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November 17, 2013

Cause and effect.

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For my sins, I clicked on this…


Well, to me what leaped out was not three brave and heroic and genius wimminz entrepreneurs, but…

  • one wimminz who has a “business” making washable shoes for kids, a business so successful she is still living at home
  • one wimminz who has a “business” running a crèche for dogs, up to 20 dogs a day and two full time staff and London premises and rates etc so if she is making 1p profit per day I am a fucking monkey’s uncle
  • one wimminz who has a “business” making bags and yoga wear, which has yet to earn penny one, but hey, hubby is supporting her.

and the big question, just what alleged “talents” did these worthless fucks have that caused Lehman to hire them for 40k plus p.a. in the first fucking place, and can nobody else see the connection between hiring worthless fucks on huge salaries and then subsequently going fuckedcompany.com???

I mean, seriously, Lehman’s was a fucking BANK…. if your career is in banking and your employer goes tits up I expect to see you start a new career as a self employed accountant for small business, or something along those lines, not open a fucking cup cake shop.

In any event, none of these fuckers is exactly what I personally would put in a national newspaper and point to as a success story, dig as deep as you like, companies house website if you like…. there is no meat here.

Lehman’s went bust in 2008, it is now 2013, five fucking years on, and what do these bitches have to show for it that is worthy of exposure in the national press?

Five fucking years, thousands of Lehman’s employees thrown to the kerb, tens of thousands of other employees thrown to the kerb as a result of the Lehman’s crash, and *this* is what they come up with, three worthless cunts grinning at the camera like they each just sold the film rights to Harry Potter, which you can diss as much as I do, but at the end of the day at least the authoress of that series of books did clean up financially by any reasonable metric you care to employ… however, such events are lottery wins, not the daily grind of small entrepreneur makes good, that this shit article was supposed to be about.

Alan Sugar, for example, is an interesting guy, he will tell you himself that he can’t actually tell you what to do to make a million in business, but he can talk all day about what NOT to do… for example after he made money floating Amstrad on the stock market he ended up handing a wad to Nomura, and it was only some time later after the Yen tanked and he lost the lot that he learned that the investment banker;

  1. was not liable for anything, including losing all his money
  2. earned his money on commission by buying and selling stock with Sugar’s money, so he did loads of buying and selling.

Which is why and how Sugar got into commercial property, Amstrad made him a ton of money, so he went out and bought Bond Street in London and has been sat back ever since with never an empty shop with no tenants and no revenue.

But of course, nobody ever wants to hear Sugar’s advice on what not to do, they all want him to tell them what to do…. flatly ignoring what he is trying to tell them.

I empathise strongly with Sugar, whether it is my first career, Marine Engineering, or my current one, Cisco Kid, the best advice I can always give anyone is what NOT to do….. and nobody wants to listen.

Nobody wants to listen because if they did, they would not be able to do that which they have already set their minds upon doing, and that is the real secret.

*what* these three worthless cunts have set themselves up to be doing, it isn’t what they are actually doing, they don’t want to, for example, be a baker and confectioner, they want to be a successful businesswoman running a well known and profitable cup cake shop.

They want to bypass the tough and dirty bit and get straight to the top, I want it all, and I want it now…. and in a sense, I can’t blame them too much, after all, this is exactly essentially what all three were handed 5 years ago when they joined Lehman’s, in their own words… but overnight I went from penniless student to highly paid professional. The package was jaw-dropping: a rapidly rising £40,000 salary, a fully funded MBA and brilliant bonuses…. which says it all..

And back in the day every one of these worthless cunts, and there were TENS OF THOUSANDS OF THEM across the city, and a large proportion of them still have jobs, the hammer has not fallen yet, inspired thousands of other wannabe entitlement pwincesses (and pwinces) to aspire to the same.

And these three worthless cunts, they aren’t exactly living in a cardboard box under the motorway giving blow-jobs to donkeys for a 99c burger, they are all wearing shit eating grins and getting international exposure in a newspaper as successful entrepreneur wimminz.

It’s not that surprising really that so many still dream… but then again, that is the purpose of the MSM, and articles like this, to keep the dream alive.

Otherwise they would be reporting on actual truth, like the increasingly desperate state of affairs in places like Greece, where the neo-nazi party is now the outright leader in the polls, and ever the middle classes are siding with them, because of their sole policy, Greece and Greeks first, and there is no second place… and there is no mention whatsoever of this, or any other worthwhile news, in this so called news paper, anywhere.

If I wanted to be informed, I might as well read Hello magazine.

Same could be said for the BBC news website, or indeed any of the other MSM channels…

It’s 2013, the age of the internet, and I have to go and look and bypass all the dross to find any real news about what is happening in a country not very far away at all, a country I have ridden to by motorcycle more than once.



November 10, 2013

WIFE = Washing, Ironing, Fucking, etc

I have said to many people, and many wimminz, that a relationship is very, very, very much like a job.

There is an interview process, there is a trial period, and then there is the employment period, with benefits, but at no time can you just decide to goof off and get a free ride without getting your ass canned.

But the fact is that it cuts both ways, wimminz aren’t just shit at relationshits, they are shit as employees too…. but sadly, so are many men…

Today for my sins I took my car in for some new tyres, for one reason and another to do with leasing you have to go to certain suppliers for certain things, and you aren’t allowed to do anything yourself, not even change a blown bulb, but the flipside is “just do it” no matter what and no worries about the munnay…

So, a small tyres / brakes / service place, you could get 4 vehicles inside, and 5 employees, all guys, and frankly they were a shower of shit, wandering around, sat there chatting to each other (and I don’t mean chatting while working, I mean sat there with a pneumatic wrench in hand talking to another guy sat on one of my wheels) working at a speed like they have never done this before….. my car, 4 new tyres, another car, up on ramp, new track rod and bushes, third car, brake test and service….  I was there a fucking hour and a quarter.

Cunts *deserve* to go bust, and I know why the leasing company just moved over to this chain, they are fucking “cheap”, not cheap as in cheap, but cheap as in cheaper than the other fuckers that used to have the contract.

I’m sure a large part of that “cheap” is because the staff are all on sweet fuck all money per hour, but even so, you can do the job the way I do mine, get stuck in and do it properly and look like a professional, and then sit back and chill once the customer has pulled out…

Me, I’m a captive customer, I got no choice but to go there, but others…. while I am there cooling my heels (hey, fuck it, I’m on the clock so it’s not like it’s *my* time they are wasting) guy comes in and asks how much to do a clutch on his 6 year old Citroen

Oooh, sucks teeth, looks at book, book says 5 hours @ 50 quid an hour, checks clutch price, ok sir that will be 370 notes, eg 120 for the clutch kit, that ain’t including the tax of course, which is 20% on top of that… so they want to charge this cunt 370 + 74 = 444 quid to do a fucking clutch…  OK, it’s a Citroen and OK it is front wheel drive, but even so…. if you are a local municipal bus driver and do all the overtime available you can pull in 18k gross, 18,000 / 52 = 346, that’s before tax, so even if you are married and get mortgage relief and shit your take-home is going to be under 300, so these fuckers want 1.5 weeks take home for 5 hours work…

Check GSF car parts and the clutch kit is 64 notes…. RETAIL… not trade..

As for the 5 hours on the ramp in an equipped garage with 5 employees, I know a guy who did his on his fucking driveway by himself in 5 hours with nothing more than hand tools, a trolley jack and a couple of axle stands… and that included making a clutch centre tool out of some copper pipe…

These are the same cunts that took (30 minutes was phone calls and paperwork and authorisation) 45 minutes to swap out 4 tyres… with TWO of the cunts on the job, so 1.5 hours labour right there… ok, “free fitting” so the labour wasn’t technically charged, but 1.5 man hours were used and they were actually working faster than the cunt doing the track rod, because I was watching them…..

When I turned up the track rod car was up on the ramp with the wheel off, when I left it was still there, and they guy was still fucking around and talking and wandering away and back and hadn’t *quite* managed to drop the old bushes and track rod… I suspect that was his job for the entire day.

The main dealers who do all the rest of the work, well, they are fucking expensive, but at least they don’t fuck around and get on with shit, but again the spend a *lot*of time on bullshit CYA “quality control” everything countersigned off bullshit, or basically “hunting for work” e.g. going over the fucking bodywork with a UV lamp looking for paint and body defects… (a UV lamp will show shit you just won’t see with the naked eye in the average English weather day…) with the result that a service will set you back just under 300 notes…

Back when I was a lad, a “full service” was a full man-day on the car, it wasn’t just fluids and filters and a brake check, two guys would spend all morning or all afternoon going over the bitch and doing maintenance and touch up work.

When they finished you’d get billed for the bigger shit, like brake friction material, but nobody itemised shit like grease used greasing the doors or track rod ends, that was just consumables shit…. the tyre bill included itemised amounts for valves and balancing… which went on top of the tyre price…

Labour is “free” but the mechanic took a dump and had a cuppa so one teabag and 12 squares of toilet paper are itemised and added to the bill….  and the QA guy has to sign to say the mechanic wiped his ass properly and slurped his tea according to procedure.

Meanwhile they have to make a call to Mumbai and spend 20 minutes in a queue to get authorisation to issue the mechanic 3 ply bog roll and not the cheap 2 ply stuff that the leasing company specified in their 6,497 page procedure manual which you have to adhere to in order to be a “channel partner” or whatever this week’s buzzword is.

Wimminz of course *love* this shit, because no matter what you can just shrug your shoulders and say how awful it is, but it ain’t my fault y’see…..  and get back to the gossip… no ACTUAL FUCKING WORK being done.

In the same town there are a couple of old boys who run their own tyre place… I could have been in and out of there in 20 minutes, literally…. which is why with my own vehicle I patronise places like them, and my “pet” mechanic, who would have passed on the citroen clutch kit at cost and “call it 200 quid” for labour, and you can give me half now and half next week if you like, and he would have lined that fucking clutch up to better than a thou, and cleaned and dressed up ALL the threads and fasteners, and everything else, while he was in there….. every time I took a French front wheel drive car to him I always told him to fit a heavy duty clutch, parts were only 30% more but it would be the last one you ever fitted…

It’s the fucking work ethic, that’s what I am on about here, that is what we are missing.

I’m a procrastinating mother-fucker, but when I eventually get around to doing a job for myself, I do it fucking properly…. today I was on my hands and knees washing my fucking fake laminate kitchen flooring by hand, then I did the inside of the fridge and shelves, then I washed down the tops of all the skirting boards, wiped the tops of the internal doors and lintels, then I did the front door inside and out, and the window sills etc outside, and I don’t know ANY fucking wimminz who will do that.

Not even when moving out and wanting to keep the fucking deposit…

And no, I am not some OCD cleanliness freak mofo, I’ll only do this shit once every two or three months, but it WILL get done now and again.

The joke about WIFE = washing, ironing, fucking, etc… well, good luck to you with a modern wimminz…

Washing is something they will do under protest, once YOU have bought them a fucking washing machine and tumble dryer, and don’t get me started on that shit about men don’t know how to use a washing machine, in my lifetime I never met a man who had any issues with them, on the other hand every wimminz I ever met uses one of two programs, either mixed coloureds at 40 degrees for everything, or delicates for her own personal expensive clothes, that’s it.

Ironing, you must be fucking kidding, wimminz know better than men you take something out of the tuble dryer still warm and you can put it away without ironing it… I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of wimminz I know who know how to iron a shirt and a pair of pants, some of the rest of them can iron a hanky…. just about.

Fucking, well, no need to go into this… she’ll fuck anything except hubby

Etc, like make me a sammich bitch, rub my shoulders, feed me, make the fucking bed in the morning when you get up, you must be kidding me…

Basically if you want to know what it is like to live with a modern wife, just move into some student digs, take the door off *your* room so *you* have no privacy, and put them all as named persons on your bank account and plastic…. and stay there for life* and keep paying for life… (*even after they evict your sorry ass.)

Actually, it won’t be *that* good, at least students get to get shit-faced and laid now and again…

So there I am visiting one such unfortunate, and we are trying to have a conversation at the kitchen table, because the kids have taken over the lounge and telly and everything else he paid for, meanwhile the “wife” is complaining the Tassimo machine isn’t as good as her friends new AEG (which uses the same *fucking* expensive per cup pods) and then their little 4 year old daughter wanders in, sits on a vacant chair next to us, lifts her dress, spreads her legs, spreads her cunt with her fingers and starts exploring…. to which the wife says “leave your bottom alone darling

I laugh loudly and say to my mate/the father, “that ain’t her fucking bottom…” he just looks pained, one of those I know dude, but what the fuck can I do, looks…

To which the wife (who basically doesn’t like me, she has many reasons, some of them my be true, but mainly I suspect hubby just ain’t allowed visitors in prison) starts telling me off for swearing in front of children.

I look at her and say “You have a 4 year old daughter flashing her cunt to guys in the kitchen and you are concerned about the language one of the guys are using… that is an interesting set of priorities you have there.

I’m waiting for the “how dare you tell me how to raise my kids” tirade, I’m up for that one (some cunt needs to) but it doesn’t come, instead she decides that hubby needs to take some generic groceries to *her* mum and dad’s place, RIGHT FUCKING NOW, because without the milk and sugar in the package she is making up they will die, pronto….

I say “whatever dude, I’m out of here so I shall leave you to your weekend of domestic bliss….. cya

Every time I visit there, which ain’t that often, I have the same thought, I wonder what she would do if I wait till hubby is out the room and grab some tit and ass, not because she is hot, just to see what she would do, I suspect that is partly why she hates me, because she wouldn’t object and yet I don’t do it… but that thought always triggers the follow on thought, if he isn’t fucking her enough, why should I do his job for him.

See, he is a sometime co-worker, and when we are on site together I refuse ro do his work for him, but, I also make sure there is clear and documented demarcation between what he touches, and what I touch, because his work is frankly crap.

It’s a chicken / egg question as to whether his work is crap because he always has so much domestic shit on his mind, or because he has no work ethic he cannot manage his work or private life effectively.

I got no skin in that game, so I don’t care, I just keep certain boundaries enforced, while trying to be a bit of a mate, because despite it all he is basically a nice guy with little or no malice in him, who always *tries* to do the right thing.

The big difference between me and him, that moment with his (? lol) daughter playing with her “bottom”, he didn’t see what I saw, which was a slow burning fuse leading to an ammo dump hidden in the basement…. and a “wife” playing with a zippo ensuring that pretty little Barbie fuse sparkler stayed alight.


November 1, 2013

it’s not all that….

The reality is, my job, much as I like it, much as everything appears to be going well (as in the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and I have seen no oil cans heading my way) much as everything seems to be trickling along nicely, could end tomorrow.

It could end for a variety of reasons, from a management decision that wipes out 10% of the staff overnight, to a single line manager decision that for some (real or imagined) reason my face doesn’t fit.

Pretty much all you can do is enjoy it while you can, and certainly not worry about what it takes to be a better employee with more job security.

Now, if I talked about being a better boyfriend / husband with better relationship security, y’all would be chanting “Beta $, Alpha fucks”

But the fact is, it is true, I can no more make my self an attractive boyfriend to a wimminz who just ain’t interested, no matter what I have to offer, than I can make myself an attractive employee to a company that just ain’t interested, no matter what I have to offer.

The parallels are exact.

I don’t *want* my job to end, but the reality is I can no more influence that than I can the weather, all I *can* do, is do my job, the same as I did on my first day, no less, and no more.

The reality is that employers can and do bail on great employees as arbitrarily and unfairly as wives bail on great husbands and fathers, and there is *nothing* that you can do as a man to either influence that decision, or influence the relative value that you are assigned as a part of that decision making.

We had an *incident* at work recently, and you have to remember “work” is reseller > client > us > various departments in our place > me actually turning up on site.

The incident is I did everything I was told, to the letter, and fulfilled both the letter and the spirit of my contract, and yet, the job didn’t end up with a working widget, and nobody was happy, and so everyone started in on the blame game, and by the way I am talking global brands here… not mom and pop’s lemonade stand.

Since I was the only fucker who had actually been on site, naturally I was the only suspect in the murder case, and naturally I have not been included in the loop in all the hand wringing and blame game and no, you pay, we ain’t paying, horse-shit and horse-trading.

Bottom line?

Bottom line is two layers and seventeen levels away in the layer cake, the reseller was in possession of some data, and despite three explicit opportunities to provide this data, one of which was when I personally called their 3rd line support to ask if I was missing anything, it was never provided.

It was never provided because there were so many layers in their own organisation, nobody saw the whole picture, and nobody had any incentive to wonder what if anything was on the pieces of jigsaw that they could not see, eg the other 4,999 pieces that make up the whole.

Nor was the system itself designed in such a way as to fail gracefully, if it did not find the *thing* it wanted, all it would do is reboot, endlessly, no diagnostics, no error messages, no output, nothing.

By now it is obvious, it’s a software fault, it could be a crypto key or a TPM tie in or a licence file, it doesn’t matter, the bitch has been written to look for this shit as an integral part of the boot process, and if it doesn’t find it, reboot instantly and try again.

Which is great with 20/20 hindsight, but the people who provided this system and who resold our engineers as their own to the end user and who approved the purchase of parts that amounted to a complete new system, never though to tell the field engineer (me) this, even when he asked.

No, much easier to wait for it to go wrong and start playing the blame game.

Of course, when I point all this out, because, you know, that is the job of the field engineer, to join all the dots that everyone on higher salaries sat in their offices already has, and suddenly the blame game is reversed and all agree that actually yours truly didn’t fuck up, and the reseller will foot the bill in full, and my employer says to me you are quite right….

Yeah, and fair play to y’all for admitting it and not actually blaming me the instant the reseller tried to dump on me, but, the fact is if y’all could do *your* fucking jobs properly in the first place it would never have gotten this far.

Y’all should have been, hey reseller, our guy did, exactly and to the letter, what he was told to do and authorised to do by you, now fuck off and pay up. Any fuck up ain’t with us or our guy.

As the beta boyfriend / husband / father, it isn’t my fucking job to point out to you where you or your friends or advisers are wrong about me.

As a man with my self employed hat on, said reseller would be on my blacklist for life, not for fucking up and not telling the field engineer relevant data, but for trying to blame him as a first resort, rather than FIRST trying to identify what went wrong and where and how.


As a lowly employee, no doubt I’ll be doing another job for this reseller soon.

Interestingly, and notably, my fellow field engineers instantly knew that I was seriously pissed off with the whole thing, despite remaining outwardly utterly professional and calm, and as soon as they knew the facts they all sided with me 100%

Interestingly also, they all also equally apportioned the blame between our employer and the reseller, I heard more than once “redacted are known for always trying to blame everyone else.

Learn the lesson WOPR learned, many games are un-winnable, to play is to lose.

To try to be a good employee is to lose.

To try to be a good boyfriend / husband / father is to lose.

My company DO NOT WANT an uber mega kick-ass cool slick mother-fucker of a field engineer, if they did they woulda hired one, at 20x my current salary.

Same with bitches, you want a great man you’ll hire one, you are master of this house and of me.

*THEN* you can fucking complain when your employee doesn’t live up to spec, or your man doesn’t put food on the table or coal in the hearth, as per the original bill of goods.

Trying not to be a squeaky wheel is one thing, trying to be a teflon coated hub motor 100 kW drive wheel will get you sacked, part not suitable for role.

The HR bitch DOES NOT FUCKING GET IT, pathetic little circular mails about employee of the week and Fred has had such good feedback from acme corp and don’t y’all wanna compete with Fred and be even more alpha and uber than he is?





In my ideal world you won’t even have heard of me bitch, in fact in my ideal world the only people in the company who even know I exist would be three or four people in the service department who assign me work, and the fucking payroll computer.

We have quite a few ex military types, you can see the look on their faces, like being smacked across the face with a fresh wet halibut, when I say shit to them.

I’ll get emails circulars from them about company policy and procedures and looking good for clients, and email circulars from HR about who got prizes for the best fucking Halloween costume at work, so I’ll ask them when they were on patrol in Helmand Province, was it the Afghans or the Brass who formed the judging panel for the best Halloween outfit while on patrol?

Did they have a dress down Friday where everyone went out on patrol in denim and cheesecloth and the wimminz soldiers looked like they were clubbing?

Did they hire people from the job-centre in Watford and tell them to make their own way to Kandahar, DHL should be delivering your weapons and ammo on-site for a pre-midday and you got to look for a guy wearing an aqualung who answers to the name of Trevor and fix whatever it is he says needs fixing so you can get your paperwork signed and we all get paid?

Gotta be careful who you say this shit to though…. real careful… or you’ll be seen as the squeaky wheel.

Fuck all you can do to improve your lot, as an employee or as a beta boyfriend, but plenty you can do to fuck it up…. and 99% of that will come from trying to improve your lot, or your status. or what others think of you.


October 6, 2013

Selling your soul

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This one comes up regularly in conversations, so time to put it here.

It doesn’t matter if it is on a fucking site, PoF, okcupid, fuckbook, a job interview, or real life.

You can give it any fucking trendy name you like, your account, your profile, your CV, your party hat on… it doesn’t make any odds, what you are doing is writing an advert…. this leads to options… Person A who is honest, and Person B who is dishonest.

  1. Advert is true
    1. Person A visits advert and likes it
      1. Game on
    2. Person A visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you aren’t compatible, no sale today
    3. Person B visits advert and likes it
      1. Game over, they are dishonest, you won’t like the price
    4. Person B visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you are honest, they don’t like the price
  2. Advert is false
    1. Person A visits advert and likes it
      1. Game over, your deception will be revealed
    2. Person A visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you aren’t compatible, no sale ever
    3. Person B visits advert and likes it
      1. Game on/over, you’ll make the sale, sure, but you’ll regret it, deeply.
    4. Person B visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you’re a liar, so are they, no foundation of trust, no sale

So, out of 8 possible outcomes;

  1. One (1.1.1) gets you the “sale”, ching ching. Je ne regret rien.
  2. One (2.3.1) gets you the “sale”, brick in an iPad carton.
  3. One (1.2.1) doesn’t get the sale, but doesn’t alienate the other person.
  4. Five are no sale, a waste of effort.

If you aren’t getting (1.1.1) in whatever endeavour you are doing, say getting laid on a fucking site, then that is TRUE market forces at work, your honestly marketed product is not desired, even if it is free (like Linux)

If you attempt to change the advert to get a sale then you’re (2.3.1) you changed yourself from an honest vendor to a dishonest vendor, and no honest buyer will ever want to know you again, what’s perhaps more pertinent is you can never make another honest sale, honest buyers who are looking for what you really are will be put off by your advert, which saying something else entirely about you, and there is no way to say hey, wait a minute, none of this is true, I was only trying to make a sale here…

Item 4 above, the other five are no sale, a waste of effort, well, it is no effort at all to set your stall out honestly, it is just being you, take it or leave it, but it is a lot of effort, and an ongoing effort, to maintain an illusion.

Maintaining the illusion and making no sale is a monster waste of effort, but, it is better than maintaining the illusion and selling the brick in the iPad box, one is un-interested potential buyers, the other is someone you ripped off, even if they also paid you in counterfeit notes… y’all richly deserve each other.


Like I say, this doesn’t apply just to one small area of your life like getting laid.

Do *****NOT***** confuse this with those who are marketing the illusion, and who also say “fuck ya if ya don’t take me as I am, I ain’t changing for no-one” s these are just people who are more in love with their own delusions than with making an honest sale.


ALL your problems start from an initial assumption that you aren’t worth shit if you haven’t made a sale, you are a failure, a loser, a beta, a nobody, yadda yadda yadda.

As a potential employee there have been situations where potential employers could use me, but were not prepared to pay me what I thought my labour was worth, this doesn’t make me unemployable, they still have the vacancy and I still have my labour to sell.

I have some machine tools that I attempted to sell on fleabay, I put a fair minimum price on them, I didn’t make a sale, I still have them.

I *could* have made a sale, one guy came around and would have given me 50 cents on the dollar and I would have made a sale, but I chose not to, I actually ended up spending more money on the items to get them better than they were and kept them.

At 50c on the $ I would have considered myself exploited, I’d rather give them away or sell for scrap.

This, essentially, is why I am a single man.

My time and interest and effort and loyalty are indeed for sale, I just can’t get any interest in this market at the minimum prices that I am prepared to open negotiations and start haggling at.

I had one guy say to me, “there is this chick on a fucking site, I’d give it one and all that, but she is overweight and has a list of demands that the guy is at least six foot yadda yadda yadda…. how do I deal with that?”

It’s simple, you don’t. she falls into one or more of the (2.x.x) series of options above, no good can come of it, the best possible scenario is you use some forged currency to buy a brick in an iPad box, but the chances are you’ll be spending real money, so it’s even worse.

You know, this is what red pill / MGTOW is *really* all about, it is about not contaminating yourself by associating with liars, and not being a liar yourself, or to yourself, or about yourself.

And yes, this includes whatever you do for 40 hours a week to earn a crust.

You cunts need to learn the difference between COMPROMISE and NEGOTIATION.

Red pill doesn’t fucking compromise, the two are mutually exclusive.

I am open to negotiation, but not compromise, and that makes me “no sale” to 99.9% of the planet, including wimminz and niggerz and employers.

Sadly, even modern dictionaries have re-defined the word, so here it is, the essential difference, because both words are broadly similar and broadly involve two parties in discussion on a given subject.

In a NEGOTIATION there is no expectation of any kind that an agreement between the two parties will be found. Rather, the discussions centre around exploring the possibility that such an agreement can be made.

In a COMPROMISE either such an agreement has already been made, or both parties are working under the assumption that such an agreement is the end goal.

You can say “You have compromised yourself by taking that money from Luigi”

You cannot say “You have negotiated yourself by taking that money from Luigi”

I just spent 15 minutes on-line trying to find a link to a site that did not confabulate the two UTTERLY disparate and separate things into one, and failed… My print edition 1950’s Oxford dictionary had no problems whatsoever differentiating the two, though to be fair http://oxforddictionaries.com/ makes a fair attempt at it, and neither definition mentions the other one, which is as it should be.


The only form of compromise that is acceptable to a red pill man is the sort I made recently with the Noo Pee Cee build, I had to compromise between the spec I would like to build and the money I wanted to spend…. eg one I make with myself, because I can usually trust myself to play both sides of the argument fairly.

Any outside (of me) agency that has as its starting point that I must make some compromise, is kept outside the perimeter of my life, and that is NOT negotiable mother-fucker.

December 2, 2012

No sheeeeit sherlock

There is a blog post here http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/12/01/saturday-essay/

The salient and interesting paragraph is this;

There is a connection here. None of my chums would do business with Mobile Phone Pushy Token Memememeee Woman if they could help it: their view in two out of three cases is that life’s too short for arseholes, and if people want more than they offer, they’re politely invited to look for it elsewhere. The third person (a woman, as it happens) takes a more pragmatic view: she simply charges them more – which, she argues, is perfectly fair. I’m inclined to agree. We not only get what we pay for in this life, quite often we pay for what we think we ought to get. Assumed entitlement comes expensive – as indeed it should.

I have highlighted in red text the real red pill nugget at the heart of this.

Jon, the blogger, was talking about three friends who are running small self employed businesses and making a living by the simple tactic of being honest.

To MY mind, #3, the wimminz, is just being a wimminz, and is being anything but honest.

When in the same situation myself, I have always said the following to the MPPTM wimminz, niggerz and other assorted assholes who wanted to give me shit;

My job is to do x, for this I charge x per hour. My rate for eating shit is 50x per hour. Now, you choose which it is to be

Which of course always ends up with me walking out within 5 minutes, which is exactly what I knew would happen when I say it.

THAT, is being honest.

Not saying anything and charging them extra for being a cunt is valid in many ways, but it is not honest.

Honesty is when you tell them UP FRONT that you are going to charge them extra for being a cunt.

I have my own small self employed business, I am in hours worked terms radically under employed… to be strictly honest, I should be doing another 5 hours a week in financial terms, but that does not stop me turning down two to three jobs for every one I take, and the jobs I turn down I do so with honesty and candour.

You won’t want to pay me what I will have to charge you in order to do a good job, and I am not prepared to do a bodge job for what you would want to pay me, but in any event here is some free and good advice about what I would do if I were in your situation.

It means I only ever worry about being a bit short of dough, I never worry about getting a bad name or a bad job coming back to haunt me and cost me money.

I’ll give an analogy that anyone reading this can relate to.

Desktop computers and servers are a lot easier to fix properly than laptop computers.

There is, fundamentally, one reason and one reason only that this is true, desktop computers and servers are built to STANDARDS, such as ATX, PCI, AGP, RGB/VGA, USB, etc.

Laptops on the other hand are custom, I cannot open up a Dell and a Vaio and simply swap the motherboards over, there is no standard such as ATX, they are all unique.


Most of you are probably familiar with ATX, and perhaps mATX, but these are just two mainboard standards out of many, PC104 anyone?

Similarly a 12.1″ 4:3 aspect ratio laptop screen, it could EASILY be made a standard, both in physical dimensions as well as mounting points and electrical connections, irrespective of resolution or refresh rate or anything else.

What DROVE the revolution in personal computing was the foresight of IBM and others in defining these first physical standards.

What has STAGNATED and is KILLING the revolution in personal computing is the abandonment of this and embracing of the bad old days.

In the real bad old days before the industrial revolution there was no such thing as a standard screw thread, each bolt and nut was unique, and if there was any interchangeability it stopped at the factory level.

After the industrial revolution things got better, but there were still issues, yank kit turning up in Europe with JIC pipe fittings where the local shops only had BSP or maybe NPT fittings in stock was always fun, and extra work… and it produced some real howlers… for a few years in spain and italy you could buy bolts with BSF or Whitworth threads and shanks, and nearest Metric millimeter size heads for use with metric spanners and socket sets….

Of course when you come across these things fitted and all you can see is the head, you start swearing and asking what cunt put a 12mm metric bolt in a fucking Gardner engine….

And yet, this is what we are going back to (and this incidentally is the real reason I hate Apple, their engineering is all DELIBERATELY proprietary, and therefore by definition atrocious) a world in which nothing is standard any more.

You see, when you go to a real engineer, and you ask them to do something foolish, they will tell you to go somewhere else, but when you go to one of these wimminz and niggerz that call themselves engineers, they will just charge you more and give you what you asked for, with no thought as to the future consequences for the industry.

By using a standard port such as mini USB, there is almost nowhere that I can go with my Samsung Galaxy S3 ***** and not be able to charge the fucker up, even without carrying my own mini to full USB lead.

By using a proprietary port like crapple does, there is almost nowhere you can go with an iphone and charge it up, and I know personally of at least three wimminz with iphones who have found themselves in hospital with a severely ill child and a dead iphone, and no way to recall various contact numbers.

I know several “road warriors” who carry a plethora of charging and DC supply devices, all with different voltages, OR the same voltage but different proprietary plugs.

A STANDARD is the engineering term for HONEST, and it only applies to the things explicitly defined by the standard in question, so any ATX mobo will fit in any ATX computer, but chances are the 50 buck MSI board isn’t a patch on the 300 buck Supermicro board, and as referred to by the explicity of the standard, which does NOT mention CPU sockets, there is no guarantee to you swap ALL the components over from one ATX board to another.

Honesty is of course always the enemy of those who want as big a slice of the cake as possible, for the least effort possible.

Which brings us right back to the quote at the top from Jon Ward’s blog, what is interesting is that Mr Ward spent his working life in marketing, so as we see that explains his congenital inability to spot that the wimminz in his trio of “honest tradespeople” does not belong in the same company or group as the two honest tradesmen.

Laptops are not a pain in the ass to repair because Johnny Ive is a style guru or because they HAVE to be that way to be those dimensions and weight and have those outside appearances and layouts, laptops are a pain in the ass to repair because they are explicitly NOT based on standards, and as such they are not honest in engineering terms, and are a regressive step.

The other thing about standards is you have to choose APPROPRIATE ones…

There is no valid reason on this planet for there to be at last count some 50,000 proprietary and unique wheel sizes for automobiles, and for there to be no basic set of common standards…. I don’t know about now, but for many years all the trucks Henry Ford made in Europe were all metric fasteners, except for the wheel nuts, which were BSF, because they kept the fucking wheels on where the metric thread did not, BSF being a far superior thread.

A LOT of the economic pain we are suffering is a direct result of this avoidance of standards.

Indeed, the whole concept of a fiat monetary system is avoidance of a standard.

It’s going to get worse.


*****Disclaimer, while I admire and like my SGS3, and while the common mini USB interface is great, I would no rather repair it than an iphone or ipad, the internals are all devoid of standards, except for the SIM card and mini SD card sockets.


October 14, 2012

who’d a thunk it

There is a thing that I find that wimminz are incredibly bad at, and mainly they are incredibly bad because everyone else LETS them get away with that shit, and that thing is accepting that actions have personal consequences.

Actions having personal rewards the wimminz are all over, no problemo there.

Actions having personal consequences, different story bro…

So lets talk about two things;

1/ The definition of a “single person

2/ The definition of “eligibility” for Housing benefit.

Housing benefit is a UK benefit paid to individuals who are either not working, or on a low wage, to go towards their rent etc.

Back in the day when almost anyone was entitled to this benefit, a lot of wannabe landlords and property developers realised that splitting a three bedroom house into three separate one room studios or flats would generate more rent money than leaving it as a three bedroom house, rent money that would ultimately be paid for by the state purse in the form of housing benefit.

Said one bed properties were all too small to swing a cat, and god help you if you owned more that two suitcases worth of shit, because the place would be crowded.

You can see how a single law can spawn a whole subculture of property developers, builders, rental agents, buy-to-let landlords, you name it.

So they change the law, from the beginning of this year if you were less than 25 years of age you were no longer “eligible” for housing benefit, so shared accommodation or bedsits for you, and from the beginning of next year they are raising this to 35 years of age.

Suddenly there are all sorts of one bedroom flats for sale, and not selling, as the buy to let landlords try to get out of the market, what use is a 33 year old prospective tenant and single person, who is no longer entitled to claim Housing Benefit, and thus be able to afford the huge and insane rents being charged by landlords…

At the simple stroke of a pen, a law dealing with Housing benefit entitlement affects landlords, property developers, builders and property maintenance, letting agents, mortgage firms, and of course prospective tenants and single persons, and indeed anyone else living on a street where three bedroom properties have been converted to one bed flats.

The legal definition here is having your own front door and key, you can put locks on each bedroom door and rent them out as bed-sits or studios or whatever, but if everyone uses the same front door and has a key to that front door then it is “multi occupancy”.

Multi occupancy has lots of problems, quite apart from the domestic arrangements of shared cooking and washing facilities and theft and dirt, it is not YOURS, so you cannot get contents insurance, you cannot enter into any agreements with a service supply company for power or broadband, and of course many of the legal protections that apply to TENANTS do not apply to you….

So a stroke of a pen changes who can get this Housing benefit from “anyone entitled” to “nobody under 35 who is single”

If you are a man under 35 this means you’d better enter into a relationship PDQ, and in reality this means a relationship with a wimminz, so one false DV accusation later and you’re fucking homeless again.

If you are a wimminz under 35 this means you’d better get pregnant PDQ, or have a series of guys every six months who you falsely accuse of DV once you’ve been assessed and granted your HB for the next six months.


Now, I am NOT leaping to defend the old system, which was designed to be abused, but when the efforts to save 3 billion pounds a year in Housing benefit alone are all basically targeted at ALL single males between the ages of 16 and 35, because the wimminz have a selection of get out clauses that the men can NEVER invoke, you just gotta ask, what the fuck are you thinking?

Are you TRYING to stir up social unrest?

Are you TRYING to start another glut of single skank ho mommies on state benefits?

Are you TRYING to help the devil find work for idle hands?



September 19, 2012

Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons.


That’s what it says NOW under the article at


They had, as usual, no problem accepting comments for legal reasons until it became apparent that all the comments were totally negative and calling for the psycho skank ho to get three consecutive 21 year sentences…

Is there anyone left who is so fucking stupid they still do not realise that the MSM is anything but a “news” or “reporting” machine, and nothing but a “propaganda” and “brainwashing” machine?

Which brings me to wogs… specifically wogs in Africa.

Now before anyone starts, which they always do, I have not merely been to Africa on a 10 days safari package holiday, I lived there, had a home there, so unless you can lay at least that much on the table, good luck telling me I am wrong, based upon some MSM inspired beliefs about what Africa and the wogs are all about.

The white man basically built Africa, the roads, railways, farms, mines, power stations, you name it, if it was more advanced than mud huts and rough hewn lumber the white man built it.

Then we got all touchy feely and liberal and some white man educated wogs, and a few million other people who have never been to Africa and will never go, but were “educated” by the MSM started getting all liberal and touchy feely, give Africa back to the wogs, so we did, and it has at best stagnated and at worst descended into tribal hell and the total collapse of infrastructure.

See any parallels to giving Africa back to the wogs and giving the western world to the wimminz and niggerz? You should, it is the same shit at work, and the same thing getting sidelined, the white man with his tools in hand.

While we have adverts locally for city bus drivers, saying that with overtime they can earn up to 18k a year, wimminz working on the DV / wimminz refuge industry in this same city are pulling down 37k a year with no overtime… more than fucking double… of yeah and the wimminz in question’s lives are nothing more than tales of skank ho sluts threesome and foursome and moresome-ing it up every weekend.

While the city will without a doubt grind to a halt without bus drivers and refuse collectors and suchlike, while the city council is fat enough to employ one wimminz for the same money as they could hire two working men to do an infrastructure job, you should take ALL their claims about being broke and having to go to Poland to find people willing to drive buses or collect trash with the large dose of shit they deserve.

I’ve been trawling PoF for free skank ho cunt for around three years now, I have read tens of thousands of wimminz profiles, I have not yet seen one with a proper fucking trade, the bitches are all self employed (hairdresser who rents a chair somewhere) or fucking managers in an office or some such shit… the literal handful who claimed a trade such as engineering that I contacted simply because of this to find out what they actually did, were not doing anything even remotely resembling engineering…. assembling fucking wheelchairs from bits imported from China (I shit you not) does not make you an engineer, bitch.

Now, I haven’t been back to Africa for years, but I know people who have, and they have all told me the exact same thing…. the Chinese are there and they are as hard headed and practical as the white man was 100 years ago, and they are fucking transforming everything they touch, except, of course, the wogs and the bleeding heart liberals back home here, who paint the Chinese as filthy yellow slanty eyes exploiters.

Which makes for an interesting conjecture, will they come into the west and do the same thing when we slide further down the shitter.

The thing everyone forgets about the Chinese is they are at heart a practical and ruthless people, no race that has a recipe for everything from dead dog to snake and lizard is soft and fluffy.

We used to be that way here in the west, but somewhere along the line we got fat and lazy and let the wimminz and niggerz take a seat at the table and have a say in shit, and while I am not claiming that feminazism and liberalism are the same thing by any means, they do inhabit the same socio-politico-economic culture, and a fair analogy is to say that they are two (of several) distinct diseases that all produce similar symptoms and ultimately the demise of the host / patient.

Meanwhile in the USA prezident niggerz has signed into law the right for the military to grab an american citizen and incarcerate, interrogate and anything else they like, for as long as they like, with no due process or recourse to law….  not even the sham of justice that is recourse to law when the law is David v Goliath… fuck it, no need to even pretend any more.

Gearing up for war in the middle east and $200 a barrel oil, and when I say “barrel of oil” it is just another way of saying 1,900 kWh, so a big spike in energy costs.

Again, I will draw the analogy that nobody gets, that the various levels of technological society and like the stall speeds of various types of aircraft, so lets take a 747…

A 747 normally cruises at around 550 mph but stall speed is 160 mph, your 3000 mile flight at 575 mph = 5.21 hours, cut back to 400 mph (which may consume considerably more fuel than cruise speed at higher altitude) and that same journey will take 7.5 hours, and cost a lot more in fuel, cut back to stall speed of 160 mph and the same journey will take 18.75 hours, but you’ll never make it in one hop because fuel consumption will be so high, but back to 150 mph and you fall out of the sky and crash and burn and die.

This analogy holds true with a technological society, there are certain stall speeds below which certain things stop becoming merely slower or more inefficient, they just cease to work at all….

So to continue the analogy we have the wimminz and niggerz mandating ever lower flying speeds to make sure the most inefficient and crap airlines can “keep up” and be “equal“, and one day all the jets fall out of the sky, and all that is left is “Air Labia” with the old Dakota that can actually fly at 140 mph (but can’t fly London – LA or LA – Sydney at all) meanwhile the passenger complaints about the atrocities committed by Niggerz Air et al are, like the Daily Fail comments above, simply expunged if at all negative…. for legal reasons y’all understand.

And we are right back to Carl Sagan and a society based upon science and technology (daily kWh per capita to maintain a modern technological society) being run by people who haven’t got a fucking clue about science and technology, and the massed kept sheeple like and fed on pap….

By any standard applied at Nuremberg Tony Blair and Dubya Bush are war criminals who should be rotting in Dachau for the next 40 years, not because the war that was not a war was right or wrong or good or bad or necessary or not, but because it was started without proper legal authority…. “dodgy dossier” indeed.

One of the biggest demonstrations in modern UK history, over a million people turned up in London to protest that the about to be launched war against Iraq was illegal and should not be started…. this is in a country with only 50 million people on the mainland, yet 1 in 50 of all PEOPLE, not just adults or just men or just lefties, but 2% of the entire fucking population got off their asses and travelled to the capital city to protest.

Their “comments” were not accepted for legal reasons, and the war went ahead.

Right there, that should have been all the proof anyone needed that we are not living in anything even remotely approaching a democracy… so stop doffing your cap to the cunts and stop paying them royally to lie to you and fuck you up the ass.

We live in interesting times, to be sure…



September 15, 2012

Used Cars


You can tell a lot about a country from their used cars.

Here in the UK we have an annual test called the “MOT” which is basically a vehicle safety check, it’s pretty comprehensive, far more stringent now that in used to be, mainly because of automated rolling road tests of braking systems, “shaker” pads under wheels to check for suspension wear, and of course computerised emissions tests.

Bottom line is that any car that has a new 12 month MOT and that starts and drives on the button is probably a fairly good car, barring wear and tear items that aren’t checked like cam-belts and clutches and water pumps… and of course nowadays things like the ECU

So go on fleabay and start searching for cars with 11+ month’s MOT, and you can find the sort of perfectly good, reliable, serviceable and LEGAL to drive cars that your average working stiff can and does buy.

Sure, there are more expensive cars, and there are cheaper cars, but just on the first page I see a 2004 Fiat Punto for £895, a 1995 Toyota Celica for £695, a 1997 Pug 306 for £695, a 1999 Ford Puma for £795, a 1999 Citroen Xsara for £650 etc

Repeat this for other countries and you will get similar stories, depending on how tight the annual vehicle check is.

Welsh cars for example go for 50-75% of the price of English cars, which sounds odd until you start seeing Welsh cars with 12 month MOT’s that would not merely fail English MOT’s but be marked as “Unroadworthy” at which point they are illegal to drive, because some of the more remote Welsh MOT garages are still operating in the 1980’s, which affects the value of all Welsh cars.

Europe used to be great for this before the digitisation of everything, loads of people used to do stuff like buy a reliableish but knackered 7 series beemer in northern europe and then drive down to southern europe and stay for a year, eventually dump it and it would find it’s own way to Egypt and another life as a taxi…

Back in the last big recession in the mid to late seventies it was again a time to buy cars cheap, I was always rolling around in an old v12 jag or daimler that someone else could no longer afford to run, so I ran it literally into the ground… but back then the financial response to the recession was to raise interest rates.

Sure, you could get a loan to buy a used car or motorcycle, but the interest rates on a 3 year loan (the limit in time) was around 32% APR.

three years at 32% APR = 1.32 x 1.32 x 1.32 = 2.299968, so a £500 car/bike loan meant repaying £500 x 2.99968 = £1,149.98 = £32 a month…

and yet here we are in 2012 with people only paying a few percent at most, and I am starting to see the same thing, the big / luxury / status gas guzzlers are coming down the line used at bottom dollar prices.

I can buy a used big mercedes for the same or less money than a used small town car with a 1300cc engine, because the small town car is significantly cheaper insurance, better MPG, and anything from £250 to £500 a year less Road Fund Licence.

As it stands, it costs me around £2 per day, or £720 a year, just to park a car legally on the street outside, what with MOT fee (before any repair work is being done) Road tax, insurance, before I put fuel in it and drive it…. you see how this compares to the used car prices above…

For all the oil and financial crises of the seventies, at least there were brakes on the system to stop a complete runaway, 32% APR personal loans may have made many purchases impossible, and dramatically limited others (e.g. a £500 car, not a £2,000 one) which on the one hand depressed the economy, it was after all in this era that the British car and motorcycle industry died, but not just through lack of credit, piss poor management, non-existent reinvestment and frankly shoddy and crap products all played a part, but on the other hand limited personal debt burden, which made crawling out of the financial hole and getting back to buying shit a lot easier.

For all the talk of scrappage schemes at one end, and increased road taxes at the other (offset by being included in the ticket price as well as two years servicing insurance and 500 cashback on new car deals) the biggest driver of ridding the roads of older vehicles has been the one two whammy of ever more stringent MOT testing, and the hourly labour rates of garages.

If you can find a garage (with an actual competent mechanic) charging as little as £60 per hour, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that 4 hours welding labour is about the limit for any used car, beyond which it becomes economically non-viable, scrap it and buy another.

So a whole host of jobs that never used to result in a car being scrapped, such as new suspension mounts being welded in front and rear, is now a £1,500 welding job, twice the cost of a replacement vehicle.

So if you go back to ebay UK, and start searching for pre 1973 cars (road tax exempt) you find all sorts of shit, including shit I used to drive, for frankly stupid money… and then you get to the end of the very short listings… 176 results, clear the year of manufacture search term and you get 214,509 cars listed.

Back when I was a punk, even the good quality exotica was affordable and achievable, if you were prepared to sacrifice other things, so there was the guy living in the caravan with the Vincent thou, the guy living on the barge with the Jensen, the guy working as a pump salesman who used ALL of his mileage allowances and a fair chunk of his wages to drive a full house Olds 442 every day instead of the usual Ford Cortina.

Today, perhaps not so much despite 0% APR for 72 months deals, but BECAUSE of them, these sorts of options no longer exist, nor can you find anyone who can work on this shit and knows it.

If you are seeing parallels between wimminz in the 1970’s and wimminz in the 2010’s you’re not far wrong, things may not have been perfect in the 1970’s when it came to wimminz, but at least the breakups weren’t so bad for guys as they are now, where the termination of the relationshit is usually announced to the guy in question by the police, who have turned up to arrest him for alleged domestic violence and / or sexual abuse.

Tune in to youtube now and look for “fails” and all you can see is young boys falling off skateboards and push-bikes, if you could have tuned into us you’d have seen boys chopping down trees, damming rivers, blowing up dead rabbits, and shooting at each other with catapults and air guns and roman candles.

I will freely admit, never before has buying a cheap, reliable, economical, comfortable used car been so cheap, but neither has it been so bland, so boring, so apparently safe but actually fucking dangerous, so lacking in any required mechanical knowledge.

I watch shit like one car too far, and see fat bloated so called fucking “experts” doing shit that we all did as a matter of course back in the day…

It is indeed the end of an era, but not with a bang like the end of the seventies and the end of cheap oil and the introduction of computers, but with a whimper, and it leaves me with a feeling of sadness and melancholy.

There was something to be said for throwing youth and stupidity and a total lack of self preservation at a 454 with a roots 6-71 jimmy on shite drum brakes and knackered 1970’s tech rubber at the road, or 200+ BHP of blown Z1 in a crap 1970’s jap bike frame and dodgy disk brakes, giving the bitches their head, and walking away to tell the tale.



December 17, 2011

Thrice is enemy action

You know the old saying, once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, thrice is enemy action.

Well, if I look around me at the Main Stream Media, I see everything BUT what we fucking well face, both as individuals and society.

The MSM is talking about everything BUT what matters, and it doesn’t make any difference what channel you watch, what periodical you pick up, what news service you subscribe to.

Is this “enemy action“, or is it just that all these people in power and the MSM and the elite really are no smarter than the guy who services your car, and I mean NO SMARTER, NOT ONE IOTA.

So HOW THE FUCK did these assholes ever get into these positions of power and authority?

I’m actually seeing a microcosm of this in my “day job” at the momentCeramics venn diagram

If we look at the Venn diagram in blue, we will get a clue… in this one there are certain areas of being a Potter and being a Ceramicist that overlap, common areas of knowledge and experience.

So in those common areas either one can say “Hey, what are you doing, that is wrong!” to the other one, and in areas bordering those common areas either one can teach and learn from the other a little about the other trade.

Obviously the more you know, the bigger your circle of knowledge, in the diagram to the right the two people are equally proficient at their respective jobs.

In my current situation at work, a multimillion pound project for a Fortune 50 company that if you are a UK citizen you abso-fucking-lutely have heard of, and probably paid money to at some point in your life as well, instead of just the two people, the potter and the ceramicist, there are around a dozen people.

Some of these people’s skills may perhaps overlap, but as you can see from the next Venn diagram, as far as I can tell none of these people even went to the same school of management.

So we have a dozen or more “managers” of various varieties supposedly running this project, but only two of them have ever been in any form of communication with me, and that was decidedly low bandwidth communication.

Down at the bottom of the pile we have me, and two other circles, we have all done this job literally tens of thousands of times before, we can almost do it in our sleep, while the management at the top vary in ability from not having heard of CTRL+F and managing to lock themselves out of their own laptops to one or two who can just about barely do the job in question, in theory, but have never actually done it THEMSELVES.

Naturally, not only do they not listen to our advice on how to do the job, they attempt to tell us how to do the job, then get all stroppy when we tell them that sorry, it does not matter how much you WANT it to be so, that particular command cannot be run without first escalating privileges with the “runas /user” command….

That is the way Winderz is made, it is the way it has alway been made, it is not a plot by us to make you look like an asshole, and no amount of insistence on your part will change how Winderz works, you just make yourself look like an ever bigger asshole and lose whatever credibility you may have been able to salvage, as to your general personality, if not your ability.

At this point I / we get classified as being the problem, and Mr Manager runs away to play with other managers and sycophants while leaving us to get on with the actual fucking job in question, which is a relief to us… a huge relief, to the point where your presence on the job Mr Manager will soon add up to “Take this job and shove it

So we have a peculiar situation where there is no identifiable practical chain of command and communication THAT ACTUALLY WORKS, and yet some policy to take over another corporate behemoth and incorporate their proprietary IT systems with your proprietary (Windows XP SP2, lol) IT systems more or less goes ahead and more or less gets done, usually by a tiny majority of actual workers down at the coal face, who together are on less than one of the managers / consultants involved in the project….

So for shits and giggles sometimes I go upstairs and talk to the decimated remains of what was once the corporate IT brain trust, before THAT was all outsourced to India, and listen with hilarity to tales of consultants and managers, hired at £500 per diem on up, tasked with outsourcing and offshoring yet more core tasks to the crowds of Bangalore and Mumbai types who have been flown over to get the Powerpoint and chat scripts, WHO HAVE TO BE TRAINED BY SAID IT STAFF, in order to be able to DO THE FUCKING JOB THEY WERE HIRED TO DO at £500 per diem on up…

…and sadly, it really is a microcosm of how and why our society is so totally fucked up.

I have no power or ability to influence this process, I can stop “playing the game” and get run out of the building on zero notice, and get replaced with another obedient monkey that actually knows which levers to pull and which buttons to press.

I have no ability to communicate their asshole-ness to the little circles at the top of the venn diagram, the management, because that is EXACTLY the sort of communication they exist to block and kill.

Nobody actually gives a fuck, just so long as noses can be kept in the trough and the wheels (however alarmingly they creak) can be kept turning that really is the only game in town, and not because everyone with their nose in the trough is storing up for a rainy day and wants to maximise survivability, but because keeping your nose in the trough is a “Way Of Life” TM for them by now.

So, being the time of year that it is, some of the managers turn up, and a significant pile of the ordered Ipads and X220 stinkpads are appropriated by said managers for “evaluation” and “training” purposes, which means handed to their kids as fucking christmas presents. And then they look at you funny when you refuse to update the asset tracking / movement software to show that item deployed in Gotham City and no longer in stock ready for deployment.

I’ll do my job…” I tell them, “you enter what you like in the database in your name” so they will find a more compliant monkey, or more likely forge the credentials of a recently departed monkey…. lol

Of course it is not theft, and managers do not lie, or cheat, or otherwise engage in all the base and scurrilous tactics that they accuse workers of…. not half….  some of the smarter workers, in “monkey see, monkey do” mode, wait till management have left the building with their Ipads and X220s, and grab a couple for themselves, and edit the records the managers left to show +1 of each taken to Gotham City office for “evaluation” and “training” purposes.

Me? I can’t blame the monkey in question, except for the appalling lack of taste and class, as I said to him while supping my (free) machine coffee, “dude, if it was an Alienware M18x fully loaded (eg £4k) I could understand, but a fucking iPad!!!

Anyway, back to the plot… enemy action? Yes, and to quote someone else, from many years ago, we have met the enemy, and he is us.

So.. lose / lose then…. shrugs… lol Burn baby burn.

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