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October 21, 2013

Flying pigs, part two

In part one I mentioned Calhoun’s mice metropolis experiments, and the point that I kinda thought “everyone knew about this“, until I realised the truth was nearer “nobody under 50 has heard about this“, due to a post on another blog that drew parallels to Calhoun’s “beautiful ones” and the phenomenon which is known in Japan as “grass eaters”

In the mice metropolis experiment, these mice *looked* bloody good physically, but far from preserving themselves in readiness to exploit the die off, they died off too… they couldn’t handle *any* change from the existence they had forged.

The, to me, most important points of Calhoun’s experiment will likely be missed by those it is new to.. so, let me summarise…

  1. Mice heaven was divided into 16 equal segments, and each segment could provide for all the needs of up to 200 mice… for a theoretical maximum of 3,200.
  2. The experiment started with 4 or 6 mice, I forget which now.
  3. Each segment was identical, even down to provision of water and food.
  4. Nevertheless, the peak population never got beyond 2,200
  5. There were ***NO*** survivors of the die off phase.
  6. The population clustered, it didn’t spread out equally across the 16 zones.

point #5 is the one, this wasn’t some theoretical computer based life simulation based on foxes and rabbits etc, and *nobody* in the experiment expected it to end in extinction.

Sadly in 2013 if google hasn’t indexed it, it doesn’t exist, so it is only in my memory, not a link you guys can follow,  that Calhoun said in an interview much later that it was almost like god / dna / darwin was watching, growth expanded to fill most of the space, eventually realised that this was a closed system with no way to breach the boundaries, and so the same grow and expand triggers that made the population squabble, ended up just turning off the lights and going to sleep and never waking again.

In effect, there were not enough possible moves or options left for the mice to evolve, it was a monoculture, and at some point some inbuilt trigger in dna flipped over to extinction.

Not all species that become extinct do so solely because they cannot eat and breed fast enough to overcome predation and environmental changes, many species that should have been able to carry on just quit.

Not enough moves left in the game.

Which makes an interesting thought experiment

If these grass eaters, or “men going ghost” / MGTOW, are a direct analogy to the beautiful mice, then they are not a sign that marxism / feminism has had its day, but that homo sapiens has had its day.

Time for the next evolutionary step.

Homo makemeasammichbitch

The bit everyone forgets from Idiocracy is the obvious fact that if Not Sure hadn’t stopped them from irrigating the crops with Brawndo, everyone would have been dead, pronto, even before the remaining functioning stuff fell into dust and killed them that way.

OK, Earth isn’t a closed system / monoculture, so species extinction, maybe not, species speciation, maybe so, maybe so with bells on.

Maybe we are in the middle of such a speciation right now.

Certainly, as far as I can tell, wimminz and niggerz aren’t actually human, it is far more useful to think of them as some sort of alien body snatcher copies, they just imitate rational thinking beings, rather than having any ability to indulge in individual rational thought themselves.

It is interesting that in sci-fi whenever there is a call for a creature that copies the host organism, said creature always takes on the appearance of a human female… the *only* exception I can think of is an early English sci-fi film in which the creatures took on the appearance of young pre pubescent boys… it ended with a famous scene of the guy imagining a brick wall to avoid thinking about the bomb in the suitcase that would wipe them out.

As we now know, there is at best a vague and passing *positive* link between brain size and complexity, and intellect.

In my travels and in my life I have met some very very important and wealthy and influential people, and with truly rare exceptions I have come away with a profound impression of disturbing levels of stupidity, just a sense of “them and us” that makes any imagined psychopathy in what I wrote above look like a candle next to a bonfire.

To sum up.

I have never taken up the mantle of myself as being a PUA or having mastered game, it just does not sit right with me.

Nor does the whole grass-eater / MGTOW thing

I would caution men who are dissatisfied with the legal and social systems in place today, that MGTOW may not be something to aspire to, it may be nothing more than dropping out and spending your remaining time ensuring that you make a handsome corpse, for about 3 hours until morbidity sets in.

Perhaps, instead, aspire to evolving yourself into a different creature altogether, a shape-shifter that can pretend it is human, but unlike the wimminz and niggerz, the camouflage is not to conceal the lack of a functioning brain, but the presence of a keenly analytical brain.

June 25, 2012

The 55 gallon red pill.

Since I have just about been asked for the 99th time so far this year, fuck it, this is where I alienate EVERYONE, with the biggest and baddest red pill on planet earth.

Leave now, and read no further, unless you want your mind altered forever…

Still here?

OK, here we go then.

Hopefully you will have accepted by now that AWALT, All Wimminz Are Like That, and internalised the consequences of that realisation.

Thing is, the rabbit hole goes MUCH deeper, and that is where we are going now, what makes AWALT.

What has really prompted the !99! similar questions, is the never ending succession of wimminz in the news and in trouble for fucking their students, fucking their sons, fucking the neighbourhood donkey, fucking the local football team in a gang-bang, etc etc.

I have at one time or another fucked just about every type of wimminz out there, and I have come to the conclusion that deep down, for values of deep that may vary from needing a glass of vodka to needing no excuse at all, all wimminz will fuck absolutely anything, no limits whatsoever.

Where the 55 gallon red pill comes into play is all wimminz know this, to them it is like the little devil on their shoulder whispering in their ear, and on the other shoulder is the little devil of public perception, telling her not to do that, because it will make her a slut in they eyes of other wimminz.

So all wimminz are constantly torn, like an alcoholic working as a bartender, between this one voice telling them to drink the fucking place dry, and the other voice warning them that nobody likes a lush for a bartender.

It is this constant internal conflict that makes the wimminz crazy, and is the supercharged big block driving their hamster wheel, and this is where all their projection onto evil men and dead beat dads and paedophiles and rapists come from, the wimminz just naturally assume that men will do these things, because after all, THEY would.

Once you swallow THIS 55 gallon red pill, ALL the wimminz psycho behaviour becomes apparent, when one wimminz discovers another wimminz has been fucking her man, blame the man, because there is no point blaming the other wimminz (hate on her by all means) because the other wimminz is driven by the same urges to fuck anything.

There used to be an old series of adverts for a vermouth with the brand name of Cinzano.

The tagline was “Any time, any place, any where.

And that basically sums up the wimminz little devil on their shoulder, but it omits the “Any thing” it has to be said.

God fucking help you if you end up with your ex wimminz going to the police against you, because guess what, if the allegations involve domestic violence or sexual abuse the police in question will also be wimminz.

The social workers who then get involved in the “welfare” of your kids will be wimminz.

Chances are, you ex’s lawyers will also be wimminz.

If you are having a REALLY shit day, the judge may also be a wimminz.

NO ACCUSATION OR ALLEGATION OR CLAIM made to any of these other wimminz by your ex will be seen as insane and fucked up beyond all belief and too far fetched to take seriously.

If you psycho skank ho ex claims you made her blow the donkey in the yard so that you could upload it to youtube, all these other wimminz will INSTANTLY buy it, because all of them, including your psycho skank ho ex, will fuck ANY THING, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE, ANY WHERE in true Cinzano girl style, they ALL have that little devil on their shoulder, and remember, all these people are paid NOT to judge your psycho skank ho ex, so the devil on her other shoulder just got told to shut the fuck up.

If your psycho skank ho ex claims you also fucked her sister and her (adult) daughter, they will all believe it, because they all would.

If your psycho skank ho ex claims you are probably planning on fucking her sisters (adult) sons, and husband, they will probably believe it, because they all would.

If your psycho skank ho ex claims you are probably planning on fucking her and her sisters underage sons and daughters too, they will probably believe it, because they all would.

If you psycho skank ho ex claims you are probably planning to fuck your OWN underage kids, they will probably believe it, because they all would.

If you psycho skank ho ex claims you are probably planning to fuck all the pets and livestock in the area, and all the vegetable down the mall, and every other object and piece of furniture you can get you hands on, they will probably believe it, because they all would.

And this, SPECIFICALLY, is the 55 gallon red pill, human beings only readily accept and believe shit that they themselves would do or have done, or have thought about doing, or had urges to do.

Authority and control are to wimminz what medication is to a fruitcake, what cuffs and manacles are to a violent criminal, what the gallows is to a murderer.

Taking authority and control away from a wimminz is like taking a fruitcake off their meds, all they have left are the voices in their head, saying fuck anything, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

I have never actually caught myself in a situation where I over-estimated how low and dirty a wimminz was prepared to go, or had gone, morally…. without exception, every single time I thought I might have, some other “new low” came out, “yeah, when I said “threesome” I actually meant with my brother and stepbrother…” it was only a matter of waiting long enough… and beyond every story they will ADMIT, there are at least three further levels of depravity to the basement that they are NEVER going to admit to.

No, it’s not rape and incest, it is “genetic attraction“, and all the wimminz and niggers buy that shit, because hey, they can relate, so the bitch gets 4 years for making porn with her own underage son.

August 18, 2011

Kicking the can down the road.

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I thought about adding this to the Head Candy section, but perhaps not, perhaps it is too extreme, nobody is ready for it.

Nobody is ready because we all want what we want, but we don’t want to see the big picture.

Politicians / bankers, they are no different to the man in the street, nobody wants to look at or address the problems, much preferring to kick the can down the road and postpone the issue indefinitely, or as long as possible, tomorrow never comes.

I myself over the past few years have been stunned by how much society at large is prepared to ignore the realities in exchange for some comfort today, but then again I did not live through the nineteen-twenties, and however much I say to myself “OK, This represents the new collective human high water mark of stupidity.” it seems only a month or two has to pass before something comes along to raise the stupidity high water mark… it is almost like everyone is actively competing in Olympic stupidity, and the prizes are awarded today, just for competing, all you can eat, live now pay later, tomorrow never comes.

One group wibbles about bankers, another group wibbles about rioters, another group wibbles about feminazism and family breakdown, another group wibbles about politics, another group wibbles about resources and peak oil.

They are all facets of the truth, like individual pieces of a mosaic, but taken alone they are just chips of stone, things only become relevant when you see them as a dynamic part of a dynamic conglomeration, with positive and negative feedback loops and interconnection between all things.

The bankers / rioters / feminazism / family breakdown / politics / resources one trick ponies are all right, all these areas suffer severe problems, but the big mosaic is that thing we call civilisation, not as in civilised behaviour, but as in modern technological civilisation, the ability to click a switch and get heat, the ability to get x bushels of wheat per acre, the ability to travel at 100 mph for one hour in one direction, and civilisation / standards of living follows one thing more closely than anything else.

That thing is not an imaginary thing like a fiat currency, or a political goal or ideal, or family values, or the value of aluminium or gold per kilo… that thing is a totally physical thing, real world basic physics like and related to the acceleration due to gravity at the Earth’s surface, 9.81 metres per second squared.

That thing is the amount of ENERGY that each individual human being has at their command and disposal per day. Energy comes in many forms, calories, BTU, kWh, gallons of diesel, it is all the same and convert-able from one to another.

At its most basic the average human body has an energy budget of around 100 watts, or around 2.4 kWh per day… with that you can hunt on foot, plant crops by hand, harvest by hand, dig by hand, this is the stone age.

Modern civilisation takes around 1,100 watts, or around 26.5 kWh per human per day, and this is like stall speed of an aircraft, you cannot cut back and cut back and simply fly slower and get there later, there is always a cusp, cross that threshold and you simply fall out of the sky, then you have to fall back on trains, cross that threshold and you have to fall back to feet.

Like the physical laws of gravity, these are physical laws of energy, you need trains and ships running well before you can build aircraft, simply to provide the infrastructure to keep those aircraft flying…

But as a society we are simultaneously kicking so many cans down the road, and actually addressing nothing more important than window dressing, that the bankers / rioters / feminazis / family breakdown / politicians / corporates / etc we all individually dislike will ALL go to the wall, and we will ALL go to the wall with them, when this modern technological society hits that per capita per diem energy bump / stall speed, a physical real world problem that simply cannot be legislated away.

In 1973 during the power cuts I saw people going around supermarkets in the UK with candles on the trolleys, this was doable, because many goods were tinned, tills were electromechanical devices and anyway the checkout girls could add and subtract, and all transactions were made in cash, and pen and paper was a viable fall-back.

In 2011 it is a different planet, most of the goods are not tinned, are not even made in this country, tons of stuff is frozen, just in time inventory, imported, the tills and stock and everything else is computerised, even the payment is electronic, nobody can add up, the supermarket is either closed or looted.

Millions of people in the UK would, if / when 1973 style power cuts come back, instantly lose access to the electronic bank accounts their salaries are paid into, the electronic vehicle and home insurance policies, the electronic cash money that they could in theory use as a substitute, but our current economy simply does not have the infrastructure to go back to a cash economy, we can’t even transport and process and redistribute the cash and coins, nor do we have sufficient cash and coin in circulation.

Russia had this, doctors and engineers and miners and drivers reporting to work, but not being paid from one month to the next, but they reported to work anyway because they knew that if they did not modern society would collapse.

And during these times Russia essentially suffered an energy shortage per capita, it is not one leads or causes the other, they go hand in hand, per capita energy shortages and economic collapse.

Yes, I will get my collapsed and defunct secret family courts, you over there will get your bankers high diving off the 20th floor, you over there will get your politicians sinking into the mire, you over there will get your corporates going broke and rusting away, you over there will get your feminazis reduced to offering all holes sex for a bread roll, you over there will get your rioters strung up from lamp posts.

And then we will all get the only thing that can get us out of that shit, strong, ruthless and powerful men, only some of whom are interested in getting us out of the mess, most of whom are interested in personal power, but we all will support them, because we will all know there is no alternative.

If we are very, very, very lucky, we will find ourselves living in a place where technological solutions are sought, where every single aspect of modern technological life today is redrawn from scratch for vastly greater economy and efficiency, where for example the internal combustion motor car is replaced with something that does the same job for one third the energy consumption per man/mile, where the computer device that consumes 100 watts is replaced with one that does the same job on 10 watts, where house insulation is sorted so our homes lose only 10% of the heat they do now, where a 10 watt electroluminescent ceiling panel is sufficient to light a room, where hot water is produced on demand, and 40 degrees Celsius is hot enough, where electrical power generation is >98% nuclear, and if it has to be a dirty radioactive leaking plant thrown up and running in 18 months, maybe even a series of cheapo nuke plants built on barges and moored in every port and river…  until the thorium plants come on line, themselves only a stop-gap until the fusion plants are perfected and come on line, then that (pollution) is one of the unavoidable costs….

Water will have to be purified and redistributed locally, food will have to be grown locally, hydroponics will come in in a big way, multi-storey hydroponics farms lit by nuclear powered halogen lights…. job there for the urban weed growers.

THIS civilisation we have now will die, no question of that, the only question is will you or I be fortunate enough to live in a place that grows a new civilisation out of the ashes of this one, or will you or I be unfortunate enough to live in a place that simply collapses into feudalism.

Much of this will depend upon your own personal technical ability and education, are you employable, do you have something to contribute, or are you quite happy being a telephone sanitation engineer, or wimminz shelter manager, or financial planner / consultant etc.

And all this without even factoring in a long overdue global pandemic or global war.

Ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.

Times are about to get very interesting indeed.
Consent not required.
Participation not optional.

The process has already started, we are just too close to the trees to see the wood, or the cans being kicked down the roads.

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