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October 29, 2012

The problem with BBC

Not the British Broadcasting Corporation, so not another article about bloody Jimmy Saville, but the other one, Big Black Cock.

See, the thing is, big black cock is attached to a black man, and as I have said many times here, I have far, far, far more in common with a black man than I do with a white woman.

So, what the fuck is it REALLY all about.

You never hear a wimminz say “I met this guy his name is Paul and we did that and he is like that and yadda yadda yadda” and somewhere at the end of it she lets slip something about him that leads you to think “Paul is a black dude“.

You always hear “black” right up front, as an intrinsic and major part of the deal, it is not “Paul, who happens to be black” in the sense of “Paul, who happens to be French“, it is instead always “black Paul

And, let’s face it, it is always derogatory, fucking black cock is slumming it, in the gutter, same as fucking dog cock or horse cock, but unlike dog cock and horse cock black Paul’s cock is attached to Paul, a human being, a man, not a dog or a horse, and certainly not less than a wimminz.

It’s in the same sense you always get wimminz on swinging sites demanding an “8 inch plus cock” but I have never ever ever heard a man demand an “8 inch plus deep cunt“… these wimminz are reducing it to a piece of meat, something rented or bought by the pound weight, or by the yard length, or by the slumming gutter species.

So, BBC, Big Black Cock, never Big Black Cunt, what is it all about if you happen to be “paul”?

Well, “Paul” isn’t stupid, he knows EXACTLY why the white trash skank ho wants to fuck him, and it has to be said, that (insulting and racist) reason is exactly why his black male friends Tom, Dick and Harry won’t go anywhere near skanky white ho’s with their cock, because they don’t need the fucking attitude, go fuck a dog or a horse.

Paul, however, has a different attitude….

Paul also has herpes, so do two of his BBC fuckbuddies who regularly pull trains on skanky white sluts, his attitude is if some skanky white slut wants to get down in the barnyard with the animals, they deserve to get some diseases from the animals.

Paul and I discussed this, and I made some comment about spreding disease amongst the flocks, thanks man, lrfh… Paul looks and me and says OK, pull up a swinging site, so we do.

He’s right, we draw up two lists, I would / would not fuck that, and there are zero exceptions, I would not fuck anything he would, and he would not fuck anything I would.

His “would fuck” list consists entirely of wimminz too trashy and slutty for me to fuck, my “would fuck” list consists entirely of wimminz who would not fuck him simply because they do not find him attractive…

So far this is all very interesting, but then the conversation takes what is an unexpected turn for me, and this is why I decided to write about it here.

“Paul” looks at me and asks, “Have you ever fucked a black chick?

Nope, never have, he asks me why not, “Dunno, just never really found them sexually attractive….”  not in any racist sense, just the same as clinically obese wimminz, they don’t set anything alight inside me sexually.

So he asks me if I ever been hit on by a black chick, oh yes, plenty times, just never felt the urge…

So there you go he says, one of those ways in which being a black man is different to being a white man, black chicks want white cock, this is of course after they have had their fill of black cock.

So then he tells me something else, the analogy to the too trashy and slutty to fuck white skank ho for black guys is the black chick who has worked her way through a mile of black cock and now craves white cock…. I guess my have my mouth open in surprise… he asks me where I think he caught herpes… banging some black chick who also craved white cock.

I am pondering this in my best Pinky and the Brain fashion, when he hits me with something else, “You know that stuff you wrote about the cat parasite in the brain that makes cat piss smell interesting to mice infected with it?” yup, toxoplasma gondii, “you know you say it is also in cat people’s brains, that’s why you have cat people and dog people” yup…

So he says, why should that be the only parasite or thing on the planet able to affect people’s behaviour?

What if there really is something in the inter-racial sex thing, once you go black you can’t go back, what if the fact that he only got the inter-racial sex thing AFTER fucking a wimminz who was into inter-racial sex isn’t just a coincidence? What if our respective “choices” in what were and were not fuckable wimminz were not choices, but like the cat piss parasite, some other parasite or agent was at work, affecting what we personally found attractive?

What about the parallels between the kind of aversion I felt for “cat wimminz” and “BBC wimminz”, maybe I feel a similar kind of aversion because there is a similar kind of agent at work?

Like Paul says, it doesn’t even have to be a parasite, simple transmission of an enzyme that subtly altered the brain biochemistry would do the same job, and the sharing of bodily fluids that is sex is a great way to share enzymes.

And then Paul reminds me of something I heard twenty years ago but had clean forgotten, your own individual DNA is not immutable and set it stone, it can and does change as you go through life, not just methylation, but also point mutation, frame shift mutation, deletion, insertion, inversion and expression / transcription errors.

It turns out even 15 minutes of exercise or a cup of coffee can affect the methylation of our DNA, and if a cup off coffee can do this, what about 20+ years of exposure to the contraceptive pill + phthalate packaged foods + moisturisers + eye liners + steroids in cows milk + perfumes?

Maybe all I am doing is reacting to the BBC wimminz in EXACTLY the same way I react to the clinically obese, the drug addict, the alky wimminz, maybe at some instinctive biochemical level I am reacting negatively to “infected”.

In closing, Paul hits me with an interesting thought, he knows I never eat cunt (he does), and he knows I am a dog person not a cat person, so he wonders what would happen if his lab (Paul is a research biochemist) got funding to do research into possible connection between wimminz with toxoplasma gondii parasite infection in the brain, wimminz who like having their cunt eaten, wimminz who like to “gush”, wimminz who like the BBC / BWC / inter-racial sex……

You can’t eat cunt without exposing yourself to the wimminz urine, and if the wimminz urine contains toxoplasma gondii….. “how’s about that then?

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