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August 8, 2012

“Take my hand motherfucker!”

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So you’re drowning, about to go down for the third time, and someone appears and says the above… do you;

  1. With heartfelt gratitude grasp his hand for all you are worth
  2. Jerk away from him and his filthy obscenities

Sure, gratuitous swearing is annoying, but how do you know when it is gratuitous? If you didn’t know who the guy in front of you in the gas station checkout queue is you may deem his expletives gratuitous and unnecessary, from his perspective he may have just had a phone call telling him to get to the hospital 150 miles away as his dad has had a serious heart attack, and he really doesn’t have time for the bitch in the queue holding everyone up while her precious kids run back and forth to the sweet counter grabbing more stuff… “Select your fucking items BEFORE you join the fucking queue!”

I get it all the time here, the stuff you say is great but your language puts me off.

Well, I guess you are too fucking stupid to notice you are being slowly boiled, Mr Frog.

Fuck you very much.

Fact is, my obscenity gives others an excuse, they can avoid addressing what I am actually saying, and instead complain about my obscenity.

So, it is a valid point that refraining from obscenity takes away that escape avenue, but the fact is (as anyone who has ever been in family court knows) that just because your language is polite does not mean that what you are saying, no matter how true, valid and pertinent it is, is going to be addressed.

The problem is not actually your language, the problem is the other person.

Your language is just a convenient hook for them to hang on their refusal to address anything you have to say…  but it gets worse…

By refraining from obscenity, you are in fact showing them respect for their attitudes, while in return they show utter contempt for yours (just not in obscene words, merely obscene deeds) which is not a good thing.


In real life when I say something obscene, such as “Fucking bullshit!” the reaction I always get is an embarrassed sort of shrug and snigger, and importantly, THEY STOP TRYING TO SAIL THAT LINE OF BULLSHIT PAST ME.

They know, if they don’t the next line is “What makes you think you can talk to me like a cunt and I’m just going to kiss your fucking ass?” or sentiments similar, and they never, ever, ever want to go there.

If I had a dollar for every asshole on the internet who said yeah, but in real life you’d be a right wimp, and then they meet me in real life and find that I am exactly what I sound like, you push into my space and I push back, hard, and yes I will call you a cock sucking motherfucker to your face, if that is how you act in front of me, or a fucking asshole, if that is how you act, or the best part of you ran down your mommy’s leg, if that is how you act.

Your move, asshole….

and their move is invariably and inevitably to find something far more interesting to do elsewhere…… I guess I was kind of taught this long before my own serious red pill FRA days

I was with this guy, we’ll call him Peter, I won’t mention real names but he isn’t exactly unknown, for an ordinary man, he has done some extraordinary things.

So anyway we are in a bar and some skank ho decided to play “lets you and him fight over me” and so the niggerz she is with starts to front up to Peter.. says his piece and it is Peter’s turn to respond.

So he drags on his smoke, toke style, looks at the skank ho and says “Here is how it’s gonna be, the winner is going to fuck you up the ass, hard, and then I’m gonna fuck the loser up the ass, hard.” Peter then sort of inclines his head side ways at me, he still hasn’t taken his eyes off the skank ho, and says “You want seconds?

I grin and (knowing my part instinctively) say “After your diseased cock? No thanks Peter!

The niggerz, throughout, because I have been watching him, has been watching the skank, after all, she was the one pulling his strings… now he turns to Peter and says “You’re fucking crazy

Peter now looks at him, all serious, and says “No, I’m the only sane fucker here, you want a crazy motherfucker, you go talk to my friend there” (meaning me) I grin…

At which point the skank ho, having realised that old Pete really will fuck up her shit for real, and fuck the consequences, pipes up with “Fuck these assholes niggerz, they ain’t worth it“, turns and walks away without a backward glance at niggerz

Niggerz sees his general abandoning the field, says “Yeah” in a macho voice, and backs off a step and then walks away.

and here’s the bit nobody ever sees…

Peter leans in and says thanks, I say no worries, glad it all blew over, Peter says not as glad as he is, last thing he wanted was a fight with some asshole over some slut and then one of them ends up in hospital and the other one ends up in prison, so he had to bluff them because basically with the skank ho calling the shots, but with no literal skin in the game, she would not have let him do what he wanted to do, which was just walk away.


No, I can’t cover this bet either, and I don’t even want to play or make the bet, but I am NOT gonna fold, and if you MAKE me play, I will bet everything I have and everything I might be on this hand.

You have to be REAL good and REAL lucky to beat someone playing that way.

And of you were that good, you wouldn’t be trying to bluff me into folding over a bet that I can’t cover anyway.



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