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September 11, 2012

Panhandling motherfuckers

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It appears that Bill has the fucking begging bowl out again, less than 24 hours after the site crashed for 18 hours, and this is the niggerz who talks about the manosphere “growing up”… my hairy ass.

Contrast Bill with Plenty of Fish, also as it happens a website with one employee and owner.

But PoF gets >30 million hits PER DAY, 500,000 registered users logging in PER DAY, and it achieves this with just TWO web servers, THREE database servers, and the usual CD/akamai back-end for images etc.

It’s also free, like the spearhead.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have been on the internet since long before there was a fucking internet, it was BBS‘s and fucking Fidonet, and amongst things back in the day I was a host, back when any individual could be, before it got corporate and crap and a race to the bottom offering unlimited everything for 2.99 a month.

I used to cater to all the special interest groups, initially at least, the warez groups, the hacking groups, the anti-spammer groups, you fucking name it, and I very soon learned my lesson.

For every believer who walked the walk and talked the talk in each group, there were a thousand wannabe mother-fuckers who just wanted to monetise and exploit it.

And so I drifted into web hosting when the WWW came of age, a very small pile of Cobalt RAQ2‘s that cost an appreciable portion of the value of the house they sat in, and a 2 mbit leased line that cost more than the fucking mortgage payments, and a UPS that weighed as much as a forklift that produced a staggering kilowatt (enough for all the raqs and my PC / laptop but not the big sony monitor) and ran off surplus deep cycle traction cells, and which cost as much as a small car.

And guess what, same old shit, a handful of believers who walked the walk, and for every one of them a thousand motherfuckers who just wanted to monetise everything some how, so they didn’t have to work for a fucking living.

Websites either sold something, goods or services, that paid for their upkeep, or they were “hobby” sites that were simply paid for by the owners, in the way that people pay for a monthly club membership.

The RAQ2 would in theory handle 200 domains/websites per box, all on 32 meg of EDO RAM and a 64 bit MIPS CPU with no heatsink, and a single soggy EIDE HD, this was JUST http calling static htm/html files, with the odd bit of cgi if you were leet… php/mysql didn’t exist.

In reality much past 100 domains/websites per box and things started to slow down.

And so it was, that one day I found that I had migrated all the wannabe panhandling motherfuckers to boxes #2, #3, #4 and #5, and all the “genuine” customers were on box#1

I talked later that day (no names and no pack drill, but if you were around back then you ABSOLUTELY knew this guy) to a guy who had been where I was with the BBS’s, and he said yeah, been there, done that, same shit, one hard core of real people, the rest a bunch of panhandling motherfuckers.

Box#1 had websites entirely coded in notepad, or later in Netscape/mosaic editor, and what they all had in common was while those domains might have http hyperlinks out;

  1. NONE of them contained, called or embedded anything not stored locally within that domain on the box
  2. NONE of them used frames
  3. NONE of them had any kind of advertising whatsoever, for anything not intrinsic to the domain itself.

By contrast, everything on the other 4 boxes started calling banner ads, animated gifs, external links, embedding external content, bloated http code, bloated images, then frames, interstitials, you name it, all of which didn’t just hit the boxes hard, it hit the router and backbone connection hard too… all panhandling motherfuckers trying to make money by nickel and diming world & dog & me.

Literally within a week I shut down 4 boxes, there wasn’t an ebay so I ended up keeping them, and selling them on privately to new ISPs etc, and returned to 1 box of genuine users.

Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth, but my workload went from 18 hours a day to an hour or less a day, and bandwidth went from saturating the 2mbit line to fitting within 128k, and nothing of value was lost to the internet.

You wanna run a website, shut the fuck up and open your wallet, or sell some product or service on the website and shut the fuck up and open your wallet.

Do ANYTHING else, and I will suspect you of being a panhandling motherfucker, and chances are I am right, and for all his talk about the manosphere growing up and men’s this and men’s that, I gotta tell ya;

  1. a MAN can’t be a panhandling motherfucker
  2. a MAN doesn’t put the begging bowl out
  3. a MAN doesn’t act like a whiny little bitch and plead poverty
  4. a MAN doesn’t expect to be paid to do something he wanted to do

Asking for money to run a poxy website (eg server / hosting / domain package) that you REPEATEDLY prove you can’t keep up…. BOGUS motherfucker, totally bogus.

Tank of motherfucking gas a year.

Asking for money so you can sit on your ass and fucking WRITE, nothing less fucking manly on the planet… if it’s in you, write to get it out, if you the one in a billion that is the next Plato you’ll get some respect in the afterlife, but you still need a fucking day job.

Telling it like it is with injustices is something a man does, always at a personal cost, it ain’t a fucking JOB or source of revenue.


September 10, 2012

Fucked up the ass

You ever wonder why the story about the emperor with no clothes features a little boy who tells it like it is?

Because if an adult man had said it he would have been fucked up the ass by the FBI, CIA, FAA, BATF, you name it, and the emperor would have continued to walk around bollock naked.

He starts talking at 2:18, and he talks about taking it up the ass from the TLA’s for mentioning the emperors bollocks being in view at 14:00

If you think about it, hardly a week passes without someone claiming that the emperor has no clothes in a very public way, but unshielded by hundreds of millions in the bank, we find ourselves informed by the mainstream media that this person is actually a raghead terrorist paedophile deadbeat dad pimp drug pusher selling videos of himself doing something unspeakably sick and evil.

And yet, yet you never, ever, ever hear or see or read anything about the high profile movers and shapers and leaders fucking “chickens” (well hung underage boys) up the ass or snorting coke off the flesh or pre-pubescent girls or owning a 15% stake in a landmine factory.

Pure coincidence of course.

I guess it is also pure coincidence that The Spearhead has been offline for 18 hours and counting, first with a database error and now just not resolving / responding to http requests… I mean, it is sooooo fucking hard to FTP up an “index.htm” file written in notepad saying “oops I borked the database” or whatever, not that there is even any excuse for that, given the level of donations and ad revenue involved, the bitch could have easily funded a round robin DNS and site mirror on a geographically separate server for a 100 bucks per year….

Nor when you consider that many very smart and technically savvy people (myself included) always offered free advice or help every time Bill talked about his technical difficulties, none of which were ever taken up.

I guess new poon is even more time consuming that ex-poon taking you and your kids to the cleaners in secret family court, because while that was going on he managed better uptime…

Hell I can introduce you to guys who are using nothing more than good quality regular hosting packages coming in at under 100 bucks a year all in who are running fairly significant e-commerce operations, and by fairly significant I mean detached house, regular foreign travel, 4 cars and a boat in the driveway, the odd hooker, employees, the works.

And you could put a .44 through their server hard disk and broadband + and FTP client like Filezilla and 10 minutes later they have upped the server website “www” directory image, and 5 minutes after that phpmyadmin and imported the .sql file and they are back up and running…. this is WORST FUCKING CASE SCENARIO

But hey, all those subscriptions, and this is Bill talking about the fucking manosphere “growing up”… yeah, a grown up with some new poon (no doubt serenaded by all those subs monies) who can’t even keep a fucking website up.

You couldn’t make this shit up.

Nor could you make up the shit about the new European Stability Mechanism (QE99 bailout for the banks and wall street) as reported here

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my day to day life is still overflowing with red pill goodness… and endless supply of sluts only genuinely happy when told to their faces that they have to earn the honour of being my 100% obedient cumbucket slut rimming machine, these being the same chicks who kicked their husband to the kerb a year ago for daring to suggest she take it up the ass one time…

Mind ewe, there are some crazy fuckers out there, probably created when the little woman refused to take it up the ass and instead kicked them to the kerb so they could rim me every night, and this is anecdotal stuff and who would believe anything a wimminz says…


I have to laugh out loud real fucking hard when skank ho’s tell me I am the nice guy, and proceed to tell me about the last guy they met off PoF, who when they turned up at his place whips out a car battery and jump leads to attach to her nipples….  the force is strong in this one…

Jack Donovan is right (I have ALWAYS paid attention to fags on the subject of men) when he says that there is no connection between being a fag, and being a limp wristed queen, any more than dipping your wick into some poon makes you a manly man, arguably losing some poon and his kids made Bill man up, and getting some new poon made him wimp up again.

Dumping a man who has done the 9-to-5 for fucking years to put a roof over your head and feed and clothe you, while refusing him all sorts of kinky sex, then offering all that kinky sex for free on a fucking plate to a guy like me (and trust me, ALL these dumped men work this out sooner or later) and do you really have to ask who made Mr Jump Leads?

Course, if Mr Jump Leads had been a real fucking man it would be 24 volt truck battery and proper commercial grade leads, not some wimpy little thing out of a mini…

August 11, 2012

Sexually Transmuted Diseases

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I really wasn’t gonna fucking do this, but I got sent a link… so I temporarily unset my hosts file

Bill at the Spearhead taking the piss out of dorkboobz for being such a pathetic dweeb and sucking up to the wimminz, and the his very next post he says, and I quote;

Perhaps we should consider defending women who do so with more vigor than we have so far, because it looks as though they will need it.

What the FUCK!!???

At this point I go from “OK Bill, try and commercialise your website if you like, your business, not mine, but not my scene, cya” to “The friend of my enemy is my enemy“… him Elam and dorkboobz should get a room.

You know quite a way back I fucked a dirty skank ho, no biggie there but it was an all night fuck fest and rough sex, and at some point I tore the soft inner bit of the foreskin..  next thing I know it is itching but not in a healing itching way, and off to the docs for a course of antibiotics… job’s a good un

Thing is, I felt less disgusted with that dirty skank ho than I do with Bill, I could always wear a condom and fuck her again….

Back then the big scary monster was SIDA, or AIDS as it is called here in the west, and it was plowing through the fags and intravenous drug using whores like nobody’s business… of course I was immune, my cock was daily drenched in diesel, lube oil and hydraulic oil, nothing could live through that shit .. lol

I guess we all thought about contracting AIDS, in a sorta can’t happen here way, what life changes it would make… nowadays with modern western medicine even AIDS isn’t necessarily a killer, and everything else is in truth not a big deal, you can live with almost no symptoms whatsoever.

Which brings me to the point of this post, next week I’ve been invited out to dinner by two nurses, not a sexual tryst, just a social one, and they are going to give me the 2012 skinny, because you see they both work in the local STD clinic.

The reason for the dinner? Well it started as a brief conversation over a beer tonight and a throwaway line from me, and I got an answer I wasn’t expecting, and the dinner is to discuss it in more detail.

The answer I was not expecting is the pandemic of STD’s…. kinda…

You’re OK” I was told “you’re pretty fit and healthy, obviously have a good immune system, obviously a good diet, obviously clean, and of course a man, and of course you don’t kiss and you don’t eat cunt, so you are unlikely to catch anything even if you do fuck an infected wimminz, and even if you did catch something, your immune system could probably fight it off and you’d have no symptoms… actually you should come in for a test, just in case“… lol

Even if you’ve got something a course of antibiotics will sort you out

So, naturally enough, I asked what the other shoe dropping sounded like…

she told me… wimminz cunts are all internal, always wet and warm, and much more porous tissue than a cock, and shit gets “injected” in there, and wimminz bodies are all messed up anyway because of bad diet and no exercise and of course contraceptive induced hormone imbalance… then there is the cock count (I mentioned this previously, the gangbang sluts who get cervical cancer) which also triggers adverse reactions as the wimminz biochemistry keeps trying to adapt to each new set of sperm, blow jobs, and a generally fucked up immune system because a wimminz would naturally treat a foetus as an immune reaction otherwise, poor cunt hygeine (g string panties that ride up the crack) and wiping forwards, cunt ass and pisshole all within an inch or two of each other.

So what’s the bottom line?” I asked

A 95% positive test rate on wimminz who walk into the clinic.” she said.

What the FUCK??? I mean, I know people actually making a fucking appointment at an STD clinic are sort of self selecting subset of all wimminz, but this place is ALWAYS busy, there are 6 nurses there and each one typically sees 10 people a day, that’s 60 a day, 300 a week, 15,000 a fucking year, that’s 12% of the local fucking population for fucks sake… and the split is 70/30 female / male “customers”… so

What the FUCK!

The topic of the dinner conversation?

The trends, and the trends and consequences are apparently an across the board lowered fertility rate for the wimminz, and early sterility or effective sterility (miscarriage) for many.

I’m reminded of my mate who worked in the blood department of a local hospital and told me that at least 35% of all “fathers” could not possibly be, based on blood types alone, these nurses are telling me that the indigenous (white) wimminz are able to treat the symptoms of STD’s with medication, but they are all seeing an across the board lowering of fertility.

I said “lowered male sperm count?” and they fucking laughed, yeah, maybe lowered by 5%, but stick that sperm in a wimminz whose fertility is only 75% of what it should be before she got some STD’s and whaddaya got?

I said Jesus, all I have heard about is caffeine and smoking and plastic food packaging lowering female fertility, she said yeah, every wimminz “customer” with an STD, which is nearly 10,000 a year at this clinic, smokes, drinks coffee, and eats food that comes in plastic packaging, and she started laughing so hard she snorted beer and had a coughing fit.

I’m sitting here now, thinking again the old adage, Correlation != Causation, and the laws of unintended consequences (contraception – sexual liberation)

and just to prove suggestion works…..

….I also just took a piss, and found myself thinking about it, is that a burning sensation? lmfao



December 7, 2011

My children come first… and other fucking lies

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…but the “my kids come first” is one of the biggest and most mind-fucking-est lies that wimminz tell on dating sites.

This lie comes in many forms, “my kids are my world” and “my kids come first” and “my kids are everything” yadda yadda yadda.

Put at its most basic form, any variation of this lie, tells you three essential things about the wimminz in question;

  1. You are going to come LAST in any fucking relationship with this bitch, after her, and after her kids, fuck you very much.
  2. If her kids really were her world, in the way a man means it, the bitch would still be with their daddy, making the relationship work for their sake, so when SHE says they are her world she means it like AMEX, DINERS CLUB and CHEQUEBOOK, they are her own personal money pit, git orf my land…..
  3. If her kids really were her world, in the way a man means it, you wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near her fucking house or children, ever, certainly not for the first year or three…

Lots of guys don’t get this, lots of them like Bill at the Spearhead do not want to get it, because frankly that way lies madness, unless you just shrug and walk the fuck away from your kids lives.

All the skank ho’s I fuck on PoF who have kids, these are other men’s kids, kids often loved by their fathers, always paid for by other men and often their fathers, and usually kept away from their fathers, who have injunctions and restraining orders and false allegations against them.

Let me tell you the truth about these “my kids come first” wimminz….

  • Kids have a notional “bedtime”, with single mommies this is whenever the kid wants, and actually means kid retiring to its bedroom to go online etc, the kid ain’t asleep or deaf, mommy is quite happy to get shit faced and fuck like a slut in the main room of the house though, no pretense of being quiet.
  • In many cases I have discovered that the laptop mommy used to send me pictures of her cunt, and to promise me sexual submission and filth and depravity, is being used by one of the kids, with the same default windows account.
  • Fuck the skank ho well, and little Jimmy and little Susie are told in no uncertain terms to make themselves scarce (go to their rooms and stay there) and not to hassle mummy’s new friend, what this actually means is kids, do not do anything that stops mummy’s new man from paying attention to mummy, specifically, mummy’s sexual desires.
  • Wimminz are quite happy to fuck in front of their kids, the least and most implausible and intangible “thing” can be used by wimminz to create a situation that is not, in their eyes, “in front of the kids”, and this thing can be as simple as a corner in a room blocking direct eyesight, perhaps a net curtain, perhaps a thin stud and plaster wall, perhaps just a TV to distract the kid and keep it, in theory, looking elsewhere…
  • All that protects YOUR kids from further abuse is not the skank ho mummy, it is the guy like me fucking her, who draws a line in the sand between what he can prove he did not do with archived SMS etc and everything else that is on offer.
  • Take a look at that pic up there, she has turned her head and seen the kid, but her hand is still spreading her cunt for the camera, because as far as she is concerned from where the kid is, the kid cannot see the cunt, see my point above about “not in front of“… this is what wimminz mean by “not in front ofyour kids….
  • Note well, I am not going ANYWHERE near the dangerous and scary wimminz, the alcohol abusers, the drug abusers, the mental ones, the ones who are a LOT MORE FUCKING COMMON THAN YOU WANT TO BELIEVE.

Without exception, I have found the “my kids come first” wimminz to be the very worst mothers you could imagine, and the very last sort of person any father would want their children left in the effective sole control of…. sadly, for the likes of Bill over at the Spearhead (and no, I haven’t posted this shit there, some head’s ups you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, so I chose don’t) the high conflict type wimminz who manufacture divisions and distance between fathers and their children, are the very sort of wimminz most likely to have a “my kids come first” profile on a dating website.

What you will never see, but should, is a wimminz advertising that she will put, if not her new man himself first, certainly the relationship with him first, and without a couple there is no family and the kids suffer, so in actual fact what is best for wimminz and kids is wimminz putting men first in their relationships…. you know, the mirror image of men always putting wimminz and kidz first in any relationship, and see where that got them….. fucked and evicted from their own lives.

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