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June 1, 2013

the silence of the marketplace

As y’all know by now, I frequent several on-line poontang places, swingers / hookup sites etc, as well as PoF and all that jazz.

Here is the thing, to a wimminz;

  • in their face “you’re fucking delusional, bitch” = micropenis living in mum’s basement woman hating rapist and paedo
  • silence / non participation = agreement
  • nice ass = agreement
  • nice tits = agreement
  • fancy a fuck = agreement
  • etc = agreement

You get the idea.article-2286848-1861D1C2000005DC-223_308x367

So, on one of these sites, some skank ho starts a thread about what feminism has done for us wimminz, not thinking for one moment that all the single guys on there have been through the wringer, and most of the guys in couples have been through the wringer, and many of the younger guys have been brought up by heroic single mums so they have been through the wringer.

So the usual, few, and getting fewer as the herd senses which way the wind is blowing in society, wimminz join in with this wimminz in their praise of feminism.

And there is this lone voice, me, pointing out a couple of salient facts.

  1. guys are here to fuck, NSA (no strings attached)
  2. guys see little mileage in speaking out against, it might reduce the chance of a fuck
  3. any guy who speaks out in favour (and there was literally one), is clearly begging for some cunt, and will never get any

The most salient fact was this, on a site all about free NSA cunt, the very LACK of an avalanche of white knights roaring their approval SHOULD have been something that sent shudders of fear rippling through them from head to toe.

The party is over, nobody got up to go home yet is all, you freaks prancing about on the stage after the band and roadies left are not the main act.

And then a queer thing happened.

The skanks responses to me were not the usual micropenis stuff, no, they weren’t even replies, no misandry, no shaming language, no insults, more funny haha but we are being serious here and turn away to continue talking to the other grrrls.

A couple of years ago all you would have seen on these sorts of sites is limp dick mofos leaving verifications for these skanks along the lines of oomigod, this lady’s pussy is so sweet and juicy and warm and wet, you guys all need to treat this one with respect yadda yadda yadda, and if I had written what I wrote back then, I would have been drowned in a sea of jihadi white knights

Failing to worship the cunt is apostasy.

Then another funny thing happened, or rather, something usually expected to happen failed to happen, I didn’t get the usual 7 day forums ban for hate speech…

There is a simple formula, where T is the enjoyment of the time I spend with a wimminz, not fucking, and F is the enjoyment of the time I spend with her fucking, and the moment
F – T < 0
is the moment your skanky ass hits the kerb.

It’s a formula the silent masses of men on that forum were all aware of, perhaps only subconsciously, but it is there…


Back in a previous life in the dotcom era I used to try to help people getting on the “our business needs a website” bandwagon.

There were some simple truths, the website should answer all the potential customer’s questions, the website will expose all your failings, so you should have shit in place to address what to do when things go wrong instead of making all your plans for when things go right, the medium itself should be as close to invisible as possible, definitely not intrusive to the user.. and the killer..

The killer was this.

Imagine your website is a virtual shop, I can pull statistics on almost anything you like out of that once it has been running a while, how many single geeky women living in Madrid accessed the site…

The ONE SINGLE THING I cannot tell you is the thing that is the most important by far, who took one look at your web-shop and went “nah, not for me, and walked on by, taking their wallet with them, and why did they walk on by

Because this is the thing that decides whether you become fuckedcompany.com, or not.

Feminzism, like all memes, is basically a web-shop, it’s a virtual space for the mind, blogs didn’t exist in 1995, but websites did, and a wesbites devoted to men’s issues in 1995 would have made the average Geocities home page about the contents of your desk drawer look like AltaVista when it came to hits.

The early sex sites came in two categories, those that existed solely to extract your credit card details, and the minority that actually catered to the hook up culture, this hasn’t changed.

What has changed is back then the latter group were all the church of the most holy and wonderful vagina, cunt worship central.

As Dylan sang, the times they are a changin’

The thread I posted to, and the utter and complete lack of all white knightism, would have been frankly mind blowing in it’s impossibility.

You see the “F” in that equation above had been inflated out of all connection with reality just like the Dow Jones or AAPL stocks… whereas the “T” was undervalued to the point of being a junk bond… it was like putting your pension on Moller skycars…

I dunno that there is a causal relationship between the economy/society and feminazism, but there sure as hell is a lot of correlation, and as one falls apart the other falls on stony ground and hard times.

I have just, for the first time ever in my life, been dumped by a wimminz who came right out and said that I was too mean with money for her, why, I had the audacity to let/make her take her turn to pay for shit.. and went on to list all the times it was her turn to pay… lmfao

  • hey, *many* will have had this as a reason, but she is the first to actually SAY it to me.
  • I am *not* the kind of guy you say that shit to, it’s like cussing a bear for his fur coat when you’re both naked in alaska
  • the force wasn’t strong in this one, but the fear was.

See, it was a case of a wimminz getting on in years, looking ahead and seeing the stark reality of the wall, cats, piss, and financial ruin, so she put it all (sexually) on a plate for me, nothing held back, nothing out of bounds.

The clock is ticking.

And she used up a portion of that little remaining and ever diminishing time trying to snare me into her trap.

THAT is why she was pissed at me and dumped my ass.

*I* was applying F – T < 0

*she* was playing bait and switch.

But, she was playing it for real, like the silent white knights in that thread, like the quiet feminist skank ho’s in that thread, more and more people every day are waking up to the fact that the party is over.

Security has not yet turned up to evict everyone from the venue / marketplace after the main event is over and all the acts / stalls are gone, but we all know they are coming.

November 11, 2011

Nice legs, shame about the face.

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I have often noted that there is often very little relationship between a woman’s body and her face…. to be specific, you can get some real fugly birds who when dressed and you can only see the face, you would rate at a 1, but when naked with a bag over their head (more on this later…lol) they rate at least a 9.

The lastest skank on the production line is a classic example of this, the face is a 2 at best, and possibly only a 3 when she was 16, but the body is a solid 8 even at the age of 40.

And so we see, under normal circumstances I would never have seen her body, one look at the face and I or any other man would have been off, but due to my production line PoF dating SOP, (more on links on right) in which I basically ignore their entire profile and click yes or no on the basis of things that men would never normally use to judge a wimmin’s suitability to fuck, I ended up fucking this skank ho and seeing her naked.

Yeah, I hear you saying, but what about the fugly face, that just has to be a boner killer.

Well, nope, because part of the point of treating all wimminz as filthy lying skank ho’s is that you just don’t “do” making love, or vanilla sex, or any of that shit, you fuck, hard and dirty and kinky, and one of the things all these skank ho’s love is being tied up, blindfolded, and fucked senseless.

Which presents you with the opportunity to expand the definition of “blindfold” somewhat…. I say somewhat because turning up with a gimp mask is a definite no-no, but you can and should certainly expand on the blindfold to use a large piece of cloth, the size of a man’s scarf, which not only covers up the eyes but most of the face except the mouth, which you have to leave free to get your cock in, just in case she starts to talk… lol

And thus you have what I had last night, and what I am off out tonight to pork again, a body that is a solid 8, which the face that is the 2 safely hidden away from boner-killer status, win/win.

Which brings me to a related subject, cunts.

Some cunts look bladdered, some look well used, but some do look just so fuckable, and again quite often these are found on the bodies of wimminz whose faces and bodies themselves rate less than a 3, and you will never see or fuck them if you use normal methods of selecting your wimminz, but you can also use boner-killer protection techniques to cover up, or present, the wimminz body to you in such a way that it emphasises the good and hides most of the bad, such as for example bound and kneeling on the bed in front of you… provided she does not have a huge ass of course…lol

Should also mention in closing, that some of the fugly wimminz make a special effort to be particularly good at something such as deep throat etc in a bid to make up somewhat for the fact that they are fucking fuglies.

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