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December 23, 2012


If you have the mind to listen, I am about the give you one of the greatest pieces of real world advice you will ever get.

I’m an engineer by trade, out back I have a yard long stainless steel ruler, when I pick up that ruler and handle it, it now being winter, the ruler warms up and expands, if it warms up by ten degrees celcius then it expands by about 6 thousandths of a inch over the yard length.

This means that at any temperature but the one at which it was calibrated, this ruler reads wrongly. Fact is in the real world it is accurate enough, known as meaningful levels of accuracy.

Another thing you come across in engineering is round stuff, pistons, bores, you name it, and round stuff defines the ratio of diameter to circumference, also known as Pi, fact is, like the inaccuracies in the steel ruler, saying Pi = 3.14 is inaccurate and gives you wrong numbers, but in the real world it is good enough, meaningful levels of accuracy.

Within these meaningful levels of accuracy, you can go anywhere on the planet and ask for a piece of brass square bar an inch a side and twelve inches long and get the exact same thing.

You, the speaker, and them, the person you are speaking to, are in effect using the same dictionary… 1″ x 1″ x 12″ means the same damn thing everywhere on the planet, just to be sure you may get asked the question “plus or minus a sixteenth” (of an inch) just to verify that you are both talking about the same dimensions, AND the same meaningful levels of accuracy, TWO dictionary definitions, add a third dictionary definition such as “British Admiralty Brass” and you just nailed it.

With me so far?

However, when it comes to people in general, and niggerz and wimminz in particular, you start to run into real fucking problems.

The real fucking problems are based on the simple fact that you do not share a common dictionary.

I’ve talked before about the wimminz who didn’t count blowjobs as sex, but it goes much deeper than that, and spreads much further than that.

The fact is that every word in everyday use has a different meaning, depending upon who you talk to, you relationship to them, the time of day, how they are feeling, etc.

The fact is that this is DELIBERATE, because it gives room for maneouver and manipulation and expansion and expression and so on, these people really do NOT want to talk to you like an engineer.

The downside is it makes it almost impossible to communicate accurately, I had a pingback today that refers to me calling Jack Donovan a fag, and assuming that I used that word fag in a somehow negative or pejorative way, and that as a result I must dislike Mr Donovan, or fags, or something.

For the record, I’ve never met the man, but quite like a lot of what he says and sees, and only saw fit to mention his sexuality because it was pertinent to what I was saying, that it must be a lot tougher and more distasteful for a fag to use a straight wimminz as camouflage to get accepted by society than it is for the likes of me, who likes cunt, to use a straight wimminz as camouflage to get accepted by society.

But, the above misconception by the person making the pingback is a classic example of the difficulty posed by the lack of a common dictionary.

Jane47 eventually came around to being a fuck buddy by coming around to accept something I said the day we met, that the first challenge is to work on a common dictionary, all the “problems” that she imagined existed between us were in fact no more than artifacts created by the lack of a common dictionary… no more significant or meaningful in themselves than the moire patterns and compression artifacts in a jpeg.

But, I must repeat that for 99.999% of human beings this is a state of affairs that they prefer, they prefer no common dictionary, and if we are talking about a wimminz or a niggerz then they absolutely fucking depend on an arbitrary and constantly changing dictionary.

Trying to get a wimminz or a niggerz to ever agree permanently to the definition of even one single word is like trying to nail smoke to the wall.

Which is why, as alluded to in the previous post, you have to judge them all on their actions alone, NOTHING ELSE WHATSOEVER, just their actions.

As long as you have a hole in your ass you will never make any progress on the common dictionary with these people, and every explanation for that will be made in words taken from arbitrary and constantly changing dictionaries.

From their perspective, arbitrary and constantly changing dictionaries are a great thing, everything you can possibly find fault with, from being late to things not being done to last minute changes of plan or shifts in priorities can be neatly dealt with by these dictionaries…that’s not what I meant, or worse still, you should know what I meant or you should know me better by now.

For example, one of the greatest victories of the feminazis and those behind them is to constantly shift the definition of words so simple even a 5 year old can comprehend them, words like “rape” and “violence” and “family“.

Words like “democracy” and “freedom” and “taxation” and “budget deficit“.

Words like “shame” and “decency” and “honour“.

How can a man, or anyone else, “live by his word” or “be as good as his word” or be said of “my word is my bond” when words themselves are rendered meaningless?

Our words, or language, are not just the programming language with which we describe and interact with the world we have built, it is much more fundamental than that, our words and our language are our very DNA of the world and society we have built.

Destroying language is like destroying DNA, it doesn’t just give the odd cancer here and there, it fucks up all life everywhere, and all relationships between living things.

I cannot be a “father” not because of any lack within myself, or any fundamental physical or economic or social barrier, I cannot be a father simply because the meaning of the word has been annulled.

NOBODY can be a “father” any more…. and without a “father” there cannot be a “mother”.

At this time of year, it is perhaps appropriate to mention the Bible, and the roots of the Bible itself, the Book of Genesis.

After the great flood the survivors all spoke one language, and determined to take steps to see that such calamity would not befall them ALL again, so they determined to build something to prevent them all being scattered again.

God came down to see what they did and said: “They are one people and have one language, and nothing will be withheld from them which they purpose to do.” which of course would never do, so he said “Come, let us go down and confound their speech.

So it is hardly the first time the destruction of language was used to break the collective power of man.

Nor are these actions the actions of a being that is any friend of mankind.

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