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December 30, 2012

Down in the sewers

Yeah, I’m listening to the stranglers again, 1977 was a fucked up year, Rattus Norvegicus was a product of that, and while there are those who weren’t in the UK at the end of the brief punk era and have grooved to this shit since, there is always as special unspoken camaraderie with those who were…  Stranglers2387creditChrisGabrin

… I was wandering down the street in a coastal town nearby in what passed for summer a few months ago, the usual crap, some dweeb in a citroen saxo in the traffic treating us all to his selection of drum n bass masterpieces, then the traffic stalled so he turned the volume right down, I’m thinking “cocksucker”, then hear the opening bars of “Sometimes” blasting out from an old silvery blue Maserati Bi-turbo that looks like it is mainly rust, yeah, the guy behind the wheel is a freak, we grin at each other and he whacks it up, I look up and down the street and see three other freaks, heads nodding to the riff as they walk, we see each other and give that grin of recognition and camaraderie, despite the fact that on the outside, to everyone else on the street we are all middle aged or older, straights, Grecian 2000 and a shit job, we recognise each other, it’s that freak sense thing that hollywierd often tries to capture in a film and always fails at.

But then again, I’m sure the same could be said for Sarajevo, or anywhere else or anyplace else in time and space, and the four other freaks and me would all have thought the same thing, 1977, doesn’t seem like 35 years ago babe, seems like 35 weeks.

Course, ’77 was 2/3 years after ’74/5, when things really did get shitty in the UK economy, and no fucker had any money, and when things like punk (not that the Stranglers were ever a punk band) found the right conditions to grow.

My current favourite fuck was born in ’79, so it’s all just fucking noise to her, and all the lessons we learned then about the economy and politicians are as real to her as anything Disney has done.

So people like her look at the high streets in 2012/13 and think wow, nobody is spending any money, nobody has any money, times are tough, and lyrics like “it’s only the children of the fucking wealthy who tend to be good looking” mean nothing to someone who has known nothing but being able to afford nice clothes and make-up and lotions and potions and visits to the hairdresser all her life.

In some ways she is not wrong, the retail experience, despite all the MSM media trying to hype it up, has collapsed in the high street, as my mother says, nobody is spending cash, nobody, not even for smaller amounts, and yet she is also very, very, very fucking wrong, because the new normal for “poor” is in fact staggeringly rich.

Many people, such as my bro, lived through the mid ’70’s and were poor, but they have never looked back since, and frankly they have forgotten they were born… oh sure, you can talk to them and they will go all oh yes I remember we used to do this, but it is a different life and not one they can apply to the present or future.

My current favourite fuck is in fact better placed than many, she could survive an economic downturn (by this I mean one STARTING now, where it goes downhill from today) but sadly she won’t, because her weekly food bill will remain less than her weekly cosmetics and potions and lotions bill, because you see the potions and lotions and cosmetics are all essentials, and this is by any standards a sensible and modest girl who often says “I’m not paying that, it’s ridiculous” for something in ways that agree with me 100%

Plus, she is insulated from other day to day expenses by way of having such things as the company car with the company fuel card, and claiming lunches on expenses.

She looks at me blankly and with incomprehension when I try to explain that the £150,000 mortgage she owes on her house, a thing that itself requires ongoing maintenance and expenditure and work, does not represent an asset, in fact the ONLY THING about her house that is absolutely certain is the £150k debt attached to her.

Long gone and forgotten maladies such as scurvy and tuberculosis are back, and on the rise, not because there is any valid medical or social reason, but because a Bacardi breezer is more important than a bag of lemons, and because conserving centrally heated warmth is more important than opening the window and plugging in an electric blanket….not just more important, but the latter options have passed beyond the ken of the average person in the street.

I know one fuckbuddy who has basically been as weak as a kitten for the past two weeks, all you hear is some shit about winter vomiting bugs and norovirus… you hear nothing whatsoever about being as weak as a kitten for two weeks is FUCKING SERIOUS, how the fuck do you think the flu pandemic at the beginning of the last century killed people…. you get run down you get weakened and suddenly 99 other things that previously you could have shrugged off without noticing get a foothold.

The fucking shits is still fatal in many parts of the world, because it really doesn’t take that long to run the body down to the point where it cannot maintain itself, much less heal itself, much less fight off anything new…

When ___I___ got it a couple of weeks ago it was fucking “man flu” and I was a wimp, but I went out and bought a bunch if lemons to make hot lemon and sugar, I bought grapefruit for breakfast, I bought a fresh pineapple, and I bought an inhaler / decongestant spray, and I kept the heating off at daytime and nights were spent with an open window next to the bed and the electric blanket on, 72 hours later I had progressed through all the symptoms and was right as rain…. now THEY have it, it is no longer man flu, and they have basically been indolent for 10 days / 2 weeks, and made no lifestyle or dietary changes to reflect their state of health… latest prognosis is they have no energy at all and could sleep all day…. quelle motherfucking surprise…

Maybe it is partly my thin blood from growing up in warmer climes, maybe it is the biker in me, but days of 10 degrees celcius and less and I have my nice warm woollen socks on, three layers on top (vest / tee shirt, shirt / sweatshirt, pullover . cardigan) and when I go out it is scarf and wolly hat (well I don’t have much fuckin’ hair left anyway) meanwhile everyone else, including the fuckbuddy mentioned above, is wearing fashionable clothes and is cold all the fucking time…. that or some twat from oop north walking around in knee length shorts and a tee shirt muttering about southern fairies….

We, as a nation, are NOT FUCKING PREPARED for an economic downturn or a flu pandemic or a major war, and these are PRECISELY the conditions REQUIRED for a society to be unable to avert such things, nobody is going to head these things off at the pass, any more than my fuckbuddy could avoid a little thing like “man flu” effectively making her bedridden during the holidays… so she will go back to work in the new year in a worse state than she was when she quit for the holidays… and the beat goes on.

August 20, 2012

I believe I can fly

When I was a small boy, I had all sorts of dreams and fantasies, X-ray vision, the ability to fly/levitate, being bulletproof, aliens coming down and recognizing that I was the smartest being on the planet and making me immortal and giving me a space station and a space battle fleet and a million robot army, building a super duper race car and entering and winning a world championship race, (dating myself here) being an engine driver for a steam locomotive, being a pilot…. you get the picture.

Of course, I was never in the slightest doubt that these were all pure fantasies, with zero possibility of ever happening, not a vanishingly small lottery jackpot winning possibility, but a zero possibility.

Now many years have passed, indeed, decades, and I could say the exact same things about any dreams of falling in love, being in love, the wimminz of my dreams, and all that crap.

Sure, I remember well the feeling of falling in love, and being in love, and it was fucking fabulous, but sooner or later it turns to shit and the pain that follows undoes all the good.

It’s a bit like the old joke about a guy fucking a wasps nest, afterwards, doesn’t matter what the hole was, the guy would poke it with a stick for a bit to see if any wasps flew out, before he got his cock out.

I will believe in the tooth fairly, santa fucking claus, and lucky rabbits paws, long, long, long before I will ever believe in love or NAWALT again, like santa and the tooth fairly, I grew out of them.

My birthday rolls around every year, as does Christmas, I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give anyone else presents, (not even allowed to give my kids any… lol) and I don’t want any myself, it means nothing to me, what does mean something is your company, hang out for an hour or five, that I appreciate.

Which makes me a motherfucker as far as toys-r-us are concerned, no belief in santa, and no access to anyone I give a shit about who does believe in santa, means toys-r-us can’t sell me a damn thing, at any fucking price, not interested.

You see the analogy between not believing in santa and toys-r-us never making a sale, and not believing in love / NAWALT and nobody pushing relationshits / marriage / respect for wimminz  all that crap meaning the wimminz never make a sale…

Beliefs and dreams are fairly easy to kill, and damn near impossible to re-install in a person.

The reason for this is that LOSING a belief or dream puts you waaay to hell and gone beyond the null point, which is having an open mind, neither believing nor disbelieving, losing a dream or belief means you will never ever buy that shit again, even if it is real.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space, I shoulda payed more attention to that film, and played it more often, it may just be correlation but every wimminz I have watched it with who was a psycho skank ho fucking hated it with a vengeance…. scared shitless of clowns… angered beyond belief that ___I___ found it fucking funny.

When the wimminz didn’t, there were shades of the disappointment a small kid feels when they know the grown ups aren’t really excited to see santa, they are just pretending…

That’s what all those dreams are, at heart, the illusion of being a part of something much bigger than ourselves, and that is what growing up is all about, the realisation is that there is no part of something, beyond a one way street from you to it illusion, part of the Army while you have something to give to it… part of a marriage while you have something to give to it…

In reality you are all alone, we all are.

I can’t feel your pain, or feel it for you, if I have been through the same shit, then maybe I can empathise and relate, but your hurting you do alone, and your overcoming it, or no, you also do alone.

Back when I was a dreamer, a believer, I might try and take that burden from you, hey baby, not to worry your car is fucked, you take mine, I will fix yours…

Now it’s “get that piece of shit towed and outta the highway.”

Now it’s “well you better get a taxi or bus to my place so you can suck my cock, or I’ll get some other slut.

Now it’s “what’s that, YOUR dreams and beliefs are going up in smoke, who gives a shit

Now I am all growed up I believe in my own personal experience and shit that I can t0uch and feel, and nothing else.

I’m a bit like the guy who fucked the wasps nest that one time, now I am gonna check first, every time, and if you don’t want me to check, that’s fine with me, I’ll just assume your cunt is full of wasps, and pass.

Some wimminz have looked at me, nodded in apparent solidarity and understanding, and talked about False Rape Accusations and the boy who cried wolf… I tell them, no, you still don’t fucking get it.

I don’t just disbelieve EVERY rape claim I hear automatically, but *perhaps* not those where the chick is on life support, I don’t actually give a flying fuck, even about the chick on life support.





You see I have lost the ability to believe that me giving a shit about anything to do with a wimminz or niggerz is ever going to be anything except a one way street.

That is a non-motherfucking-reversible, permanent, and profound change.

Wimminz and niggerz, like toys-r-us accountants, couldn’t give a fuck, after all, I am just one customer, and as P T Barnum said, there will be another sucker along any moment.

Until it stops… and between 30 and 50 thousand other fuckers are reading this shit every day, and this place is just one tiny pimple on the ass end of the MRA world.

You wimminz and niggerz, you have sweet fuck all to double down on with me, and my brothers, you are as dead to us as our childish dreams of X ray vision, flying cars, and NAWALT.

August 16, 2012

Going on the game – please fuck me Sir….

Anecdotal time again.

The PoF “intimate encounter” section in my area has exploded with new users bearing a user-name consisting of “girls name + 3 or 4 digits”, usually in their early twenties, often with a revealing bikini / underwear photo, and yes they are all whores soliciting…. times be getting hard… lol

If you think asia is a bitch for anyone who used to earn a good living making sneakers, then the internet is a bitch for anyone who used to earn a good living in the sex industry, sure, you may be an experienced whore who can fuck good and deep throat a salami, but this chick and this chick and this chick will fuck for free… which brings us right back to the thing about a whore is you are paying her to leave after the fuck, but these chicks will do that too, for free.

You see, there is one trick dating sites like PoF have not deployed, and it ain’t because no one thought of it, so you still have to do this filtering manually, and this is the fuck search.

The fuck search is where you select REAL criteria, not horseshit like show me every Saggitarius over 5 foot 8 who is a non smoker within 50 miles of my zip code.

The fuck search is where you select BMI 22 or less, cup size DD or more, 5 foot or less, no kids, not looking for long term, within 50 miles of my zip code.

The wimminz will all be looking for Mr Christian Grey, 6 foot plus, 8 inches plus, less than 25 years old, and getting zero fucking matches….

The bulk of men will be eliminating 85% of the wimminz in any search they do.

Wimminz will leave the site in disgust, and the site will collapse and turn into a joke like Badoo or Wayn.

Thing is, deep down, men already know all about sex.

If you want to be and feel like the rampant 20 year old who can fuck from 6pm until 4am, it’s really not that hard, start with a fuckable wimminz, then exclude all possible distractions, TV, internet, email, mobile, music, just you and the skank ho in bed with nothing to do but fuck and nothing to talk about but sex… if you have pre screened (as per the internet dating articles here) for fuckable wimminz then you have selected a dirty and obedient slut and you have no problems.. just make sure you do everything the first night, cos there ain’t going to be a second.

If you want to have a totally unsatisfying asexual encounter, turn the TV on, turn the music on, check your email, check your phone, end up talking to the bitch and listening to her wittering on, end up EATING FOOD with the bitch, end up drinking alcohol with the bitch… you may get to dump one load into her and then it is time to make a fast exit thanks to Fake Call Me on Android.

Sometimes you do it the right way and then decide to have some fun, in lieu of paying a whore to leave, you fuck with the slut to leave, you’ve already noted all her hard limits in pre-meet chats (all saved to the cloud) so now you start pushing them.

Basically “bastard game” but from someone who has already had that poon, if you have found one of the very very few wimminz who claims never to have had a threesome, there’s a good starting point.. she’ll refuse, you say that’s too bad, ah well, plenty more fish in the sea, she will agree. AWALT… yet to meet a wimminz who hasn’t had a threesome, never mind foursome moresome.

If you don’t want to use and fuck her, then according to wimminz hard-wiring you be beta boy, if you do then you be alpha cock, if you get them to send you SMS messages archived to the cloud in the 3 or 4 or 5 day interval between first message on PoF and meeting-to-fuck, saying “Please fuck me Sir!” then you have made her classify you as alpha cock, just make sure you never relent, her job is to worship your cock, what SHE wants??? what more could she possibly want than to worship your cock and do anything you want sexually? No negotiation.

75% of wimminz already got that, or close enough to keep them happy for now, the fuckbuddy, they are on pof seeking the beta boy to watch TV with, listen to music, the whole domestic thing, you don’t want to be beta and she already has alpha cock, you have slim to none chances of breaking through that with your profile, it does happen, but rarely… play the waiting game.

Sooner or later she will ask her alpha cock fuckbuddy to let her choose something sexually, and he starts the inevitable and fast slide to beta boy status.

She’ll edit her profile subtly when that happens, so strike fast with a meet me.

As heartiste and others note, this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, the more you can pimp yourself up, the more they say you are impossible and unbelievable, which is code for I’m getting ready for you to demand I send you SMS messages saying “Please fuck me Sir!

But the real value is Groucho Marx, “I wouldn’t want to join any club that would accept me as a member.” (4 minutes in)

Do you really want any kind of domestic relationshit with any skank ho who will/has done threesomes / foursomes / moresomes? Which is AWALT of course.

MANY years ago I used to think, “What the fuck is WRONG with me? Because I seem to keep attracting these weird and fucked up wimminz?” Clearly it was a defect in MY makeup, cos, you know, NAWALT.

It’s a coming of age thing when you wake up and smell the coffee and realise that there isn’t actually anything wrong with me, it is just AWALT.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tough one to swallow, even an FRA may not do it, but sooner or later the penny will drop, and then where are you?

What do you do in a world where despite everything everyone says about wimminz, despite everything wimminz say they want, the truth on the ground where the rubber hits the road is “treat em mean and keep em keen” and you get “Please fuck me Sir!“, but treat them any other way and you become beta boy, while she keeps all holes open for alpha cock and cum, and YOU get to watch TV with them…

The first company to deploy WWW wide full facial recognition, matching and search is going to have as much fun as a rabbi on a planet of pork….

Take that photo of your wife in the delivery room holding “your” newborn, plug it in to mugshit.com and it does it’s thing, and presents you with 47 pages of links, saying stuff like “click here to watch gangbang julie take on 25 cocks” and you click the link and are presented with further links;

gangbang julie shoot #1
55 photos 29 minutes, 47 seconds of video

gangbang julie shoot #2
63 photos 43 minutes, 22 seconds of video

gangbang julie shoot #3
35 photos 22 minutes, 45 seconds of video

Then you notice the date of shoot #3, it’s after you married the slut… and then you remember her going off to stay with Aunt Maude one weekend when Aunt Maude was ill and the dog stole her zimmer frame etc.

If you’re really lucky the date of shoot #3 will be about 9 months ago… guess one of those condoms burst, or some of the not on camera action eg her fucking the cameraman, also known as mr alpha cock fuckbuddy bareback, was responsible.

She’ll throw a fit, her name is Sarah, this girl in the film is apparently called Julie, you can buy it, or become the target of some real abuse, six months later the marriage can fall apart and you can babysit your kid one night while Sarah is spending the night with me, saying “Please fuck me Sir!”… and if you think I am exaggerating the only made up part of that is mugshit.com and facial searches, what actually happened was a co-worker you showed your proud daddy photo to on your smartphone recognised the slut from realsexpass.com.

Course you only got your kid for a sleepover because she wanted to fuck me, her taking 300+ cocks a year in walmart low budget porn gang-bangs is no reason for her not to have default custody.

Hey, at least when you were together for 20 months she allowed you to demonstrate your love for her by letting your eat her cunt for 30 minutes at a time twice a week, and that fishy smell, nothing at all to do with the cock carousel and cum, you cocksucker by proxy you.

Rest assured, no matter what the outcome she will be exonerated, and you, well, you’re the fall guy innit.

You didn’t get the memo…. AWALT.

August 5, 2012

Colour fast whites, rinse and spin

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I’m talking washing machines, and greasy mechanics overalls or denim.

Some of the new biological powders can shift that shit, but the problem with 99% of domestic machines is the whole wash/rinse/spin duty cycle is too short to do a good job, because jenny housewife buys washing machines on 4 aspects, looks, load capacity, spin speed and cycle time.

Soak that shit overnight in a bucket with some biological powder thrown in and you have no problem, try and do it in a washing machine programmed by a wimminz (half load and quick cycle cos it is quicker, overloaded drum so nothing can agitate, 3x the required amount of powder) and it comes out with permanent stains.

I have never yet been able to train a wimminz to use a washing machine properly, and in some cases I am talking 3 or 4 years of effort, the instant your back is turned it is back to the half load button etc. Yet we are bombarded with common knowledge jokes that men cannot operate washing machines….

So, yesterday I am talking to this bint that I am considering fucking, and she tries to show me how intelligent she is……

Now like most wimminz who ain’t self employed (hairdresser) she works on the state tit, actually within the state system, and her “conversation” is a fucking litany of “customers” and shit like that… to which I naturally object, WE pay YOUR fucking wages with OUR taxes, WE are not YOU fucking customers, bitch, to which she responds with a whole diatribe about how important it is to put the right fucking label on the people who are the target of the service delivery in question and appropriate forward planning and consultation…

By now I am long past wanting to fuck her, I’m just in it for the shits and giggles, and she then admits that over 50% of the economy is the state tit, so I ask her what she thinks might possibly go wrong with that picture, where >50% of the “workforce” are living off the taxes paid by <50% of the workforce, and she trundles out the usual shit about past governments being at fault, she doesn’t care if they are labour or conservative, democrat or rebublican, they are “past governments” so fit the bill as scapegoats.

So I say it is fairly obvious, as / when / if the economy collapses, there have to be DRAMATIC cuts in the state nipple, to which she replies with horror, at all the “essential” services that they provide that would be cut… essential services like child social services.

Here is my intro, I start laying down some examples, she tries to deny them, I’m listen bitch, I have seen this shit first fucking hand, and can introduce you to as many people as you like who will echo my sentiments not yours.

Met with my intransigence, she again reverts to the “not like that here” position used for other governments, this time it is other city councils, other departments, other officials.

…..and that is when it hit me, this is just like every wimminz I have ever met, and their inability to learn to use a fucking washing machine properly, because they always without exception put the desired result (a quick wash cycle) in front of everything else, and if there are consequences, then these are simply denied, or palmed off “not like that here” style, in that it was the wrong sort of dirt, or the stain was already there, or the wrong thing to add to that load, you get the picture.

In their minds, there can be, neither can there be allowed to be, any connection whatsoever between THEIR actions and less than optimal / desired / intended consequences.

Now, not only are these fuckwits allowed to vote, and so constitute more than 50% of the electorate, but most of them actually live off the state tit, and some, like this bitch, are actually involved in the state tit high enough up to be dealing with resource allocation.

Country roads in good order and schools able to deliver ex pupils at 16 who have actually heard of long division, much less able to do it, are not as important as special needs interests, social services, “caring” for the vulnerable and weak…. mainly of course because the options they allocate budgets too are sort of self fulfilling, allocate the budget, pat yourself on the back and go home, nobody can tell if the fucking service in question is working or not… but making roads navigable and educating kids, well that takes actual fucking knowledge and experience innit, far too hard, that would be like programming a washing machine properly and sorting and pre-treating the loads properly….

I am here to tell you that this bitch is far from alone, and her dedication to this fucked up world view is so total and complete that it will last until she draws her last breath, which may or may not be expelled with a sob and the words “It’s not fair!”

There are NO men in these departments, just wimminz and niggerz…. and the few times things are privatised out, they aren’t really, not in the sense that I am a private business that has to actually fucking deliver to BILL, before I can think about making a profit.



July 10, 2012

Udder sizes

I have literally no idea how many wimminz tits I have seen, sucked, bitten, squeezed, etc.

Being a man, I will be the first to admit that wimminz dress sizes mean nothing to me, a fact not helped by the typically wimminz thing where any given dress size is actually a variable, so what hangs on a rack in a shop today with a Size 12 label could well have been called a Size 14 or more only a decade or so ago.

Being a man, one thing I do understand is 36-24-36, and C cup.

That shit all makes perfect sense to me and I can picture it accurately…

Something else I know is that all wimminz know a good set of udders is always a plus point in the SMV (Sexual Market Value) stakes.

Which is why, all wimminz, without fucking exception, lie about the size of their udders.

You know when you go into a shop to buy a paper, and the shopkeeper gives you the wrong change… well, that shit can happen, but when every time you go into a shop, and every shop you go into all give you the wrong change, and that wrong change is ALWAYS in their favour, then it is no longer carelessness or stupidity… it is policy.

Now I myself may not be a horse, but I am reasonably well endowed, and like all men I have taken a tape measure to it and know how long it is on average and how thick it is, and so I went though a period where I was basically asking wimminz prior to fucking them and at around about the exchanging dirty pics by MS stage, what size cocks they had had in the past.

Then I would meet / meat these wimminz in the flesh, and they would generally (not all) make some comment about my size, such as “you’re bigger than my ex and he had eight inches

So I’d look at mine and imagine something smaller and wonder how her ex arrived at a length of eight inches, did the guy measure from his asshole forwards or what???

And then as you do eventually you start meeting one or two of your fellow sperm  brothers who have pumped and dumped the same skank ho’s, some before you, some after, and sooner or later the conversation goes around to this very subject.

Now, prior to this point, I just assumed guys were lying to get laid, in the same way that wimminz lied about their udder sizes, and why not…

But when you start to have the conversations, all I found was guys being very candid and honest, with a mean/median number of anglo saxon white guys stating that their cock was between 5.5 and 6 inches in length, which ties in EXACTLY with every physical study ever made (ps these same studies show that anglo saxon males have the biggest cocks on the planet ON AVERAGE, bigger than wogs, bigger than anyone else) and all of them flatly denied lying to the wimminz to get laid.

Then I met one, then another, who had pumped and dumped two different sluts right after me, and sure enough, they were told that her last “beau”, me, had a monster cock… now I KNOW I didn’t fucking lie to the bitches.

I then started talking to these sperm brothers and thinking about wimminz and their cunts, and they all claimed to have small neat and tight cunts, including those wimminz who had had a string of womb turds and whom I could fist with no lube, and how they were all shocked and disbelieving when I told them that no, men did not all want tight virginal twats, most of us were quite happy to play with a large cunt that could take a horse quite easily… provided she was kinky and obedient and didn’t yap.

It all seemed very counter intuitive, as a man you would suspect the wimminz would all claim that the (very few.. lol) previous cocks they had had were pencil dicked mofos, and of my god what a cock you real man you… but no…

So then I started talking to a couple of wimminz I know, who are pretty grounded in reality and pretty honest (yeah, I know, but they are both unfuckable…) and they both said the exact same thing.

To a wimminz, fucking a guy who “only” had a very slightly below average five inch cock was a direct reflection upon her own worth, when it came to talking to other wimminz, and this is where the penny dropped, the wimminz on the wine with the other wimminz comparing slut stories was behind all this, and none of them would willingly admit to being fucked by a “mere” five inch cock.

Hence, “Yeah, vince is going bald and has a beer gut and drives a citroen and has a loser job as something in IT, but he has a nine inch cock and can breathe through his ears”

At which I perked up, and the next night back with the sperm brother shooting the shit, I remembered this comment during all the “Yeah, Suzy, did you ass to mouth her dude?” contrast and compare stories, and said wait a minute, I have a question for y’all.

Can we come up, between us, with 50 unique individual wimminz that we have between us fucked in the past year or so… yes, lets each of us hold the memory of those wimminz in our heads for a moment, now the question, which is in two parts.

1/ How many of them did you go down on (cunnilingus) at all?

2 How many of them did you go down on PROPERLY till they came?

Now, see previously, according to the wimminz it was all of us, and I always assumed I was a bit weird because I have only ever done it to perhaps 4 wimminz in my entire life, only once each, and when I was *much* younger, but at the time I knew a couple of guys who claimed to be totally fucking apeshit for eating cunt.. but they were both Marines… lol

NONE of these guys went down on any of the wimminz they had been with in the past year, not even for one second. Every single one of them had a “eww fucking yuk” expression, I may as well have come back from the toilet with my kaks around my ankles and said there was no toilet paper, would they lick my ass clean.

By then one of the aforementioned wimminz had joined us, and dropped a bombshell, and then another far bigger one.

First she said that you know all this shit about how all men lie to all wimminz all the time, well the truth is all wimminz lie to all other wimminz all the fucking time, ESPECIALLY about men/sex with men.

Well, no prizes or surprises there.

Then she said why the fuck do you guys think some wimminz become lesbians, and no not lesbians generally, but butch / on top / dominant lesbians….

To get someone to lick their cunt on demand, because lets face it, the “feminine” lesbian parter is a wimminz, and all she has heard is lies from other wimminz on how men eat cunt for a passtime…. so she is just doing what she has been told all men do… and the only way she will ever find out different is by fucking a series of men.

“Oh fuck” I said, because I just then connected the dots, the wimminz who had been saying this, the wimminz who as I said previously was unfuckable but reasonably well grounded and reasonably honest, the wimminz who basically hated all other wimminz, was an ex fucking lesbian “bottom”….

Lesbian “tops” are the ones who get the surgically enhanced breasts… lol


June 2, 2012

Feral skank ho mommies = feral young boys

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You know the story, you plot a few points on a graph, so what is left for the future? You just extrapolate.

Up until my 20’s my sexual history in terms of numbers of partners was very low, single digits, then I moved to a place and a country that was party central, and the numbers went up by five or more a week, week in, week out.

Generally speaking I had a partner count so much higher than most other guys I met I simply didn’t talk about it, if you had been there you had no issue with the numbers, if you hadn’t you just wouldn’t buy it.

Hey, I am an outlier.


Well, compared to the YOUTH of today, and I am talking guys 18 and down, no… I was a fucking role model.

Last weekend I met some lads at the pub by the river, which I mentioned here… since then I have spent some more time with them, it has been a fucking eye opener.

These cats are all the result of broken homes, raised, as it were, by skank ho mommies, and so daddies and us men generally have no fucking clue what these young cats are actually like, and I mean that in the most literal sense, no fucking clue… but the skank ho mommies / wimminz do, oh yes, and the penny that is dropping for me is THIS is why these wimminz are getting so angtsy.

These cats don’t have the very high partner counts that I had, thanks to wide-body jets landing every few minutes bringing new skank and removing the old, but the smaller pool of skank ho cunt that they work in gets passed around in cycles, so little johnny smith may slip a length to little julie jones on the 1st of May, on the 18th of May, on the 6th June, etc…

Meanwhile little julie jones is getting cock every night, sometimes several, and little johnny smith is getting cunt every night, sometimes several.

Little julie jones (not her real name) looks at me and says “how old are you, because I don’t do men older than 50, I got standards”, I laugh my fucking ass off and say “so have I babe, so have I, hey johnny, come here, I’ll show you how to set the ignition timing on your bike properly

Little julie jones shrugs and goes off with some other cat to get pumped.

Little johnny jones and his mates and I shoot the shit, I can tell them all sorts of great stuff they don’t know, and explain all sorts of great stuff they don’t know, and teach them all sorts of great stuff they don’t know, but when it comes to the wimminz, I can’t teach these young bastards a damn thing, they have it down so well I look at them and how they treat the wimminz and I have to admit, I think to myself “Man, that is some HARSH shit…

So FRA’s, yeah, they know all about that shit, in fact they know so much they have a SELECTION of stories, so they shove a guy called steve over (all these names have been changed to protect the guilty) and say “Ask uncle steve” and start pissing themselves laughing.

And so it transpires that after steve’s mum temporarily kicks him out for some outrage he committed at home, he ends up crashing at his mate johnny jones’s place, and you know all their skank ho mommies are sluts and they know it too, to a degree and level that will shock the living shit out of us older men.

So basically steve ends up shagging Johnny’s mum in all her holes, and that is cool until the next day some of the boys come around and johnny’s mum is there, and so is her current fuckbuddy / boyfriend, and someone starts joking loudly that now johnny should start calling steve “Uncle steve” and treating him with respect, at which point the SHTF… cue allegations of FRA.

As an aside johnny lives almost opposite my own psycho skank ho ex, and he knows all about the FRA, don’t worry man, we’ll make sure your boys are cool.

Bottom line on this story is johnny’s mum has now joined the ranks of wimminz who played the FRA card, and NONE of these little fuckers is ever gonna let her forget it, what’s more to the point these cats take it as their civic duty to point out to all men who come into sexual contact with these wimminz that they have played the FRA card, and as a result all these wimminz can get are the dregs, and I mean the dregs.

So how did steve beat the FRA rap, well steve recorded himself fucking johnny’s mum with his smartphone, ALL these cats do this all the fucking time. Me preaching to the choir or what… lol

How come your mum doesn’t just kick your ass out? I ask johnny.

He just grins at me, “Childline man, my little brother wayne has jackie (these cats refer to their mums by the christian names, never mum) playing with herself and drinking and threatening him on his phone, he’ll just call childline on the bitch“.

What about those cats that don’t have a little brother I ask him, hell he says, we all got neighbours.

I’m laughing my fucking ass off, and say “Monkey see, monkey do” which I then have to explain to them.

and so it seems that if you demonise all men everywhere, and you do it for long enough that you raise young men into a world where all men are demonised, well, they will just shrug and say “Fuck this shit, I’m gonna fail anyway, may as well be a fucking asshole and have fun”

and so them wimminz get the world that they have been playing as an ace card to beat men down, only for real this time.

If there is NOT an economic collapse and reset, I’m guessing we are 5 years away from the point where these feral young men, age 18 or so and in their prime, will actually start beating down on and actually raping each others mothers, you can FEEL the fucking feral nature just below the surface, the cops never turn up with less than 8 now, even for a DV call or a party drunk.

Me, as a deadbeat dad and FRA victim, I can sit with these cats, and their slits, and relax, because the one group of society that they have NO axe to grind with is us deadbeat dads and FRA victims, I have NOTHING to fear from these cats, and the wimminz who raised them have EVERYTHING to fear, and they know it.

Careful what you wish for wimminz, it may come to pass, it may already have…

May 23, 2012

No “players” please, just clueless newbs.

It’s been a funny old week, for one I am seeing more and more wimminz who have been on PoF for a year or so just say fuck it and re-write their profile from “dating” or “long term” etc. to “intimate encounter“…. I did mention it before, but her mentality and all that, I am seeing it more and more lately.

Let’s face it, fuck-buddy / FWB is the lowest opening bid in the relationship stakes a wimminz can place on the table, you either have to be very confident, not give a fuck about chump change, or desperate to play at those stakes, I will leave it to the reader to guess which applies to the wimminz.

I also just had an interesting conversation with an FWB that I blew out, she was shocked by it, assuming she was “doing enough” to keep it going, whereas I said your attitude just didn’t make me feel like my cock was that special to you…. lolol…  so I mentioned something about pastures green, if you could get to them past all the wimminz on PoF who specifically stated that they did not want players / had kissed a lot of frogs etc… and she laughed, and said something interesting.

She said “yeah, that’s because you lot (players) don’t buy our bullshit.

So in effect “no players” is not saying “I do not want a man who sees me as a fuck-buddy“, but rather it is saying “I want a man who still buys MY version of reality and doesn’t question it“, where her version of reality is that she is a cuddly sexy nice and trustworthy and reliable person, whereas the real version of reality is she has already fucked some guy over in a divorce, leopards never change their spots, and the only possible reason to spend any time in her company is to be dumping some cum in her holes.

Being pre-selected as “unsuitable to fuck” by these wimminz is not actually any kind of insult or reflection upon me, it means that I am projecting EXACTLY the right image of myself along the wimminz grapevine in PoF, where the wimminz themselves are self selecting themselves and elimination us as possible fuck-buddies, while doing so in such a way that it is DEMONSTRABLY their choice… no possible future hassles for me.

But, the title of this piece could equally be applied to many other things, such as financial markets, or say the political system in Greece, and while I cannot prove it or demonstrate it, it is quite clear to me that to the wimminz on PoF the “man market” is about the same as the “buyers market” for someone trying to sell a house in Spain, there are a LOT of fuckers out there peering at the cards in the agents’ windows, but no fucker is actually buying, and those on BOTH sides of the glass know exactly what is going on, even if neither of them admit it openly.

Just as there are people who claim all sorts of supposed “attractive features” for a property, and then state a totally ludicrous asking price, there are wimminz on PoF who claim all sorts of supposed “attractive features” (hang on, isn’t it supposed to me MY fucking decision if you are sexy or not… etc) and then state a totally ludicrous “asking price”, eg specification for the man who will be “lucky enough” to be “rewarded” with her becoming your parasite…  but just as in the real estate agent markets, everyone knows that THAT house is never going to sell for a fraction of that fucking money, and that anyone stupid enough to pay even a quarter of the asking price will lose his fucking shirt even if he flips it in a week.

Especially when it isn’t a “one owner from new” house, but a flop-house / motel, which is what “kissed too many frogs” is an explicit admission of, they may as well say “Village Bike” on the first line of their adverts, doesn’t matter how well it is preserved or how hot it may once have been, everyone knows everyone else has ridden it, so like the flop-house / motel, the only possible reason for buying it is if you can buy it cheap enough to turn a profit… no way you would want to move in YOURSELF….

Expect big daddy State to get just as freaky and insane in the defence of the wimminz as it is in the housing ponzi scheme, according to the slit Lagarde at the IMF the Bank of England base rate of 0.5% is way too high, and the reason that the UK housing market has stagnated, so the BoE is supposed to lower interest rates for home loans, to maybe 0.0%… I shit you not… I have no idea how this is supposed to work, when even interest only repayment liar loans stopped working, but it should GIVE YOU A FUCKING CLUE WHAT IS TO COME.

Like the housing ponzi scheme the wimminz ponzi scheme has not yet collapsed, because nobody dare mention zat ze emperor, he has no clothes, because the whole things got so fucking crazily out of control, that there is no fucking way to get a soft readjustment, the only way forwards is a hard crash, and the more it is postponed the wore it will be, but kick the can down the road they do.

But the fact is that the wimminz ponzi scheme is getting ever more fragile, and it is getting ever more difficult to maintain the illusion, and it is going to be a stone cold bitch when it resets, because in effect the wimminz ponzi scheme IS the fucking State apparatus, the wimminz ARE the apparatchicks (sic)

So the house that has been “For Sale” for three years for £195,950 is still for sale, but now the sign says “No offer refused”, or “Auction” but a no reserve one where it gets market to market, because EVEN IF IT IS WORTH NOTHING, THE CURRENT OWNERS WITH TO DIVEST THEMSELVES OF THE ONGOING MAINTENANCE AND EXPENSES AND LIABILITIES.

And so it will be with the wimminz, and we may see this first in Greece or Spain if the State collapses in those places…  the wimminz who are nurses or secretaries may find themselves employable, but they will be marked to market and the rest of the wimminz on the State tit will be simply discarded.

At that point far from the “not a bad pair of tits” on a 40 year old body coming with a ludicrous “asking price”, even getting into the table to place the “intimate encounter” / will fuck for free no strings lowest opening bid is going to be one over subscribed motherfucker.

Which brings me to the OTHER thing I am seeing on PoF, while many of the wimminz who failed to sell their properties on the dating and long term relationship markets are sliding over to the intimate encounter / lowest opening bid sector, the ones already there are doubling down.

What can you do to beat a “will fuck for free” lowest opening bid?

“Will fuck / threesome for free” of course, and I am seeing it.

Got a fucking roof with running water and electricity and heating and the ability to feed an extra two mouths?

Sooner than you may think, that may be enough to be an alpha dog with the wimminz competing to be one of the two you offer shelter to.

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