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March 31, 2013

WTF part 997, or the art of Zen, part 997

The trick with wimminz, at least, the trick with wimminz if you are going to be having some social interaction with them, eg fucking them, is to create a situation whereby you get what you want, a free fuck, and then they decide that you are just too much of an asshole in real life to waste their time with, and they dump your ass…. win win, thus avoiding the FRA extreme end of the scale, and the opposite clinger / stalker extreme end of the scale.

I always show wimminz the phone blocking app Mr Number, and how to install it, and I punch my fist into the air and say “YYEEESSSSSSS!!!” when they use it, or PoF, or a swinging site, to block me.

The trick to achieving this ultimate zen master state of being with teh wimminz is actually very very simple.

It is also incontrovertible proof that all wimminz, without exception, are mentally equivalent to a spoiled four year old.

(separate, but related, since the ultimate fate of any interaction with a wimminz is failure, never ever ever be tempted to share anything personal or factual about yourself, never give them any factual details, such as employer, ex’s names, financial details, and of course never ever let them even touch your phone / computer etc)

All you have to do is listen to EVERYTHING they say, and treat it as fact, and then the instant they say or do something that contradicts something they said previously, comment upon it, repeatedly.

So how about all that stuff on your profile about liking group sex then” you ask, and they tell you they just put any old shit in the profile, to make the profile interesting.

No, you said you would do anything I wanted, and I want you to do my ironing naked” you say, and they say they did do everything you wanted in bed.

No, I told you to hold still, you kept moving” and they’ll have an excuse for that too.. I don’t bother explaining that if I am doing you from behind while they are kneeling on the edge of the bed, if they move it means the edge of the bed bangs my knees etc etc.

And don’t let up on this shit, the FACT that they are not doing this that and the other, all of which they have told you they will and do do.

Also very important not to let them gaslight you or put words in your mouth, get visibly angry (but not threatening) when they try that shit.

You are not listening to a single word I say“, as though said to a sulky four year old, and equally as true and accurate.

Because, to a wimminz, all communication is the same as a politician or a lawyer, they actually have an agenda, this and this and this is how they are going to be, and there is no actual negotiation or movement possible, but words exist simply to nickel and dime the opponent one step at a time away from their starting position, to the point where the wimminz or politician or lawyer gets EXACTLY what they started out to get.

In reality, all I am doing is employing EXACTLY the same attitude, my agenda and position is non negotiable, but I take the absolute opposite tactic to achieve this, everything I say is literally true, and everything you say I will accept as truth and not cease to insist you make good on BEFORE we proceed any further at all.

This is the point where you must not laugh or smile, because this is the point where the mask falls away and the wimminz all look exactly like spoiled four year olds, they look hurt and upset, lips closed, eyes averted, sullen, non-communicative.

You are supposed, according to the wimminz, to break at this and offer support and unconditional surrender, because frankly speaking their own box of party tricks is now completely empty, but if you are a cool bastard you stick to your guns, and your lines, and don’t let that bone go.

Just in case you are a dumb bastard who did not get the memo, the wimminz will give you one final chance to be her own personal mangina and tampon, and essentially ask you if you would like her to go.

Since this whole thing started because she said she would do anything you wanted, so you said do my ironing naked bitch, to which she says I have done everything you wanted, so you said do my ironing naked bitch, to which she says I have done everything you wanted, so you said do my ironing naked bitch, so she said do you want me to leave…

It should be stressed that you did not ask her to leave, you asked her to fulfill the words and promises she herself made about herself, what she seeks and what she offered you.

You are quite happy for her to stay, but she said she would do anything, and I fucked her in all her holes so right now I’d like her to do my ironing naked…. that is what I want.

Since I did not ask her to leave, I do not give any response about her implied threat to leave, “stop putting words I did not say in my mouth, and start standing by the words that you did say that came out of your mouth” is the only clarification needed on her spoiled four year old act.

Of course, just standing there and avoiding your gaze is too difficult for a wimminz, so like a four year old threatening to hold their breath unless you buy them an ice kweem, they will be in slow sulky motion, picking up all their shit so you know they really really really mean it about leaving.

Make sure you follow them around and be helpful, here’s your phone, here’s you car keys, but invariably they will “accidentally” leave behind a pair of stocking or panties or something, not to get you to contact them, but as a parting shot reminder of the “good times” you had, put them straight in the bin…lol

If you are truly blessed, as I am, 30 minutes after they sulk their way outta your door your boss will call you asking if you want some overtime, so I spend the next 11 hours 100+ miles away with my thumb up my ass mainly doing sweet fuck all but being paid double time for it.

Come 1 am and as bender said, my work her is done, fire up the car, crank up the stereo REAL loud, and check your PoF / swinging accounts and yippee, the skank has blocked me… re-sult… lol


March 25, 2013

Bearish on lead

And so the story goes, thanks to my recently acquired gainful employment I have renewed some old and dying but essential technology in the man cave, to whit, a new coffee percolator and new expresso machine, and added a few more vacuum packed cubes of Lavazzo to the stores.wp-1364224788329

Currently here in the UK we are a week and a bit away from the end of the tax year, so a combination of that and the jitters from the cyprus thing appears to be sufficient explanation for a slowdown in my workload, so far my diary is empty, so today I have been paid to sit at home in my kitchen and savour many cups of bloody good coffee while farting around on the net, which included PoF etc.

PoF, it has to be said, is going through a dry patch, the wimminz on there are desperate to the point of hysteria, and it is always falling over at the same point, my “me in a shirt and tie” private profile (what I like to call my “the accused” pic)  pic just ain’t cutting the ice in these times, what’s needed is clearly the leather jacket and cheroot right after I have said to someone off camera “and ze oooozy nine milli-meeta“… smooth is out, butch is in.

However, on the swinging / kink sites it’s going the other way, these wimminz always preferred the “I am gonna rape you and axe murder you, and maybe not in that order” profile pic, but now they are increasingly running away from that and running towards the smooth fucker in a shirt at tie, what I see as the only essential difference between these two groups of wimminz is the ones on the kink sites cop to having taken a load of cock, and the ones on the PoF site pretend they ain’t… amusing when you spot the same person on two or three different sites, with different profiles to match.

I’m thinking yet again it is time for me to give up smoking, in parlous times it is a lousy drug to be using, and it ain’t exactly a cheap hobby, and I may be needing the extra lung capacity

I’m also going bear-ish on sex toys, looks like we have seen the bottom of the market and the only way prices are going now is up, and the only way the supply and manufacturing chain is going is down IMHO. This is of course also going to apply to anything sex related on the internet, now is not the time to invest in fancyafuck.com…

I’m also seeing strong parallels between those who are unaware of the nature of wimminz so play the white knight in an attempt to get laid, and those who are unaware of the nature of the economy… I guess this really shouldn’t surprise me as the two share so many common elements, but it does anyway.

One thing this new job has been good for is it as gotten me travelling on someone else’s dime, or fuel card, so I am basically seeing a different town’s high street every day, and every last fucking one of them is dead, no fucker walking around with shopping bags, and coincidentally in every one the local councils are spending money like fucking water on infrastructure and pavements and pedestrianisation and other bullshit, it’s all pre April 6th, pre end of the tax year stuff.

In fact the only thing I am even remotely tempted to go bullish on is guys like me who have gotten out from under the cloven hoof of the wimminz and the state and debt, the future is looking pretty damn good, surplus of poontang, 6 months worth of coffee and bog rolls in stock, and a job that I could walk away from now, but which would in fairness set me up for another year if I can get another three months out of it…

Like the saying goes, it is an ill wind that blows no good….

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