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April 19, 2012

The man with a plan.

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A commenter recently asked me what was my plan, for when the economy hit the buffers “real soon now”™

I have a confession to make.

I never had a long range plan for life, I was always too busy having fun, but I guess I can distil it down to this;

  1. Don’t make choices you will regret later.
  2. made a lot easier by Don’t make choices in a rush.
  3. made a lot easier by Don’t let other people make your choices for you.
  4. all of which is meaningless unless you adopt the following policies…
  5. Always have a “Plan Z the option to simply walk away in the clothes you are wearing and what you can grab in 15 seconds and nothing more, and never look back.
  6. Always look ahead and try to steer yourself towards paths that give you more options as opposed to those that give you less, this included personal development, skills and abilities, levels of fitness, zero debt.
  7. People who like you will lend you 50 bucks once, people who respect you will lend you 5 bucks a week for 10 weeks. The money is just used as an example.
  8. Always pay your debts, not talking about money only here.
  9. Do not tell lies, be as good as your word, you may want to cash in on that reputation in 20 years time at 15 seconds notice.
  10. 15 seconds ahead is all you can predict with any reliability at all.
  11. Educate yourself and inform yourself, do not just consume, but digest and consider data before accepting it as fact.
  12. Enjoy what you do today, you may not be able to do it tomorrow, or ever again.
  13. Doing what you enjoy does not mean you MUST do things that have a cost to others.
  14. You are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness or welfare or liberty.
  15. Life is too fucking short and precious to pass up opportunities to make good memories or give even one second to listen to an asshole.
  16. There is no justice, just us.
  17. Never be greedy.
  18. Every day, do at least one thing slowly and with care.

That encapsulates 95% of it, and anything that encapsulates 95% of the broad detail of anything is pretty damn impressive.

I have been self employed much of my life, and worked part time / black economy / temporary jobs the rest of the time, I have been by any standards wealthy, and as I am now financially broke but not in debt one red cent to anyone.

If you ask me where the money is coming from to feed me next month, or put diesel in my car, or to pay for the electricity I consume, I honestly have no fucking idea… and the funny thing is you could have asked me that same question any time in the last 30 years and got the same answer, and here I am.

I am a LUCKY bastard, but by and large I always have made my own luck, and those 18 ABSOFUCKING-LUTELY inviolable 18 rules above are the way I have always made my own luck.

I have not lived in dullsville all my life, far fucking from it, I grew up in what was euphemistically called the “Communist Emergency” is south east asia, grew up means from a mewling and puking baby, and 8 years later the green machine sent adult males to the same region and they all got fucked up, because the culture shock was immense.

Saw the same shit in africa, saw the same shit in the middle east, all before I was legally old enough to vote in the west, so my working life tended to follow the same sort of life, I did not work 20 years as a librarian in dullsville and 15 as a bank clerk.

(Don’t let me give the impression for one second I grew up to be an asskicking merc contractor or any such shit, see rules 3 and 6 above)

So I did grow up in environments where there was no “safety net” and little to none of what we refer to today as “civilisation”, if you fucked up the effects and consequences were visited upon you in short order… there was none of the comfort or security of living on base or in a green zone, back in those days there was no such thing.

When the nearest shop of any kind is 70 miles away and the nearest supermarket is 350 miles away you don’t just grow up knowing not to forget the milk (Nestle, powdered) but also knowing not to forget the toolkit, jack, spares, jerries etc for the vehicle.

The culture shock that the young yanks got when the green machine sent them to asia was actually a pretty good analogy to the culture shock I got when I came back to the west as an adult, and get every time I walk out my fucking front door.

99% of what I see, human behaviour wise, these “rules” that make up “civilised society”, will get you anything from fucked up to dead where I grew up.

Which, as it happens, is a damn good primer for western societies when the money runs out.

That “asshole” neighbour you have been putting up with for the past 7 years, it takes on a whole new perspective when the money runs out and times get hard and one of the things cut back is law enforcement.

The REALLY important history is the social history of our civilised modern western countries, ooh, just a generation ago if you are Bosnian / Serbian, and just three generations ago, but still living memory, if you are wider European.

It’s hidden and not discussed, or when it is discussed it is glossed over and treated with euphemisms, but actually dig and the detail is still there to be found in contemporaneous records such as first hand recollection from those old enough not to give a fuck what anyone thinks any more, parish records, local news paper records.

There was a fucking ORGY of what can only be described as “score settling”, all the way down from the gutter all the way up to done in daylight now a card carrying member of the jackboot club.

If you think it is too late to do something, prepare, change your history and attitudes, you are partially right, in that it is FUCKING late in the day to get the message, but like the cameraman and the soundman in the jungle filming the lions, when it becomes clear that suddenly THEY are on the menu, and the soundman grabs his running shoes from the bag and puts them on, the cameraman laughs… and says “you think you are going to outrun a hungry lion in them?”

the soundman answers, “I don’t have to, I only have to outrun YOU”

So yes, it is late in the day, but survival is about surviving when other around you don’t, and even the smallest advantage can make a living human being out of what would have been a corpse, or a healthy one out of a cripple, or a free one out of what would have been an indentured slave…

HERE is an interesting thought…

WHAT IF, the much reviled germanic “troika” hell bent on nailing greek finances to the wall and throwing babies and single mums out with the bathwater, are actually RIGHT and the saviours and averters or armageddon.

WHAT IF, Morgan Stanley is no more than a shell for CIA ops

WHAT IF, India’s now proven ballistic nuclear missile capability, which means they could nuke israel, or the saudi oilfield, or russia, or china, or singapore, was treated in the same way as Korea (the evil twin, not the good one.. lol) and their nuclear ambitions, or Iran, and their ambitions.

I do not posit that any of these are so, but the true meaning of out of the box thinking is to make some substitutions and changes to a situation, and then play it out logically what would happen next…. what changes… what is different

As I have said here previously, and as many other have said, when you consider that if there HAD been a conspiracy to bring about the current western financial collapse, the results would be indistinguishable from today, what does it matter if there was one or not?

Either way it should be taken, by any sane creature, as a dire warning of imminent changes to life, and therefore a survival threat and opportunity.

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