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September 8, 2012

One flew over the skank ho’s nest

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One of the interesting things about site stats is seeing what links people do NOT click, the Men’s Links get almost no action, compared to links within posts or pages themselves, which is a shame because fully half of the men’s links are to do with the world and economy… no one trick pony stuff here, but apparently it falls on stony ground.

You know that thing about your pornstar name, name of your first pet + name of the street you grew up on, hell of a think when that comes up with more genuine sounding names than people’s actual given names, which is quite often the state of affairs now for anyone under 20, because they were named by their skank ho single mommy while she was high on bukkake..

But, in an allegory to the warning that the command “Fire!” could be issued in any language, even a funny sounding one, some of these kids with the wierded out names can come out with some stone cold shit.

So there I was, the autumn chill starting to bite in the evening, talking to some of the young scum, when one of them said something stone cold to me… he tells me I am a lucky motherfucker, because I have access to submissive sluts, I countered by saying there are submissive sluts his age, I know because I fucked one a few weeks ago and she was the same age as him.

So he takes the last draw on his smoke and flicks it into the canal and says “Yeah, but the ones your age can see the buzzards circling, they meet a proper man like you and see the last chance saloon, they see us and just see young boys, and the girls our age all think they are going to get a real big break and make it big any day soon now…

I just look at him silently, waiting for him to continue… he does…

makes a difference, you know, when a bitch thinks she has options, you know, she sees the buzzards and then sees you as a ride outta town, the older bitches you get like that ***** slut, they know it is all downhill, you’re the last proper man they are going to meet…

He’s 20 and has the declining SMV thing down stone cold, and I am looking at him and left with a powerful reminder that man was always a cursorial hunter, every 4 legged critter on the planet was faster than man, but man would walk them down, for days if required, and here is a man accepting that while certain game is on the menu now, he will have to await the passage of many moons and the acquisition of much experience before he can hunt other classes of game.

Irrespective of questions about which types of game are more worthy, I am left with the lasting feeling that the hunter / survival ethos is strong in this one.

The cosmic hilarity that somewhere in the 99% of “dark DNA” that comprise us, is the wiring and solution to the quite new and apparently unique problem of feminazism fucking up the world, Atlas didn’t shrug, DNA did.

50% youth unemployment in Spain and Greece, meet “the devil finds work for idle hands”.

…and some of those idle hands have been listening to older men like me, and hearing what we say…  like previous to this the conversation about asking various wimminz to define the differences between a whore and a slut, the conversation about how wimminz hate a man who makes then work for something, and then sets no further goals, but love a man who treats them like a disposable employee who only keeps the job as long as they show a profit for the company, the conversation about how every wimminz knows at least two wimminz who are in “unhaaaaaapy” marriages, but their husbands will be the last to know…

I may not be right about any of it, they will listen simply on the basis that it is an alternative TV channel to all the mainstream 57 varieties of social programming, brownshirts, blackshirts, SWAPO children’s army, Mao’s revolutionary kindergarten, and Hitler’s kinder egg, there is a vast and untapped resource here, just waiting for the right messiah, the right messenger.

Meanwhile I am living in a fucking asylum, so I need not seek it, and the feminazi inmates have long since taken over and are running the place into the ground, keep faking the meds, and fucking the skanks.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

September 4, 2012

If any of her friends are a slut….

… then so is she.

Now, when I say slut, I don’t just mean yer average skank ho with yer average cock count, I mean a slut.

I mean it’s more like a straight guy reading an illustrated book on the more bizarre and kinky gay sex fetishes, you may say “fuck it” and put the book down at Felching, but there is a whole lot more in that book and just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t make those pages vanish.

Of course a large part of this is YOU WANT IT TO STOP, so you are quite happy to accept the “it only happened once when I was drunk” excuse, but those who do not, those who persist, always find the same thing.

They find the other 499 pieces of the jigsaw.

The finished jigsaw is a picture, in that picture is at least one of “your” slut’s friends, and she is also a 500 piece jigsaw, and when you piece that one together and get another picture, you notice something, there are a few other people in both pictures.

Pick one of those people at random and they are also a 500 piece jigsaw, put it together and more of the same, your slut is there, the friend you know about, the handful of faces common in both your sluts jigsaw picture and your sluts friends jigsaw picture, and introducing a bunch of new faces too.

So that “admission” you got about her sexual “history” is really just one frame in a long, multi episode, unfinished, still filming, porno shoot / documentary, and if you were to watch the whole thing, most of her friends that you know about have various parts, from bit parts to regular guest star appearances, chances are some of YOUR friends have bit parts too, maybe not in the same scenes as your slut, or maybe just not yet in the same scenes as your slut.

In the past week two wimminz who I have fucked, one once and one twice, and one wimminz who I nearly fucked but couldn’t be assed, all decided to dump my ass…. and you know what, I have lost NOTHING of any value, on the contrary, my life is enriched for having moved on.

It’s real hard to feel any sense of loss when there is an endless supply of bit part players waiting in the wings for a walk on and spread em or walk on and kneel part in my own little porno extravaganza.

But the sluts DO love to talk, and as much as I minimise it, I do get exposed to the other side of the story, not the story you tell about your slut and the piece of her history that she admitted to you or got caught out doing, and not the bit you read on a wimminz problems / advice dating site, but the bit about the same scene in the same shoot from her perspective.

And it is like those jigsaws I was talking about earlier….

YOU love your new Ford, to the guys in the Ford dealership (who drove it before you) it’s just another fucking Ford, now, the new 2012 Merc E class….

But to the guys in the Merc dealership, its just another Merc, and the beat goes on.

After a while no new car excites you, ooh look the new 2013 Lambo, it’s just another shitbox with a wheel at each corner to me, and fucking useless at negotiating speed humps or parking in car parks

So move on to yachts, well, same deal folks, no new boat excites me, I just see holes to pour money down and a so called possession that actually is no more than a millstone around your neck tying you down.

Sure, I’ll drive and ride and sail and fuck all these 2013 models, but not on my fucking dime.

You want me to get excited about a new 500 piece jigsaw?

You want me to get excited because you found ONE FUCKING PIECE of the 500 piece jigsaw that is “your” slut’s ACTUAL sexual history?

Blokes sit down in front of trashy soap operas and go ” wow, this is just too fucking far fetched to take seriously, your estranged wife had a sex change and used to be your best friend in school, but she fucked your current wife and made her pregnant with the kid you now call son, and when she moved back into the area she knew you were there and knew you had a son, but didn’t know who your wife was, so now she and your “son” are fucking and deeply in love, meanwhile your gerbil “faggot” has hepatitis…..

Bitches lap all that crap up, because, lets face it, that IS what their 500 piece jigsaw sex lives and histories are like.

The 20 year olds and under KNOW all this shit, the smartphone generation walk around in a world where your sexual history is known, they know about the time you took on four blokes, they know about the swinger couple you see regularly for threesomes, they know you have fucked all your best friends blokes, while she was with them, they know what your cunt looks like, they know all about the 500 piece electronic jigsaw of MMS picture attachments and SMS fuck me tonite, they have seen and shared it, as you have embraced the technology they have embraced the data it carries.

Your mom is a skank ho!

No she ain’t

here’s some video of her taking on 4 guys, and none of them are your dad, but one of them is my brother and one of them is the guy from the betting shop and I dunno who the other guy or the nigger are


Fact is, if you are in your mid 30’s or over, the kids walking past your house probably know more about your sluts sexual history than you do…. hell.. “your” kids probably know more than you do.

Fact is, if you are in your 40’s or later, then what the kids walking past your house know about your slut daughters will blow your fucking mind.


July 27, 2012

Your cheating heart……….

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Currently there is this wimminz who is, except for the sex, happily married, no, she doesn’t want to give up ANYTHING she has now, what she wants is some kinky sex on the side with me, and to keep this secret from her husband. To this end, she has already made arrangements with friends (before contacting me) to cover for her, eg to lie for her, friends who will tell her husband that she is with them, when in reality she will be gobbling my cock.

If you want to learn something about life, go to any small community of say 1/2,000 people, tell that story to every wimminz you meet in that small community, and watch them all immediately think of at least one wimminz who they think you are talking about.

I have lost track of how many wimminz, so lets just say all wimminz, because I can’t actually think of any exceptions, who basically just want rough sex, to be fucked hard and well by a dominant male.

There is a current thread over at the Spearhead (now under comment moderation) on the subject of sluts, against my better judgement I commented, this is what I said;

“Why go to hollyweird?

PoF is full of married sluts looking for illicit affairs, hell, there are entire websites that specialize in it…

saying sluts are the problem is like saying unscrupulous car dealers are the problem, either make selling dodgy cars illegal, or stop paying top dollar for a dodgy car and rewarding the dealer.

sluts cost me exactly what they are worth, sweet fuck all
(here come the down-votes)”

and lo and behold, a thread with only 23 comments so far, and at the time of writing I already have 11 down-votes….. on a thread on an MRA site about sluts in which I make a couple of totally factual and reasonable comments about the on topic subject, and do not mention any names or anything else.

11 down-votes is enemy action, not enemies of me, enemies of MRA, and yet Bill tolerates such behaviour, so I can only judge the man by his actions, which are that he abides enemy action.

Lie down with bitches, get up with fleas.

So, back to the cheating slut in question..

You know, I can’t recall a wimminz talking to me about her husband or ex husband in any way other than the slut in question, e.g. the husband did absolutely nothing for her sexually, he may have fucked her but it was mechanically, it didn’t make her wild and hot and wet.

I also can’t recall a wimminz talking to me about their husband or ex husband and not saying something along the lines of “well I wish I had been totally honest with him at first, because after a few months have passed you can’t suddenly admit stuff, so there is all sorts of shit I have never told him” (like my porn career and the fact that he ain’t the father etc)

Now there are those (niggerz) who will point the finger at me, and blame me for this guy getting cuckolded, despite the fact I don’t know the guy from Adam, much less made any promises of loyalty or fidelity to his, as his wife did.

Fact is, this slut put an advert on PoF saying she was married and wanted an illicit fuck on a regular basis, and then started sending out “hiya” message to guys on PoF, of which I was one.

If I wasn’t there, there are plenty of others that would take my place, and frankly speaking I only got to the top of her list because of my very plain speaking PoF profile, which tell it like it is.

It also has to be said that I will do a better job than the other niggerz on PoF, because I will treat this slut exactly as she deserves, as a filthy whore to be fucked at no cost to myself and for no reward to her apart from regular doses of my cum.

This bitch is not cuckolding her husband out of revenge for a crap sex life, any more than I am in revenge for having been cuckolded in the past myself, if you handle scorpions sooner or later you get stung, if you get involved with wimminz sooner or later you get cheated on, fact of life, only way to avoid it is don’t play.

If there is one lesson you want to learn here it should be the fucking vital one.

I already have IM and then SMS messages up the fucking wazoo, already archived to the cloud, that show in the clearest way possible that this particular slut is doing ALL the running here, and knows EXACTLY what she is doing, because ALL the above and much more is laid bare and admitted to in her own words in her own SMS messages to me.

*Should* the SHTF and she gets caught cheating, the absolute last fucking person on the planet that she is going to want to go anywhere near her husband, her husband’s lawyers, or the police and legal system in general, is me, because I have all that shit down cold in the cloud in her own name in her own words timestamped to the fucking minute.

He is watching telly and I’m in the kitchen and I am looking for you to fulfill me and make me feel like a real woman at least three times a week an my friends will cover for me and say I am at theirs and yes sometimes we can have all nights and even days away, and I just want sex, I don’t want to give up all I have here” timed and dated before you ever physically met the buck you are going to cheat on your husband with not only exonerates the buck from any future accusations, most importantly it utterly blows away any hope she has in divorce court of acting the innocent and injured party who just made a mistake one night out of the blue beyond her control “ooh, it’s not like I planned to be unfaithful to you Steve!!!

err, yeah, you did bitch, so much so that here is proof in your own words that you even arranged for your mates to lie for you before you placed the advert on PoF.

Of course, she is going to keep hubby in the dark, which means she is still going to have “crap” sex with him once a week or whatever, so the bitch can’t even claim romance with me, because she would then be cheating on me with her husband, rather than being faithful sexually to her new lover… personally I am waiting for the inevitable “are you fucking anyone else?” question from the slut to me, to which my answer will be “fuck yeah… got something to say about that bitch?

Because lets face it, every skank ho slut I have been near gets treated the same way, totally honestly and all cards on the table, so I have fuck all to hide from anyone….

So, what we actually have here, and why everyone hates me on the Spearhead etc, is something that is not exactly a million miles away from the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

When you are dealing with skank ho sluts (AWALT) the only guaranteed way to stay even in the game is to play the game the way they do, and the only guaranteed way to get fucked every time in the game is to act honourably and decently.

Many moons ago I too would have condemned my current behaviour and attitudes as degenerate, but then I got hit with an FRA in secret family court and had my kids “legally” abducted from me, and frankly after exposure to all those “professionals” and semblance of decency was wiped the fuck out…. it was a wake up call, play the prisoners dilemma or get fucked royally up the ass on a daily basis.

I saw the writing on the wall, I smelled the coffee, I adapted.

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