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August 23, 2012

Main screen turn on

So there I was, walking out of the motor factors with two 1 litre bottles of ATF, I open the bonnet/hood of my motor and pop the filler cap off the rocker box and start pouring one of the bottles of ATF in.

This main dealer mechanic comes charging out, “Stop, what do you think you’re doing!!!

I look at him, smile, pop the top off the other litre of ATF, walk around to the fuel filler cap, open it and tip the ATF in.

The main dealer mechanic is staring at me, jaw hanging down, shaking his head in disbelief.

I close the filler cap, pop the cap back on the rocker box, close the bonnet / hood and look at him and say “Maybe you don’t know half as much about oils and diesel engines as you think you do.

Get in the car, light my cigar, notice I have some ATF on my fingers which has smeared on the outside of the cigar, boy, this one is gonna have some REAL flavour, and start grinning insanely at the mechanic, who is still stood there, totally lost for words.

For those of you who don’t know, ATF (automatic transmission fluid) is basically hydraulic oil, e.g. very thin lube oil, with a red colourant and LOTS of detergent.

Putting a litre in the lube oil 500 miles before an oil change leaves the inside of the engine shiny new, and putting a litre in the fuel tank cleans out the injection pump and injectors a treat, all of the above totally safely.

Shades of the dog on the right, maybe he has his reasons for barking at mexicans, maybe he isn’t as stupid as his human thinks….

This is the sort of thing you can find in all areas of human endeavour, and that of course included fucking and sex.

Let’s take yesterday, AM a chick messages me on PoF saying she digs my profile, we chat back and forth and agree to meet that evening for a coffee, by which time she is already admitting that her panties are soaking wet, so we meet at the cafe, have a coffee, and retire to her place for some pump and dump.

Thing is, ___I___ knew it would be pump and dump, partially because she is one of those who claims that all men have always lied to her (projection) and partially because she is saying she wants a relationship (yeah, with a well hung 21 year old billionaire) partially because she ain’t worth more than one fuck, and partially because I could read her nature like a child’s book.

She, however, did not come to the conclusion that it would be pump and dump until the end of the evening, and she did not have to sand to tell me until this morning.

You see the parallels here, maybe if she knew half as much about men / wimminz / ralationshits as she thought she did…

That failing did not just mean that she got the picture 24 hours after I did, it didn’t even just mean she got the picture after the pump and dump, it meant she made the choice to fuck me BEFORE she got the picture.

I fuck mexicans…. sez the dog… woof woof….

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