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December 12, 2013

A Matter of Principle – for Jim

See, I have this policy, you can more or less sum it up thus;

  1. I meet you, and you’re a blank slate, what gets written there depends upon you.
  2. I will learn what you teach me by your actions.
  3. If there is a difference between your words and your actions, your actions carry the weight, and your words become worthless.

I have had some chats with a few people about a couple of recent posts, the dichotomy between what wimminz do this week, and what they said last week.

To be fair, in my experience, in a lot of cases this isn’t actual malice per se, what happens is this;

  1. The wimminz says something to you
  2. The wimminz does something different
  3. The wimminz realises / remembers you go by the first set of numbers above in blue
  4. The wimminz feels awkward, and so, like a small child, rather than face up to it they turn away and pretend to ignore the source of the shame, you, for having standards.
  5. Eventually, possibly, after enough time has passed she will talk to you again.

If you are thinking spoiled 4 year old child, you pretty much have it nailed.

The “problem” here is that when you have someone like most men, who work according to the blue text, and you mix it with wimminz, who work according to the pink text, it is pretty much only a matter of time until the two crash into each other and she invokes option 4.

What you guys have to realise is you can’t make this work, I *used* to express my policy as “I don’t give a fuck how you treat other people, only how you treat me” but the problem with that policy is the assumption that this wimminz is going to treat you differently than she has treated everyone else…. leopards and spots spring to mind.

If you are either unlucky, or stupid, you find yourself in the place I was what is several years ago now, in a relationshit with a wimminz, where there were enough ties that she couldn’t really do #4, or she instead chose secret item 4a, which isn’t written anywhere, which is to hurt you for making her feel shame.

That’s when you start down the road to false accusations of domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape.

Nota Bene, it can be a third party that prevents her taking option 4, doesn’t matter, you are still the source of her angst.

So at this point you either wise up, or you don’t.

If you wise up then you realise that there is absolutely nothing you can do, or not do, to remedy or change the situation one iota, nor was there anything you could have done to prevent it, except perhaps having no standards whatsoever and accepting anything and everything she did unquestioningly.

Never ever ever call pwincess out on her bullshit…

Of course this goes 100% against a man’s nature, which is to alter the environment to suit, he can’t resist meddling, but at some point in your life you just have to learn the lesson that there are some things that not only can NEVER be improved by meddling, but which are also ALWAYS made worse by meddling.

Wimminz be such a thing.

If she has always treated everyone like shit, she is gonna treat you like shit sherlock, and this is one of the reasons I always bail the instant I hear a wimminz say anything negative about any of her ex’s….

Fact is in some cases for whatever reasons I was able to know more than merely what she told me about the hated ex, eg I remember the newspaper mentioning the guy’s name and reporting on the fact he got thrown into prison for 3 years for beating the living shit out of her.

I got news for you, she fucking deserved it, no exceptions, and the only thing standing between you accepting that as fact, and you thinking she is gonna treat you different / better because, after all, you aren’t some low life thug scum, is time spent in her company.

Now I am not actually advocating or excusing violence against da wimminz, or anyone else, but the fact is when a person indulges in a persistent pattern of behaviour, in close proximity to and affecting another person, then the other person is affected by the first person’s behaviour… and depending on the behaviour of the first person that can indeed elicit a violent response from the second person.

I can make *anyone* completely fucking lose it and go postal on me, it’s easy, this is all you have to do

  1. flick their ear hard
  2. act contrite and promise never to do it again
  3. wait 8 to 24 hours
  4. go to #1

At that point it is just a question of iteration, sooner or later *everyone* will fucking lose it.

Here is something else I have observed.

These nasty ex’s who have lost it come in two categories.

The ones who now have criminal and prison records for violence against her, these always seem to be softer types that worked at keyboards or clerky sort of stuff…. generally they had a long relationship with the bitch before losing it one day and beating the crap out of them.

The ones who had a record before they met the bitch, these are the ones that slapped her upside the head the first time she stepped out of line.

If she has kids, and he never sees them, it tends to be by the first sort.

Now, I am not saying it is better to be the sort of guy who slaps the bitch upside the head at the first sign of disobedience, they are after all both losing strategies, but the guy who takes a lot of shit in silence before eventually breaking is the bigger loser of the two.

So it is worse to be the guy who suffers in silence, hoping one day she will change.

But, at least both of these guys got laid at some point, if you want to be a REAL fucking loser, all you have to do is be one of the niggerz who came running around to pwotect da pwintheth when she dropped a dime on these guys.

Why do you think they hate the other two classes of loser so much…. at least they got to dip their wicks in da pwincess…

Which all brings me to what this post is really about.

Do you do what I do, mainly avoid but select they prey and then pump and dump, or do you do what others do and go ghost and celibate?

Well, #1 you gotta be true to you, that is the biggie.

Frankly speaking, neither path offers significant advantages over the other when it comes to protecting yourself from future malicious false allegations…. the prosecution can make a case either way, and the bit you need to get is that the real damage starts at the point of allegation / accusation, when da police niggerz swing into action against your ass.

This is the point where things go hard or easy depending on whether or not you have been true to yourself. Principles, it’s a lot harder to railroad a guy who has been demonstrably living according to his own unique set.

Just like the skank who has always said one thing and done another, living by your principles, whether that be pump and dump or abstinence, does something very very important.

It builds a pattern of behaviour.

The best guide to both someone’s future actions and possible / probable past actions is to look at their pattern of behaviour, does whatever this thing is fit in with it, or not?

If it does, then it is probably true, if it doesn’t, then it probably isn’t.

I don’t want to say that is how I “beat” my FRA, because above all else it was a FALSE rape accusation, FALSE DV accusation, etc, but, these false allegations and accusations did not fit with the observable pattern of behaviour of my life.

This is a million miles away from saying that the observable pattern of behaviour of my life painted a picture of an exceptional and wonderful human being, on the contrary it painted a picture of someone pretty fucking ordinary when it came right down to it, full of the usual complement of flaws and weaknesses and frailties.

And there is the rub, if you take someone who has an observable pattern of being a gambling fool, but no history of violence, you have a hard job painting them as a violent thug.

People start to ask, if this guy has these tendencies that are so close to the surface, how come everything we can observe highlights all this other shit?

Why is there none of THIS shit? Did he just suffer a blow to the head, or some other explanation, for what is in effect an alleged change of personality?

If you are like me, and you like cunt, then trying to emulate someone who can just go ghost and celibate ain’t gonna sit right, look right, or feel right.

If you can do those things naturally, then more power to you.

If you can’t, then you need to do what I do, which is *attempt* to indulge them, while remaining true to your principles.

That doesn’t mean dating skank ho single mommies and ignoring all that bad shit because what you are really after is getting laid, that there, see, that is when you start doing shit that doesn’t fit.

If you end up on swinging / fucking sites where people are openly offering NSA sex, fairy nuff.

If you still can’t get that shit together, put away 25 a week and once a month drop a dime on a whore.

And here we come to the really important part.

Starting to fuck whores isn’t a change in WHO YOU ARE, it is a change in WHAT YOU DO, the two are not necessarily the same thing.

You’re still fucking, you are paying cash directly now instead of indirectly, but you are still fucking, which is closer to what you used to do with the skanky ex than getting your fucking by hanging with a skank ho single mommy and her womb turds and playing beta step daddy. (assuming there were no step kids with the skanky ex)

What matters is you are still fucking, not that you are now paying cash for it.

What matters is you are still not hanging with other men’s kids, not that you’re only doing it because you are banging their mummy.

Yes, it’s subtle, but all the important aspects of human nature are, and subtle or not this is just the sort of shit we have evolved to notice and judge.

Take my mate Jim, now Jim has always been an Elvis asshole, and a mad on Elvis and insists on singing Elvis songs even though he can’t sing a fucking note to save his life asshole who insists on saying thangyaverymuch and uhhuh.

Jim went through a similar experience to me.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, buy’s her version of events, not even da po-lice who arrested him etc etc.

She took all his shit, all his LP’s posters rhinestone and you fucking name it, even cost him his job house and kids.

Jim still listens to Elvis, when da po-lice said we ain’t gonna charge you 15 months after arresting him he says thangyaverymuch and walks out the station, singing Men With Broken Hearts (an Elvis song) and so in many ways his life has changed utterly.

Jim now bangs whores once every six weeks, like clockwork, he tell’s em thangyaverymuch and sings She’s Not You as he walks away (another Elvis song)

Jim stuck to his principles, I wasn’t there, but apparently when the po-lice interrogated him as to the alleged rapes and domestic violence his answer was he didn’t do that, and when they pushed him he said he didn’t do that, because the King wouldn’t have done it.

I know maybe one person who actually gets where Jim is coming from, and he thinks Bob Marley was God, but *everyone* buys his story and n0t hers, because what he does is changed, but he is still who he always was, and that’s what counts with people.

Jim didn’t get shit on from a great height because he was an Elvis loving asshole, he got shit on because she was a worthless skank ho and the world is full of niggerz, so stopping being an Elvis loving asshole isn’t going to change anything…. except it will break that pattern of who Jim is, and at THAT point you might start to question what else about him you don’t know, or has changed.

I just got word, Jim died in hospital yesterday morning, heart attack, funeral is Saturday, asked if I can make it, said yeah, it’s only 200 miles, I was told 2 things.

1/ Don’t worry about dress, they’ve grabbed an Elvis costume in my size…

2/ Don’t tell his skank ho ex, this is a service for Jim’s mates only.

It would appear that those intangible and ever so subtle things, Jim’s principles, lasted longer than his heart.

May 12, 2013

Sooner or later…

… wimminz always revert to form.

There is an English comedian called Jack Dee, he specializes in a dry delivery, and 99.9% of his material I can take or leave, but away back when bungee jumping was the new rage and everyone was doing it, Dee made a very funny (to me) comment, it boiled down to “fuck bungee jumping, I wanna see bungee climbing, where they climb as far as they can up a cliff before the elastic yanks them back down.

It made oi larf… indeed.

And I was reminded of it last night, when the latest wimminz, who had been putting on an act of reasonableness and sanity and sexual submission in a bid to ensnare me, reached that point where the tension on the bungee cord exceeded her ability to maintain her grip on the cliff face of the façade she was presenting, and snap, runaway hamster wheel accelerating away at ever increasing RPM towards bursting speed.

The process as usual is characterized by the wimminz reverting to type, and me feeling like a rather stupid and crazy four year old child was trying to manipulate me into doing buying them the ice cream, or whatever it was they wanted.

Of course me asking pointed questions like “What part of this insane behaviour do you think any man anywhere on the planet will look at, and decide he needs more of it in his life?

Of course the “out of control” tantrums are anything but out of control, they may involve risky and stupid and asshole behaviour, but there has been an innate risk assessment performed, so inevitably it looks like what it is, very bad acting indeed.

Of course at this point lots of readers are going all oh noes, wot iz he doing, these wimminz be crazy, why doesn’t he stay away, no cunt is worth it.

Yeah, except these crazy bitches don’t vanish off the face of the planet if you refuse to have anything to do with them, so unless you are going to be  hermit, you are going to have to learn how to deal with them.

There is  world of difference between drawing a line and saying at THIS point I am no longer a participant bitch, just a fucking observer, and being INVOLVED, and it is the being INVOLVED that the above lunatic behaviour is, by some fruity wimminz logic, supposed to trick you into…

Think of a vehicle with a diesel engine starting to eat it’s own lube oil and run away…

Those who are INVOLVED in that vehicle stand waaaay too fucking close, and put themselves in harms way attempting to interfere and change the outcome, while those who are merely OBSERVERS distance themselves and digitally record.

So the bitch’s hamster wheel revs up to eeeek speed, and she plays the “you don’t want me to stay / appreciate me / look after me / love me” card, instead of saying “No baby please stay and I’ll make it up to you” I just give the shrug and say she is an adult, if she wants to go, go…

Bluff called she goes, only to engineer a reason to come back 10 minutes later, but of course, being a wimminz, this isn’t coming back calmed down and lesson learned, oh no, it is coming back doubled down on the crazy shit.

So I stand in the doorway and shrug again and ask her why she thinks any man in his right mind would let some crazy acting bitch into his home, this is of course met with disbelief, I am sooooo NOT responding the way all “good men” have been trained to respond to a pwincess in a tantrum, so she stomps off again, in even greater disbelief that I will not wescue da pwincess from a situation entirely of her own making.

“You are an adult, you are capable of making your own decisions, and suffering the consequences, if you choose to act like an insane bitch, it is your decision”

So she stomps off, proceeds to ring me every ten minutes for the next hour and a half, no worries it all goes to answerphone and when a sufficient quantity of calls have been received the number gets added to the reject list.

I chill some, get in to bed and sleep the night through, untroubled by dreams or drama or conscience.

The moral of this story, she was on a bloody good deal with me, but instead of seeing all the good bits, all she could see were the missing bits, so she focused on them, and kept doubling down in an attempt to manipulate me into doing them, result, she is back to no man, minus all the bloody good deal stuff she was getting,  and I didn’t lose a moment’s sleep over her transition from current squeeze to history.

Impatience, an inability to sustain the course or play the long term game.

This is what wimminz ARE

This is why you don’t let them in to your lives, you don’t introduce them to your circle of friends, you don’t tell them who your employer is, you don’t tell them your personal history, you don’t introduce them to your own family… these things by definition make you INVOLVED, not an OBSERVER.

This is why you pay no heed whatsoever to all the stuff people look at, she is old enough to have learned these lessons, all that jazz, wimminz are NEVER old enough to learn any lessons.

AWALT motherfucker, everything else is just a fucking act.

If people wanna go bungee climbing, fine, they are adults, their decision, just DO NOT GET INVOLVED.

You can fuck people without getting involved.


You can’t fuck someone and then do the insane pwincess, wescue poor widdle owd me, stunt with someone you are INVOLVED with.

You can’t make false accusations of rape and domestic violence against people you are INVOLVED with.

You can’t bail out of marriages and take people to the cleaners that you are INVOLVED with.

Sooner or later, ALL wimminz will pull this shit on you, and there is a 99.999% chance that it will happen right after you (accidentally) do something reasonable and treat them like a rational human being with feelings, and not a feral wild animal, and they will pull the epic shit test on your ass, as this psycho skank ho did to me last night.

I’m sorry (no, I’m not), you appear to have confused me with someone who gives a fuck whether I ever see you again or not…

She got it, you know, she really did get it, in the end there when the shit test failed epically and the tension in the bungee cord had just snatched her away from the cliff face, in that Wile E Coyote moment..

She said I was a stone cold bastard with zero feelings for anyone and an empty space where my heart should be.

Yeah, whatever, bitch…. I’d consider that high praise indeed, if it had come from someone I could respect.

Sooner or later… it’s not a lesson you can unlearn, thank fuck.

January 13, 2013

That’s another fine mess you’ve got me into

Well, there is this wimminz, it ain’t all that but I have been dumping a load into in now and again, but also being very wary because this wimminz works in the feminazi industry, pretty close to the sharp end.

Now, I’ve never made a secret of my own FRA and somehow at some point got talking to this wimminz about her own chaotic life and toxic female friends, but as always they don’t listen, or if they do it is only partially… so my warnings were falling on stony ground.

So, to cut a long story short, she got involved in the sort of wimminz feminazi all men are evil rapists shit that she does for her work day, as part of her off work day, by way of one of these toxic female friends.

Now you have to bear in mind she has previously told me this story, and I told her it was complete bullshit, and proceeded to completely de-construct it and point out all the obvious contradictions and mutually exclusive claims etc, it’s total bullshit, and she agreed with everything I said, and then accompanied this toxic friend to the po-lice so the toxic friend can tell these same stories about her alleged historic abuser(s), who just happen to be living family members.

Of course within 12 hours all the female relatives of the accused male are screaming blue murder and abuse at “my” cum dump wimminz, and now they are out to destroy her life, turnabout is fair play eh… to all of which she is just shocked, shocked I tell you, after all, she didn’t do anything, it was her toxic mate who claimed to have been abused…

So it is with great mirth and delight that I point out that this system, this feminazi wimminz system in which she herself works and is a part of, in this system, the very first casualty is truth, because as soon as something is said, suddenly there are a handful of professionals, just like her, eager to charge 200 an hour, for as many hours as possible.

<wimminz head assplodez>

So about four times in the next 20 minutes I throw into the conversation the fact that if she thinks she has it tough, spare a thought for the man her toxic friend just railroaded, of course sympathy for a man whose cock they do not desire is a bridge too far for all wimminz, AWALT, so she really doesn’t not want to think about or discuss that, the whole thorny subject of personal consequences and responsibility being totally taboo for all wimminz.

But then something priceless happens.

I tell her a good indication that a rape allegation, or any other fucking story a wimminz tells, is a lie is if it solves more problems FOR THE TELLER than it creates, as was the case here

I tell her that this scenario is true for the 88% of rape allegations made to the police which are false, just like the one her toxic mate just made, she agrees.

Then the priceless bit.

I tell her that I doubt that in all the years she has been working at the sharp end of the feminazi wimminz industry, I doubt there were more than three wimminz who walked through her doors and told the truth about the violence and sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of evil men….  and she is quiet for a minute, nods, and actually fucking agrees with me.

What is interesting about this story, is yet again I see first hand proof.

First hand proof that when forced to face the consequences of their actions and lifestyles and choices, it is AWALT, all wimminz just cease to function intellectually (assuming they ever did) their heads assplode and all mental processes get stuck in a loop where the interrupts / breaker is always, always, always, the issue of individual personal responsibility and consequences.

If I have said it once I have said it a million times, when you warn someone about the course of action they are embarking on and they ignore you, do not listen to you, it is always one of two things;

  1. they think they are smarter than you, and so what you say is wrong
  2. they are not prepared to accept the changes they must make in life, and so what you say must be wrong.

Generally speaking men are group 1 and wimminz are group 2, generally speaking.

The wimminz I was dumping a load into and whom I warned fell into group 2, not prepared to dump her toxic friend and tell her that like all wimminz she was a lying sack oh shit, so what I was saying was wrong, so my warnings could be safely ignored…

… and 48 hours later TSHTF, in EXACTLY THE WAY I WARNED….

…worth pointing out, that the wimminz who are out for her blood because she “enabled” her toxic mate to go to the po-lice and report a family member for alleged historic abuse, are not out to get her because an innocent man is going to get the chop… oh no… but because of the consequences of an innocent man who also happens to be their husband / father / uncle / neighbour getting dragged off by the rape squad… the consequences that mean it will, in these other wimminz’ words, cost THEM everything to have this innocent man carted off… loss of a husband, loss of a father, loss of an uncle, loss of a breadwinner, loss of face in the community.

None of them are mourning the fate of the innocent man.

Me me me me me me me me me , that is all any of them are ever thinking, if you will forgive me for using the word thinking…. my cum bucket in this little story is typical of the breed, it doesn’t matter one iota to her that her entire working life and social circle is comprised of toxic scum feminazi wimminz, and what she is facing now is a vastly overdue and vastly watered down red pill, all that matters to her is she is nice and hasn’t done anything to deserve this and wants it all to stop, now.

And this little scene is of course one that has played around every single man falsely accused of domestic violence or raping his wife or buggering his own children.

It is true (just look at our so called leaders) that 95% of men never grow up, they remain spoiled children all their lives, the niggerz, but it is also true of 99.999% of wimminz.

My own cum bucket in this scenario blows all the breakers when she participates in a situation that in reality puts 99.9% of the hurt on an innocent man, and 0.099% of the hurt on the wimminz around him, and 0.0001% of the hurt on her, even though in reality she should be facing at least 10% for being the one who finally “enabled” her toxic mate to take her bullshit victim story to the po-lice…

What the fuck is she, and all the other wimminz in society, gonna do when the economic hurt train comes to town?

“Man up” or “Think it through” are two phrases that do not spring to mind.

She won’t give a fuck if it a GI with candy and nylons or a SS guy with a bottle of claret, bitch is going to spread em faster than a mousetrap can spring shut, to get that GI or SS guy before the bitch next door does.

When times get tough you will NOT see lines of wimminz queueing all day for a loaf of bread, or land girls, or keep calm and carry on.

When times get tough you will see millions of wimminz SCWEAMING for their magic pwincess barbie unicorns, and any one and any thing that they can get their hands on is going to get torn to fucking pieces by the mob.

The only option that will get us out of tough times, manning up, knuckling down, keeping calm and carrying on, cutting our suits according to our cloth, etc etc, is THE ABSOLUTE LAST FUCKING THING THESE WIMMINZ WILL EVER ACCEPT.

To them this is total and absolute capitulation and being utterly broken to harness like a horse or a nigger slave, everything including death, is preferable.

Especially when, being wimminz, it comes to death, because it will be someone else doing the dying, so they can continue to sit there with the mental breakers chattering away and making no changes whatsoever.

Doubling down? You ain’t seen nothing yet.


As an aside, PoF is going through the usual january dry spell, so I have been getting most of my action on the swinging scene.

As I have said before, the couples on the swinging scene are without exception some loser niggerz and his wimminz owner, and most of the single wimminz are fairly toxic attitude wise too.

What is interesting, and the purpose of this aside, is the single guys, many of them are straight out of the wimminz guide book to being a man, many of the forum posts are about what wimminz want, and the vast majority of these men are considered lucky if they get three meets a year.

Contrast this with me, who has a profile that does everything wrong, according to the forum posts on how single guys can get laid, I demand anal, I demand oral, I demand fisting, I demand bareback, I demand submission… I get loads of action, and 99% of it from wimminz who devote their profile to telling guys they are not a sub, safe sex only, vaginal sex only, and oh yeah, you gotta go down on me.

These are the wimminz alluded to above, the first ones to open their legs when the GI’s or SS walk down the high street the day the tanks roll in to town.

November 4, 2012

You can’t wind back the clock / things were different man.

Time is a funny fucking thing, especially when looking back upon it in your own personal life and history.

I cannot, with any shred of honesty, look back on myself at 25 and state that I was the same person I was then, and when I was 50… to be sure I can say I aged pretty fucking well, despite all the lifestyle, and I can in many ways favourably compare myself with a modern 25 year old in 2012, but, there are still huge differences.

Some things in life fluctuate over time, such as the age at which a child becomes an adult, and the age at which an adult retires, and one of the walls you hit is the one that states if you have a kid NOW, you will be a fucking pensioner before that kid is an adult.

Other things you become aware of is the realisation that murderers get separated from their family and society for a shorter period of time than young kids in an acrimonious separation / divorce, and whatever the future holds for those kids no-one can put time back in the bottle and give them the childhood they deserved, complete with both sets of parents and extended families.

One of the conversations that I keep having with young wimminz is the conversation about actions having future consequences, usually utterly predictable ones, and having to carry forwards the burden of whatever actions and choices you made in the past.

Wimminz are SPECTACULARLY crap at this, I will relate a story about a young wimminz who with toddler age kids who ends up with videos of her being gang-banged all over the internet, and the wimminz go all oh noes, but until I mention that in 10 years time those toddlers are going to be in school with the 2022 smart-phone and one of their classmates is going to walk up in the playground and show them videos of mummy being gang-banged… then the wimminz get SCARED… but until I mentioned it, it never occurred to them.

I had a chat with a young lad in his twenties last week, I used to roll with what he now calls the grey-beards, legends of old and 1% ers through and through, and I kept saying the same thing to him, things were different man.

And I find myself like some cross between Hunter and Hopper, a modern Mephistopheles who was lucky enough often enough to walk away unscarred and unscathed, trying to impart words of wisdom to the young buck, who is all “Wow, you were THERE for that legendary event” and far too fucking eager to cut me slack I do not deserve.

We’re sat there at the table, smokes and phones and keys and coffee.

I say to him “You know the old adage about there being no such thing as an unloaded gun?” He says yes, but I stress the point as he has little hands on experience, there ain’t no such animal as an unloaded gun.

He’s up to speed on that one so I reach out and tap one of the smartphones on the table and say “There ain’t no such thing as a digital device that ain’t recording

I wait for that to sink in and add, “and that includes the digital devices you can’t see.

That sinks in for a minute or two and I go all Hunter / Hopper on him again.

This is the digital age man, this shit is everywhere, so common it is invisible, but it is there” I take a sip of coffee and refer him back to some of those “you were there!” legends, and hit him with “… and I wouldn’t be fucking sat here now, if this digital shit was around back then… dig?

Slowly, ever so slowly, the penny is dropping.

We only got away with that shit because it was organic, analogue and hand written or hand types paper records and hand filing, no instant recall or access to anything, a record search meant someone going into a cellar and going through boxes of paper files, by hand.

Back then I knew a guy who used to forge post office savings books, deposits and withdrawals and remaining balances were written by hand into a book, and then stamped, and this guy had some artistic talent and used a socket set to make the concentric rings of the stamp, forge a £5k balance, which was a lot of money back then, and go into a post office (not the same one where the deposits were allegedly made) in overalls and draw £300 a day and talk to the cashier about just having moved house and doing a mountain of renovations..

How far would that shit fly in the digital age?

Computer says you have no money.

And this applies across the fucking board.

Cut’s both ways too bro, if you were smart or lucky or crooked enough to get files altered during the transition to the digital age you were golden.

Computer says you have no history of violence.

Just as bad is when the computer records are fucked the other way.

Computer says you have a history of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

I tap the fucking smartphone again, say “Digital age” again, and look at one of the skanks there, and say “If you had been recording that night last week, instead of complaining to me about being assaulted, which frankly you bear 95% of the responsibility for creating the situation where it happened, Mr X would now be in prison on remand awaiting trial and guaranteed conviction and prison time for sexual assault”  Which would be wrong, because the whole truth is that everyone involves was drunk as a skunk and what’s more were all scum. Just because the guy was born with a penis however he would take the fall.

The digital age man, edited sections of a story are even more powerful than listening to or watching the whole tape…

So, back to the subject in question, and the two wimminz there who are available for pump and dump, but who want more from me.

The edited sections of the story that portray you as a decent young wimminz only work in scenarios where the man doesn’t give a fuck about the story, because you are pump and dump material.

The whole story is another matter, the whole story is what eventually comes out when you spend enough time with someone, and if the whole story involves you being pump and dump material in the past, no way you can expect the current man to see you as anything else.

Changing the story doesn’t change the person.

Just as the only way you get to hear about any legendary stuff we pulled back in the seventies is to listen to one of the greybeards, because that wasn’t a digital age.

It also means that very, very, very few of those stories could even happen today, and if they did, we wouldn’t be sat here grinning and shooting the shit.

It also means that the shit you DO pull today is gonna follow you around forever, for values of forever that fall short of mushroom clouds over what were once google data centres.

Not only can you not wind back the clock, you also can’t get away from digital surveillance and recording, and those data points never fade… what I typed in to a web forum in 2002 is as fresh as what I typed here a decade later in 2012.

The Jimmy Saville story isn’t really a story about privilege and fame and groupies and sexual exploitation, JS lived his life like groundhog day, HE never changed, it is really a story about how the changing technology changes the landscape.


June 25, 2012

The 55 gallon red pill.

Since I have just about been asked for the 99th time so far this year, fuck it, this is where I alienate EVERYONE, with the biggest and baddest red pill on planet earth.

Leave now, and read no further, unless you want your mind altered forever…

Still here?

OK, here we go then.

Hopefully you will have accepted by now that AWALT, All Wimminz Are Like That, and internalised the consequences of that realisation.

Thing is, the rabbit hole goes MUCH deeper, and that is where we are going now, what makes AWALT.

What has really prompted the !99! similar questions, is the never ending succession of wimminz in the news and in trouble for fucking their students, fucking their sons, fucking the neighbourhood donkey, fucking the local football team in a gang-bang, etc etc.

I have at one time or another fucked just about every type of wimminz out there, and I have come to the conclusion that deep down, for values of deep that may vary from needing a glass of vodka to needing no excuse at all, all wimminz will fuck absolutely anything, no limits whatsoever.

Where the 55 gallon red pill comes into play is all wimminz know this, to them it is like the little devil on their shoulder whispering in their ear, and on the other shoulder is the little devil of public perception, telling her not to do that, because it will make her a slut in they eyes of other wimminz.

So all wimminz are constantly torn, like an alcoholic working as a bartender, between this one voice telling them to drink the fucking place dry, and the other voice warning them that nobody likes a lush for a bartender.

It is this constant internal conflict that makes the wimminz crazy, and is the supercharged big block driving their hamster wheel, and this is where all their projection onto evil men and dead beat dads and paedophiles and rapists come from, the wimminz just naturally assume that men will do these things, because after all, THEY would.

Once you swallow THIS 55 gallon red pill, ALL the wimminz psycho behaviour becomes apparent, when one wimminz discovers another wimminz has been fucking her man, blame the man, because there is no point blaming the other wimminz (hate on her by all means) because the other wimminz is driven by the same urges to fuck anything.

There used to be an old series of adverts for a vermouth with the brand name of Cinzano.

The tagline was “Any time, any place, any where.

And that basically sums up the wimminz little devil on their shoulder, but it omits the “Any thing” it has to be said.

God fucking help you if you end up with your ex wimminz going to the police against you, because guess what, if the allegations involve domestic violence or sexual abuse the police in question will also be wimminz.

The social workers who then get involved in the “welfare” of your kids will be wimminz.

Chances are, you ex’s lawyers will also be wimminz.

If you are having a REALLY shit day, the judge may also be a wimminz.

NO ACCUSATION OR ALLEGATION OR CLAIM made to any of these other wimminz by your ex will be seen as insane and fucked up beyond all belief and too far fetched to take seriously.

If you psycho skank ho ex claims you made her blow the donkey in the yard so that you could upload it to youtube, all these other wimminz will INSTANTLY buy it, because all of them, including your psycho skank ho ex, will fuck ANY THING, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE, ANY WHERE in true Cinzano girl style, they ALL have that little devil on their shoulder, and remember, all these people are paid NOT to judge your psycho skank ho ex, so the devil on her other shoulder just got told to shut the fuck up.

If your psycho skank ho ex claims you also fucked her sister and her (adult) daughter, they will all believe it, because they all would.

If your psycho skank ho ex claims you are probably planning on fucking her sisters (adult) sons, and husband, they will probably believe it, because they all would.

If your psycho skank ho ex claims you are probably planning on fucking her and her sisters underage sons and daughters too, they will probably believe it, because they all would.

If you psycho skank ho ex claims you are probably planning to fuck your OWN underage kids, they will probably believe it, because they all would.

If you psycho skank ho ex claims you are probably planning to fuck all the pets and livestock in the area, and all the vegetable down the mall, and every other object and piece of furniture you can get you hands on, they will probably believe it, because they all would.

And this, SPECIFICALLY, is the 55 gallon red pill, human beings only readily accept and believe shit that they themselves would do or have done, or have thought about doing, or had urges to do.

Authority and control are to wimminz what medication is to a fruitcake, what cuffs and manacles are to a violent criminal, what the gallows is to a murderer.

Taking authority and control away from a wimminz is like taking a fruitcake off their meds, all they have left are the voices in their head, saying fuck anything, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

I have never actually caught myself in a situation where I over-estimated how low and dirty a wimminz was prepared to go, or had gone, morally…. without exception, every single time I thought I might have, some other “new low” came out, “yeah, when I said “threesome” I actually meant with my brother and stepbrother…” it was only a matter of waiting long enough… and beyond every story they will ADMIT, there are at least three further levels of depravity to the basement that they are NEVER going to admit to.

No, it’s not rape and incest, it is “genetic attraction“, and all the wimminz and niggers buy that shit, because hey, they can relate, so the bitch gets 4 years for making porn with her own underage son.

April 6, 2012

If sexual assault was a wad of cash….

In a week that seems to be more than usually filled with hateful micro-cephalic feminazi skanks biting my ankles, I had one of those “bro in need” phone calls.

This is how I pay back my dues, I am my brother’s keeper when he wakes up and smells the feminazi’s roasting his nuts over an open fire….

So I explain to this particular brother, who just started a walk in shoes familiar to many of us, a separation and child custody battle kicked off by accusations of domestic violence and sexual abuse, because since 2010 there has to be one or the other for the wimminz to get the full unlimited Legal Aid…

Imagine there is a wad of twenties done up in a rubber band, just sitting there on the passenger seat of your car, you can equate this wad of twenties to the scantily dressed young woman.

e.g. just because it is there on show does not mean that it is OK for you to smash the window, reach in and grab it.

So far, all the feminazis will be along for the ride…

If you take that wad of notes, and start repeatedly riffling it right under my nose, that is not the same thing at all, while you cannot exclaim total surprise and “who could possibly have predicted that that might happen” if someone throws a brick through your car window and grabs the wad of bills, if you start deliberately riffling the wad literally right under the noses of people, literally in their faces with it, expect someone to take it off you and shove it up your ass, along with your teeth… not if, but when.

The feminazis of course will still wilfully and misleadingly gaslight and equate riffling the wad in some guys nose as being no different to leaving the wad in your car.

But wait, it gets worse….

Seeing the alleged effect that a wad of money / being scantily dressed and young and sexy has, some wimminz decide to emulate this behaviour, except they kinda fall short at being scantily dressed, and look like cheap sluts, often rode hard and hung up wet cheap sluts.

The wad of bills equivalent is turning up with a wad of monopoly money.

and this is where the feminazis get REALLY pissed, because it is all fucking true.

Leave a wad of monopoly money in plain sight on the dash of your car, and you could probably do so in a convertible and still come back an hour later and find that “money” right where you left it.

Which will of course piss off the feminazis, because you found their money unattractive and un-stealable and unworthy of your attention and time… so they will gaslight you and make it about anything at all except the rather obvious fact that you had no fucking interest whatsoever in the bunch of less than toilet paper, which is what the monopoly money was to you, at least you can wipe your ass with toilet paper.

Take that wad of monopoly money and riffle it under the nose of random guys and you will still get it shoved up your ass, along with your teeth, because frankly it was the in your face taunting that provoked the reaction you got, the “twenties” being real or monopoly money made no difference whatsoever, another sore point for the feminazis.

Which brings us to the whole “why would I steal that which I do not want even when you are giving it away” argument, and god forbid you actually tell the truth, which to get back to the case of the brother in question was “why the fuck would I want to rape the bitch, she now weighs 190 lbs, not the 125 lbs she did when we got married, and the total lack of any sexual attraction is where the fucking relationship died….

This is real anathema to the feminazi skank ho’s and their niggerz…

Why the fuck would I steal your monopoly money you stupid lying childish bitch?

Course, there is no sane or rational or logical answer to that, so the feminazis invoke the whole gas-lighting thing, because the one question you must never ever ever be allowed to voice is the one that goes “Is the real problem here that I am NOT interested in your/her fucking monopoly money? much less whether or not I actually stole any of it….

And so it was with my “brother in need” we had this conversation, it’s not about the fucking money, or if it was stolen and if so by whom and how, it’s about whether the fucking “money” was actually greenbacks or sterling or francs, or whether it was monopoly money.

And so it was with my “brother in need”, yeah man, it is as fucking obvious as the noses on our faces to all concerned that it is indeed monopoly money, so the question you need to ask yourself is this bro, why are the police and child services and lawyers and family court all treating this case as though that monopoly money was real…  because it is as obvious to them as it is to you or me that were a real wad of real twenties involved here, whatever did or did not go down would have been radically different in detail to what is being alleged here….

And so it was with my “brother in need”, if everyone concerned knows it wasn’t a real wad of twenties, why is everyone treating you like a cunt? Because that is their JOB, that is what they DO, that IS their 9 to 5…. these fuckers have all “specialised” in the whole feminazi industry.

And so it was with my “brother in need”, monopoly money or not, it serves to earn those concerned real money (obvious parallels here to the whole western debt crisis, but there we go) so any threat to “out” the paper in question as being monopoly money is a threat to cost them all real money… you are effectively waving REAL money under their noses, and threatening to take it away from them… you wonder why they treat you as the fucking enemy bro?

My brother in need now sees the days and weeks and months ahead of him for what they really are, a job club for these parasites, there is no justice, just us.

In his own words “I guess deep down I always knew, but I didn’t want to go there because it means no matter what I do I am fucked and I have lost my kids, and I didn’t want to accept that, I’m a man, and men are supposed to fight to the death for their kids….”

“says who” I replied…………. “says the very people that depend on keeping YOU in the game to maximise their ongoing future earning potential….”

I told him, my own FRA, I got arrested for sure, spent 5 hours in custody and 90 minutes being interrogated, and that was it Jack, I didn’t call the ex bitch, didn’t email her, didn’t do shit, nobody on the criminal side got even one more hour of billable time, and the fucking civil / family court side only got the bare minimum, because I never did a damn thing that allowed them to add a single hour of booked time, while maintaining throughout an air of polite but utter contempt for them all.

THAT was why they all hated me bro, because I was wise to the game and did NOT play by their rules, and start screaming and shouting about the injustices of being railroaded for some fucking monopoly money that never even existed in the first fucking place… and thus allow them all to add wads of billable hours to a case with ongoing increasing complexity.

They all got sweet fuck all from me, but the contempt for all of them written all over my face.

February 23, 2012

Statistically speaking…

“Risk”, it is an interesting thing, I was talking to someone recently about the risks of contacting a “killer” STD such as HIV, as it was something that worried them… I asked them a few questions;

  • Do you personally know anyone who has contracted or died from HIV?
  • Do you personally know anyone who has contracted or died from cancer?
  • Do you personally know anyone who was involved or killed in an auto accident?

You see where this is going, this person knew no-one who had AIDS/HIV, knew plenty involved in car crashes and cancer diagnoses, and a few that had died of each, so why no “ooooh scary” about them? Why so freaky about HIV, which statistically speaking isn’t likely to be the thing that fucks them up…. that person had one view of the risk they faced.

You know, I have had guys admit to my face that their attitude to me is that while I may not actually deserve my False Rape Accusation, if you do what I did and fuck and mother and daughter regularly for many years then you have to sort of expect it… these guys have one view of the risk I faced.

The fact is, as the above two examples prove, we are very very very bad at calculating risk and coming to factual and correct answers.

If you live in the western world, answer me these questions;

  1. What is the possibility that you are in an environment where utterly false allegations of rape can be laid against you, and you can lose your life or liberty as a result?
  2. What is the possibility that you are in an environment where utterly false allegations of domestic violence and abuse can be laid against you, and you can lose your home, job and all your possessions as a result?
  3. What is the possibility that you are in an environment where utterly false allegations of violence, abuse or neglect can be laid against you, and you can lose your children forever as a result?

If you live in the western world, and your answer to any of these questions was anything other than “100% total absolute utter guaranteed certainty” then you are a textbook example of someone who doesn’t have a clue about the actual day to day risks involved in living in the world they are living in.

Because if you live in the western world, the possibility that you live in those three environments, which is the question actually asked, is 100%

The possibility / probability that scenario’s 1, 2 or 3 will actually happen to you is of course much lower, but the possibility that you live in a place where they can happen is 100%

The possibility of being in the dining area or a shark is 100% if you swim in the sea off certain coasts, let’s say the  Mexican coast, the probability of actually being lunch is lower, but the possibility applied equally to all who swim off that coast.

For the average human being, being lunch for a shark or a croc is, from the perspective of statistics, an incredibly incredibly rare thing, it is probably out there with being struck by lightning or being run over by your own car….. we are talking lottery number odds.

As I sit here are type this in the southern UK, a few miles from the coast, my chances of being lunch of a shark or croc are so low as to approach zero. After all, I am not in there environment where such things are possible.

And yet, you take an average person like me, and transport them to the environment where such things are possible, even despite the still vanishingly small odds, world + dog starts crapping themselves about being shark bait or croc bait, not because it WILL happen, not because it is LIKELY to happen, because it isn’t, but because all of a sudden it COULD happen.

I go from 0.0% risk of actually being eaten by a shark this year to 0.000001% risk of actually being eaten by a shark this year, the difference is minuscule, but I go from a 0.0% possibility of being in an environment where being eaten by a shark is possible, to a 100% possibility of being in an environment where being eaten by a shark is possible.

Suddenly it CAN happen, so I get scared.

I don’t do anything even remotely accurate at gauging how likely it is, like the person above who was scared of dying of HIV, in an environment where they are far more likely to die in a car crash, of cancer or with their particular family history a heart attack.

So we can see that what we as human being are sensitive to is a BINARY CHANGE in the environment of risk, switching between being in an environment where the possibility of being eaten by a shark is zero, and an environment in which it is so close to zero it is a one in a million chance.

What we are really crap at, is being sensitive to the actual risk, in this tropical environment, am I more at risk of dying from a shark / croc attack, or a mugger’s knife?

And all this means that those changes that we are sensitive to, are the ones that affect our behaviour… go to the tropics, start worrying about sharks and crocodiles, start staying out of rivers and seas…. go to the tropics, stop worrying about muggers because you are on holiday, walk though what constitutes down-town after dark, start doing it with a new Nikon around your neck….

In both cases you were sensitive to the wrong changes in environment and made a bad judgement call.

People from those places coming here just substitute shark for SUV and crocodile for mugger.

If we were GOOD at calculating risk, we would treat being in the western world as the equivalent of being in Stalinist Russia or North Korea, or Afghanistan, places where, like our three questions, there is a 100% possibility of finding yourself in an environment where you yourself can lose your life, liberty, family, possessions, at the whim of another human being, who decides to tell one single lie about you… with no recourse or punishment, but usually reward, for the putative liar in question.

Contrast and compare a 100% possibility of living in an environment where those three things can happen, and then ramping up the probability that one of them will happen, by getting married, by having kids, or by fucking a mother and daughter at the same time, and the 100% possibility of living in an environment where getting eaten by a shark or croc can happen, and then ramping up the probability that one of them will, by going swimming with bleeding wounds, by going swimming with bits of raw meat attached to you, by going swimming where you can actually see sharks or crocs hanging around, shooting the shit, waiting for lunch to drop in.

If we were good at judging risk, we’d see getting married as being equivalent to emigrating to Stalinist Russia, having children as being equivalent to emigrating to North Korea, and fucking a mother and daughter as equivalent to emigrating to Afghanistan.



Thought for the day…

It’s like those PoF wimminz who type that they are looking for “nice genuine men” instead of “nice genuine man“.. it isn’t what they MEANT to type, but that does note mean it is not the TRUTH.

August 7, 2011

Not with a bang, but a whimper…

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As many of you know, I was/am the victim of a false rape accusation made as an opening salvo in a child custody battle.

I could tell you the details, but frankly you would not fucking believe me unless you have seen the inside of a family court as a dad yourself, yes, outright corruption, law-breaking and prejudice against all men are the order of the day.

When I say corruption I mean affidavits sent by my ex to the same lawyer and the same firm who are representing her now, but back when she was doing the exact same thing to her previous ex, and what is interesting about these letters is that they are dated after she now claims I raped and abused her, (yeah, she was the first BPD female I had been involved with, so I bought her allegations against her ex, after all, why would anyone lie about such things… slaps forehead…) but they praise me to the heavens, while accusing her ex of exactly the same shit I am accused of now…

Since this is the same lawyer in the same firm, she cannot claim to be ignorant of this, especially after I attempted to raise the matter early in my case… lawyers are supposed to be barred from knowingly telling a lie to the court, e.g. if I say to my lawyer “I did it, but you can get me off with a not guilty” then my lawyer is not allowed to represent me if I plead Not Guilty… quite simply either my ex’s previous affidavits against her previous ex were perjury, or her allegations against me are perjury, since they are mutually exclusive and contradictory, therefore she is a perjurer, should be charged and convicted of same and attempting to pervert the course of justice, and nothing she says should be believed unless there is significant physical proof to back her allegations up.

Yet when I try to raise this the judge just disallows the entire thing, claiming it is “Not relevant to the current case.” You think?

I am smart enough to know that there is no way to fix this system via the usual civilised channels, the system itself is clearly so broken and corrupted that should I be dumb enough to attempt  to expose it or fight too hard, their simplest option is to imprison me for contempt of court, which they can do simply by the judge stating that I lied in the dock, and yes there is legal precedent for this, no jury trial, no evidence, no nothing, just the judge’s decision and down you go. I have already been directly threatened with this….

Then when you eventually get out you are an ex-con, and moreover an ex-con for lying on oath, nobody in any kind of authority will ever believe you ever again, not even if you claim the sky is blue and water is wet.

And yet there is a fine line between avoiding such a fate and the minimum that a man can do to maintain his self respect… a very fine line indeed.

So, since the system cannot be fixed by the usual civilised democratic means, what is left?

Well, “going postal” is out, you simply confirm everything these filthy lying cunts have been saying about you, and furthermore you make everything much harder for all other dads, and burning yourself to death on the court steps doesn’t help much either, the mainstream media won’t report it and all your kids will ever hear is what a pathetic loser dad was and frankly he did the world a favour by torching himself.

This doesn’t actually leave a lot, in fact it doesn’t leave a damn thing, all the peaceful and civilised options are out because they are totally ineffective, and all the non-peaceful and non-civilised options are out because they are counter-productive on every level you care to look at.

To quote Asimov, “Violence is the final refuge of the incompetent.

And yes, the family court system is extremely violent, just because they don’t bind your hands and spend 30 minutes pounding on your kidneys does not mean they are non violent.

So, since we can apparently do sweet fuck all about this, what does this leave us?

It leaves us with the one thing that will actually work, cut off the supply of money that is keeping all these family court cunts with their noses in the trough.

And lo and behold, here we are after decades of misandry and feminazi influenced government and society, on the brink of a financial meltdown, the like of which has not been seen since the 1930’s.

It is a well known feature of crowd mentality that once a certain proportion of the crowd believe “X”, then the crowd as a whole treat X as being a fact and start acting accordingly.

It doesn’t matter if X is a fact or not, all you need is a certain minimum proportion / threshold of society to believe that X is fact, and they will act as though it is.

As far back as 1995 I was saying that house prices in the UK were spiralling out of all proportion to sanity or anything else, and that the loss of manufacturing skills and basic education was going to have dire consequences. Google the “Hargesian Goat Bubble“… totally ignored by the MSM until around 2007/9

I was far from alone in this, however, I was in that ineffectual minority of society, while the majority (who think fiat is a car maker) could see nothing beyond their on paper wealth spiralling beyond their wildest dreams… when people are sitting in a house that apparently appreciate in “value” enough in one year to buy a new BMW and a posh foreign holiday and a new kitchen and lounge suite, without them lifting a finger, then you can’t really expect the great unwashed masses to question it too closely.

But what is happening as I type is that the majority of the great unwashed now believe that there is going to be an economic meltdown, and this is of course a self fulfilling prophecy, I can introduce you to people who bought a new house on a 20 year mortgage in 1995 for £50,000, who still live in that house, who have been paying the mortgage for 16 years, but who have been using its increasing “value” as an ATM via regular re-mortgaging, who now owe £315,000 on that exact same house, so that is the price on the For Sale sign, even though the peak has passed and identical houses in the same street are remaining unsold after six months on the market for prices ranging from £255,000 to £290,000.

I can introduce you to people who have literally not paid one penny of their mortgage for six months, and the banks haven’t even written them a letter, because repossession = auction and that will depress the market value of all the other property in that street, which will put everyone who isn’t in negative equity now into negative equity, such is the “value” of paper money and accounting.

And just about everyone you meet in the street either is one of those people, or lived next door to them, throw in ever rising energy bills, ever rising gasoline and diesel, ever rising food, and stagnating wages, and you can see why a major economic collapse is now inevitable, because everyone now knows that the emperor is stark bollock naked.

2011 in the family court system in the UK saw the introduction of severe Legal Aid restrictions, in a bid to cut the vast and ever growing legal aid bill, it was decreed that only exceptional cases involving domestic violence and/or sexual abuse would qualify for legal aid.

What happened?

Suddenly every skank ho seeking a divorce or child custody starts claiming domestic violence and sexual abuse, and since these are more complex and longer cases the legal aid bill for family courts has actually gone UP, and the throughput of cases per year has gone DOWN… currently it is running around 2.5 to 3 years from first filing to final judgement, and of course the police sex crime squad is involved in nearly every case.

This scenario always happens, a dire situation made worse by those running around trying to be the last one standing, trying to amass as many resources as possible before the balloon goes up, those claiming there is no crisis because this claim makes it possible for them to redouble their efforts to amass resources.

So it is nearly upon us, and we will hopefully be faced with some very stark choices, do we want street-lights or do we want children’s services? Do we want secret family courts or the national health service? Do we want legislature on affirmative action or do we want companies that can trade at a profit and employ workers? Do we want £10 a gallon diesel and a bloated government full of wimminz, or do we want diesel at £6 a gallon (it is £6.21 per imperial gallon as I type this) and a lean state and an economy that can actually afford to transport produce and workers?

Given that working men with families are far more economically productive than single men, or single mothers, so much so that a working man with a family is almost more economically productive than a single man plus a single mum, what do we want? Do we want the lights to go out and anarchy within 72 hours?

Given that “we” = voters and a large proportion of voters are wimminz, do you think they are going to vote for such economies as the street lights being turned off at 9pm and diesel at £10 a gallon and food and light and heat at 25% more than today and a court / police / legal system that is already creaking under the case load?

Or do you think they will vote for all night street lights and an NHS and a police presence ( to protect them from the ex), and throw all their sisters riding the family courts in the future (as employees of the family court and as plaintiffs making false rape and DV accusations) under the fucking wagon?

What if even then it is; street lights / NHS / Police, choose any two, because there simply isn’t the budget for all three, never mind all three plus secret family courts and all the affirmative action pork?

These are the PLEASANT scenarios…

The unpleasant scenarios all involve a breakdown of social and political order, and a breeding ground for extremism and nationalism such as we last saw, oh, just after the 1930’s depression started to bite…

How many disenfranchised British fathers, culled from their own children’s lives and the fruits of their labours, would not sign up for a new uniform, say in black, with polished jackboots, and the authority that secret family court judges have now, to simply grab someone, take away all their shit, and incarcerate them, on no more than their own authority and whims?

You think I personally would turn such an opportunity down?

You think I personally would not deliberately target my secret family court judge, lawyers, child services and not forgetting my psycho skank ho ex?

You think I personally would give a shit what the stated aims / claims / policies of such a group would be, provided they had the fucking power to make me the angel of vengeance in the natty jackboots, black uniform and long black leather coat?

You think it was any fucking different in 1935 in Germany?

If you do you must be a wimminz, to be that fucking stupid.

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