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February 16, 2013

Show me something new, for fuck’s sake

Depending where you go, you will get a lot of shit about fucking lots of different wimminz, just a PUA loser blah blah blah….

In a not too dissimilar vein, a guy who has worked 10 jobs a year for the last 10 years knows a damn sight more about companies and employment and hiring and so on than the guy who has worked one job.

If there is one thing banging lots of chicks teaches you it is that the range of their bullshit is as limited and unimaginative as the range of the HR departments in the 100 different companies in the other example above… cookie cutter bullshit.shit

No pwintheth, your cwithith ithn’t sthpethial just because it features you in the starring role.

Nor is it new, different, interesting, entertaining, cute, sexy, sassy or anything else.

There was a bar I knew years ago, I once ever had a drink there, just to be the only customer, I used to drink next door, which was packed to the rafters, the first place used to open at 10 am and close at 3 am, so open for 17 hours straight 7 days a week.

They played Fawlty Towers, non stop, back to back, nothing else, so while I quite liked Fawlty, you have to remember they only ever made twelve episodes, each running about half an hour… so about seven hours of programming, on a loop, 17 hours a day, 119 hours a week, I subconsciously learned more Fawlty script sitting next-door in the busy bar than I ever did actually watching the shit or re-reruns on telly.

Sit me down today and put Fawlty on and it leaves me stone cold dead, bored fucking shitless, yo had better be PAYING my fucking ass a per hour rate to sit here and watch this shit, and it better be a lot, and fuck it I don’t need the money kthxbye

Yeah I know pwinthethth, you think your shit and your drama and your ass is all new, it ain’t, it’s just another tired old re-run, heard it all before, seen it all before, trust me I wish you did have some new shit to pull, I might stick around just to see it, out of novelty value.

But no, it is the same old same old.

And *****THAT***** is why, when you decide that you are worth more than I am interested in giving you or taking from you, your passing bothers me just exactly about as much as the fact that I am not sat outside that bar listening to fucking fawlty fucking towers re-runs all day long.

Bitches complain that guys pester them and just won’t leave them alone and all that jazz, but when you actually do do the KTHXBYE and move on and never contact them again, what happens is they go through a whole range of entitled princess shit, waiting for you to text, can’t believe he ain’t gonna text, fuck me he really ain’t gonna text, god-DAMN he really really isn’t gonna text, and now I have left it waaaay to late to text him cos he’ll know etc etc etc

Meanwhile back in the real world of my life all the drama is as unique an interesting as the dialogue in Fawlty.. “is no rat, is hamster”  ha-fucking-ha

No bitch, when I ask you what YOU have to offer ME, fawlty re-runs starring you as Sybil don’t cut it, but it’s all avoidance and same old same old subterfuge, because when it comes right down to it, and the question becomes what do YOU have to offer ME bitch, that’s the question they don’t want to acknowledge, because that particular piggy bank is quite empty, and always has been.

At that point they may try and emulate the little boy in the sweet shop with no money, all cute and maybe the shopkeeper will take pity, but what they are is the penniless hobo trying to gain admission to a good restaurant, it ain’t pretty.

One of my common refrains to wimminz who try to get a little close is “I will not accept less than you have previously given away for free” which is all very nice and logical, but it is very tough, because it is only a few very short steps from nice young virgin, to has had a cock in every hole at least once, to has had two, and before you know it there is fuck all new to offer me, and you sure as fucking shit better not even THINK about offering me less, because that is a personal insult, because that rates me a lower than these guys you gave it away for free to, and where are they now bitch?

Again, a common feature of all these scenarios is when the penny starts dropping miss motormouth bitch who could talk for hours without pausing or drawing breath suddenly sees words like she is shitting cactus plants, the smaller the better, the fewer the better.

you get 4 and 5 word sentences, and short words, not many letters, not many syllables.

yeah, you can walk away, but it bothers me as much as the penniless hobo who didn’t get in to my restaurant, I’m going to miss you as much as the turd I flushed down to the coast yesterday.

Welcome to the brave new world, where there is no more play before pay, where there is no more liar loan self certification, or promises to pay that are never cashed in.

In this brave new world we cut out all the shit before you even get to sit down at the negotiating table, because my business model isn’t hurt one iota if nobody ever sits at that negotiating table.

Universally, if they ever get to this point, wimminz will all say the same thing, they will say “WHAT DO YOU WANNA HEAR?” well bitch, I don’t wanna HEAR shit, I wanna SEE shit, we are so far beyond talk…. some, will be self aware enough to know they have nothing of value to offer you, and will struggle with that concept.

But get this, this is still the negotiation table, ALL we do at this table is negotiate, there is no guarantee of any kind of deal or sale, all we have been doing to date is ensuring that the two people sat at the negotiating table are dealing honestly, and whether or not a deal is done, no hard feelings either way.

What, the wimminz cry, MORE fucking hoops to jump through… so don’t jump bitch, walk your skanky ass outta here.

The kind of guy we are describing here… he is the fucking anti-christ to feminazis… so think of it like being mosquito repellent, and the mosquitoes trying the shaming language, dude, if you weren’t so smelly and dirty you’d be sooooooo much more attractive to us.

Just because something got through the mosquito repellent doesn’t mean you want it on your skin, but, and this is an important but, almost 99.999% of those things that you would not mind at all being on your skin will be repelled by a guy they see associating with mosquitoes.

Fucking fat skanky hoes is like riding a Honda 90, it’s better than walking but no other fucker ever better see you do it…. if you ever do it in public the hotter wimminz will avoid you like the fucking plague you are.

I’m not saying any of these bitches are prize material, but at least you can sit down at the negotiating table with them, which is more than you can say for mosquitoes…

It isn’t new, but it isn’t as old and tired as the same old same old re-run dreck all the other wimminz come out with, and brothers just because you can make this classification / separation, don’t even go anywhere near thinking you are on track to the elusive NAWALT filter…. it doesn’t fucking exist.

It isn’t new, but it does give you time to get on with your life, and not spend it swatting mossies, or worse still thinking they are butterflies and chasing after them with a net…

It isn’t new, but at least you can go to sleep at night knowing you haven’t played a part in maintaining the entitlement pwinthethth  syndrome out there is la-la-land, which they hilariously call real life…

It isn’t new, but it does give you the time and patience to flick through some other wimminz channels, and see some other re-runs, some of which you have only seen a few times, perhaps few enough you have nothing better to do that watch this one once more, hell, it keeps your balls drained and your status in the world reaffirmed, that’s a good thing.

November 30, 2012

There are no good girls gone bad, only bad girls found out….

This (the title) is a phrase that I have heard so many times I have lost count from wimminz, and never ever from a man. It’s actually a quote from Mae West
(“A hard man is good to find.” & “It’s not the men in my life, it’s the life in my men” are others of “hers”)

One of the interesting things about Mae West is to my knowledge no nude photos of her exist anywhere, apart from a few infamous fakes, and of course the rumour is that “she” was actually “he”, to be specific a TV…. in fact it was allegedly the fact that she was actually a he that formed the foundation of the 1926 obscenity conviction that launched “her” career.

And so via Stan Boardman and the germans bombing our chip shops, I want to relate the story of two men I knew personally, now dead.

What they had in common was they both hated yanks.

The first guy was an RAF pilot, flying Mosquito’s in the pathfinder squadrons.

The way he told it, the yanks helped the war effort by sending over thousands of untrained young men in B17 Flying Fortresses to bolster Bomber Command, the problem was, these young yanks literally were in his eyes totally untrained, they lacked even basic skills and they lacked all forms of experience under fire.

This meant that their navigation was crap (no GPS back then, it was all dead reckoning and navigation by stars, the ground was blacked out, so if you couldn’t do that you flew by day) so the first few missions each new squadron of B17’s was sent on, Bob was sent in the Mosquito and the yanks played follow my leader to the target.

Of course all the Germans knew this so they tried to shoot him down, and the yanks knew this, so the forward gunners would try to keep the Germans off him, and often their .30 cal rounds flew straight through his plywood plane without even slowing down.

He was the only one of his pathfinder squadron to survive that tour, he lost two copilots and three navigators, two of them to .30 cal.

The second guy was in Korea, the French hadn’t quite left, and the yanks had only just arrived, of course this became “vietnam” later, but after his squad had been decimated several times over, his lasting and repeated memory / nightmare was the yanks on the flank opening up on full auto, cries of “more ammo” and that followed by “fall back”, meanwhile he and his lads with their single shot weapons still had ammo left, but had to fall back with exposed flanks, hence the regular decimation.

I was reminded of this because I met a chap who has been a professional soldier and then a professional merc for all his life, just back from afdiggastan, and he was basically telling the exact same story, the yanks sending in green troops and treating them as being as expendable as the ordinance they carried… which reminded me of the two chaps above and their stories… but this chap went on to say that the British Army troops he was assigned to were just as green and treated as just as expendable by their brass as the yanks.

He’s now been hired by the Chinese to go to north east Africa….

Like many professional soldiers he is very much the military historian, and says it is no coincidence that the lessons of the first world war were learned by the brass, officers no longer lead from the front and stand in front of “anonymous” ranged weapons held by the troops… at least in the west, he notes that many of the people he is fighting have an “officer” cadre equivalent that does indeed lead from the front, and has no fear of being shot in the back.

The difference between this chap, and the two above, is this chap is far more cosmopolitan, far less insular, than they ever were. When he was a boot he hated the French for selling effective weapons to the “enemy” he was fighting, and what changed wasn’t that he got older, he just got a lot more experienced and wiser.

You see the parallel here to the Mae West quote, the good girls did not go bad, they just got found out, and only a more experienced man who has taken the red pill is capable of finding them out.

In my own family we still have someone who hates the Japanese, only in the last 10 years he has allowed any Japanese electronics in his home, we had aa family friend who felt the same way. Our family member was ordered to stay behind when Singapore fell and report on the Japs activity, the family friend just didn’t get out, and was sent to the Burma Railway, where he had an especially humiliating experience, being a 6 foot 6 blonde… he was paraded around and used as an example.

The only time the family member got REALLY angry with me was when I, as a small boy, asked him why he stayed behind, after all it wasn’t the Japs that caused him his suffering (he was listed as MIA presumed dead for a year) but his own brass who basically handed him a suicide mission, stay behind and report as long as you can.

He flew into a rage about duty and honour and obeying orders.

Again, parallels to myself when facing an FRA and child custody battle with the psycho skank ho ex, basically we were both reacting with anger in preference to questioning the nature of the blue pill we had been eating quite happily up until that point.

It’s a bit like the video above, once you realise (it is a true story) that the Polish air ace whose life was being honoured (This Is Your Life) may well have spoken English with a foreign accent, but when he said Fokkers he meant Fuckers, because he had been there and knew the difference between a Fokker and a Messerschmitt, after all he had been shot at by both, it makes the misconceptions of the presenter of TIYL plain as day blue pill lack of experience.


October 21, 2012

oh the gift that god would gi’ us

to see ourselves as others see us.

To 99% of the population this would not be a gift, but the very worst curse, undoing the very thing they spend most of their lives doing, trying to get others to see us as we think we should be seen.

My name is Clint Thigh and you may now form an orderly queue to kiss my ass.

Take the image on the right, a well used and totally bladdered ass and cunt, so what the fuck is the point in the slut false nails, which in any event are a huge turn off for me, how is a fucking manicure or a $200 hairstyle going to help?

What does SHE think we see when we look at this, or does she give a fuck as long as someone buys the video, or her current boyfriend is saving all that money on gloves for the winter…

But Burns wasn’t just talking about vision and sight, he was talking about perception and worth, so we have a situation like the slut above, and the way she is trying to get us to see her, and what we see when we look at her, and us.

If you look at that critically it is PersonA <> Filter <> Filter <> PersonB, so the only shit that makes the journey from one side to the other is stuff that just passed through two sets of filters.

If PersonA is Barry Manilow and PersonB is founder member of the Barry Manilow Fan Club then those two filters aren’t very challenging, which doesn’t mean they do no filter like a motherfucker, it just means both filters are pretty similar in what they will pass.

If we make PersonB Charles Bronson (no, not that one, this one) we may then make quite different assumptions, and we may be completely wrong, because our assumptions are, you guessed it, based on the filtered and pre-conceived impression we have already made.

Problems and hurt feelings usually ensue about 2 nanoseconds after PersonB fails to perceive PersonA in a way that PersonA would wish for.

One of the thing you learn when you start playing with dating sites is that a long and detailed personal profile vs a short and sweet personal profile just means you attract a different set of people, all of whom make a set of snap judgements of you, all of which say more about them than they do about you.

The real you? Nobody gives a fuck, they’d much rather you bought into their vision of themselves, and that tends to go one of two ways too… you tend to agree with their self perception of themselves and they dump your ass as boring and compliant, you disagree with their self perception and they dump your ass as creepy and nasty…. what they are looking for are opportunities to reinforce their own opinion of themselves, the gallant lady in distress needs a knight on a white charger, just long enough for her friends to notice the attention and status….

MGTOW? It isn’t the rejection of the company of others on life’s journey, it is the rejection of the illusion of the company of others, and the acceptance of the reality that we all are alone when it comes down to it and the rubber meets the road.

We are wandering nomads, some strangers are to be avoided, some you can talk to, some you can trade with, some you can fuck, some you should rob, some you should kill, some you should help, some you should save, but only ever because you want to, because of your filters, never ever ever because they want to, or for their filters.

There is nothing more futile or less noble than the temporary adulation or praise of the others, like ships that pass in the night, no matter how wonderful and exhilarating it was, soon enough it will be a receding glow and soon after that just another point in the blackness, never to be seen again.


August 26, 2012

Jurassic Instinct


Fact is, you CAN tell, but like the assholes in a horror film, you just ignore that instinctive feeling most of the time.

When you get to be a jaded pump and dump asshole like me, you don’t ignore that feeling so much as not give a shit one way or another.

That feeling being “she ain’t gonna call / don’t want to fuck me no more

It’s not rejection, it’s progress, and the secret is to make getting in the club so personally effortless that when management ask you to leave you could not care less.

Let’s face it, when you go from initial message on PoF to fucking the slut to leaving in 12 hours you haven’t lost anything of value.

So there I am, for whatever reason, watching Jurassic Park 1 last night, the power is cut, T Rex breaks through the fence, the girl turns on the torch, attracts barney the dino dildo’s  attention and starts screaming, it cuts back to the two guys in the other vehicle and I am all MSTK on that shit

Fuck em, we sit here nice and quiet while barney munches on spoilt brat

But oh no, mangina men must wescue pwincess, and of course she starts screaming again, I mean, she isn’t even old enough to fuck, just throw the bitch to the wolves and GTFO.

I dunno, take away mangina white knightism and you don’t have a film any more, a few dino’s get out, fat boy gets eaten, and the men get out unscathed.

We can say “don’t go into the haunted house asshole” and no problem, but for some reason we are not allowed to say “let the stupid bitch die” I mean WTF?

Instinct tells me to let the stupid bitch die… “what? You want me to fight a horde of dinosaurs and alien invaders, get shot to shit, and my “prize” is I get to fuck you?… well… fuck you…. cya

Instinct is RIGHT motherfucker.

I have been in and seen some weird shit, and I was always the snake eyed motherfucker who sat as still as a statue while barney the dino rogered everything that moved with his giant butt plug, and it was me the wimminz sidled up to with dripping cunts, not Bruce Willis.

Fuck, I can even remember one time a Willis character asking me to get his darling hot wife safe and outta there, cos he knew I would make it, and so did she, and let me tell you there was an entire Chekhov play in the glances that passed between all three of us, we all knew I was going to fuck all her holes, and the asshole thanks me for taking care of the love of his life….

Love, I have no fucking idea what that is, if I had to point at something and say it is love I’d have to point at what I feel for my male progeny, but there is pride and camaraderie and pack and tribe loyalty there too.

Love from a wimminz, it’s just a fucking word, it has no utility for me.

Absolute fucking worship from a wimminz, yeah, that I have some use for, and again the Willis character was not worshipped either by the wife character in the films or the daughter character.

While AWALT, finding a wimminz who will worship the ground you walk on is doable, you just gotta watch real close for that worship to start waning, which it will do the instant you stop saying “lick my ring clean bitch” and start acting like Willis or asking some asshole like me to save a ho from barney the butt plug dino…

As we head into more troubled waters socio-econo-politically, you might want to consider starting work now on your casting couch characterisation of yourself, you wanna be Willis, or you wanna be that ends the film (or rather your participation in it) act 1 scene 1 by saying “fuckem” and letting barney do what ever he likes with his butt plug to every single attention whore that skweems her widdle pwincess skweem and points a torch at him, and every niggerz that leaps to her defence.

Maybe it’s time to let the old reptilian hind brain out to play now and again



August 8, 2012

“Take my hand motherfucker!”

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So you’re drowning, about to go down for the third time, and someone appears and says the above… do you;

  1. With heartfelt gratitude grasp his hand for all you are worth
  2. Jerk away from him and his filthy obscenities

Sure, gratuitous swearing is annoying, but how do you know when it is gratuitous? If you didn’t know who the guy in front of you in the gas station checkout queue is you may deem his expletives gratuitous and unnecessary, from his perspective he may have just had a phone call telling him to get to the hospital 150 miles away as his dad has had a serious heart attack, and he really doesn’t have time for the bitch in the queue holding everyone up while her precious kids run back and forth to the sweet counter grabbing more stuff… “Select your fucking items BEFORE you join the fucking queue!”

I get it all the time here, the stuff you say is great but your language puts me off.

Well, I guess you are too fucking stupid to notice you are being slowly boiled, Mr Frog.

Fuck you very much.

Fact is, my obscenity gives others an excuse, they can avoid addressing what I am actually saying, and instead complain about my obscenity.

So, it is a valid point that refraining from obscenity takes away that escape avenue, but the fact is (as anyone who has ever been in family court knows) that just because your language is polite does not mean that what you are saying, no matter how true, valid and pertinent it is, is going to be addressed.

The problem is not actually your language, the problem is the other person.

Your language is just a convenient hook for them to hang on their refusal to address anything you have to say…  but it gets worse…

By refraining from obscenity, you are in fact showing them respect for their attitudes, while in return they show utter contempt for yours (just not in obscene words, merely obscene deeds) which is not a good thing.


In real life when I say something obscene, such as “Fucking bullshit!” the reaction I always get is an embarrassed sort of shrug and snigger, and importantly, THEY STOP TRYING TO SAIL THAT LINE OF BULLSHIT PAST ME.

They know, if they don’t the next line is “What makes you think you can talk to me like a cunt and I’m just going to kiss your fucking ass?” or sentiments similar, and they never, ever, ever want to go there.

If I had a dollar for every asshole on the internet who said yeah, but in real life you’d be a right wimp, and then they meet me in real life and find that I am exactly what I sound like, you push into my space and I push back, hard, and yes I will call you a cock sucking motherfucker to your face, if that is how you act in front of me, or a fucking asshole, if that is how you act, or the best part of you ran down your mommy’s leg, if that is how you act.

Your move, asshole….

and their move is invariably and inevitably to find something far more interesting to do elsewhere…… I guess I was kind of taught this long before my own serious red pill FRA days

I was with this guy, we’ll call him Peter, I won’t mention real names but he isn’t exactly unknown, for an ordinary man, he has done some extraordinary things.

So anyway we are in a bar and some skank ho decided to play “lets you and him fight over me” and so the niggerz she is with starts to front up to Peter.. says his piece and it is Peter’s turn to respond.

So he drags on his smoke, toke style, looks at the skank ho and says “Here is how it’s gonna be, the winner is going to fuck you up the ass, hard, and then I’m gonna fuck the loser up the ass, hard.” Peter then sort of inclines his head side ways at me, he still hasn’t taken his eyes off the skank ho, and says “You want seconds?

I grin and (knowing my part instinctively) say “After your diseased cock? No thanks Peter!

The niggerz, throughout, because I have been watching him, has been watching the skank, after all, she was the one pulling his strings… now he turns to Peter and says “You’re fucking crazy

Peter now looks at him, all serious, and says “No, I’m the only sane fucker here, you want a crazy motherfucker, you go talk to my friend there” (meaning me) I grin…

At which point the skank ho, having realised that old Pete really will fuck up her shit for real, and fuck the consequences, pipes up with “Fuck these assholes niggerz, they ain’t worth it“, turns and walks away without a backward glance at niggerz

Niggerz sees his general abandoning the field, says “Yeah” in a macho voice, and backs off a step and then walks away.

and here’s the bit nobody ever sees…

Peter leans in and says thanks, I say no worries, glad it all blew over, Peter says not as glad as he is, last thing he wanted was a fight with some asshole over some slut and then one of them ends up in hospital and the other one ends up in prison, so he had to bluff them because basically with the skank ho calling the shots, but with no literal skin in the game, she would not have let him do what he wanted to do, which was just walk away.


No, I can’t cover this bet either, and I don’t even want to play or make the bet, but I am NOT gonna fold, and if you MAKE me play, I will bet everything I have and everything I might be on this hand.

You have to be REAL good and REAL lucky to beat someone playing that way.

And of you were that good, you wouldn’t be trying to bluff me into folding over a bet that I can’t cover anyway.



May 4, 2012

Codename “Bitch”

In a recent post in a recent thread over at The Spearhead (link on right) poster “Lara” had this to say;

Men should be content to have one nice looking, pleasant personality woman in their lives. If they are really alpha maybe they can bump that up to one or two more. I don’t like this idea that they always need something new.

Well thanks for that Lara, and fuck you very much.

But this is worth dissecting, because wimminz often unwittingly say what they mean, not what they want us to hear, for example wimminz on PoF often type that they are looking for men, when they want us to hear they are looking for a man…

Lara is in fact saying the following things;

  1. That all men should be content to have one, self proclaimed, nice looking pleasant personality wimminz in their lives, not their bed, their lives, so this can be a mother, a boss, a sister, all will do.
  2. That truly alpha males, as judged by wimminz, may be able to up this to two or more, a nice mom AND a nice boss.
  3. That no man should be allowed to move on to pastures / wimminz new.
  4. What she did NOT say, anything at all about wimminz who are honest or loyal or true to their word, or indeed sane.

I, however, have a different set of rules.

  1. _I_ decide what is a good looking wimminz.
  2. _I_ decide what is a pleasant personality wimminz.
  3. I will not allow ANY wimminz who is not both pleasant and sane anywhere in my life.
  4. I will make a temporary exception to rule 3 from time to time, at my sole discretion, for the purposes of fucking some skank ho.
  5. I will not allow any wimminz to put her value judgements upon me in any way that affects my life… hold an OPINION of me if you like bitch, but keep it to yourself.
  6. Actually living a life with a set of values that opposes everything these wimminz would wish upon men is reason enough, eg being contrary to wimminz wishes is always the smart choice.
  7. AWALT, no such things as unicorns or dragons or wimminz who are honest and loyal and true to their word.

Bottom line is the home truth that everyone is trying to avoid giving voice to is this.

ONE – a small minority of wimminz who are fertile and sexually attractive can enjoy, for a decade or so, the pull on a man’s strings awarded by that fertility and sexual attractiveness.

TWO – for all other wimminz, you better be pleasant company and a good housekeeper or a fucking heiress, because you have sweet fuck all else to offer a man.

Lara, and her ilk, talking shit like she is actually worth anything to a man, is a lot like the bankrupt bankers and their ponzi schemes talking shit like their plans or pieces of paper are actually worth anything to a man… the idea is to distract you from stopping to consider the real basis of what is at the heart of the subject, and waste you time and energy arguing about the colour of the curtains.

April 8, 2012

What does, and does not, constitute alpha cock.

Recently roissy declared that James Hooker, a 41 year old teacher, was pure alpha cock because he dumped his ageing wife and traded up to a young 18 year old student, who was reasonably good looking.

Fast forward a couple of months to now, and he has been arrested on charges of having relations with an under-age student in 1998, the current slut has ditched his ass, and from here on in it is downhill.

Roissy and others appear to have based their entire judgement of alpha cock-ness on the guy’s ability to get a teenager for a girlfriend… whereas the real alpha cock-ness would have been keeping her for several years, arguably her best years, while also banging mummy.

Been there, done that, got the tee shirt, I also studiously did NOT go on national TV to boast about who I was porking and tempt the feminazis to come out of the woodwork and work together on my destruction, not a smart move, no matter how bullet-proof you THINK you are…

Fact is the way he portrayed himself, lacking a 100 million bucks or so to make it acceptable, he made himself into the idealised hate figure for all wimminz everywhere, one who all the niggerz fathers of little pwincesses could also hate, one who they could all claim everyone except paedophiles could hate, and in doing so he sealed his own fate, it was only a matter of time for the wimminz to start coming out of the woodwork with alleged “historical” abuses by this guy that they suddenly remembered when he got his tin of Campbells soup and 15 second of fame, and they all want some of that, ooh and a slice of that victim status compensation money please.

The clock is ticking on the now ex pwincess to recant her public statements, made scores of times, that he and her never had any kind of sexual contact prior to her 18th birthday.

His role, as Shakespeare would say, in this little play has already been cast, all that needs to be done now is to make sure he fits that role, no great challenge.

Roman Polanski (and many of his circle) has forgotten more about teen poontang than Hooker will ever know.

There are shades here of Stephen Fry being referred to as a homosexual, when he actually claims to be not having any sexual relations with anyone, eg asexual…. and when you discuss this with people they say yeah, but Fry fancies blokes and no wimminz, so he is gay…

And I reply that since Fry is gay, NOT for his actions, which contradict the narrative, but for his alleged thoughts, which support the narrative, then I must be a mass murderer for killing every politician in the country…….

I got lots more cunt thrown at me by wimminz after my of FRA, which being me I freely and openly admitted to and discussed with anyone who wanted to know, my attitude was I have done fuck all wrong so why should I act all secretive and guilty about it….

Maybe by extension being arrested and charged with having underage sex with minors is a great way to have loads more minors offer you sex…..

But it all brings into sharp relief the question of what actually makes “alpha cock”.

Sadly it appears to be as tenuous and malleable and changeable and variable a thing if we ask a man, as if we ask a wimminz, so much so that I keep coming back to the Vonnegut quote about that other belief system, religion;

Very few, at any rate. It occurs to me that the man and his religion are one and the same thing. The unknown exists. Each man projects on the blankness the shape of his own particular world-view. He endows his creation with his personal volitions and attitudes. The religious man stating his case is in essence explaining himself. When a fanatic is contradicted he feels a threat to his own existence; he reacts violently.

It does answer a hell of a lot of questions, if we assume that each man, and indeed each wimminz, projects upon the blankness the ever changing shape of their own particular world view.

The way Hooker acted with the teen cunt never struck me as alpha, what little I saw of it, was a man who couldn’t believe his luck in landing some young flesh, which isn’t an alpha attitude, and who worshipped it so much he dumped his wife and kids, and you just know that was the teen cunt’s demand, and that isn’t an alpha attitude.

Certainly by the only metric that actually carries any weight, that of DNA, Hooker was a total loser as far as the teen cunt is concerned, because he had access during the best and most fertile years of its life, but did not impregnate it and create more DNA.

From this metric the urban thug who has 10 kids with 10 different wimminz (and possibly never sees any of them) is the clear winner in the alpha cock stakes, he made ten more lots of DNA, and he did it when that cunt as as close to prime as skank ho cunt is ever going to get.

Compared to this theoretical urban thug, even I myself am pretty beta, my own DNA reproduction has been sufficient to replace the population that created it, but no amplification as with the urban thug or the poor indian subcontinent type who has 17 kids, 13 of whom live to adulthood..

Roissy saying Hookers cock was alpha, and me saying it was not, says more about Roissy and myself respectively than it does about Hookers cock.

World & Dog re-writing Hooker as the slimy predatory paedophile in all this also says more about those doing the re-writing than it does about Hooker.

If the truth about the man, who I do not believe for one second was predatory or paedophilic, but rather a weak and gullible specimen who was easily and quickly carried away with and by a young girls own fantasies and promises, and who believed them, and threw away his wife and kids and then went on TV and acted every inch the mangina niggerz in love and worship of his very own teen skank ho slut with the fresh teen flesh and firm young tits….

My bet is Hooker felt like a dog with two dicks, he felt like he had won the lottery, he felt totally in unquestioning mangina love, and now he is just lost and confused and hurting, and of course things are about to get a LOT worse for Hooker.

My bet is Hooker is beta cock, just like I was for fucking months after my own FRA, because I just could not accept that wimminz that I had shared a house with, slept with, fucked, shared intimacies and thoughts with, could turn around and use it all as the basis for a pack of lies and false accusations.

I don’t suppose it is the case that it did not occur to the young skank ho that she could just end it by saying “we are through” and relying on the man to act with a degree of honour and decency and make the split as easy for both as possible.

I don’t suppose that because I am quite convinced that this thought DID occur to her, but as is the case with my psycho skank ho ex’s, that doesn’t give them the outcome they want, which is to project upon the blankness the view that they were the innocent victims throughout, to have that form the basis of their new religion and life, and to have everyone and anyone who dares to question that new religion a heretic.

To be alpha cock is to be above the horizon on the feminazi radar…. being alpha cock is not enough, you have to be smarter than that.

March 22, 2012

Dear diary

Today I are been mainly….. ignoring the wimminz… lol

Allow me to explain.

My alarm went off around 7, I turned it off, scratched my balls, thought “fuck it” and rolled over for another hour’s kip.

I got up at 8, scratched my balls, made my morning coffee, check emails etc.

I made my second coffee and watched all the late teen / early 20’s pussy walk past my window (I live in a student area in a university town) and notice I have a text from a local skank who wants to stop by and blow me for lunch.

I amble into the front room, where my main PC is connected to my 55 inch Samsung, because I have just bought a Radeon 6900 series GFX card so I feel like playing a little Skyrim / Fallout / Crysis at 1920 x 1080 with everything  turned up…

I get so carried away by this that when the skank ho swings by at lunch-time to blow me my head is still in another place, I’m lining up head shots of another kind entirely….

I could go on, but I am sure you get the general idea by now.

Wimminz themselves have reduced themselves to a position with me where;

  1. If the flesh is under 25 it *may* be enticing…. but sadly the personality it will come with will soon ruin that little porno illusion.
  2. If the flesh is over 25 but offers blowjobs to go it “may” be enticing… but the flesh it comes with will often ruin that little porno illusion.
  3. I actually do not need some bitch to cook and clean, I find it zero effort to keep myself and my place clean, fact is if you don’t *make* a fucking mess in the first place…
  4. As the years have passes and the wimminz excesses have worn me down, I find myself less and less willing to put up with *anything* from them that does not fall into the category of “100% pure what I want from them”

Read point #1 again, even the young fresh flesh, the thing all wimminz revere and mourn the passage of, only has a momentary porno relish, until reality sets in with the realisation that the bitch will sure as shit ain’t shinola have an attitude that will ruin the illusion.

Fact is I even have one wimminz who will wait on me hand and foot, who will feed and fuck and even house me, and she is very clean, not just in her home, but never ever get any kind of smell from her cunt, not even stale piss, this girl has it down pat, she basically worships the ground I walk on, which, see above, is about the only attitude from a woman that still flies with me, and yet I can’t bring myself to spend more than one weekend in four with her, because of item #2

Which is why my diary is full of “Did what I felt like doing” followed by “did what I felt like doing

The cold hard sober facts are that my diary could oh so easily have been full of “did x for the wife” and “did y for the kids” and “did z for the wife“, and I could have oh so easily been happy and contented with that shit, but it was not me or my cock that ruined that illusion for life, nossir, it was the fucking wimminz, ALL OF THE BITCHES, with their constant whining for fried fucking snow, after a while it rubs off and you find yourself dissatisfied, not that you don’t have fried snow, but that the wimminz keep pissing in the snow and telling you it is sherbet, so the dissatisfied behaviour rubs off and you say fuck it.

Take off the rose tinted glasses and nostalgia for for teen flesh and look back at my own first serious live in girlfriend, actually look back at what it was really like once you subtract all the docile shit you were imbued with, bitch was a fucking nightmare, that’s a fact, and as ever it was down to not wishing to ever, ever, ever pay the price or consequences for her own actions, it was ever thus and yes folks, AWALT.

It is a hell of a thing when the wimminz have taken female flesh and made it essentially borderline unfuckable to a cocksman like me, that takes fucking DECADES of sustained effort, the sort of shit that makes making the jews and arabs live in peace and harmony look like a simple day’s work.

Unlike the Jews and the Arabs, I was basically built from DNA that made the wimminz the thing I wanted to fuck in preference to almost anything else in life, in preference to a career, in preference to a fleet of motorcycles, in preference to just lazing around all day, in preference to being independently wealthy…

And yet the wimminz have indeed put in those decades of effort, and were ably supported by an army of niggerz and manginas, all of whom were in it for the paycheck, well, welcome to the world you wanted, bitches.

Before I go, the one who was going to blow me mentioned in conversation that apparently Jason Statham, who is now apparently some Hollywood hard man and heart throb, has dissed Kim Kardashian, for being a “brand”.

Now as far as I can tell, the Kardashians are in some recursive way common to many celebs famous for being famous, e.g. in the papers every fucking day, and certainly when I have looked at them they just look like sluts, and not every fuckable ones at that, so not exactly a hard target to choose, but what struck me and made me comment was the fact that Statham is dissing someone else….

Hard man my ass, look at that designer stubble and those oh so purty sweeeeet lips, Jason Statham is a bitch, with a bitch’s mouth, in more ways that one, jaw dropped moment from BJ girl that I could diss the sex god in such a manner, and I just threw out, off the top of my head, that he just does not LOOK like a man, unlike say for example Charles Bronson…. at which point the slut groaned and positive begged to suck my cock.

So there you have it, everything from Crysis 2 to Mr Majestyk, it can only be a day in a man’s life… pmsl

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