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October 16, 2011

Fat Cunts – Beware!

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I generally hate generalisations because they tend to contain more untruth than truth, so giving them any time means you are in effect buying in to lies.

However, sometimes they contain a lot more truth than untruth, which puts them in the realm of old sayings or old wives tales.

Size Bust Waist Hips
cm in cm in cm in
8 81 31.9 61 24.0 89 35.0
10 85 33.5 66 26.0 93 36.6
12 89 35.0 71 28.0 96.5 38.0
14 93 36.6 76 29.9 101.5 40.0
16 97 38.2 81 31.9 106.5 41.9
18 102 40.2 86 33.9 112 44.1

There is of course a large level of lies built into these theoretical sizes, how many wimminz have you met with a waist that is smaller than their tits AND their hips? You also have to be aware that wimminz clothes sellers know the value of putting a “Size 18” label on a size 20 or size 22 item…. indeed since wimminz waists are routinely larger than they should be, and in the larger sizes larger than tits and sometimes even asses/hips, the entire waist section of the wimminz body has been removed from the picture, now all that counts is tits and hips, which to be fair is all you need to know when buying a tent or tarpaulin or clowns trousers, which is after all what constitutes 90% of wimminz “fashion” nowadays.

SO the fact is that when a wimminz says she is a size 18, it means her gut or her ass is a minimum of 48 inches… her “tits” may well measure 42 inches, but expect no more than a droopy B cup.

So, to the generalisations;

The fatter the wimminz is, the more delusional she is about her own size, and about her own sexual attractiveness.

The magnitude of these delusions are related to dress sizes, and you need to realise they are logarithmic like earthquake forces…. so while a size 18 wimminz isn’t a lot fatter than a size 16 wimminz, being only “one size up”, when it comes to delusional ratings we have to adopt the logarithmic earthquake style scale, where the size 18 wimminz is TEN TIMES AS DELUSIONAL as the size 16 wimminz.

Of course this means that the size 18 wimminz is 100 times as delusional as the size 14 wimminz.

For some reason latterly I have found myself more or less ignoring my own cut off point of size 14, and porking the odd 16 and one or two 18’s, but then again this is what happens when you agree to meet wimminz whose PoF profile pics only show their faces….. all wimminz lie all the time, especially the delusional about their own body, fat cunts

I suppose it (the recent crop of fat cunts) is just one of those statistical anomalies that crop up in any random sequence and look like a pattern to those who do not understand statistics and probability, but the correlation between fat cunt and self delusion is another thing entirely, probability is 1.0

Now here’s the thing, there are three approximately one hour driving journeys that I regularly take from my home, each in a different direction along a different road, each journey has at least one fat cunt that I have fucked in the past, and I know for a fact I could message any one of them and say “Hey, I’m passing tomorrow and feel like stopping by for a blowjob” and unless they are actually out at work etc they will message back and say OK, and by blowjob I mean walk in the door, say “Hey”, flop my cock out and into their mouth, they blow me, I shoot my load, zip up and leave.

We are talking as clinical and casual as pulling into a rest stop to take a piss or take a shit, and frankly having my balls emptied can sometimes serve that same purpose, just a physical dump of substances.

Yet I am never even fucking remotely tempted with any of these fat cunts, so what I am say here is I need a piss, but I won’t use that urinal or that bush, and I need a shit, but I won’t use that toilet.

That, fat cunts, is the truth of what you are, not your delusional bullshit about being some sexy babe with big tits etc.

I have known this truth above for a great deal of time.

However, it was the last fat cunt, last night, that a certain penny dropped. The penny that dropped was that what made these fat cunts so “one fuck maximum” is not the fact that they are fat cunts per se, what makes them so repellent is not their excess weight, it is the excess delusional bullshit that accompanies it.

And what that penny was, was the thought, while the fat cunt is sucking (rather well, it has to be said) on my cock this thought pops into my head, that this fucking fat cunt is sucking on something that she knows is going to blow about 7 calories of semen down her throat, which is about 5 diet cokes minus the gas, and when you consider the actual volume of sperm shot down her throat that makes it super calorie mega drink, the equivalent of the “Death by chocolate” dessert.

So that was it for me and fat cunts, a free blow job is one thing, but being a “feeder” for a fat cunt is just too repulsive, so fat cunts have gone from “one fuck maximum” material in my book to “avoid at all costs”

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