship, instead we have formed committees to discuss knocking some more holes and calling them “moon pools” or some such shit.

Premise one states that it takes a lot less brains to see that we are fucked, than it does to come up with solutions.

Premise two states that when it all starts to go horribly wrong it will do so in an exponential rush, and by definition this happens long past the point where things can be fixed.

Premise three states that nobody is going to take any steps to address their own personal situation, much less at a community level.


Well, premise zero states that this is just fucking human nature, ever was it thus, why, back when I was running things in Mesopotamia in 5,000 BC via my puppet leader Sargon, people were just the fucking same.

Fast forward to 2012 AD and what do we have? Two choices.



Implement DRASTIC and BRUTAL cuts to discretionary expenditure, make VAST changes to mandatory expenditure, and sit down with those owe a debt and lay it all out, either a 75% haircut on the debt or a moratorium on ALL further interest payments until the capital owing is CLEARED IN FULL.

This means cutting out COMPLETELY all spending on the military, all spending on education, all spending on social services, all spending on local government.

Those of you in the military take home what hardware you can carry, you are now the militia which will defend the state.

Those of you in education now work directly for the parents, if you can convince them to employ you.

Those of you in local government the same.

Mandatory spending like social security and health cut to the bone, basic state dole of US$100 per person per week, which sole purpose is you do not have to steal to live and so be a burden on society…. medicare employs only frontline professionals, doctors and nurses, NO FUCKER ELSE.

Then you address the debt, either we (USA) cut debt to 25% of what it is and freeze the interest rate until it is paid off, or we pay off the capital only, and once it is paid down to zero, no more rights, EVER, to borrow any more fucking money.


Start a war.


Option 2 beats option 1 because option 1 means going against those three red premises at the top, and you know, being personally as unpopular as a paedophile in a kindergarten.

Option 2 means you can claim some OTHER fucker is the paedo in the nursery, THEY started it.

Prace bets now…. Banzai

October 14, 2012

who’d a thunk it

There is a thing that I find that wimminz are incredibly bad at, and mainly they are incredibly bad because everyone else LETS them get away with that shit, and that thing is accepting that actions have personal consequences.

Actions having personal rewards the wimminz are all over, no problemo there.

Actions having personal consequences, different story bro…

So lets talk about two things;

1/ The definition of a “single person

2/ The definition of “eligibility” for Housing benefit.

Housing benefit is a UK benefit paid to individuals who are either not working, or on a low wage, to go towards their rent etc.

Back in the day when almost anyone was entitled to this benefit, a lot of wannabe landlords and property developers realised that splitting a three bedroom house into three separate one room studios or flats would generate more rent money than leaving it as a three bedroom house, rent money that would ultimately be paid for by the state purse in the form of housing benefit.

Said one bed properties were all too small to swing a cat, and god help you if you owned more that two suitcases worth of shit, because the place would be crowded.

You can see how a single law can spawn a whole subculture of property developers, builders, rental agents, buy-to-let landlords, you name it.

So they change the law, from the beginning of this year if you were less than 25 years of age you were no longer “eligible” for housing benefit, so shared accommodation or bedsits for you, and from the beginning of next year they are raising this to 35 years of age.

Suddenly there are all sorts of one bedroom flats for sale, and not selling, as the buy to let landlords try to get out of the market, what use is a 33 year old prospective tenant and single person, who is no longer entitled to claim Housing Benefit, and thus be able to afford the huge and insane rents being charged by landlords…

At the simple stroke of a pen, a law dealing with Housing benefit entitlement affects landlords, property developers, builders and property maintenance, letting agents, mortgage firms, and of course prospective tenants and single persons, and indeed anyone else living on a street where three bedroom properties have been converted to one bed flats.

The legal definition here is having your own front door and key, you can put locks on each bedroom door and rent them out as bed-sits or studios or whatever, but if everyone uses the same front door and has a key to that front door then it is “multi occupancy”.

Multi occupancy has lots of problems, quite apart from the domestic arrangements of shared cooking and washing facilities and theft and dirt, it is not YOURS, so you cannot get contents insurance, you cannot enter into any agreements with a service supply company for power or broadband, and of course many of the legal protections that apply to TENANTS do not apply to you….

So a stroke of a pen changes who can get this Housing benefit from “anyone entitled” to “nobody under 35 who is single”

If you are a man under 35 this means you’d better enter into a relationship PDQ, and in reality this means a relationship with a wimminz, so one false DV accusation later and you’re fucking homeless again.

If you are a wimminz under 35 this means you’d better get pregnant PDQ, or have a series of guys every six months who you falsely accuse of DV once you’ve been assessed and granted your HB for the next six months.


Now, I am NOT leaping to defend the old system, which was designed to be abused, but when the efforts to save 3 billion pounds a year in Housing benefit alone are all basically targeted at ALL single males between the ages of 16 and 35, because the wimminz have a selection of get out clauses that the men can NEVER invoke, you just gotta ask, what the fuck are you thinking?

Are you TRYING to stir up social unrest?

Are you TRYING to start another glut of single skank ho mommies on state benefits?

Are you TRYING to help the devil find work for idle hands?



May 23, 2012

No “players” please, just clueless newbs.

It’s been a funny old week, for one I am seeing more and more wimminz who have been on PoF for a year or so just say fuck it and re-write their profile from “dating” or “long term” etc. to “intimate encounter“…. I did mention it before, but her mentality and all that, I am seeing it more and more lately.

Let’s face it, fuck-buddy / FWB is the lowest opening bid in the relationship stakes a wimminz can place on the table, you either have to be very confident, not give a fuck about chump change, or desperate to play at those stakes, I will leave it to the reader to guess which applies to the wimminz.

I also just had an interesting conversation with an FWB that I blew out, she was shocked by it, assuming she was “doing enough” to keep it going, whereas I said your attitude just didn’t make me feel like my cock was that special to you…. lolol…  so I mentioned something about pastures green, if you could get to them past all the wimminz on PoF who specifically stated that they did not want players / had kissed a lot of frogs etc… and she laughed, and said something interesting.

She said “yeah, that’s because you lot (players) don’t buy our bullshit.

So in effect “no players” is not saying “I do not want a man who sees me as a fuck-buddy“, but rather it is saying “I want a man who still buys MY version of reality and doesn’t question it“, where her version of reality is that she is a cuddly sexy nice and trustworthy and reliable person, whereas the real version of reality is she has already fucked some guy over in a divorce, leopards never change their spots, and the only possible reason to spend any time in her company is to be dumping some cum in her holes.

Being pre-selected as “unsuitable to fuck” by these wimminz is not actually any kind of insult or reflection upon me, it means that I am projecting EXACTLY the right image of myself along the wimminz grapevine in PoF, where the wimminz themselves are self selecting themselves and elimination us as possible fuck-buddies, while doing so in such a way that it is DEMONSTRABLY their choice… no possible future hassles for me.

But, the title of this piece could equally be applied to many other things, such as financial markets, or say the political system in Greece, and while I cannot prove it or demonstrate it, it is quite clear to me that to the wimminz on PoF the “man market” is about the same as the “buyers market” for someone trying to sell a house in Spain, there are a LOT of fuckers out there peering at the cards in the agents’ windows, but no fucker is actually buying, and those on BOTH sides of the glass know exactly what is going on, even if neither of them admit it openly.

Just as there are people who claim all sorts of supposed “attractive features” for a property, and then state a totally ludicrous asking price, there are wimminz on PoF who claim all sorts of supposed “attractive features” (hang on, isn’t it supposed to me MY fucking decision if you are sexy or not… etc) and then state a totally ludicrous “asking price”, eg specification for the man who will be “lucky enough” to be “rewarded” with her becoming your parasite…  but just as in the real estate agent markets, everyone knows that THAT house is never going to sell for a fraction of that fucking money, and that anyone stupid enough to pay even a quarter of the asking price will lose his fucking shirt even if he flips it in a week.

Especially when it isn’t a “one owner from new” house, but a flop-house / motel, which is what “kissed too many frogs” is an explicit admission of, they may as well say “Village Bike” on the first line of their adverts, doesn’t matter how well it is preserved or how hot it may once have been, everyone knows everyone else has ridden it, so like the flop-house / motel, the only possible reason for buying it is if you can buy it cheap enough to turn a profit… no way you would want to move in YOURSELF….

Expect big daddy State to get just as freaky and insane in the defence of the wimminz as it is in the housing ponzi scheme, according to the slit Lagarde at the IMF the Bank of England base rate of 0.5% is way too high, and the reason that the UK housing market has stagnated, so the BoE is supposed to lower interest rates for home loans, to maybe 0.0%… I shit you not… I have no idea how this is supposed to work, when even interest only repayment liar loans stopped working, but it should GIVE YOU A FUCKING CLUE WHAT IS TO COME.

Like the housing ponzi scheme the wimminz ponzi scheme has not yet collapsed, because nobody dare mention zat ze emperor, he has no clothes, because the whole things got so fucking crazily out of control, that there is no fucking way to get a soft readjustment, the only way forwards is a hard crash, and the more it is postponed the wore it will be, but kick the can down the road they do.

But the fact is that the wimminz ponzi scheme is getting ever more fragile, and it is getting ever more difficult to maintain the illusion, and it is going to be a stone cold bitch when it resets, because in effect the wimminz ponzi scheme IS the fucking State apparatus, the wimminz ARE the apparatchicks (sic)

So the house that has been “For Sale” for three years for £195,950 is still for sale, but now the sign says “No offer refused”, or “Auction” but a no reserve one where it gets market to market, because EVEN IF IT IS WORTH NOTHING, THE CURRENT OWNERS WITH TO DIVEST THEMSELVES OF THE ONGOING MAINTENANCE AND EXPENSES AND LIABILITIES.

And so it will be with the wimminz, and we may see this first in Greece or Spain if the State collapses in those places…  the wimminz who are nurses or secretaries may find themselves employable, but they will be marked to market and the rest of the wimminz on the State tit will be simply discarded.

At that point far from the “not a bad pair of tits” on a 40 year old body coming with a ludicrous “asking price”, even getting into the table to place the “intimate encounter” / will fuck for free no strings lowest opening bid is going to be one over subscribed motherfucker.

Which brings me to the OTHER thing I am seeing on PoF, while many of the wimminz who failed to sell their properties on the dating and long term relationship markets are sliding over to the intimate encounter / lowest opening bid sector, the ones already there are doubling down.

What can you do to beat a “will fuck for free” lowest opening bid?

“Will fuck / threesome for free” of course, and I am seeing it.

Got a fucking roof with running water and electricity and heating and the ability to feed an extra two mouths?

Sooner than you may think, that may be enough to be an alpha dog with the wimminz competing to be one of the two you offer shelter to.

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