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June 13, 2013

Dirty Love

Well, I was reminded again today of one of the truisms of wimminz.

You can sell anything you want to a wimminz, just promise instant gratification in return for the money.

When it comes to something valuable, eg me, it is a different story, because a wimminz has to work for that by suppressing all her psycho skank ho hamster wheel hysteria, and as well all know, that’s about as likely as her getting fried snow.

So, a specific wimminz in question, who could have had me as a good buddy, but who couldn’t resist being a cunt, no longer has me in her life, and her solution, more beta cock of course.

The bit MOST guys don’t get is this, if she HAD me in her life, then she already HAS that, right, so no need to put any effort in to THAT SHIT, keep your eye on the shit you ain’t got and go chasing after that.

The MRM tends to call this “hypergamy”, it ain’t, sure you have all seen two small kids on the ground playing, one wants whatever toy the other has, and grabs it, other kids picks up another toy, first kid instantly loses all interest in the toy they just grabbed, and now want the next one.

It is, in short, fucking infantile.

But anyway, was chatting about this particular skank today to an old sometime acquaintance who was all sex and drugs and rock and roll back in the day, usually off his face on stage and off, and he was saying that of course back then he KNEW he was a fucking sex god, and one day years later he met one of the regular groupies, who informed him quite gently that he wasn’t all that in bed, and it dawned on him she was telling the truth, he thought he was, but that was the drugs, fucking on acid is quite the experience for the one tripping.. as I know well enough.

Which brought us to wimminz and their reality distortion field, where facts are ignore and feeewings become the truth, morning after regrets even though you were gagging for it the night before, that’s rape then innit.

Which troubles him somewhat, because of the current fad of historical sex crime allegations against faded celebs, if it’s the 70’s and you’re whacked on acid in bed, and some young chick walks in naked apart from the joint she is holding, you don’t ask yourself what’s next to the moon, or even if she is underage, and you certainly don’t want to be thinking about her, or any of the others, 40 fucking years later, shades of Mandy Smith and a certain rocker.

See, back then we had to DELIBERATELY imbibe mind altering chemicals in order to fuck up our perception of reality, and when the drugs wore off, reality kicked back in… whereas wimminz, it’s like they have a permanent IV drip of acid and ludes, and when you start to look at things in that light, much if not all female behaviour starts to make sense.

This morning my job took me to a supermarket, so there I am at the customer service desk with a trolley full of high tech kit, paging the site/store manager, and this old cunt who was before me getting a refund on a half empty 1 litre bottle of milk that had gone off…. I shit you not… just stands there looking at my trolley, which I have my hand on, as it contains about 25k worth of kit, and says “excuse me” in a tone of voice and with a look on her face that made what could have been a polite and civil request anything but polite or civil.

See, her problem was, my trolley was on her chosen direct line out of the store, of course she COULD have simply walked around the single palette of “on offer” shit, but no, that ain’t good enough for the crusty cunt, she wanted me to move the trolley so she could walk in a direct line, so I answered her, “yeah?” and she says “I want to get past“, to which I replied (and I am concious I am at work… albeit not in a uniform, just a shirt and tie) “I’m not stopping you” to which she says “I want to go THAT way“, to which I replied, point at the palette of crap “and you can’t walk around that?” to which she says “no

So I smiled at the crusty old cunt and said “That’s too bad, I guess you’ll have to stand there till I’m done then.” but I looked at her with that mugger’s whatyagotinyapursegranny look.

And teh two wimminz, both in their sixties, behind the customer service counter both smiled at me, not because I didn’t back down to the old cunt, but because they were in uniform and had to eat her shit and refund the price of a full litre of milk for a half empty bottle that prolly hadn’t been refrigerated but had nowt else wrong with it, but an entitled old cunt like that is gonna be trouble if she ain’t made haaaaapy, an impossible task anyway.

She wasn’t on drugs or anything, just an old cunt that thought she was entitled to special treatment anywhere she went, in exchange for merely existing.

The thing I fucked and dumped because of her attitude (e.g. a lack of respect for me) that has moved back on to the beta cock carousel, that was just a younger version of the old cunt in the supermarket, and frankly even with the literally anything I want sexually attitude, and daily gym visits to keep the body toned, it was getting past it’s sell by date.

This is I think why old wimminz like cats, no dog, except a rat lapdog, would put up with an owner with a shit attitude like that, not in silence anyway..lol


listen to the lyrics, always was a fave song..


June 9, 2013

“my son’s cock” & sperm brothers

as subject, it’s not a conversation I can *ever* recall a man starting with me, ever, not even in passing reference, wimminz on the other hand, they all have some variation / combination of summer shorts / sitting down / towel slipping / whatever, to explain why they ended up looking at their teenage son’s cock… and it is a subject that most if not all wimminz with teenage sons have managed to inject into a conversation with me at some point.

wimminz will also of course have loud noisy kinky sex with you so their kids and neighbours can hear it, or rather, can not possibly not hear it.

quite why wimminz apparently feel no boundaries on their sexuality between themselves and their kids is something beyond the scope of my intellect, certainly beyond rocket science, or else, it is really very simple, wimminz will fuck anything if they can tell a convincing lie and deny it and get away with it.

So Layla who is 51 becomes Linda who is 41 on the dating/swinging site, and dude if she told you she would do “anything” in bed, you can bet your ass she said that to the absolute minimum 100+ guys before you, and you can bet your ass enough of those guys said “anything huh… okaaay” that anything becomes everything, she has done everything, including a lot of shit that probably would not occur to you or appeal to you, but, she has done it.

And Layla ain’t that fucking dumb either, she knows that skank ho Susie, who has finally realised all she can offer you is booty call, so offers it, is a real fucking dampener on Layla’s plans, and how much she can inflate the value of access to her cunt, and the pleasure of her com-pan-eee… so convincing you to cut yourself off from Susie becomes a real priority for Layla, and she’ll buy you your favourite beer, and say fuck all about habits of yours that boil her piss, because she is on the hunt… and you are on the menu.

Layla has the same opinion of me as many wimminz, I am too fucking “aggressive” and by aggressive what she actually means is Code Rainbow, this rude boy ain’t buying ANY of my bullshit, nor is he backing down at my usual tactics.

The only play she has left is to take her ball and exclude me from the game.

I just been banned for life from yet another forum on yet another sex site, the initial charge was that I breached the T&C, I challenged this, stating that I had not, in any way, broken the T&C, and if they could show that I had I would not only back down and apologise, I would send then a cheque for 100 notes to be given to the charity of their choice.

I got an answer, that I was way too aggressive for the forums, meaning I don’t back down when faced with wimminz bullshit, fair enough, their site, their rules, but even then they cannot be honest about this, “attitude” isn’t covered in the T&C, so the initial reason given was bullshit, no worries, I will keep my 100 notes.

You could sit there and say Layla was a dumb fuck, all that do anything in the bedroom was 60% of the trick, buying me my favourite beer and shit was another 30% of the trick, the remaining 10% was to not try to fucking manipulate me.

But the fact is Layla, and wimminz, don’t work like that, kinky sex isn’t something they do because they enjoy it, which is why I, as a man, do it.

Kinky sex is something they do because it is a way, usually, of achieving control and power and influence over a man, and that is what they enjoy.

Take away the idea that they can ever actually attain that power, or worse still, actually grant that power, and the kinky sex is removed, after all, it was never done for its own sake.

Take away the idea, as I did to Layla, and I am a nasty manipulative and aggressive man, and she is damn grateful she sussed me out before I sucker her in too deep, and she is as pissed as fuck that she wasted 3 months of her life on me, and that’s the 51 year old life, not the 41 year old profile life that is still ten years away from the menopause… lol

Grant that power and you are a pathetic loser of a man.

When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything gets treated like a nail and pounded flat.

When the only tool you have is a cunt…..

It’s a uniquely male trait to look at Layla and think “what a waste“, just as it is a uniquely male trait to look at an old but once great vehicle or piece of machinery and think “what a waste

But, unlike an old vehicle that has seen better days, Layla is the architect of her own fall, and if you were foolish enough to tamper, she would resist and fight you all the way.

This is why all other late forties onwards feminazi wimminz are so fucking bitter and man hating, they know two things for a fact;

  1. They themselves are 100% responsible for the situation they find themselves in.
  2. They have hit the wall and can no longer delude themselves that their own personal history is a story of steady decline and fall, under their own captaincy.

If you think under 40’s wimminz can be batshit crazy, you ain’t seen nothing, wait until they can see that wall coming in their nightmares, or worse still, after they have hit it… they are as good a definition of insanity as you are likely to find.

Einstein defined insanity as repeating the same actions over and over, hoping for a different outcome.

Older wimminz like Layla, they don’t just repeat the same actions, they fucking double down on the bet every time.

The 3 months she “wasted” on me ain’t more than a chunk of change out of a 41 year H^H^H^ 51 year life, subtract 14 for 37 sexually active years.

The 3 months she “wasted” on me is however a fucking huge bite out of any imagined sexually active years remaining, and Layla is one of these progressive/desperate bitches that goes to the fucking gym every day to try to keep in shape, and has potions and lotions to try to make her skin feel and smell like it did 30 years ago, and all the rest of the finery and drapery and shit.

There was a (white) south african thing about “sperm brothers”, two guys who had fucked the same skank, and only realised it later, over a beer.

Thanks to the internet and technology and sex sites, after a period of time you start to see something, something entirely expected, but nevertheless something deeply warming and pleasant to see.

You start to see that the sperm brothers come in groups, and generally speaking so do the skanks / cum buckets, and individuals tend not to stray out of these groups.

The feral feminazi skank ho’s are one group of cum buckets, and there is an associated group of sperm brothers, but the chances that any of these guys have been anywhere near Layla is slim indeed, for she is in the group of feral the-wall-is-approaching-but-I-only-have-an-accelerator-pedal group of cum buckets, and that has a separate but associated group of sperm brothers.

And then there is the roving “band of raiders” sperm brothers, of which I am one, and we look like a group to those outside, but we only come across one another when some wimminz gets a case of mistaken identity, or assumes we are a crew and drops one name to another, we nomads dip into the various groups of skank ho cumbuckets, like ghosts in the machine.

turn your speakers up and go fullscreen

Bitch it’s me

June 8, 2013

no shit, part 93,954

There are some things I just can’t talk about, and others that I can, but I have to choose my words very carefully, and, sometimes, that act of choosing the words carefully makes talking about that thing pointless, because the redacted bits were an integral part of the story..

So, I wrote something on here nearly 18 months ago, it concerned a “fuck me now” skank I found on PoF… chat on PoF, invited over, fuck the crap out of her, leave… never been back… she is still there on PoF…

Imagine my mirth when this same skank turns up on a different site, and takes a look at my profile and decides to give it a go.

At this stage there are no face pics from me, and no profile pics at all from her, and so as usual I accuse her of being a man unless she can send me some pics, which she does, and I am thinking “I know that bitch”

So (and here we again see the benefit of keeping digital archives in perpetuity, backed up to the cloud of course) I check my records and yup, that’s teh grrrrl.. this could be fun.

So she asks for a face pic of me, and I send one, sitting back, smirking, waiting for the expected reaction. Or, simply being blocked.

And guess what, she carries on like she has never seen me before in her life.

I have mentioned this before in the internet dating stuff about wimminz forgetting who they have and have not selected and rejected in the past, and never to take rejection as permanent, but fuck me, to not remember a guy you invited into your house just over a year ago, a guy who spent several hours plundering all your holes to his heart’s content, and then you’re trying to tell the “new” me that you don’t often fuck, that you often go months without, that you still ain’t into three figures cock count wise…

… and we are not going anywhere near the issue of the PoF profile portraying one thing, and the other profile portraying a filthy whore who will do just about anything (that profile at least is correct)

I mean, WTF, I know you fucking wimminz are as thick as shit, and I know your hamster wheels and temporal narcissism can cause you to re-write some history and simple omit or ignore other bits on a whim as it suits you, but, I have to say…


Do you really think ***I*** won’t remember the cunt I fisted, the ass I pounded, the tits I bit or the face I slapped and pissed on, all at your request bitch, only just over a fucking year ago! WTF

Apparently *you* do wimminz, because otherwise you’d keep a MUCH closer watch on who YOU’VE fucked, so that the scenario I am describing here could never happen.

I can kinda get not caring enough who you fucked a year or two ago to not ever think about them, but to not CLICK when you cross paths with them again…

I was just chatting about this to a mate on the phone, and he joked that I am just pissed that I wasn’t a good enough fuck for her to remember me.

I pointed out that we can both remember skanks we talked to or IM’d or SMS‘d but for one reason or another it never got past that stage.

I ***KNOW*** the memory is in this skank’s head, because I have seen this so often with wimminz, but they really do appear to have the multiple personality schtick where the personality I am talking to now, is not the same personality that holds long term memories, and this personality knows the other one is there, and it could go ask that one and get answer, but just can’t be bothered to…

No wonder hitting the wall is such a major system shock for the skanks.

Wall? what wall? what are you talking about? BLAM! WTF? Boo-hoo…

May 17, 2013

Game, for a laugh

DMJ has a piece up that includes the following quote;

“Letting your balls drop and overcoming approach anxiety; developing inner game and growing into the sort of man who deserves a top-notch woman.  Becoming well-read, becoming successful, and learning how to touch her inner core so that she swoons.”

(highlight mine)

OK, it’s a quote, taken out of context, and all that jazz… but…

That bit I highlighted, fucking LEAPS out at me man, in ways that the makers of Jaws in 3D can only dream about.

The skank I mention a couple of pieces back, that tried to pull a freakout shit test on me so I kicked her to the kerb, of course she is back, with an attitude readjustment, begging for permission to lick my nutsack.

I was explaining this to a guy, must be a year or two ago now, we got onto the subject of rimming, which is one person sticking their tongue up another person’s asshole and licking like a bear at a honeypot.

So I said “yeah, I get chicks to do that to me“, and he was like all horrified and disgusted and confused, and he looks at me and says “WHY, you don’t actually ENJOY it do you??!!

I looked him in the eye and said yeah, I do, but THAT ain’t the fucking point, the fucking point is getting the bitch to do it willingly, and the point of that was they are a thousand times more willing AFTER they have tried to pull a shit test on you, and been epically kerbed and shitcanned.

This is the nature of teh wimminz, like a very bad employee who pulls a shit test and starts demanding a huge wage rise, flexi-time, oh, and a company car.

Just write the cunt a note saying YOU’RE FIRED.

They’ll beg to come back for a lower wage than they were getting, and will offer to clean the toilets for free.

Woe betide you if you do NOT make them clean those toilets every day, and make a point of pissing on the floor before they do, if you fail to do so, THAT is when you lose their respect.

They are still a fucking crap employee, but at least they have been put in their place, no messing…

…and it is in this context that you have to examine and approach this rather bizarre idea of a “top-notch woman as quoted above…

The skank I kicked to the kerb is still a skank, she just knows her place better now, and her place is with her tongue up my ass, not making words to shit test me with… puppy craps on floor, puppy gets nose rubbed in it.

Subtracting a small portion of the crap from something crap doesn’t make it good, pulling the exhaust catalyst and shite from a 2013 ZL1 Camaro doesn’t suddenly turn it into a good car, it is still a crap car.

It’s like “high class whore“, it’s a fucking oxymoron, and should have no place whatsoever in the lexicon of men.

If I suck Obama‘s cock for a million dollars, are you going to talk about me as a high class whore, or “that guy that blew Obama”… but like a couple of USMC guys, who will forever be “that guy that held Obama’s umbrella“… fucking shameful and we all know it, and we all know how easy it would be to start a bar fight by saying that to either of our faces, so you know we know it too.. lol

AWALT does not just mean all wimminz are lying deceitful fruit cakes, AWALT also means everything else, including “ain’t none of them worth a stream of piss”, ain’t none of them “high class”, ain’t none of them “top-notch”.

I got a fucking brass zippo and a buck 110, had em both longer than any wimminz ever lasted, way, way, way fucking longer.

A “top-notch” wimminz is one you’ll let your dog fuck, most wimminz are beneath that, not good enough to let your dog fuck, and yes I might be exaggeratin’ for effect, but I’m not kidding either, if y’see what ah mean heah…

Now, if you ask me which I rate higher, zippo and buck, or a good dog, now heah we have the basis to have a good ole’ discussion round this heah camp fire, if you ask me which I rate higher, wimminz or any of the above, then we goin’ see how well you burn on this heah fire boy, yessiree..

The issue here is simple, only by accepting that AWALT, which means a “top-notch woman” is as common as a 16 year old virgin with big tits riding a unicorn naked down Wall St at rush hour, can you ever learn that NO wimminz is worth anything, or anything more than any other wimminz, no exceptions, I have talked about this before

Then, and only then, can you put the appropriate level of effort into your dealings with wimminz, eg fucking NONE, take it or leave it bitch, like I give a fuck one way or another, move along, next please…

November 12, 2012

Being 3L337

In shades of surreality where Jesusifying Obama’s speeches renders them more sensible than the original, well, it would if you could jesusify anything any more…

And so it is In The Red Pill World With The Wimminz Of PoF (and dang if that don’t make a good porn film title) that bizarrely the more you overdose on red pills, the more the kind of wimminz you want to be avoiding avoid you, and the more the other kind of wimminz be dropping all the pretence and bullshit and saying “Fuck me Master! Please…

Yes, I am the first to admit that it is all fucked up, but then again everything is all fucked up.

So in the daily fail today is a story about a “high flyer” wimminz who is divorcing her husband because he WON’T do the shit in 50 shades with her… red pill heaven right there…

And so it is with the wimminz in the rotating PoF “harem”, they don’t have a problem being number 7 of 14 in the harem, and they don’t have a problem with being the only wimminz in my life, what they have a problem with is being told one while the other is happening, and of course if they were the only wimminz in my life they would have a problem with that too.

Biggest mistake you can make is not giving wimminz what they want, what they say they want, refusing to give them what they want, what they say they want, it is treating them as rational thinking human beings.

Frankly speaking a lot of the so-called abusive, manipulating and distant behaviour as described in divorce proceedings and laid at men’s door is the only way to treat wimminz without being fucked over at the first hurdle.

Fact is one of the most effective tactics I have discovered is grab your everything archived to the cloud android smartphone, pull up a few pictures of #4 because she is a lot hotter than #7, who is giving you the shit test / whining thing, and show these pictures to #7 and tell her you were with #4 an hour ago.

Within 24 hours #7 is pledging lust and love and calling you sir and offering booty call any time you like any way you like.

Course, the INITIAL reaction is different, if you can have her why do you want or need me, hope you’re both happy together… the correct response is “You work it out girl” and close the subject and kick her out.

Like I say, within 24 hours you get the all you can eat free poon buffet.

24 hours after that you’ll get the “do you wanna meet my kids?” thing, which you ALWAYS dodge, no babe, I ain’t rushing into anything, slow ahead both, steady as she goes.

Now she is almost begging you to take up the offers of free poon.

Which brings me to a reader question from a wimminz…

“Why are so many men preferring doggy style?”

The answer comes in two parts;

  1. Most of you wimminz no longer have hard flat bellies, so it’s more comfortable and you get better penetration that way
  2. So we don’t have to look at your fucking face or gut

If I was your average MRA type I’d leave it there, but this blog is meant for men, not wimminz, so you get the rest of the answer too.

  • Because it stops you looking at our faces and being able to read us.
  • Because it is a submissive position for you.
  • Because it makes your asshole handily available too.
  • Because doggy style is singularly appropriate for a bitch
  • Because frankly speaking your cunt and ass is your best feature
  • etc

Plus of course do it right doggy style and she will be begging for doggy style forever-more, it is the natural mammalian way to mate, and orients the cock and cunt the right way around.

Which brings me to another email, this time from a bloke, who says “I can’t get over this feeling that there is something wrong with me if I don’t have a girlfriend, and that I have failed if a girl dumps me or refused my advances

Well, your problem lies in two parts, both of them are you taking blue pills.

  1. This idea that your own personal worth is somehow sweet fuck all unless a wimminz endorses you by hanging off your arm.
  2. This idea that a wimminz not wanting to be with you reflects negatively on you.

Fact is, wimminz are parasites, so if they want you for anything more than being your cum bucket, eg being seen out with you, then it is a parasite and host thing, and being a host to a parasite may well keep you in company, but it is nothing to bray about… it is just advertising your beta status.

Your problem then is not so much who you are or what you are, but how you treat wimminz, you are treating them way wimminz SAY they want to be treated, and lo and behold it is getting you nowhere.

Getting negged and put down by a wimminz is like getting negged and put down by a 5 year old, if the little shits had any class or brains at all they would be hanging on to your every word, no son, all that shit about what is better, the Mustang or the Charger (or indeed the Caprice shooting brake for shopping…lol) is a crock, this is better.


November 5, 2012

Comment of the week

In the story here

This comment

I paid for my ticket and had nothing to do with your pregnancy – so I won’t be offering you my seat. Tough.
aargonaut , Birmingham, United Kingdom, 05/11/2012 13:03

A-fucking-men brother.

It appears from the article that those most aware of the scam, wimminz themselves, have the least sympathy for another wimminz trying to pull the same scam on them, welcome to the brave new world you built wimminz.

This reminds me of the scenario where as a single guy you end up in a pub with a couple, and you buy a round, and the man of the couple buys a round, and then they look at you to buy the next round, and you look at them and say “three drinks in the round, the third drinker now needs to buy their share” and look pointedly at the wimminz, who again, being the scam artist themselves, has the least sympathy for my position when I explain it, and starts in on the husband when he says my point is valid, if I am a bit mean…

Still, with less than 48 hours to go before the free world knows that those who control the USA have chosen to stick with the niggerz they know and can control in the white house (the only pre-election promise Obama has kept is buying his kids a fucking rat) we are all set for the wheels to start falling off the wagon, and for certain players to take one of the layers of masks off and reveal their truer faces.

I have talked before about young wimminz who are single mummies who have series of videos of themselves being gangbanged on t’internet, arguably the future for these wimminz and their womb turds is less complex than our current western economies and financial structures… so when the masks come off the future is going to be “Interesting” for a whole lot of people, and when the tears come the response inevitably is going to be a shrug and a “Deal with it!”

Many moons ago I had a crew on a job, the job turned out to be a lot more complex than it initially appeared, and on the other side of the coin was a large venture that was going nowhere until the job was done, and the gods of the costs of downtime started to rear their heads.

I went to the heads of the venture and laid it out, we can do it this way and the downtime bites you in the ass, or we can tear up the current agreement, work till be drop and it costs what it costs, but it is still far cheaper than the downtime, what do you want?

They said do it, so I pulled the crew together and laid it out and asked for any problems, they were not happy, so I asked how much an hour would make them happy, they said 3x the current hourly rate, I said OK, no argument, then two guys said actually I had promised to take the missus shopping tonight, it being a friday night, so I said if I take care of that too will you work.. the crew agreed. I also pulled in a few more casuals for the crew… know any mates who can do this and need some fast money?

The two women were sent taxis, all paid for, and sent to the local hypermarket, all shopping paid for, the other guys in the crew had (multiple) cases of beer brought to the site and placed in their vehicles.

Some one else turned up with copious quantities of cold soft drinks, cold water and smokes, all free, help yourself. Every three hours that person went off and returned with takeaway. A couple of cots were brought along and there is a place to lie down and relax for an hour or two as the need took you.

We worked basically 20 hours straight, which meant in one long day we did five days work, which saved three days downtime for the heads of the large venture, which was orders of magnitude larger than the increased labour costs they were looking at.

More to the point it was good quality work, very very good quality work.

I told the crew to go home and wash up, see you all in two hours at x bar.

I went to the heads of the large venture and we all went to the bank together, they drew a wad of cash and paid me, I went to the bar and doled out an appropriate wad for each guy on the crew.

Everyone was as happy as a pig in shit, even the wives were happy.

The heads of the large venture called me and invited me around for drinks, they were very impressed, liked my style, I told them that a very old man gave me some very good advice years ago about what it meant to be a good manager.

A good manager is a two way bullshit filter, he stops the guys on the shop floor being hassled by the upper management, and he stops the upper management having to deal with workers issues

They offered me a job on the spot, I said thanks but declined, they handed me their cards and said if ever I changed my mind.

I did not tell them the real reason I did not take the job, the other bit of advice from that guy, “Never work for anyone who knows less than you.

That came out of left field, but I think it is relevant to November 2012 just before the US elections and before the wheels fall off the circus car that is our western fiscal policy.

It would be hard to imagine people who know less than those currently at the wheel, and this is endemic across business and politics and finance.

The heads of the large venture never made the connect between the fact that they needed the services I provided, and the fact that most the of “grunt” employees were Filipino’s on peanuts.

That was 1988, and shit has gone downhill since then.

Commenter “aargonaut” above in the daily fail gets it, so very few do…

September 28, 2012

Greedy girls, gangbang sluts and betas..

… it’s one of those seedy areas of everyday urban life that chances are you have never been exposed to and so do not know exists…. that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, or that it is incredibly rare, or anything else…

…but like many other things, the advent of the internet doesn’t make them more prevalent, it just makes them dead easy to find… the Phil Lynott fan club is just a couple of clicks away, so is the Middle Wallop Swingers club.

One of the things the swingers clubs websites do is a thing called validation, where member 1423 says that member 1764 is a real person, that is a current photo of them, and the things we got up to when we met… 1764 then does the same for 1423, 1922 comes along and at least knows that 1764 and 1423 are real people and not wannabes etc.

Which is great, until you stumble across the phenomenon of the greedy girl, gangbang bitch, or old skool skanky slut, because the last 20 “validation” entries (all those that show) for their profiles and whiny “ooh this lady was so great to meet and so wonderful and genuine to fuck“, and these 20 entries start yesterday and go back maybe 30 days, maybe a month or two… and get this, these are the ones that the subject in question did not delete from their profile.

While in many ways the jury is still out on what the definitions of alpha and beta men are, the guys who queue up to fuck these skanks and then post praises about them, are nothing if not beta…. may I be one of many to supplicate myself at your skank cunt mistress…

On a personal anecdote basis, I have fucked teen porn sluts who would take 25 guys on in a gangbang, but I have done them one on one, and according to everything they said (yeah I know) and any other observable metric I fucked them better than all 25 guys put together… nor has this been a one off… I mention this because there appears to be some female hard wired sexual responses at work, rather than any individual female responses, quantity vs quality.

The greedy / gangbang sluts themselves are of course, it has to be said, deeply beta, because in real life you just have to see the sorts of guys they take on, out of the 25 for example to pick a random number, you can sorta see the attraction in three of em…

The reason I mention all this is the “alpha fucks, beta pays” mentality and meme that seems to be everywhere in the manosphere.. if you can get your cock wet you are an alpha, if you are always paying for supper for two and going home alone you are a beta… by definition, if you open your fucking eyes and look at the people involved, they may be fucking but none of those concerned is anything other than basement beta, nor were any of them ever alphas that fell off the perch at some time in the past and are now slumming it.

Now, you tell me the fucking difference between a skank ho slut who takes 25 different men in one go, and a skank ho slut who takes those men one at a time over the next three to four weeks?

You can see a difference? Because I can’t, except for very small and unimportant values of kink.

So, if these are all betas, then you are left with a quandary, because the single major identifying trait of an alpha, that they fuck a lot, has been show to be also heavily present in the beta end of the spectrum, and so the mere fact that that person fucks a lot can’t tell you a damn thing about whether they are alpha or beta.

Certainly, sex sells, always has done, so removing the sex sells element from “how to be an alpha” certainly wipes the board clean of the vast majority of those trying to tell us, because mainly they are trying to sell (to) us…

Maybe its a whole lot simpler, maybe alpha vs beta is nothing more complex than a long list of conditioned responses to certain scenarios, I don’t pretend to know, I do not even pretend to know if there even is such a thing as alphas and betas… sure I talk about the wimminz and niggerz being herd animals and the men being pack animals, but when those animals all live in a zoo, as we do in modern society…. all bets are off.

Is George Clooney alpha?  How about the recently deceased Neil Armstrong? He lived an utterly different on every level lifestyle to Clooney?  So any label that is applied to them both becomes by definition a broad and rather meaningless brush of low definition, “white yank guy”… that fits both of them too.

But I came into this with the statement that there is one hell of a lot more kinky sex going on in your local area than you know about, unless you are already one of the kinksters and swingers involved in the scene…

So, the woman working the checkout, the electrician, his wife, the newsagent, the woman serving coffee at the cafe, are they loser betas, or do they also partake in the swinging lifestyle and fuck like rabbits and become alphas, like superman changing his cape in a phone-box after work…

And how can THEIR status be dependent upon YOUR knowledge, or lack of knowledge, of them?



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