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December 18, 2011

Sluts, slags and slaves

I guess this was partly prompted by a comment on another article about the wimminz on PoF, and partly by events in my own life, but however we got here, we got here, so let us get on with it.

PoF is as far as I can determine the proverbial canary in the coalmine for the wimminz, because it is the biggest truly free dating site on the planet, in the same way that your local free ads newspaper was the canary in the coal mine for what your second-hand car was actually worth.

Time was you had an old Ford and the local free ads newspaper had very similar cars listed for 500 notes, you wanted 850, it wasn’t worth 850, but you wanted 850 to go towards another piece of junk, so what did you do?

You washed and waxed it, cleaned the interior, parked it in front of somewhere nice, took some flattering pictures, paid some money over and stuck it on the Autotrader website for 850 notes.

That is the “high-end” of the market, so likewise to pay for dating sites are the “high-end” where the cunt has been washed and waxed and propped in front of somewhere interesting and a flattering photo taken and an unrealistic but hopeful if a mug comes along ticket pice is put up… oh yeah, one careful owner, never ridden hard…lol

PoF is more the local free ads, not so much the “low-end” of the market, just the realistic end, Parkers guide, trade price on that used cunt.

You can kick the tyres, have a test drive, the lies about number of previous owners are half-hearted at best, you can have a good look and see what is beneath the wash and wax and have a look in the real world, no fancy backdrop, fancy lenses or fancy angles.

They may be asking 850 for the old clunker, but you and the seller both know the rag is littered with similar rides from 450 on down to free to a good home…. as soon as the seller realises you are not the misty eyed young mug with a pocket full of cash and no experience…

Bottom line is the wimminz has the profile on PoF, she is desperate to sell, because PoF is the free ads, gone are the days when she was eligible for the fancy dealer showroom on the turntable in the plate-glass window with 0 miles / cocks on the clock.

Gone are the days when it was worth a significant fraction of the new price as a trade in or “slightly used“.

Gone are the days when it was possibly worth spending even more money on accessories and maintenance and upkeep.

Gone are the days when she had that “new car” feel and smell, and the sense that you could run hard and fast all day without blowing the motor.

In fact the cunt / car analogy is so good….. that if you take the age of puberty or legal consent as being zero and treat everything before that as design, manufacture, shipping and delivery to the showroom, so the 16-year-old virgin and the 6 month old BMW are both sat there with the clock sat at ZERO, and it only starts ticking when the car is bought or the girl is fucked, it gets to be a very very good analogy indeed.

My car is currently 20 and a bit years old, so to a wimminz that would equal 20 + 16 = a 36-year-old wimminz.

I drive a classic german diesel, it was horrendously expensive when new, literally one of the last ones made where everything under the bonnet was all precision mechanical engineering with nary a computer chip in sight, and a combination of luck and a handful of conscientious owners means it / she drives today better than most new cars with 0 miles on the clock.

And yet, the cash value of my car, despite the quality of the ride, despite the class, despite the reliability, despite the comfort, despite the security, despite the safety, despite the status, despite the handful of careful owners, is basically the old clunker value, because nothing takes away from the fact that it is, after all, a fucking twenty year old car, or in wimminz terms a 36-year-old…. it doesn’t matter how classy and refined and cared for and how few owners, at 36, that wimminz is an old clunker.

THIS is the Wil-e-coyote moment, when the wimminz realise that no matter how much they looked after themselves, no matter how few cocks they rode or how few kids they had, they are the equivalent of a 20 year old car.

So lets take my analogy further, a 20 year old girl, been on the sexual market for 4 years in theory, 6 in practice, 3 kids by 3 fathers, drinks, smokes, cheap ass DIY tattoos, rough as fuck. Subtract 16 fro 20 to get 4, but this is a 4 year old car that was bought as a taxi, and has been a taxi, three 8 hour shifts a day, in the city.

So we have one equivalet 20 year old car, and one equivalent 4 year old car, with the same “market value“, eg not a fucking lot, clunker territory.

Even the new car / young flesh can incredibly quickly become corrupted, but no matter what, not many years have to pass before the once proud new car is either someone’s slut, slag, or slave…. there are no other choices in a buyers market.

The wimminz on PoF broadly fall into two categories, those who realise and accept that they can be my slut, slag or slave, and those who do not, those who still think they can get 7,995 for that 20 year old clunker.

As the economic crises unravels and times get harder, that moment of truth is hitting more and more wimminz, and indeed the influx of the real rode hard and hung up wet fugly wimminz devalues the net worth of ALL wimminz on PoF.

Sure, you may only have had 30 cocks to her 300, you may only have had 1 kid to her 5, you may only have had 5 cheezeburgers to her 500, but put all that together and it only makes a small pile of beans, because she will do anything for free and pay for my room and coffee and diesel, so why would anyone pay you…. even 1 red cent.

When I have (and I do) women who are literally putting their hands in their own pockets and booking hotel rooms so that they can be my own personal slut / slag / slave for the night, and I am talking no holds barred kink, no mere ass to mouth, but bitches that will call me “master” and lick my asshole clean, and thank me for permission to do so, you just have to realise that to BEAT that a wimminz has to play every card she has, and play them cheaply and up front.

And if you think that all I can possibly be doing is fucking hideous skanky fat ho’s that nobody else wants to fuck, then you haven’t been paying attention, this is MALE HYPERGAMY at work, with every new wimminz that joins PoF the value of individual wimminz decreases, and I trade up, week by week by week.

So what’s it going to be girls, slut, slag or slave?

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