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February 4, 2013

BBW – Blatantly Bullshitting Wimminz

While I am the first to admit to, and complain of, the sort of drop down list or radio button choices presented on many websites, thinking personally that none of the available options are correct, and then choosing the least wrong one… there are limits…

So for example being in my fifties I can no longer claim to be “athletic”, on the other hand I could still get into the trousers I wore at 16 as my waistline has not changes, so “slim” it is, even though I don’t consider myself slim, but the next one up, average, isn’t for me either, I only have to look out the window to confirm this.

Back in the seventies a D cup was a fairly big tit, and even then everyone, men and women alike, knew that cup size = tit size, so a 36-24-36 C cup and a 36-24-36 B cup were notably different.anya_001_p_078

But then whatever happened, put it down to processed foods, sedentary lifestyles, cosmetics and lotions and pills, whatever you like, body sizes have been growing, and with them tit sizes.

Late last year I was with a chick for a while, she was what you would call a “fat bird”, there was fat everywhere there shouldn’t have been, but she was young enough and fit enough that none of it had yet been affected by gravity and started to sag, so it wasn’t revolting, it was more cuddly, but the main attraction was GG cup tits. (the pic above is GG cup)

GG cup is significantly bigger than the human head, even on this fat bird they looked massive, frankly if she had been 36-24-36 they would have looked freakish and “uncanny valley” and quite unreal and totally photo-shopped or CGI‘d

The interesting thing about the human head is it is the one part of the human body with the least variation in size across individuals.

So there is this other bitch on the swinging site with, she claims, a pair of GG’s, so I look at her profile pics, and her tits are fucking MAYBE half the size of the girl I was banging, while her body was at least as big, plus, it had all started to sag south with gravity.

The chick in question MAY have been an E cup, so technically I can let the BBW thing go, yeah, she is a Big Busted Wimminz (no, it NEVER meant Big Beautiful Wimminz), but she is a fat bitch BBW.

So I get a wink yesterday morning, from a self described BBW, right away I am suspicious because it is the usual fat bitch photo composition, head and shoulders and bit of cleavage and not much else, but what the fuck as she sounds kinky enough, so I’ll play along for a while.

First thing I says “babe, send me some pics that show all of you, not just that stuff on your profile pix

Nobody who has been reading this blog is in any illusions that wimminz can’t wait to send nekkid porno pics of themselves to a prospective cock… so time passes, and with each passing hour, we are still doing the odd text, I am still asking where my pix are, she is still making excuses about being busy, so with each passing hour I am revising upwards the probable land whale factor.

Eventually the pic arrives, and I will spare you the trauma of sharing it here.

The tits *may* be D cup, but it’s hard to tell because really they are just sagging and flabby and resting like deflated balloons on a beach ball, the upper torso is a triple wide rear slick of pink blubber, but it’s got a flat or it’s all distorted like a dragster slick, there is a fold that goes where the belly button would normally be, and this fold wraps completely around the body as far as I can see from the pic, if you are thinking of the gap between a close spaced pair of rear duallies you’re on the right track, and so we move south to what is traditionally referred to as the spare tyre, more double wide flabby pink slick, and this also hangs gravity style, I presume there is a cunt under there somewhere, there is no way to tell, there could be 8 inches of swinging cock and it would be concealed behind the drooping blubber.

Under this are two “relatively” slimmish legs, but the skin of the left and right legs is touching in a solid mass all the way down to the calf, about 12″ off the ground.

You know that feeling you get when you just fucking KNOW what the other person is expecting you to say…

I can tell, I am supposed to say something nice, something complimentary, something supportive, and while her body is big enough, so is Canada, that don’t make it easy to find nice things to say about it, when you were hoping to get transported to BC is summer, and you got transported to Sudbury, post apocalypse…

You’re a fucking fat bitch innit” I say, because she has rang me to chase up the compliment, because it has been several minutes of silence from me, no texts no nothing

This doesn’t go down to well, so I try to resolve the issue by asking her why she eats so much yet also clearly has so many issues with her own body image.

Suddenly all trace of the submissive slut disappears, to be replaced with a whiny shouty arrogant entitled fat bitch, which coincides with the CIA trying to hack my phone and causing the call to be dropped…. >;*)

I am hesitant to say that all fat bitches have a severe fucking attitude problem, because I might thus give the impression to the less experienced men out there that slim wimminz are NAWALT, and that simply ain’t so.

What I am saying is that in my experience all fat bitches do not JUST have all the AWALT that all slim wimminz have, they have extra helpings of that too… worst of a bad breed as it were.

I’m reminded of a joke from my youth, when there simply was not the obesity epidemic that there is today;

Why did God make fat people smell?

So blind people could hate them too.

October 16, 2011

Fat Cunts – Beware!

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I generally hate generalisations because they tend to contain more untruth than truth, so giving them any time means you are in effect buying in to lies.

However, sometimes they contain a lot more truth than untruth, which puts them in the realm of old sayings or old wives tales.

Size Bust Waist Hips
cm in cm in cm in
8 81 31.9 61 24.0 89 35.0
10 85 33.5 66 26.0 93 36.6
12 89 35.0 71 28.0 96.5 38.0
14 93 36.6 76 29.9 101.5 40.0
16 97 38.2 81 31.9 106.5 41.9
18 102 40.2 86 33.9 112 44.1

There is of course a large level of lies built into these theoretical sizes, how many wimminz have you met with a waist that is smaller than their tits AND their hips? You also have to be aware that wimminz clothes sellers know the value of putting a “Size 18” label on a size 20 or size 22 item…. indeed since wimminz waists are routinely larger than they should be, and in the larger sizes larger than tits and sometimes even asses/hips, the entire waist section of the wimminz body has been removed from the picture, now all that counts is tits and hips, which to be fair is all you need to know when buying a tent or tarpaulin or clowns trousers, which is after all what constitutes 90% of wimminz “fashion” nowadays.

SO the fact is that when a wimminz says she is a size 18, it means her gut or her ass is a minimum of 48 inches… her “tits” may well measure 42 inches, but expect no more than a droopy B cup.

So, to the generalisations;

The fatter the wimminz is, the more delusional she is about her own size, and about her own sexual attractiveness.

The magnitude of these delusions are related to dress sizes, and you need to realise they are logarithmic like earthquake forces…. so while a size 18 wimminz isn’t a lot fatter than a size 16 wimminz, being only “one size up”, when it comes to delusional ratings we have to adopt the logarithmic earthquake style scale, where the size 18 wimminz is TEN TIMES AS DELUSIONAL as the size 16 wimminz.

Of course this means that the size 18 wimminz is 100 times as delusional as the size 14 wimminz.

For some reason latterly I have found myself more or less ignoring my own cut off point of size 14, and porking the odd 16 and one or two 18’s, but then again this is what happens when you agree to meet wimminz whose PoF profile pics only show their faces….. all wimminz lie all the time, especially the delusional about their own body, fat cunts

I suppose it (the recent crop of fat cunts) is just one of those statistical anomalies that crop up in any random sequence and look like a pattern to those who do not understand statistics and probability, but the correlation between fat cunt and self delusion is another thing entirely, probability is 1.0

Now here’s the thing, there are three approximately one hour driving journeys that I regularly take from my home, each in a different direction along a different road, each journey has at least one fat cunt that I have fucked in the past, and I know for a fact I could message any one of them and say “Hey, I’m passing tomorrow and feel like stopping by for a blowjob” and unless they are actually out at work etc they will message back and say OK, and by blowjob I mean walk in the door, say “Hey”, flop my cock out and into their mouth, they blow me, I shoot my load, zip up and leave.

We are talking as clinical and casual as pulling into a rest stop to take a piss or take a shit, and frankly having my balls emptied can sometimes serve that same purpose, just a physical dump of substances.

Yet I am never even fucking remotely tempted with any of these fat cunts, so what I am say here is I need a piss, but I won’t use that urinal or that bush, and I need a shit, but I won’t use that toilet.

That, fat cunts, is the truth of what you are, not your delusional bullshit about being some sexy babe with big tits etc.

I have known this truth above for a great deal of time.

However, it was the last fat cunt, last night, that a certain penny dropped. The penny that dropped was that what made these fat cunts so “one fuck maximum” is not the fact that they are fat cunts per se, what makes them so repellent is not their excess weight, it is the excess delusional bullshit that accompanies it.

And what that penny was, was the thought, while the fat cunt is sucking (rather well, it has to be said) on my cock this thought pops into my head, that this fucking fat cunt is sucking on something that she knows is going to blow about 7 calories of semen down her throat, which is about 5 diet cokes minus the gas, and when you consider the actual volume of sperm shot down her throat that makes it super calorie mega drink, the equivalent of the “Death by chocolate” dessert.

So that was it for me and fat cunts, a free blow job is one thing, but being a “feeder” for a fat cunt is just too repulsive, so fat cunts have gone from “one fuck maximum” material in my book to “avoid at all costs”

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