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November 30, 2012

There are no good girls gone bad, only bad girls found out….

This (the title) is a phrase that I have heard so many times I have lost count from wimminz, and never ever from a man. It’s actually a quote from Mae West
(“A hard man is good to find.” & “It’s not the men in my life, it’s the life in my men” are others of “hers”)

One of the interesting things about Mae West is to my knowledge no nude photos of her exist anywhere, apart from a few infamous fakes, and of course the rumour is that “she” was actually “he”, to be specific a TV…. in fact it was allegedly the fact that she was actually a he that formed the foundation of the 1926 obscenity conviction that launched “her” career.

And so via Stan Boardman and the germans bombing our chip shops, I want to relate the story of two men I knew personally, now dead.

What they had in common was they both hated yanks.

The first guy was an RAF pilot, flying Mosquito’s in the pathfinder squadrons.

The way he told it, the yanks helped the war effort by sending over thousands of untrained young men in B17 Flying Fortresses to bolster Bomber Command, the problem was, these young yanks literally were in his eyes totally untrained, they lacked even basic skills and they lacked all forms of experience under fire.

This meant that their navigation was crap (no GPS back then, it was all dead reckoning and navigation by stars, the ground was blacked out, so if you couldn’t do that you flew by day) so the first few missions each new squadron of B17’s was sent on, Bob was sent in the Mosquito and the yanks played follow my leader to the target.

Of course all the Germans knew this so they tried to shoot him down, and the yanks knew this, so the forward gunners would try to keep the Germans off him, and often their .30 cal rounds flew straight through his plywood plane without even slowing down.

He was the only one of his pathfinder squadron to survive that tour, he lost two copilots and three navigators, two of them to .30 cal.

The second guy was in Korea, the French hadn’t quite left, and the yanks had only just arrived, of course this became “vietnam” later, but after his squad had been decimated several times over, his lasting and repeated memory / nightmare was the yanks on the flank opening up on full auto, cries of “more ammo” and that followed by “fall back”, meanwhile he and his lads with their single shot weapons still had ammo left, but had to fall back with exposed flanks, hence the regular decimation.

I was reminded of this because I met a chap who has been a professional soldier and then a professional merc for all his life, just back from afdiggastan, and he was basically telling the exact same story, the yanks sending in green troops and treating them as being as expendable as the ordinance they carried… which reminded me of the two chaps above and their stories… but this chap went on to say that the British Army troops he was assigned to were just as green and treated as just as expendable by their brass as the yanks.

He’s now been hired by the Chinese to go to north east Africa….

Like many professional soldiers he is very much the military historian, and says it is no coincidence that the lessons of the first world war were learned by the brass, officers no longer lead from the front and stand in front of “anonymous” ranged weapons held by the troops… at least in the west, he notes that many of the people he is fighting have an “officer” cadre equivalent that does indeed lead from the front, and has no fear of being shot in the back.

The difference between this chap, and the two above, is this chap is far more cosmopolitan, far less insular, than they ever were. When he was a boot he hated the French for selling effective weapons to the “enemy” he was fighting, and what changed wasn’t that he got older, he just got a lot more experienced and wiser.

You see the parallel here to the Mae West quote, the good girls did not go bad, they just got found out, and only a more experienced man who has taken the red pill is capable of finding them out.

In my own family we still have someone who hates the Japanese, only in the last 10 years he has allowed any Japanese electronics in his home, we had aa family friend who felt the same way. Our family member was ordered to stay behind when Singapore fell and report on the Japs activity, the family friend just didn’t get out, and was sent to the Burma Railway, where he had an especially humiliating experience, being a 6 foot 6 blonde… he was paraded around and used as an example.

The only time the family member got REALLY angry with me was when I, as a small boy, asked him why he stayed behind, after all it wasn’t the Japs that caused him his suffering (he was listed as MIA presumed dead for a year) but his own brass who basically handed him a suicide mission, stay behind and report as long as you can.

He flew into a rage about duty and honour and obeying orders.

Again, parallels to myself when facing an FRA and child custody battle with the psycho skank ho ex, basically we were both reacting with anger in preference to questioning the nature of the blue pill we had been eating quite happily up until that point.

It’s a bit like the video above, once you realise (it is a true story) that the Polish air ace whose life was being honoured (This Is Your Life) may well have spoken English with a foreign accent, but when he said Fokkers he meant Fuckers, because he had been there and knew the difference between a Fokker and a Messerschmitt, after all he had been shot at by both, it makes the misconceptions of the presenter of TIYL plain as day blue pill lack of experience.


September 25, 2011

What wimminz want, part 957…

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I have mentioned the subject of wimminz’ changing wish list as the economic turmoil / slo-mo train wreck trundles down the tracks towards the failed bridge.

I have also mentioned on occasion the apparently non-MRA links on the links page.

Obviously is is both an easy and cheap shot to compare the politico/bankers ongoing delusions with the generality of wimminz deluded attitudes to the world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a wasted shot…

Whereas before I commented on Wimminz internet dating showing signs of desperation and changing requirements as the imminence of an economic crash impinges upon their castles built in the sky, in the weeks since the change has become quite blatantly evident.

Not least of which because of the hysteria driven and manic levels of denial expressed by many of these wimminz as to their status and needs, eg buyers market or sellers market, to give you an example;

Wimminz “I want US$4,000,000 for this priceless cunt”

Me “Grow up”

Wimminz “OK, here, take it, it’s yours, for free, but since I am giving it to you freely please look after it and care for it”

It is this instant and total capitulation that is new, wimminz are slightly ahead of the politicos and bankers in realising that in actual fact no fucker trusts them any more, not even a little bit, and the trust is so badly broken that there is nothing they can do to get it back.

I’m reminded of friends and relatives who were on the Burma Railway and shit like that as Japanese prisoners of war, even 25 and 30 years later they would not have a Japanese product in the house, even if that meant forgoing a beautiful crisp trinitron tube 1981 Sony for the hallucinogenic viewed through oil on water wonder that is the old 1958 Bush set.

Basically their distrust was sown so deep and learned so well that it could never be expunged, only the next generation who never went through those experiences would buy nippon stuff…. of course as a corollary around this time the Japanese signs said things like “JVC NiViCo” which was short for “Nipponese Victory Company” (and substitute Japanese for Nipponese to get JVC)

I think that again the wimminz are more sensitive than most to market changes, certainly more sensitive than the politicos and bankers and corporate greed types who all are quite dissociated from the world of the man on the street, I think the wimminz have sensed the coming shit storm, both economic and social, where instead of Jap POW total exclusion till the grave distrust and rejection of all things Jap, more and more men are approaching the total exclusion till the grave distrust of anything and everything feminazi or female equality or manumission.

Trying to be anything even remotely feminist will be akin to trying to sell Volkswagens in England in 1950, a recipe to get a bloody good hiding, no sympathy, and being run out of town. (the first UK VW dealer started in 1953 in Sheffield)

Certainly the wimminz adverts all have shifted from saying that all their ex’s are bastards, to saying that they get on well with “the” ex, they have shifted from saying how wonderful and independent they are as wimminz, to saying they just want a good and true man to love and care for, they have shifted from ball busting lick my cunt you wimp shit to on my knees willing to be master’s sex toy and servant, they have shifted from want to be wined and dined for a first date to willing to meet for a coffee, will buy, and they have shifted from obese is beautiful and you will worship my fat sweaty lardy ass you limp dick bastard to not in as good shape as I should be but working on it and will get there and stay there for my man.

There is also an active shift in 30-35 age wimminz actively seeking out 50 year old guys like me, specifically for our worldly experience and knowledge, to guide them through the troubled times ahead, while the late 40’s are basically crapping themselves… nothing to offer and outcompeted by the 30’s wimminz and no sign things are going to get anything but worse, no wimminz over 49 exist on internet dating sites by the way, they all stop the clock at 49…lol

“First dates” have also changed, with probably only 5% of wimminz now prepared to call my bluff and defy my stated preference that they turn up wearing a skirt and no panties, nota bene to me First Date is the face to face meet where they buy me a coffee and then put out sexually, if they are attractive enough in the flesh to fuck.

I think these wimminz are displaying a lot of animal smarts and cunning, because the economic news is bad, and looking to get a lot worse quite soon, with the wheels falling off the wagon, and the pampered and empowered lives they have all led about to come to a crashing end with all the sudden impact of a bank collapse and market foreclosure….

I was talking to a skank last night who was basically admitting her dim financial future, state funded wimminz mcjob, house on interest only mortgage, car on HP, but she was trying to tell me she will be ok because he is on a fixed rate mortgage until 2016 with a small to medium sized regional shit & shitshires bank that is a byword even in the banking industry for being broke, so it was with great delight that I pointed out to her that the instant her bank goes titsup fuckedcompany dot com, and its assets are bought for one nominal pound sterling by one of the big banks, her fixed term fixed rate interest only contract becomes void, and the new owner of her paper can say “base rate +7.5%” and there is sweet fuck all she can do about it, legally or otherwise, and it isn’t even like the States where you can throw the keys at the bank and go live in a tent, that debt remains with you.

Quite apart from her devotion to duty in being a complete slut and whore and draining my balls last night, and simultaneous coffee, smoke and blow job in bed for a wake up, she stated over toast how she would have no problem if a real man like me wanted to park his motorcycles in the conservatory, or get a skip to empty all her shit out of the garage and use it “as one of those men’s sheds things

The smarter and more sensitive and cunning wimminz are sensing a change in the prevailing weather coming, and they are rightly scared by the consequences for themselves and all wimminz… good hunting.

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