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November 21, 2012

Judge a man (and a wimminz) by his actions, not his words.

Ironically 24 hours after saying “I have nothing else to say” and thus taking any pressure to say anything off, something happened that caused me to have something to say…

That something is a sense of deja vu, but not quite.

Some 20 odd years ago three separate wimminz came up to me and said “I am pregnant, and it is yours” over a period of 48 hours, so I arranged separately for all three to meet me at a bar at 7 pm sharp, which they did, whereupon I introduced them all to each other, told them all that each said they were pregnant with my child, and that they now need to work out amongst themselves which one I was going to marry.

So here I am, 20 odd years later, and three separate wimminz have come up to me in the past week and basically pledged their love and desire to have a permanent relationshit with me.

Being 20 years older and wiser I’m not about to tell them all to meet me in a bar at 7pm and sort it out…. remember I am a guy in my early fifties, been through the wringer of FRA and kids and assets abducted by psycho skank ho ex and the secret family courts, po-lice, lawyers etc all sticking their nose in the trough.

  1. Wimminz #1 is 40, not the prettiest thing on the planet, works in the health sector, kids flown the nest, been banging her on and off for a year or so, she will do anything I want, but it has to be said she don’t light my fire sexually any more, been there, done that, tick it off, but she is keen and obedient and all that. She has ridden the cock carousel of course.
  2. Wimminz #2 is just over 30, nothing to look at, badly overweight, works in a social services type of job, drinks too much, kids at home, and frankly doesn’t get it. Worth dumping my cum into but that’s about it. She has ridden the cock carousel of course.
  3. Wimminz #3 is just over 30, actually quite fucking hot, overweight but fairly recently and you can still see the solid 9 inside dying to get out, works in sales, no kids. Has ridden the cock carousel but not nearly as much as #1 and #2.

So, there we have it.

What is interesting is this;

  • From the perspective of my cock throbbing, #3 gets the vote.
  • From the perspective of letting me get away with shit, #2 gets the vote.
  • From the perspective of actually doing shit for me, #1 gets the vote.

To be strictly fair, from the perspective for example of doing shit for me #1 has had more time to do more, but has also had more time to fuck up, and hasn’t yet.

To be strictly fair, from the perspective of me just being me, spending a life with #2 would be desperately tedious, her work is everything that is wrong with the country, spending a life with #1 would be ok-ish, her work is valid and good, but nothing I can do or relate to, spending a life with #3 would be fun, her work is neutral but her attitudes and approaches and ethics are something I can relate to.

I’ll give you another one, #1 hates the word cunt, #2 doesn’t use it but doesn’t cringe when I do, #3 loves it and uses it as much as I do.

I’ll give you another one, #1 and #2 are the product of broken homes and crap early relationships that resulted in bastard offspring, #3 has a mummy and a daddy and they are still married to each other.

I’ll give you another one, #3 has by far and away the most expressive face, every thought and emotion that crosses her brain is already written all over her face. #1 and #2 keep stuff hidden and wear masks.

I’ll give you another one, none of these things up above is unrelated.

Has AfOR fallen out of the MGTOW / AWALT tree and landed on his small head?

No, he has not, and he is well aware that the current legal landscape is such that all three can fuck him up in an instant and on a whim were he married to any of them or in a co-habiting relationshit with any of them.

But the fact is that that text in bold above is the secret to #3’s relative lack of negative traits and aspects, everything else comes from that, and so while #1 and #2 talk about long term relationshits (which in the eyes of the law are the same as a fucking marriage) leading to marriage, while #3 talks about marriage….

#3 wants what mummy and daddy have.

#1 and #2 wanting what mummy and daddy have is like a blind man wanting a red house, they don’t even know what the fuck it is.

Judging a man, or a wimminz, by their actions means also judging them by the actions of those whose company they kept, voluntarily in later life, involuntarily in earlier life.

In much the same way that as a time served engineer I have little in common with so called engineers who learned their trade in a college or university or any other way, as a time served child of a mother and father who remained married to each other I have little in common with #1 and #2, and much in common with #3

As a time served engineer I had it easy, compared to my father, back in his day the parents LITERALLY paid the employer / master to take then on for the first year, because a first year apprentice is literally less than useless and literally decreased the output and productivity of the master, but compared to the modern engineering “apprentice”…. makes me puke they dare call themselves that word, shades of “A year ago I couldn’t even spell engineer, and now I are one”

The first engineering tools I had to master were the fucking broom and the kettle, I shit you not.

Then you get given an old “whistler” kettle and the gas axe (oxy acetylene cutting torch) to boil the water for the tea, there is a stock of these for sale to you for exactly one day’s wages each, for when you blow through the bottom of the kettle and all the water leaks out… or… you can grab to scrap from the gash bin and try to “fix” the kettle you just blew a hole through so it will hold water and bring it to the boil with a gas axe.

Then you get given some lumps of soft gash metal, cheap shit like zinc anode material or babbit metal than can be re-melted and re-used, and a metal file and a hacksaw, with ONE fucking blade, and a brass brush to clean the file and saw blade, and a metal vice and a place at a bench.

First make a perfect one inch cube, accurate to ten thou…. that takes you about four fucking days, you learn hands on about materials science, differences in hardness and friction between differing metals such as files, saw blades and the gash, you learn that every time you put the gash in the vice and tightened the vice you deformed it, you learned to file flat and saw straight and square.

Pleased with yourself that the task given to you on a Monday morning has been completed by Friday lunchtime, you are given some more gash metal, this time you must make TWO pieces, one is a U shape and one is a T shape, so that the T shape fits in the U shape perfectly to form a much bigger piece, oh, and you have to be able to rotate the T and U shape with 180 degree symmetry so they fit together perfectly BOTH ways…. no gaps anywhere you can get a ten thou feeler gauge into….. that takes two or three weeks

Failing in these tasks is the end of your apprenticeship, you can fuck off and be a fitter or a grease monkey or a car mechanic…. meanwhile you still have to practice with the broom and the kettle.

Got any lip? I dunno how often I have seen strong tough full of piss and vinegar good in a fight 13 and 14 stone all muscle apprentices punched in the mouth by a 10 stone skinny fucker in their forties or fifties for giving some lip, and they learned they may have double the muscle mass of the old fart, but the old fart was all HARD muscles that basically spent 8/10 hours a day in the “gym” of the shops, that and sinew and bone… apprentices all had broken teeth, me included. On the other hand I still have all my limbs and fingers and toes, which was the result of those lessons not to lip your elders and betters and FUCKING LISTEN.

So I tell some young cunt today who thinks they are time served that it took me 4 weeks to learn how to use a fucking file and a hacksaw, and it is like the blind man wanting a red house or the modern #1 or #2 wimminz wanting a relationshit.

The young shits not only do not know how to use a file or hacksaw, they cannot even begin to judge or guess how much they do not know, or how greatly that lack impacts EVERY SINGLE OTHER ASPECT of their so called professional skill.

#3 may be just over half my age, but she was time served, old school, growing up in a house with a mummy and daddy who were married to each other and stayed together.

Sure, #3 is AWALT, same as #1 and #2, which I can’t respect, but #3 is old school time served, which I can.

Out of respect for #3’s time served status ALONE, I would not put her in a bar with #1 and #2 and tell all three to work it out between themselves.

On a related note, I know it doesn’t seem that way at first blush, I hear from emails that YET AGAIN Bill over at the Spearhead is holding the fucking begging bowl out.

Judge a man (or a wimminz) by their actions, not what they say.

October 2, 2012



It’s a fucked up word to use for cunt, and only manginas and niggerz do it, so start training yourself… here’s how.

“Pussy” is a soft and sweet word, which evokes thoughts of cute furry kittens (ugh) and nice and friendly etc, as well as the obvious cunt connotations.
Start, both in your head and out loud, mis-pronouncing it, not as PUH-SEE, but as PUS-Y, something that exudes pus, which is actually a pretty damn good and accurate description when it comes down to it.

Fact is, as the old saw goes, you just can’t trust something that bleeds every 28 days, but doesn’t die… but the real point here is that it is a red pill red flag… so… things to avoid in wimminz…

  1. Wimminz who refer to the cunt as pussy
  2. Wimminz who wear big hoopy earrings
  3. Wimminz who wear red nail varnish
  4. Wimminz with asymetric or short hairstyles
  5. the list in fucking endless

But the good news is there are some things to look out for as positives

  1. Wimminz who refer to the cunt as cunt
  2. Wimminz who wear studs or nothing in their ears
  3. Wimminz who wear very dark nail varnish
  4. Wimminz with longer or symmetric hair
  5. the list isn’t very much longer

But right up there at #1 is wimminz (and indeed anyone else) who use the word pussy when talking about cunt… it was OK for Richard Pryor to use the word pussy in films in the 1980’s, because it was films in the 1980’s, now it is the 2010’s and we see and hear the word every day in films and video, so there is no excuse.cunt-juice

Pussy Riot…. nah, Cunt Riot… much more apt….

“Safe sex” is another one, never trust a wimminz who insists on condoms, it’s really all about control for them, and sex with a condom is like taking a bath with your clothes on, you can do it, but what’s the fucking point… same bitch who demands “safe sex” will give you a blowjob and swallow your load, so any diseases you may have get in that way, it ain’t “safe”… similarly there are a squillion and one female contraceptives out there, so be very clear on the fact that it is all about control for the wimminz….  and fuck leaving your sperm around for her to impregnate herself with after you are gone, you are leaving your SEXUAL ACTIVITY DNA around for her to do with as she pleases later… this is another reason for never cumming anywhere except INSIDE a wimminz body, never over her face / tits etc… that gives a pure sample.

Lots of wimminz are going to be doing lots of doubling down as the economy starts to tank, and they will play every card in the fucking book… using the word CUNT instead of pussy marks you out to them as a much less helpless potential mugging victim.



October 1, 2012

Bakerman is baking bread


I dunno….

Thing is, it’s like this, just been to a family do, and watched 5 wimminz in a kitchen trying to organise a few fucking rolls and snacks and a bit of cake for an old guys ninetysomethingth birthday…. and making a clusterfuck of it…  some poor bastard bought him a bottle of whiskey, so birthday boy, not being old enough to vote and all, has his fucking single malt confiscated, and it will be doled out to him in small drams…. he was old enough to go and fight the japs in WW2 while they all stayed at home and fucked the yanks.

It’s like all this shit on swinging sites, we do not do piss play, but she likes to gush….

And the other shit “Boys, don’t send me a cock pic, seen one, seen em all…”  OK skanks, so tell me why your profile is nothing but pictures of your cunt and tits and bloated ass? seen one, seem em all bitch….

Basically if you eat cunt, EVER, you be a niggerz, and these swinging sites are fucking full of niggerz.. which is all good news for us non-reconstructed cavemen who want to pump and dump…. because what sets us apart is all this wimminz delusional fundamental dishonesty and basic suckage at anything requiring any level of competence never gets less obvious to us than a large and painful boil on our testicles.

And so it came to pass that last night I am talking to a wimminz who wants to fuck me, but who I have deemed unfuckable, (so naturally she adores me) and we got onto the subject of kissing, and eating cunt.

I dunno what stopped me eating cunt, I dunno that I could ever actually be classed as having started if we are going to be brutally honest about it, but while talking to this skank out of the blue comes the bit in Catch22 where the guy has eaten her cunt and is leaving and notices her dog nosing at her cunt, and remembering the faintly doggy smell to her cunt….  I think that that and my first actual sexual experiences being with skanks who managed to arrange things so they blew up in their face and I got exposed to the truth went a long way towards it.

See, that “managed to arrange” thing is the bit for today’s sermon.

Thing is, men like to get shit straight, you’re meeting some skank for the first time tonight at a bar or cafe, you want to know and establish going in, is this just a social meet, hi how are you coffee and a chat, or is some rumpy pumpy on the cards, or is it guaranteed.

I like to know this because unless it is guaranteed I’ll meet the skank for a coffee, that she buys, and arrange for some other slut to swing by and blow me later, and make sure the coffee buying skank knows this.

Wimminz, they aren’t like that, and it all comes back to that self delusion and denial and deceit that is intrinsic to their nature, and gushing not being playing with piss.

To many wimminz, simply arranging in advance to meet a different man to suck and fuck 5 nights a week makes them a bad slut, not a good slut… it’s not the kinky sex or the 5 guys a week they have an issue with, it’s the premeditation on their own part.

That bit above in red is CRUCIAL, every man who has been the victim of a morning after role reversal and regret knows where I am coming from.

So, what is the poor little skank ho to do?

Why, the answer is obvious to every single cupcake out there, simply arrange things so that each step in the process can happen “spontaneously” and without any apparent pre-meditation at all.

Why, then it isn’t their responsibility at all, they just happened to be there and your cock just happened to slip into their mouth, I mean, who could possibly have predicted that.

Of course, to a guy, especially a cuckolded guy, such artful fantasies of self delusion are about as credible as slipping in the shower and just happening to land on the shower head, which got lodged up your ass, which is the story you tell to A&E / ER anyways….

But to a wimminz, these things are the very stuff of life itself, they are, quite simply, the reason wimminz will never, ever, ever accept any personal responsibility for their own actions.


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