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December 24, 2012

We three kings

of course, there aren’t any kings any more, not like there used to be…. and as for gold, frankincense and myrrh…

When I was a young lad I saw a really crap sci fi film about this blob of stuff that doubled in size / mass every 36 hours, it was clearly based on bacteria…. the money shot in the film was some boffin using a spinning top as a model of the earth, so he sticks a big lump of plasticene in the spinning top, this is what will happen in 720 hours when the blob has eaten europe, and the top wobbles off the table, eg the earth will wobble out of its orbit and everything will die.

Of course this is crap, the entire planet could be converted to blob and stay exactly where it is in orbit, assuming the blob can convert every element in the periodic table to itself, assuming it gets some external energy source to keep doing this conversion, assuming the one thing it never starts eating is itself.. then and only then could you get the planet blob, devoid of all life and all everything except blob, but it would still be in the same orbit with the same axial tilt and rotation, and the moon would still be a lump of dead rock.

Real science vs horror film “science”

And yet, this horror film “science” is EXACTLY the basis for what we can our economies, all of which are predicated on the idea known as “growth”.

It doesn’t matter if growth is 100% in 36 hours as in the film, or 1.5% in 365 days as in a “weak” western economy, they are both, mathematically speaking, exponential functions.

As a small aside, ALGEBRA used to be taught in all schools, it was dropped, and later on, in higher education, CALCULUS was taught, differential equations and all that jazz…. Algebra and Calculus are two utterly different things… you can balance your chequebook or do the accounts for an entire army or bank or country with algebra, and while algebra will allow zero as a number, it will not allow infinity as a number..it is more “1 divided by 0 does not go” than “1 divided by 0 is infinity”

The thing that ALL exponential functions have in common, without any exceptions whatsoever, is once that curve starts climbing the y axis it very very very quickly reaches infinity.

If the sci fi blob had space-faring ability then it doesn’t matter if the growth rate is 100% in 36 hours, or 0.00000001% in 36 hours, by the time it has consumed the solar system the milky way doesn’t have long to live…. this is because the solar system is comprised of a mind staggeringly huge, but still very finite, number of molecules.

If all the gold in the world is 1.5 million kilogrammes, and it is all made into 1, 10 and 50 gram coins, and I lend you 10 grams at 10% compound interest per week, and you make no repayments;

  1. One week later you owe me 11 grams
  2. One year later you owe me 142 grams
  3. Two years later you owe me 20,176 grams (20 kilos)
  4. Three years later you owe me 2, 865,885 grams ( 2.8 tonnes)
  5. Four years later you owe me 407,078,825 grams, one third of all the gold in the world
  6. Five years later you owe me 57,822,669,934 grams, 57 million kilos, or 38 times all the gold in the world.

Fuck it, the week is doable, even the year is possibly doable, just have to mug someone, but a year later it is seriously tough, and a year later we are talking a fort knox heist, and a year later impractical for the USA & China & Russia working together, and a year later flatly impossible for the entire planet working together…

How about a lower rate of interest, not 10% a week, but a rate of interest over fifty times lower, 10% a year… it doesn’t matter, in 200 years you owe me one third of all the gold on the planet, and in 250 years you owe me 38 times all the gold in the world…

..and it is that stage of the exponential curve that goes from one third of all the gold in the world to 38 times all the gold in the world, whereupon it starts to get REALLY steep and ridiculous, that is the common feature of all exponential curves….

You can start with 1 gram of gold at the lowest rate of interest ever given and a couple of thousand years later you owe me an entire solar system made of solid gold…. once that happens I am the only one with any gold, commerce and industry and trade ceases… permanently.

“Growth” then, when spoken of by an economist, is the same as growth when spoken of by a sci fi horror doctor about the one solitary molecule of cancer in your testicles, right now it is nothing, by tonight you’ll have huge and very impressive balls, by midnight you will be 100% alien growth.

So we get to a place where qualitative easing follows qualitative easing, billions of debt turn in to tens, then hundreds, then trillions of debt.

Suddenly Weimar republic and Zimbabwe hyperinflation doesn’t seem like so much a problem any more, when there are more dollars and pounds and yen and so on owed than there are litres of brine in the oceans, and remembering the exponential curves this means there will be more global debt in units of currency than there are molecules in the entire planet……

perhaps, like the sci fi film, we need an agent that will dissolve the blob, while miraculously making no changes to the mass or spin of the planet that the growth of the blob threatened to, at least, according to the storyline…

We can hyperinflate away those burgeoning trillions and quadrillions of fiat currency debt until they are no more substantial than higgs bosons or quarks, dissolving invisibly into the cosmic background radiation.

Trouble is, the problem isn’t and never was the trillions of fiat currency debt… that’s just an inevitable artifact of the actual problem, exponential functions.

Cut to closing scene of sci fi horror film where everyone is partying down like it is 1999 after saving the planet, camera pans down to one remaining cell of the blob, which splits into two…

Because the exponential function is still there.


Much has been talked about FIAT currency, I even mention it here, as opposed to something like a gold backed currency.

The Weimar republic and Zimbabwean hyperinflation were products of fiat currencies, where the ink and paper on a 1,000 dollar bill is worth more than 1,000 bucks, so you have to make it a million dollar bill, then a hundred million dollar bill.

Fact is, we no longer have FIAT currencies.

You can roast a banker on a stack of burning ten trillion dollar notes, and then wipe your ass with them afterwards.

This is perhaps one of the most important things you have read in 2012.

We no longer have FIAT currencies.

We now have VIRTUAL currencies, traded virtually, in a world where the lightspeed limits of moving a trading house 50 miles closer to the stock exchange can lower ping times enough to gain advantages in HFT (high frequency trading) events that are over in milliseconds.

You can’t burn bits and bytes… and unlike anything based however loosely on real world physical phenomena such as paper and ink, the supply is essentially infinite…. you can quite trivially inflate the money supply to the point where there are more virtual dollars in existence than there are atoms in the universe.

1 x 10 exp 82, that is a 1 with 82 zeroes after it.


I can make that dollars, easy peasy


“You owe me the galaxy of Andromeda”

It is, literally, lunacy, but it is where we are at, our counting system for “keeping score” of who does what, who produces what, how much things cost to make and store and ship, has become completely virtual and completely arbitrary.

It’s a bit like the 1960’s programmers using two digit year codes and not worrying about y2k, they were not stupid people, far from it, but today solutions trump tomorrow’s consequences.

The same is true of the world of finance, despite popular belief, many of the worlds leading bankers and financiers are not merely stupid or greedy or power crazed fiends.

Like everyone else today they were born into a world where we shifted from one archaic system of monetary exchange based on precious metals, to another one based on fiat currency which is loosely tied to the amount of energy in a barrel of crude oil.

Going back to gold and silver coins isn’t the solution, fiat currency isn’t the solution, and as the world outside of the upper echelons of banking, and readers of this blog, is starting to realise virtual currencies aren’t the solution either.

Introducing calculus, an exponential function, into currency was the PROBLEM, it isn’t a new problem, 2,000 years ago the bible warned about usury, not because it begats evil bankers, but because it is an exponential function, and therefore a cancer.

I suspect, strongly, that as the cure is too daunting to stomach, we will see another band aid placed on exponential function, and weimar style deflation of virtual currencies….

A simple bash script run on all the banks saying “divide every single customer’s account by 100” will do the trick, the same trick as above with the gold, by shifting the steeper slopes of the exponential curve away to the right and further into the future.

Now you earn $20 dollars and hour and have $2,000 dollars savings and $200,000 owing on your mortgage and a gallon of gas is $4

Divide by 100 and you earn 20 cents an hour, have 20 dollars in savings, a 20k mortgage, and a gallon of gas is 4 cents, YOU are in EXACTLY the same place financially, in terms of buying power etc, but the exponential curve just got shifted further away to the right.


December 11, 2012

Predictions of 2013 and onwards

There are some things I have learned in life;

  1. The most significant changes in anything usually happen in the final moments of the event in question in a catastrophic manner, think ships sinking or runs on a bank or the slide into war or even a business going bust… 99% of the action takes place in the last 1% of the time.
  2. Nature itself and therefore humanity abhor both a vacuum and stasis, nature likes change and churn.
  3. 25 kWh per person per day is the breadline for a modern technological civilisation in a temperate climate, that includes food accoms heat transport tech the works… it also presumes you have already in place the appropriate physical stuff to supply that energy budget to… a 220 volt AC supply won’t keep you warm and alive unless you have an enclosure to bring it to and an electric fire to put inside that enclosure… this isn’t a theoretical availability in market terms, this is what 99.999% of the society have to have actual access to as a fucking minimum… think stall speed in an aircraft, fall below it and everyone on board takes the plunge.
  4. There are no new lessons to learn, only old and forgotten lessons to re-learn.
  5. You cannot un-ring a bell, or take scrambled egg and convert it back to eggs and milk and butter, once a new technology becomes intertwined with society, it costs more to separate it out again than it does to keep it going.

It is tempting to point at my car and say “we cannot go backwards”, but it would be wrong, because there is an implicit assumption that “my car” = “internal combustion engine” when the reality is “my car” = “personal transport module”

In reality I could give up “my car” and replace it with an electric vehicle, there are 86 currently available on Ebay UK, and 77 of them are either hybrids or toy racing cars put in the wrong category, so it is down to buying a brand new Smart ED for £18k or one of the new japanese jobbies such as a Leaf for £30+k… not really a valid proposition.

Then there is charging it, currently (sic) I’d have to open a window in the house, run an extension lead outside and across the pavement and plug it in that way, health and safety from the local council would be down on me like a ton of bricks.

So the problems to electric car adoption are the up front capital costs, which means £18k or £30k, which in real PRACTICAL terms means at £1.40 a litre for diesel means 2,800 (imperial) gallons of diesel for the smart or 4,700 (imperial) gallons of diesel for a Leaf, my current shed gets around 4/5 gallons per fill up and unless I am doing a run it gets filled up once a week, and since electric cars do not have the range to do a run… so 2,800 / 5 = 560 weeks motoring, which takes us to 2025 AD, or 4,700 / 5 = 940 weeks motoring, which takes us to 2031 AD.

Even this ludicrous proposition assumes that;

  1. either of these cars will still be running and in once piece in 2025/2031
  2. the batteries supplied will still be working in 2025/2031
  3. no other technologies come on line by 2025/2031 to supercede them (batacitors etc)
  4. I somehow surmount the running an extension cable across the pavement to charge and do not have to move house to get a driveway, or pay extra for an overnight parking / charging slot.

and all of these are VAST and very unsafe assumptions to make…

This is electric cars, but it gives is the CORRECT mindset for some futurology.

Back when I was a boy, there was an expression, “Hong Kong punya” which basically meant cheap crap made in Hong kong.

SOME early japansese stuff was quality, the Sony Tapecorder 500 thermionic valve reel to reel tape recorder (which I still have and which still works) and the Hitachi transistor radio with 14 transistors (itsaid this on the front) which ever survived going over the side of the boat into the south china seas at a beach… that and the early Minolta 35mm camera

Apart from that you bought Grundig, Rollei, Roberts, Quad, and t’were all fucking expensive kit. I still have a 1960’s era Rolex in stainless, and it carries more credibility than a 2012 patek phillipe, because back when it was new it really was something special.. and that air of true quality still holds to it, rather like a 1930’s Bentley parked alongside a 2012 one, sure, the 2o12 one does everything a lot better, but the 1930’s one oozes class and style.

We are back in those days, where the market has been saturated with cheap crap, there is nobody else to sell to and nowhere else to go for cheaper labour.

Given that the current social and economic models are based upon the “Hong Kong punya” method of commerce, we are in an end game, again, where lots of the huge brands that exported worldwide will come crashing down and factories will close, taking with them everyone in the supply chain, and the only things that will sell are genuine value and genuine quality.

When it comes to monetary shifts I have seen and lived through a few, I have seen currencies broken away from the gold standard, I have seen decimalisation here in the UK, I have seen the transition from one currency to another in various places, not just the Peseta and Franc and Lire and Drachma to Euro, and I have seen currencies rapidly devalued against others, by rapidly I mean by 40% overnight, and when that happens all work and contracts in progress stop.. dead.

I have seen the devaluation of currencies.

I can remember Roses Lime Marmalade going from 1 shilling and 6 pence, or 18 pence in old money, which is 7.5 pence in new money, to 9 pence in new money literally overnight with the change to new money.

I have seen the loss of Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price which meant that the 1lb jar of marmalade in the corner shop was no longer the same price in the supermarket down in the town… and look what that did for the tesco’s and the corner shops.

I have have lived off the grid, no mains power or running water or telephones.

I have seen the introduction of the STD trunk dialling phone system (all operator placed calls for long distance before that), and tone dialling, and the introduction of the microprocessor, transistor and indeed electronics.

I have seen the change from the right to be paid in cash every Friday, the change where having a chequeing bank account actually said something about you, the change from the maximum mortgage being 3.5 times your gross annual salary…

I have seen enough of people and politicians and businessmen and military types to appreciate that when the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, the longest standing democratically elected politician in the world, Jean Claude Juncker says “We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we have done it.” he is stating a fundamental truism and problem with the modern western world.

So, predictions for 2013 and onwards.

2013 will be the start of the change, when we come to the stark realisation that in many areas what was true yesterday simply will not work tomorrow, and suddenly we will have to start working with what we actually have that is still working, and not some esoteric models of what should be working.

Essentially unlimited access to the latest greatest newest hong kong punya via the mechanism of essentially unlimited personal credit of one form or another (pay nothing but a monthly fee and a new phone every two years is credit by any other name) is going to just stop working.

Essentially unlimited access to housing credit (20+ year interest only mortgages and liar loans plus 8x earning multiples etc) is going to just stop working.

The present financial system and the present value of the banknote in your pocket has to change, not in an incremental way, but a large step change, we have absolutely no alternative but to go from here, to a place where;

  • The working man has a realistic prospect of paying off a mortgage in 20 years…
  • The bulk of the kWh value of every product cannot be tied up in the energy required to ship it from the point of manufacture to the point of consumption.. eg hong kong punya clothes and food and trinkets…
  • The current status quo regarding resource wars etc shifts to the new steady state.
  • The overburden of parasitic state workers is reduced by 75% or more, which means MASSIVE swings in the employment landscape.
  • The cost of transporting meat to and from work every day is eliminated for all non essential roles, the plumber has to travel, the worker sat at a computer does not.
  • The costs of producing and distributing both energy and data are addressed, we need to double or treble national grid baseline generation and distribution capacity to make things like electric cars viable, and we have to bite the bullet and call symmetric 25 mbit/sec (not “up to”, but actual) a fucking minimum standard for every household, or at least for 99% of all households.
  • We have to address efficiency across the board, from the thermal efficiency of our homes through the electrical efficiency of our lights and computers to the efficiency of transport.
  • We have to abandon, utterly, short term solutions, whether it being a company abandoning R&D in favour of shareholder dividends, or the stock market itself, if you buy stocks in anything you should be forced to KEEP them for a minimum of 5 years before you are allowed to sell them.

At one extreme we have the old Russian model, where toothbrush manufacture, down the the smallest design and manufacturing detail, was controlled by the state, at the other extreme we have algorithm driven high frequency trading where a piece of software can literally wipe out a company, an industry, a resource or a region as fast as the human eye can blink (Enron etc)

In our disdain for the Soviet model, we have gone to the other extreme.

It is not time for A reset, it is time for many thousands of things that together make up our modern western society, all of which are interlinked, to reset.

2013 is when these rests start, and like all dynamic processes, it starts so slow almost nobody notices, then it escalates and escalates and 99% of the apparent change happens in the last 1% of time.

2013 is not, for my money, where we will see that 1% peak activity, my bet is 2013 is the lower slopes of that hockey stick curve, 2014 or maybe 2015 will be the cusp, but then I could easily be wrong, it could come before summer 2013.

It is not if, but when.

The “when” will be when the Juncker’s in politics and finance and industry and military are no longer saying things like;

We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we have done it.

but are instead saying

We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected if we do not do it fast enough and well enough.

The problem is, the gap in perception between those two statements is vast, and everything I have said above fits in that gap, with room to spare.


September 19, 2012

Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons.


That’s what it says NOW under the article at


They had, as usual, no problem accepting comments for legal reasons until it became apparent that all the comments were totally negative and calling for the psycho skank ho to get three consecutive 21 year sentences…

Is there anyone left who is so fucking stupid they still do not realise that the MSM is anything but a “news” or “reporting” machine, and nothing but a “propaganda” and “brainwashing” machine?

Which brings me to wogs… specifically wogs in Africa.

Now before anyone starts, which they always do, I have not merely been to Africa on a 10 days safari package holiday, I lived there, had a home there, so unless you can lay at least that much on the table, good luck telling me I am wrong, based upon some MSM inspired beliefs about what Africa and the wogs are all about.

The white man basically built Africa, the roads, railways, farms, mines, power stations, you name it, if it was more advanced than mud huts and rough hewn lumber the white man built it.

Then we got all touchy feely and liberal and some white man educated wogs, and a few million other people who have never been to Africa and will never go, but were “educated” by the MSM started getting all liberal and touchy feely, give Africa back to the wogs, so we did, and it has at best stagnated and at worst descended into tribal hell and the total collapse of infrastructure.

See any parallels to giving Africa back to the wogs and giving the western world to the wimminz and niggerz? You should, it is the same shit at work, and the same thing getting sidelined, the white man with his tools in hand.

While we have adverts locally for city bus drivers, saying that with overtime they can earn up to 18k a year, wimminz working on the DV / wimminz refuge industry in this same city are pulling down 37k a year with no overtime… more than fucking double… of yeah and the wimminz in question’s lives are nothing more than tales of skank ho sluts threesome and foursome and moresome-ing it up every weekend.

While the city will without a doubt grind to a halt without bus drivers and refuse collectors and suchlike, while the city council is fat enough to employ one wimminz for the same money as they could hire two working men to do an infrastructure job, you should take ALL their claims about being broke and having to go to Poland to find people willing to drive buses or collect trash with the large dose of shit they deserve.

I’ve been trawling PoF for free skank ho cunt for around three years now, I have read tens of thousands of wimminz profiles, I have not yet seen one with a proper fucking trade, the bitches are all self employed (hairdresser who rents a chair somewhere) or fucking managers in an office or some such shit… the literal handful who claimed a trade such as engineering that I contacted simply because of this to find out what they actually did, were not doing anything even remotely resembling engineering…. assembling fucking wheelchairs from bits imported from China (I shit you not) does not make you an engineer, bitch.

Now, I haven’t been back to Africa for years, but I know people who have, and they have all told me the exact same thing…. the Chinese are there and they are as hard headed and practical as the white man was 100 years ago, and they are fucking transforming everything they touch, except, of course, the wogs and the bleeding heart liberals back home here, who paint the Chinese as filthy yellow slanty eyes exploiters.

Which makes for an interesting conjecture, will they come into the west and do the same thing when we slide further down the shitter.

The thing everyone forgets about the Chinese is they are at heart a practical and ruthless people, no race that has a recipe for everything from dead dog to snake and lizard is soft and fluffy.

We used to be that way here in the west, but somewhere along the line we got fat and lazy and let the wimminz and niggerz take a seat at the table and have a say in shit, and while I am not claiming that feminazism and liberalism are the same thing by any means, they do inhabit the same socio-politico-economic culture, and a fair analogy is to say that they are two (of several) distinct diseases that all produce similar symptoms and ultimately the demise of the host / patient.

Meanwhile in the USA prezident niggerz has signed into law the right for the military to grab an american citizen and incarcerate, interrogate and anything else they like, for as long as they like, with no due process or recourse to law….  not even the sham of justice that is recourse to law when the law is David v Goliath… fuck it, no need to even pretend any more.

Gearing up for war in the middle east and $200 a barrel oil, and when I say “barrel of oil” it is just another way of saying 1,900 kWh, so a big spike in energy costs.

Again, I will draw the analogy that nobody gets, that the various levels of technological society and like the stall speeds of various types of aircraft, so lets take a 747…

A 747 normally cruises at around 550 mph but stall speed is 160 mph, your 3000 mile flight at 575 mph = 5.21 hours, cut back to 400 mph (which may consume considerably more fuel than cruise speed at higher altitude) and that same journey will take 7.5 hours, and cost a lot more in fuel, cut back to stall speed of 160 mph and the same journey will take 18.75 hours, but you’ll never make it in one hop because fuel consumption will be so high, but back to 150 mph and you fall out of the sky and crash and burn and die.

This analogy holds true with a technological society, there are certain stall speeds below which certain things stop becoming merely slower or more inefficient, they just cease to work at all….

So to continue the analogy we have the wimminz and niggerz mandating ever lower flying speeds to make sure the most inefficient and crap airlines can “keep up” and be “equal“, and one day all the jets fall out of the sky, and all that is left is “Air Labia” with the old Dakota that can actually fly at 140 mph (but can’t fly London – LA or LA – Sydney at all) meanwhile the passenger complaints about the atrocities committed by Niggerz Air et al are, like the Daily Fail comments above, simply expunged if at all negative…. for legal reasons y’all understand.

And we are right back to Carl Sagan and a society based upon science and technology (daily kWh per capita to maintain a modern technological society) being run by people who haven’t got a fucking clue about science and technology, and the massed kept sheeple like and fed on pap….

By any standard applied at Nuremberg Tony Blair and Dubya Bush are war criminals who should be rotting in Dachau for the next 40 years, not because the war that was not a war was right or wrong or good or bad or necessary or not, but because it was started without proper legal authority…. “dodgy dossier” indeed.

One of the biggest demonstrations in modern UK history, over a million people turned up in London to protest that the about to be launched war against Iraq was illegal and should not be started…. this is in a country with only 50 million people on the mainland, yet 1 in 50 of all PEOPLE, not just adults or just men or just lefties, but 2% of the entire fucking population got off their asses and travelled to the capital city to protest.

Their “comments” were not accepted for legal reasons, and the war went ahead.

Right there, that should have been all the proof anyone needed that we are not living in anything even remotely approaching a democracy… so stop doffing your cap to the cunts and stop paying them royally to lie to you and fuck you up the ass.

We live in interesting times, to be sure…



July 4, 2012

Genetic Engineering

No, I am not so much thinking of gene splicing in a lab, or come to that the OMD track, but rather the real world experiments that is life itself.

Once notable thing that the feminazis and niggerz have inscribed into their DNA is the belief that they can, like some large corporation, externalise everything they don’t like or want.

The trouble with externalising everything is that it is only a workable policy in the short term, if you take the longer term you can see a multi-stepped chain of cause and effect in say, externalising the costs of making iCrap products in China.

Nota Bene, I am NOT talking about offshoring, which is a purely economic thing, Hung Pow will work for 5 bucks a day and no medicare or anything else, that is offshoring… externalising is when you follow Hung Pow home at night and see the migrant workers slums he lives in, then the next link in the chain to the subsistence farmers who used to work that land, then the next link in the chain to the extreme density and proximity of people and livestock, humans / pigs / chickens, and next thing you know Bird Flu jumps a species barrier again, and that gets shipped back to the USA/EMEA along with the boxes of new iCrap products.

My psycho skank ho ex and the secret family courts think the actions that they have taken, and the attitude that they have forced me to adopt in response, is the end of that particular story… instead it is just the beginning of a much longer and more complex story.

My psycho skank ho ex and the secret family courts think the actions that they have taken, and the attitude that they have forced me to adopt in response, isn’t going to propagate any further changes in the world, or to anyone else, least of all by some circuitous route back to them, now that THEY have stopped what THEY were doing, instead that too is just the beginning of a much longer and more complex set of consequences.

Just as in the crammed together humanity and livestock in China, afterwards you can’t really establish a patient zero, it is more of case of if you encourage, either by action or inaction, by direct control or by direct externalisation, such living conditions, it is more a case of when, rather than if, Bird Flu #3 jumps the species barrier, so the identity and personality and so on of patient zero is not relevant, because any one of the people forced to live like that could become patient zero.

Of course, it was a man, Newton, who coined the phrase “Every action has a reaction”, so it should not come as a huge surprise that the wimminz and niggerz do not, and will not, understand this…

But nevertheless, it is fact, and we are indulging in MASSIVE social and genetic and psychological and indeed economic experimentation, upon ourselves as a whole.

In truth, it is even worse than this, we are not making one change, then taking notes and incorporating these findings into the next phase of treatment, what we are doing is simply doubling down every time we note that the desired end result has not yet materialised.

2 pills didn’t work, lets try 4, that didn’t work, lets try 8, that didn’t work, lets try 16, patients start dying of overdoses, well there was obviously something ELSE wrong with them, for them to have had such an unusual reaction, rinse and repeat.

Sooner or later you get to the stage that we are in now.

Where nobody who is alive is old enough to remember the average “control” status of things, before this great experiment started…..

… and then you get the flipside of this, I was born in the fifties, and I can barely open a so called “news” article and not come across the phrase “… since records began in xxxx” where xxxx is something like 1985, when I was already a man with a trade ploughing my own furrow in this wacky world…

Because of course any evidence that contradicts the aims of the current experiment must simply be erroneous data, so we discard it, hell, lets just discard EVERYTHING that does not fit in with the aims of the experiment.

Idiocracy was SUPPOSED to be a fucking comedy, not a guide book…

So now we are in a place where those running the ongoing experiment are themselves products of an earlier stage of that same experiment, the nearest thing to “control factors”, people like us, have opted out and bailed out, preferring to watch the slow motion train crash from the very rear of car #99 at the back of the train, let all the asshole experimenters ride in first class up the front…

all of which brings us to the other player, the one behind the curtain, the one with the 5 MILLION year plan, nature.

Nature is like the Chinese… if YOU think those fuckers are playing the loooooong game, you should see it from THEIR side, 2,000 year old experiments with fiat currency and 200 year old experiments with leveraged western banking systems are not something that they are on the outside of looking in.

The Chinese are in Africa in a big way, and they are in Africa the way the white man was at the beginning, accepting that the black african native is both lazy and stupid, and importing their own labour.

The Chinese are building ready made cities in Angola, urbanisations that will house 75/100 thousand people, built in exchange for local mineral resources, and these places stand empty, because the locals cannot afford them, so they sit there, waiting… waiting…

Until the west starts to collapse properly and we can no longer afford to project military and economic might, and suddenly 100,000 Chinese will move into that empty urbanisation and then it is game over for the Angolans, excepting a few corrupt politicians and generals, who will be enjoying themselves in Acapulco spending Chinese money.

Meanwhile back home here in the west, Nature will continue her experiment, and when the wimminz and niggerz want to stop and wind back the clock, Nature will step in and press the pedal to the metal, and it will be a very bad time to be a wimminz or a niggerz, sat screaming in first class at the front of the train as it rushes headlong into the buffers.

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