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September 11, 2013

Michael Evil (sic)


So, after spending a year dishing dirt on the guy, the meedja now want to know what’s wrong with the fucking system… any old lies to sell more copies and ad impressions eh.

One the one hand, no evidence of any kind is sufficient to drag him into court, but no evidence of any kind is suddenly insufficient to drag his false rape accuser into court, funny that…

and now I want

to say something


fucking important.

Every single fucking time this happens, some cunt trots out the platitude that at the end of the day there are only two people who really know what happened, the accuser and the accused.

Speaking as one of the accused, allow me to clear that point up, the accused knows he didn’t fucking do it, or anything even remotely like it, but let me assure you of one thing, one of the truest and most profound things you can say about any many falsely accused of rape is not that he is one of two people on the planet who know what really happened, he is in fact the one person on the planet most in the dark and confused about what happened.

To this fucking day;

  • I do not know what happened.
  • I was one of the last to hear that the po-lice were not going to charge me
  • I was only given sight of my lying psycho skank ho ex FRA’s actual testimony in court, in my case a seekrit family court, in mike evil’s case a criminal court
  • I (like mike evil) was not permitted to see my accuser in court, the cunt hid behind a screen, everyone else could see her
  • I was the one person on the planet not allowed to contact my accuser, or anyone who knew her, to ask WTF was going on
  • etc
  • you get the picture

I really do wish the guy all the best, as I say that as someone who couldn’t stand the soap he was in, or his character in it, or his acting, and on any other day I would have said he deserved 20 years for it, but that was all a bit tongue in cheek, what he went through was real, and it isn’t over.

On the contrary, the news is now filled with stories of the soap directors offering him a quarter of a million quid a year, so there is 250,000 reasons for more false accusations to come out of the woodwork.

He is however slightly better off than the other celebutards charged but awaiting trial, as his trial was such a fuck up there will be vastly increased pressure to get a conviction on one of them.


September 5, 2013

Politicians, managers, wimminz…

They all appear to have one thing in common.

They all have an idea, a plan, an agenda, that they are pushing forwards, and reality on the ground and anything and everything else contradicting this is simply dismissed as not being relevant, or representative, or important, or real.

This is why Syria is just the latest in a series of geopolitical events to trouble me.

Cameron doesn’t know anything about the reality on the ground in various parts of London, much less say rural Dorset, yet they are pontificating about a completely different country with a completely foreign culture and history and geography.

And yes, I get the whole they are just puppets and figureheads thing, but that is just an excuse, the same could be said for Assad or Putin or anyone else.

It is all shades of claiming that Jim Carrey was actually a wuuuunderful thespian, and so he should have no personal blame attached whatsoever for being Ace Ventura etc. Bollocks, he took the fucking money, so suck it down.

You kill something by cutting off the head, if it is just a figurehead and the creature still lives, you achieved two things, you killed the whore acting as figurehead, and you revealed the nature of the creature that employed it.

The internet achieved that decapitation process, not as well as it could have, but more effectively than everything that went before put together.

Just one lifetime ago Goebbels and his peers knew that all you had to do was tell the pubic that X is an enemy and means us immediate harm, and up until that point that had been true for the entirety of human history.

True, satellite TV broadcasting and so called media groups that control television, newspapers, radio, film and music all under one roof are a pestilence, but they aren’t the only game in town.

I know *lots* of intelligent people who publicly subscribe to all sorts of off the wall cults, the more ludicrous the better, and they don’t actually believe one iota of it, it is just camouflage and an opportunity to party and meet in the flesh, and in reality they are hip to what is going on, and mercilessly cynical and sceptical of *everything* spoon fed by the MSM.

Are they paranoid?

Well, it is only paranoia if the other guy isn’t out to fuck you over, and by any actual metric you care to use, the greatest threat facing any individual western citizen at the moment is his own state, and his fellow sheeple.

If person X is able to make decisions that adversely affect my life, which in a modern technological society means there are a *lot* of person X’s out there, do I really care if their MOTIVE for that bad decision was because they thought they knew it all, or they had an agenda to push, or they were pre-occupied with the latest episode of Draghi Boo Boo or Syria’s Got Talent or I’m a Shi-ite, Get Me Out Of Here or Scud Factor?

Back in the days when we fought actual dirty on the ground wars with infantry, it was well known that a friendly bullet would kill you just as dead as an enemy bullet.

Ideas and beliefs and agendas are the same as bullets, a friendly one will fuck you up just as much as an enemy one, there isn’t one iota of difference to you.

Don’t kid yourself, it is amateur night out there, a bonfire of the vanities, and these are the people both pulling the strings and acting as willing puppets.

July 21, 2013


There are many, many, many things in life that you get a default answer to.

Paedophilia, yes, it is just wrong, end of discussion.

God help you if you want to discuss it intellectually,to wonder aloud why the label is applied, completely incorrectly, to 21 year olds having mutually consensual and loving sexual relationships with 15 years and 11 months olds.rideolsen

God help you if you wonder aloud that for much of English history the age of consent was 12 and there was no paedophilia to speak of, now it is 16/18 there is apparently loads of it…. just as there was no illegal homosexual sex before homosexual sex was made illegal.

God help you if you wonder aloud at the imposition of a law making something quite common suddenly arbitrarily illegal, if she is 5,843 days old I am a rapist and paedo, if she is 5,844 days old we can nip up to Gretna Green and get married.

Where does the State get off in passing laws that suddenly render apparently common enough behaviours illegal, surely this is against everything the state itself was founded to preserve.

What comes next, laws banning the wearing of primary colours?

The real point of this post, and, now that the stage is set, another default answer that must not be questioned or discussed, is Men and their abducted by the state / skank ho ex kids, specifically the boy children, because the girl children and just sluts in training… oh noes… we’re back to the paedo thing again..

But here we are, ask any deadbeat dad who does not have contact with his sons, and you’ll get the stock answer, I should be there for them, teaching them, guiding them, doing manly things with them.

But is it the fucking truth?

About now I am as popular with deadbeat dads as a “paedo” admiring the tits on a 14 year old chick in a topless beach…

Oh I know, there are all sorts of things I *could* be doing with and for my absent sons, all sorts of things I feel I *should* be doing with and for my absent sons, yadda yadda yadda

But the unspeakable question.

What’s in it for me?

Did you cringe reading that? Did it make you feel guilt, the same way looking at the pic above and thinking she is pretty…

Is me explaining how my life is easier, more money and free time and all that jazz, somehow reminiscent of “if they are old enough to bleed, they are old enough to breed”, you cannot counter it directly, but it is just WROOOONNNG… MMKAYY.. so DROP IT…

However, no pubescent teen virgins were harmed by this discussion, just as no absent sons were harmed by this discussion, so the only thing this discussion is a threat to is the whole concept of the unspeakable.

Paedophilia is a good place to start, in your creation of an unspeakable, cannibalism is a better taboo, but, you cannot potentially link 75% of day to day activity for 99.999% of the population with potential cannibalism, it just doesn’t fly.

Of course you then have to set the boundaries in such a way that 99.9% of people are tempted, because you need that fucking guilt to get them to shut the fuck up when someone else is accused, so there is no good to be had from making the minimum age at which you can have sex 7, like cannibalism, 99.999% of the population wouldn’t be tempted anyway, so you have to set it at a ludicrously high level, biologically and historically speaking, see homosexuality, a young boy of 16/7 could join the army and get his ass blown off by flying lead and HE, but he couldn’t consent to a loving sexual encounter with another man unless he was 21.

Ok, now you have a universally reviled act, that you have simultaneously engineered to be something that, within the broadest terms of the definition, 99.999% of the population are biologically hard-wired to find “interesting” at the very least, so you have your guilt, which gives you your control… Neimoller anyone?

Next step?

Well, you mission creep that fucker.


Now I have been online since fidonet and the BBS days, long before there was an internet, last time I accidentally came across some paedo porn? Must have been about 1996… so this isn’t exactly a pandemic of filth that needs urgent attention, it’s just mission creep, making ever more people feel guilty.

Let’s be honest, who is going to stand up and say “Hang on a minute, do we actually need any more fucking useless laws on this subject?” nobody, you filthy paedolover and apologist you…

Want to marginalise some fucker, no worries, just label them a paedo, or a deadbeat dad. Job done.

Actual paedophilia is of course still going on, and it is a great tool for blackmail and political control, so it is not actual paedophilia, or active drug use, or active anything that is ever targeted, it is all about guilt, which is all about control.

So, you have systems in place that arguably both;

  1. do nothing whatsoever to combat the alleged problem
  2. just happen to be a very effective means of coercion and control for the 99.999% of the population who were never tempted by the alleged problem in the first place.

Pure coinckydink, of course, only a paedo or terr’rist would suggest that in fact the REAL goals and the actual outcomes were the only game in town, and the stated goals were just a methodology, social engineering.

Now tell me again, what is in it for me to become actively involved in raising my abducted by the skank ho ex and State sons…. they already have my fucking DNA

Being brutally honest with you, if they read and memorise this blog, that’s about all else I can give them.

My skills, well, bit like grandad teaching me how to make buggy whips, not relevant to life in 2013 innit.

If the remaining 99.99999% of me feeling bad about somehow letting my son’s down is just social engineering, then by definition it is alien to me, and I am better off rejecting it, and so are my sons, so if I have contact with them it will be BECAUSE of the social engineering, and as such I would be infected by it, and my proximity to them would infect them.

Hilariously. This is the exact argument the state uses WRT sexual abuse, that the abused go on to create more abusers.


Because it is a bell that cannot be un-rung in your mind.


June 24, 2013

now and again, in the city of tiny lights

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You can run into a wimminz who is not *quite* as outlandish as most, with whom you can have some semblance of a normal conversation for a few hours.

And it can be interesting, when you start to compares notes, such as recent things I have written about re the changes in PoF / swingers sites / the dating scene in general, because they see much of the same thing.

What is interesting in a way is that you get into a philosophical chicken and egg thing about how people actually live vs the way they think… so this chick, like me;

  • chooses to rent and not buy, cos you can move quick and won’t be trapped in negative equity when the housing bubble pops
  • lives alone, no kids and shit to support
  • doesn’t have a bathroom and bedroom littered with beauty and make up products and potions and lotions
  • works a Monday to Friday 9 to 5 job and pays her own rent / fuel / vehicle / etc bills

as opposed to most wimminz, who;

  • live in a house with a mortgage that they kept after splitting with the ex, or live in a rent subsidised state owned council house.
  • have kids at home
  • have bedrooms and bathrooms that contain 30% of the entire product range hair/beauty products
  • if they work at all it will be less than 16 hours a week to quality for working tax credits, or they have a mcjob feminist job somewhere rather than a private employer.

The top group is far far far rarer, but far closer to the reality of life as lived by most men, and as a result, has attitudes that are far closer to those held by most men, which is interesting because it just goes to show how much creating entitled pwincesses encourages entitlement pwincess attitudes…

and so…3143916909_10187e3540_o

Recently over at the spearhead Bill has donned his apron again because some wimminz politician has started to wibble about including wimminz in the (armed forces) draft.

Quite apart from the amusing travesty of a nation that was founded specifically to have a civil militia, but in which standing armies were illegal, going on touting itself as the land of the free, and remaining one of the few countries on the planet in the 21st century that requires (male) citizens to *register* for service in the military, Bill starts wibbling about how this will weaken the military, and other posters start talking about how a 12 year old boy can overpower a 25 year old wimminz.

See that bit above about actual lifestyle shaping attitudes.

You won’t find no korea/nam vets, either US army or British or French forces, who will be dismissive of 12 year old girls, much less 25 year old wimminz, when it comes to their ability or willingness to fuck you up, and upper body strength never gets time to enter the equation.

It used to be if you could pull 7lbs with your index finger you were as capable of dealing death and mayhem as a steroid pumped no neck grunt who could bench press a couple of ammo cases all day long, nowadays all you have to do is toggle a joystick and click a microswitch.

The blonde whore who fucked up (Jessica Lynch) last time rather infamously only did so because she was the minority entitlement pwincess surrounded by big strong men, Abu Ghraib (Lyyndie England) will tell you all you need to know about how these same wimminz can behave, given half a chance.

When the military goes into places it has no fucking business going, which is basically every conflict and non war the US has been involved in, ever, then again it ain’t big strong grunts making this policy, they is just cannon fodder for the wimminz and niggerz politicians back home making “policy”

Take away the superiority and exclusivity of big strong men on the battlefield doesn’t somehow make war less honourable or more bloody or worse or any other shit, what it does do is completely fuck up the side that thinks big strong men are the biz, or did the nam “whores” who razored up, bombed, or fed bamboo shoots to the yanks not count as “combatants” because they didn’t have a dog tag and khakis?

Bill is also, for some strange reason, assuming that this draft legislation is aimed at getting these wimminz in to the trenches on the front lines along with the rest of the cannon fodder.

Cue all the usual disguised white knight bullshit about how will a wimminz carry the 120 lbs of ammo you need up to your position yadda yadda yadda.

The bitches will do quite well in an all or mainly female platoon deployed on US soil against US citizens in a “peacekeeping” role, with material support right up to the firezone on metalled roads by 6×6 and track laying vehicles.

Whether you shoot them up, or get shot up by them, all anyone will know or hear about is what an evil fucker you were, and it will double down, win win, more wimminz get into that shit.

Bill, like many other yanks, still stupidly assume that the powers that be want to preserve the good ole yew ess of aih, and not break that bitch down for profit and reorganisation, you know, like the good ole yew ess ess of arr.

Bill, like 99.9% of wimminz and all niggerz, ain’t living the way men actually live, see above, so he is as delusional as any entitlement pwincess, both about the role of wimminz in the military, and the future of the USA.

The yanks you yanks SHOULD be listening to are the ones saying shit like “As I sit here in Ecuador/wherever typing this blog post….


June 21, 2013


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Many moons ago there were a bunch of bikers who went by the handle DILLIGAF & LAGNAF, most people worked out Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck, not so many worked out Let’s All Get Naked And Fuck.

There are hundreds of thousands of citizens on the streets of Brazil protesting, and all anyone can say is it started with a protest about a 10 cent rise in bus fares due to a tax hike, and because the state gave in to that, the protesters were just encouraged by it.

The American war of independence also started with a protest about a rather small tax hike of a few cents, if you want to look at things that way, and if you do look at things that way, you won’t be prepared for much of what did happen, least of all the Constitution.

“The last straw that broke the camel’s back” is an old saying.

It is true, and always has been, that there are some children who are sexually abused, some women & men who are raped, some employees who are unfairly dismissed, and so on, but it is also true that despite vast swathes of new laws and rulings, nothing has changed for these poor unfortunates, instead those who have not genuinely suffered to any degree are rewarded, and those who have not offended to any degree are punished.

Today a teacher who ran away with a pupil, at the child’s DEMAND, because she threatened to kill herself if she did not, and both of whom claim to still be deeply in love, indeed, the child’s testimony was nothing but “*I* made all the running, *not* the teacher” and yet he is today jailed for 5.5 years, while genuine institutionalised sexual abuse of children continues in this country, somehow never quite getting as far as files being passed to the Crown Prosecution Service, no matter how many come forward, no matter how many separate investigations there are, no matter how obvious the truth.

Wimminz I know, and niggerz, have a genuine struggle to believe that I am serious when I tell them that if I see a wimminz being brutally raped, or a child come to that, I will simply walk on past and make like the three monkeys, neither seeing, hearing or saying anything.

Yet, this is exactly what I would do, for this is what I have been taught by society to do as a survival tactic.

Back along, I was in a peter (slang for jail cell) with another inmate, one day we got to discussing Social Security, I was obviously smart and educated, so he asked me if I thought I knew what it was.

I told him, and he said, no, you are wrong.

Social Security is not security for the individual, it is security for society from the individual.

With social security, no-one has an excuse to steal to eat etc. This protects those with food to steal, and allows for punishment of those who do steal, because they did not have to in order to eat.

As I get older I find myself agreeing more and more with his assessment, but he missed the trigger.

The trigger is men like me, who have stood accused of all sorts of vile and disgusting things in secret family court, when the fact is that if only 10% of them were true there would have been no court hearing, no witnesses, no testimony.

DILLIGAF is true for me, and should say 1,000 other DILLIGAF men in this country suddenly find themselves having a reason to GAF, we could take the state down to anarchy in a week.

This is what all the prism and crap is really all about, the state is scared shit-less of those who shit red pills for breakfast, but like all the new rules that do not protect those they were allegedly intended to, like all the last straw tax hikes, like all the other changes being made to the social contract between citizens and the state, they all appear to be totally incapable of doing anything to address the root problem, and only capable of making things worse with ever higher levels of collateral damage.

Every revolution in human history has one thing in common, one constant, and that is when the people stop giving a fuck what the state thinks of them or says about them, or offers them, or threatens them with.

So today this skank ho on a sex site starts talking to me, so I tell her, send me a pic of your cunt babe, cos I can tell from the face she ain’t no Twiggy, so she send me a bunch of pics, some of them are presumably of her cunt, all I can see is a fold in fat stubbly flesh, it could be a belly crease, it could be anything, a couple of other pics are of syringe needles through her nipples, she has large and saggy mis-shapen tits, but they look like some crazed sci-fi doctor grafted them on to her obese torso from a completely different body, she likes it kinky and submissive, and her husband and father of her disabled child can’t give her that, so she has his permission to fuck random guys while he is a work and the disabled kid is in special needs school.

I like sex and fucking as much as the next guy, but this is to sex as Tracy Emin is to Constable or Van Gogh or Miro in the art world, but never mind, she has intuition apparently, and she can tell that I am not the guy for her, probably because of the lack of responses from me saying how sexy she looked.

I fail to understand why bestiality and paedophilia and necrophilia are all illegal, when it is legal for creatures like this to fuck, and breed, and think of themselves as sexy, and of course I fully understand the moral and ethical problems with, for example, the whole concept of fucking pre-pubescent children, but it is sort of irrelevant in the same way that knowing which of the Caribbean islands is the best tax haven for a billionaire is irrelevant, I have as much sexual interest in fucking a pre-pubescent child as I do in fucking a grown man’s hairy asshole.

On one level I can accept and grant that some people on this planet can look at a guy’s hairy asshole, or a small naked child, and find it sexually arousing, but me, I just don’t *get* it, it’s like jazz…

But at least both of those are human, and some of these wimminz, even excepting their nature and mentality and focusing solely on the flesh, are no more human than some of the more freaky melted flesh monsters dreamt up by film FX directors, it is mystery meat, and I again can accept that a tissue sample and DNA test will identify it as human, but then again, those same tests will identify a massive pustulating tumour as human flesh…

For me at least I feel that any process that could be applied to me that would enable me to get a hard on for such *creatures* would be akin to a journey down a long road, and of necessity I would first have to pass through those places where a guy’s hairy asshole got me hard, and then a naked pre-pubescent child got me hard.

And I say this very contentious, but true, thing for one reason and one reason only, there are male creatures out there that do fuck these things, that chase them, that go back for more…

HG Wells reckoned it would take until the 800th millenium for humans to split, or in Darwinian terms, to evolve into two species… and yet it is a truism that those living through great change never see it, too close to the wood to see the trees, and it is only much later that other can look back and state that this was a period of change.

For a long time it was assumed that the process of evolution was a steady and gradual process, like sand running through an hourglass, but, as our understanding and data increased, we found instead that what actually happens is Nature provides relatively long periods of stability, and very short islands of time when things change dramatically in a matter of a few generations, maybe 20 at most.

I contend however that we are indeed in such a period of change now.

I contend that the last 300 years of human technology has triggered this change, by the simple fact that ever greater proportions of human who would in the past not have survived long enough to breed, and now alive and breeding.

Even in this world of essentially free processed food and shelter available on demand 24/7, there is a significant proportion of the population who STILL could not survive alone, they require regular medications, or mobility scooters to tote their lardy mystery meat asses around, or that others may be crippled so that they can “compete”.

We are not living or Orwell’s 1984, or Animal Farm, or Solyent Green, or Gattaca, or any other such dystopian future.

I contend instead that we are living on the Island of Dr Moreau.

DILLIGAF? About mine own species, perhaps…..

January 19, 2013

Comments not aloud.

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See the DM is on again about this (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2264822/I-proud-children-DNA-tests-shattered-life–Anguish-divorced-father-paid-15-000-maintenance-offspring-werent-his.html) and as usual for anything likely to attract any red pill comments, comments are disallowed.

Back when I was a lad (OK, there was no intertubez, but that doesn’t void the principle) such loaded and opinionated pieces were identified by a special page in the paper, and the heading was “Editorial”.

Now the editorial has gone along with the news, all that is left is the propaganda.

Which is why it is both refreshing and surprising when Money Week says

We believe the outcome of this problem is inevitable… and the recession, joblessness and instability you see right now is only the first stage of it. Many people think the slump we’re in now is as bad as it will get.

But the truth is, it’s only the start. In fact, you will certainly see the consequences of this deep-rooted problem unfold across the cities, towns and villages of Britain. No one will escape the fallout.

In all recorded history, no country has ever recovered from the financial position we find ourselves in today.  No government has ever been able to reverse this trend. No emergency action has ever come close to a solution. This inescapable problem has only ever had one outcome: financial collapse.


So, the cat is finally out of the bag on the edges of the MSM, the edges where the sharks live, everyone else is still printing drivel about the Kardashians and men being evil for wanting to know if their kids are their own, and as the DM article shows, even the guy’s own mother turned against him, not because he was the instigator, he wasn’t, he was just the whistle blower who wanted some personal truth and justice.

2013 is here, you better have already left (the west) if you have serious wealth, or you better have already got yourself into a subsistence and survival lifestyle if you ain’t and you’re stuck here like most.

I smell fresh pussy…

December 29, 2012

The rise of the internet.

I was an early adopter, fidonet / bbs’s and all that good shit.

Back then we knew the MSM (main stream media) was all “push” bullshit, and we thought we were at the cutting edge of the revolution and the new way forward.

Then all the “me too” AOL‘ers came online and fucked everything up for everyone, and what followed was useful evils like google and pernicious evils like facebook and linkedin, the dream was dead.

And then… well… then a funny thing happened, the sheer mass of people online exceeded the ability of the corporates to steer and control it.

It is a literal truth to state that certain news items come to my attention via discussions on swinging sites long before I ever encounter them on a MSM news site.

Then, as stated here, (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-12-28/what-america-really-thinks) there is the growing awareness that it doesn’t really matter who “they” are, “we” the great unwashed public, just don’t believe anything “they” say, or try to tell us, or try to inform us of, or try to educate us about, or try to sell us etc.

It’s not how we early adopters predicted things would turn out, not by any means, but this mass jaded apathy and cynicism is no bad thing.

“They” can no longer run any kind of article about divorce or the family courts or domestic violence and have a comment section that is not over-run with men saying it is all bollocks.

In typical bolting the stable door weeks after the horse has bolted fashion, the powers that be are trying to impose curbs and filters and controls on the bits of this new network that so far remain in their control, to whit, the internet connection from your house to the backbone and back.

But they watch what happened in north Africa and shit themselves, nearly three years ago now I bought a Samsung Galaxy S1 smartphone, I didn’t need no stinking internet, I didn’t even need no stinking 2/3g connection.

I didn’t need those things because I was carrying around a device the size of a packet of cigarettes with Star Trek capabilities, that would charge from any USB source, that would on demand operate as its own wifi hotspot and share files between similar devices, no need for swapping SD cards or bluetooth transfers, any fucking thing with wifi.

Three years later I have the third iteration of that device.

What I have, basically, is what we used to call sneakernet.

It was an old saying, never under estimate the bandwidth of a holdall full of backup tapes, and in actual fact it is as true today as it was in the dawn of the digital age.

Never under estimate the bandwidth of millions of people walking around with hand held devices that can exchange files trivially between themselves once they are within a few metres of each other…. sure, the latency and ping times are a bastard, but latency and ping times don’t mean a fucking thing when it comes to text based discussion and information sharing.

We knew that back in the fidonet / BBS days.

I was reminded of this by something my mother said a couple of days ago, my bro is literally on the other side of the planet, so he sends me an SMS message, and it gets to me in a couple of minutes.

When I was a lad a letter used to take two weeks to do that journey, par avion, (fuck it, it used to take three days to fly from London to Singapore, and we thought that was fast… it took 28 days by fast liner) and if that wasn’t good enough you could send a very similar message to an SMS, but it was called a telegram, and it cost a lot of money, and it still often took a day or two, or sometimes even more…. I was in Africa when a family member died, it was this time of year, by the time I got the telegram the family member had already been buried.

The last big fuckup we had in Europe was Yugoslavia, but as recent as it was, it was before the smartphone revolution, before Windows95, before “the internet” as the AOL’ers knew it.

Fast forwards to Egypt and Libya and even those populations with minimal smartphone market penetration and the revolution is utterly transformed by the ability of these devices to form ad hoc mesh sneakernet networks…

The gap between Yugoslavia and Libya is far far far smaller, technologically, than the gap between Libya and your average western school-yard today.

The genie is well and truly out of the bottle, you could literally pull the plug on ALL internet and 3G systems in the UK and while it would cause uproar, data would still flow, and while ping and latency would be atrocious, I’d say 8 hours tops for anything meme-worthy to transit from one end of the country to the other.

You can’t un-ring a bell, and you can’t put this technology away again once Pandora opens her box.

Samsung, for example, may have intended “bump to share” as a fun little feature to drive sales by allowing people at a social event to take and share pictures etc on the spot, but then again the internet was intended to route around damage in traditional switched networks in the event of a nuclear war, and we see how that turned out.

December 13, 2012

I’m not even going to post a link to it

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But there is a story doing the rounds based on a TV dramatisation of a “true” story.

The “true” story is wimminz accuses man of repeatedly raping her, WHEN THEY SPLIT UP, so again historical allegations, man is remanded in custody awaiting trial for alleged rapes, man appeals and get released on bail, you can google him, Jonathon Vass if you like, he is now convicted of murdering her, but the alleged rape allegations lie on file and were not laid against him in court because it was deemed “Not in the public interest

Given the eagerness with which historical claims of rape are pursued, this is odd.

As an ex FRA myself whose ex also only decided she had been raped repeatedly in the past at the point which she sought a separation and sole custody of our kids, you can guess my first thoughts on, this, and I say this merely in the spirit of full disclosure, I am biased against any automatic belief in any rape allegation, but even so, I am aware of that bias, but what I find REALLY interesting is this;

In here diary the ALLEGED victim, one Jane Clough, states, “I do not think Johnny will just lie back and let a jury find him guilty.” and later “I am worried about Johnny coming to find me and kill me when he is released from his sentence.

I put it to you, dear reader, that these are not the words a woman who had ACTUALLY been raped would use in a private journal… remember, everything you think and write is based upon what you ACTUALLY recall and know to be true, not what you claim to be others to be true but which you actually recall to be completely false.


She has an actual first person recollection of events, actual events, I put it to you, dear reader, that if she had an actual first person recollection of being raped, she would see Mr Vass as being guilty, game over, and her worries would be over the jury finding the “right” verdict, or “seeing through” his denials, or “protecting other women” by taking him off the street….

I cannot conceive of any mental scenario where she would state that she was worried that the accused man would not simply lie back passively and LET a jury find him guilty, rather than mounting a strong and robust defence.

Similarly, I put it to you dear reader that if she had an actual first person recollection of being raped, Mr Vass being imprisoned would be seen as a just act, and she would have little of no concerns about him seeking her out “.. AND KILL ME WHEN HE IS RELEASED FROM HIS SENTENCE..

On the contrary, these statements lend credence to my initial scepticism, that Mr Vass, like so many men, was simply falsely accused of rape and DV by an ex (now a pre-requisite for full legal aid to be awarded to the wimminz) and realising that his life was over decided he had nothing whatsoever to lose for killing her, for him the choice is going to prison for a crime he did not commit, or going to prison for a crime he did commit.

Clough herself claims Vass was “always” violent, yet despite the paper mentioning that he was banging two other wimminz while banging Clough (yet ANOTHER reason to suspect an FRA, revenge and spite by the cheated on wimminz Clough) neither of these other wimminz, nor any other wimminz in Vass’s life have come forward to corroborate this, and you KNOW they would have, and you KNOW po-lice went to them all and asked them this.

Which brings us back to the decision NOT to prosecute him for these alleged rapes, AFTER he is convicted on his own confession for murder, on the basis of it not being in the public interest.

The only “not in the public interest” scenario that I can come up with that is even remotely plausible is that there was not a snowball’s chance hell of convicting him, which brings about the interesting scenario where he did indeed commit a murder, but only after being falsely accused of rape and DV by his ex, and we can all see how THAT would play, not in the public interest indeed.

We must also remember that Vass, on his initial arrest for these alleged violent rapes, was remanded in custody, yet when he appealed this he WAS RELEASED ON BAIL, and there is ZERO fucking chance of that happening if there is even the merest fucking hint of any kind of violence in your history…. ZERO…. FUCKING…. CHANCE….

The only scenario that adequately answers ALL the questions posed here is that Vass saw himself being railroaded for a crime he did not commit further to an FRA by Clough, sees, as I did, that the po-lice and everyone else involved have no interest in the truth or justice or who really did what, certainly not prosecuting someone for the heinous and vile crime of making an FRA, and so he decided he had sweet fuck all to lose and took justice into his own hands.

This indeed is something that would not “be in the public interest” were it disclosed in court, because Vass would then be playing the justifiable homicide in self defence when the po-lice and state singularly failed to protect HIM from the malicious actions of another criminal, Clough…

Obviously, only Vass and Clough know the truth because only they were there, Clough is now dead and Vass is incognito behind bars, and any hope of any release at all is based upon him keeping his mouth shut and NOT proclaiming innocence.

and so so a story I WILL link to.


Again, reading what is actually written, this wimminz was convicted of rape, because while the age of consent is 16, if there is any relationship of influence such as teacher, parole officer or step parent / girlfriend of the kids father, then the age of consent is 18.

Again, she was placed on the sex offender’s register.

And yet, the story is full of excuses for her, she “fell in love” it was a “sexual fling” when it was none of these things, it was fucking RAPE which is why she is convicted of rape and on the sex offenders register, but then we do need to tone it down to explain just why this convicted rapist and sex offender was given a SIX FUCKING MONTHS SUSPENDED SENTENCE….

You contrast this with the Vass / Clough story above and ask about the “pussy pass” and misandry in sentencing…



September 16, 2012

That dog won’t hunt.


There are lots of words for the same thing, feminism, equality, affirmative action, as usual with words that are actually written in lowercase but uttered in uppercase, their true meaning and intent is usually the direct opposite of their written intent and meaning.

Operation Iraqi Freedom” to give just one example…

So, let us look at the picture here on the right…

One of these is a retriever, one is a hunter turned gamekeeper.

One is trained to be a guide dog for the blind, one is trained to be a police / military attack dog.

They are not the same, they are not equal, they are not fungible, and speaking as someone who has always owned Alsatians, THEY know this, you only have to watch an Alsatian swagger through a crowd of other dogs of other breeds, to see this fact.

The ONLY times I have ever seen anything other than swagger from an Alsatian around other dogs is when they meet Doberman, then they both swagger, in an entirely different way, and then you see some real “equal but different“… “uh huh, you think you can run and hunt motherfucker, you’re “it”….” zoooom…

Of course when I am speaking of the nature of Alsatians I speak of their true nature, when they live with a minimum of two others of their kind, the mini pack, not the solitary hound at home.

A friend of mine used to keep a dozen of them, go out in the field / long grass / woods and see the two frolicking in front of you and wagging their tails at you, then, if you were smart, notice the other ten at all points of the compass around you, either stalking you or guarding your perimeter, depending on how they saw you….

Feminazi society will and does mandate, and enforce by law, not just Labrador as police dogs and Alsatians as guide dogs for the blind, at a push you could sorta squint and get away with that one, but terriers as guide dogs, sausage dogs as sheep herders, chihuahuas as police attack dogs, danes as varmint / rabbit hounds, pugs as trackers…

Not only this, but it is off to the vets for anyone who dare criticise this.

Comment that the pug makes a better police attack dog than the chihuahua, and off to the vets with the pug, to remove whatever “unfair” advantage it may be “enjoying“.

Wimminz are the soft and fluffy nurturing ones, while the evil men are all nasty and creepy and evil and must be kept awy from kids….

Just sayin’……



August 5, 2012

Colour fast whites, rinse and spin

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I’m talking washing machines, and greasy mechanics overalls or denim.

Some of the new biological powders can shift that shit, but the problem with 99% of domestic machines is the whole wash/rinse/spin duty cycle is too short to do a good job, because jenny housewife buys washing machines on 4 aspects, looks, load capacity, spin speed and cycle time.

Soak that shit overnight in a bucket with some biological powder thrown in and you have no problem, try and do it in a washing machine programmed by a wimminz (half load and quick cycle cos it is quicker, overloaded drum so nothing can agitate, 3x the required amount of powder) and it comes out with permanent stains.

I have never yet been able to train a wimminz to use a washing machine properly, and in some cases I am talking 3 or 4 years of effort, the instant your back is turned it is back to the half load button etc. Yet we are bombarded with common knowledge jokes that men cannot operate washing machines….

So, yesterday I am talking to this bint that I am considering fucking, and she tries to show me how intelligent she is……

Now like most wimminz who ain’t self employed (hairdresser) she works on the state tit, actually within the state system, and her “conversation” is a fucking litany of “customers” and shit like that… to which I naturally object, WE pay YOUR fucking wages with OUR taxes, WE are not YOU fucking customers, bitch, to which she responds with a whole diatribe about how important it is to put the right fucking label on the people who are the target of the service delivery in question and appropriate forward planning and consultation…

By now I am long past wanting to fuck her, I’m just in it for the shits and giggles, and she then admits that over 50% of the economy is the state tit, so I ask her what she thinks might possibly go wrong with that picture, where >50% of the “workforce” are living off the taxes paid by <50% of the workforce, and she trundles out the usual shit about past governments being at fault, she doesn’t care if they are labour or conservative, democrat or rebublican, they are “past governments” so fit the bill as scapegoats.

So I say it is fairly obvious, as / when / if the economy collapses, there have to be DRAMATIC cuts in the state nipple, to which she replies with horror, at all the “essential” services that they provide that would be cut… essential services like child social services.

Here is my intro, I start laying down some examples, she tries to deny them, I’m listen bitch, I have seen this shit first fucking hand, and can introduce you to as many people as you like who will echo my sentiments not yours.

Met with my intransigence, she again reverts to the “not like that here” position used for other governments, this time it is other city councils, other departments, other officials.

…..and that is when it hit me, this is just like every wimminz I have ever met, and their inability to learn to use a fucking washing machine properly, because they always without exception put the desired result (a quick wash cycle) in front of everything else, and if there are consequences, then these are simply denied, or palmed off “not like that here” style, in that it was the wrong sort of dirt, or the stain was already there, or the wrong thing to add to that load, you get the picture.

In their minds, there can be, neither can there be allowed to be, any connection whatsoever between THEIR actions and less than optimal / desired / intended consequences.

Now, not only are these fuckwits allowed to vote, and so constitute more than 50% of the electorate, but most of them actually live off the state tit, and some, like this bitch, are actually involved in the state tit high enough up to be dealing with resource allocation.

Country roads in good order and schools able to deliver ex pupils at 16 who have actually heard of long division, much less able to do it, are not as important as special needs interests, social services, “caring” for the vulnerable and weak…. mainly of course because the options they allocate budgets too are sort of self fulfilling, allocate the budget, pat yourself on the back and go home, nobody can tell if the fucking service in question is working or not… but making roads navigable and educating kids, well that takes actual fucking knowledge and experience innit, far too hard, that would be like programming a washing machine properly and sorting and pre-treating the loads properly….

I am here to tell you that this bitch is far from alone, and her dedication to this fucked up world view is so total and complete that it will last until she draws her last breath, which may or may not be expelled with a sob and the words “It’s not fair!”

There are NO men in these departments, just wimminz and niggerz…. and the few times things are privatised out, they aren’t really, not in the sense that I am a private business that has to actually fucking deliver to BILL, before I can think about making a profit.



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