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November 29, 2013


First, go read this. Psychopathy

Then, go read this. 3 laws

Inevitably, the connotations of the word psychopath are negative, in much the same way as the word paedophile has negative connotations.

There are no “neutral” or “victim” connotations, such as you might get with the word autistic, and no positive connotations whatsoever.

By any useful definition of the word psychopath, lacking empathy, every robot ever built in Asimov’s worlds, and derivatives, would be psychopathic, as they lack empathy.

R Daneel was not human, and his apparent caring for humanity was just a figment of programming, he had no empathy.

Frankly speaking, we are no closer to being able to fabricate a positronic brain now than we were in the 50’s, but we are still as capable as we ever were of creating meat brains, we just cannot program them with the three laws at conception.

A positronic brain without three laws was postulated in at least one story, so this is in many ways analogous to the meat brain, so our definitions of empathy and psychopathy cannot rest upon a foundation of differentiating between a positronic brain and a meat brain, 4 legs good, 2 legs bad.

A corporation, or a government, may not be positronic, and may well be based upon a hive of meat based brains, but, by any useful definition of the word, these are psychopathic entities, and entities they are, for they all exist as legal persons and individuals, except when it comes to many areas of law that apply to actual individuals, you can’t put Apple in prison.

I have a friend who is studying psychology at the moment, and she has not yet reached the point where she realises that sooner or later you come across a point where you encounter circular logic, and you then face the stark choice of either accepting this, or rejecting the entire field as being logically flawed and bogus.

DMJ has a piece where he quite correctly points out that rickets is rickets is rickets, you can go to any country or location or culture on the planet, and the diagnosis, presence and treatment for rickets is the same… we in the western world are wealthy enough to avoid malnutrition, but if you impose malnutrition on one of us we will exhibit identical symptoms to some ethnic in bum fuck nowhere in the middle of the Kalahari… but so called psychological diseases like eating disorders do not exhibit universally, ergo they are not universal, ergo they are not diseases or illnesses, just precious stupid people being pandered to.

Yes, my friend faces a conundrum, to pass this course, she must not question the validity of the course material, it is rather like getting a physics degree and the only subject you are allowed to discuss is why the Free Energy Machine actually works, you aren’t allowed to do any empirical testing.

My physics teacher taught me an important lesson, in lab experiments where we would try to replicate basic physical principles, he prided himself on the fact that of the 30 pairs of bench voltmeters and ammeters handed out for experiments, only 25 of them were reliably accurate… the lesson was not to replicate the work of Ohm, the lesson was to be honest and report what you actually found, and THEN maybe try to diagnose why your results and Fred’s results were different.

Failing utterly to replicate, for example, Ohm’s, did not either mean a fail, or that you disproved Ohm, the purpose of the lesson was NOT to replicate, the purpose was not even to attempt to replicate, as in goal seeking, the purpose was to duplicate, if we could, and observe and report.

This is a principle that is not merely absent in my friend’s psych course, it is in fact the one guaranteed way to fail the course utterly.

Obtaining a degree is psychology or psychiatry is therefore more akin to passing the seminary exams and becoming ordained as a priest than to passing the 17th edition electrical exams and becoming a practising sparky…

The consensus required to get a passing mark is not the significant point, the ability to give the “right” answers to all the questions is not the significant point, the significant point is that *NOBODY* will fail the sparky course for asking the instructor how to go about verifying Ohm’s law in their own private study time…. *EVERYONE* will fail at the seminary for asking if Jesus actually exists, or at the psych course for asking if psychology has any actual validity without resorting to circular logic.

The *closest* any psychologist I know personally ever came to answering the question above about the three laws and psychopathy was someone who admitted that in fact the very definition of psychopathy was based upon the soul and empathy, a *hugely* ego- and anthro-pocentric viewpoint… my dog clearly has feeling and emotions but since it has no soul it cannot be a psychopath, or otherwise, you just cannot apply the test, 4 legs bad, 2 legs good…. “so, how does that make you feel as regards to the validity of your chosen field of psychology / psychiatry in comparison to, for example, a Zen or Buddhist approach to life and character and soul?”  and they don’t really want to talk to you any more…

It’s a bit like being stood in a secret family court being falsely accused by your psycho skank ho ex of domestic violence / sexual abuse / wanting to bugger the (under age) goldfish, you got no way forward unless you first admit that you are guilty of all this shit and need help, and those feelings of disgust, well, they are really feelings of shame, because you have these tendencies and you know it, even if you don’t know it, we do, because we are experts… now, repeat after me…

Shades of the Ian Watkins (Lostprophets) story…..  guy might have well as been as “psychopathic” as you like, but, he was also as dumb as a bunch of fucking rocks, as indeed was ever other GENUINE sexual offender I have ever come across, and indeed 99% of all criminals, and yet, we are CONSTANTLY told that all paedophiles are FEARSOMELY intelligent people.

Really, like Ian Watkins, who having plead guilty is a paedo, therefore he MUST be included in the category of “all paedos”, but the guy’s actions, as dumb as a fucking box of rocks… sends text/email to groupy, hey baby, when we meet next let’s fuck your 6 month baby old up the ass, we’ll do it in a hotel room, and I’ll video the crime, and make sure I get all my unique identifying marks and tat’s CLEARLY in focus for the camera.

Yeah, way to fucking go Einstein, I use more intellect than than when pushing my luck and doing 30 in a 20 zone.

And *who* tells us that these ass-holes are sooooo smart, and the likes of thee and me can’t even understand our own motives, much less the motives of these fearsomely intelligent psychopaths… well. that would be psychologists and psychiatrists of course.

It’s not like they could be lying to us, because that would mean they had no soul or empathy for us, which would make them……. hang on, my brain hurts, I’ll just stop thinking and do as I am told and assume that ***I*** am not smart enough to work this shit out, so I will just shut the fuck up and listen to and obey and trust these self appointed experts.

December 29, 2012

The rise of the internet.

I was an early adopter, fidonet / bbs’s and all that good shit.

Back then we knew the MSM (main stream media) was all “push” bullshit, and we thought we were at the cutting edge of the revolution and the new way forward.

Then all the “me too” AOL‘ers came online and fucked everything up for everyone, and what followed was useful evils like google and pernicious evils like facebook and linkedin, the dream was dead.

And then… well… then a funny thing happened, the sheer mass of people online exceeded the ability of the corporates to steer and control it.

It is a literal truth to state that certain news items come to my attention via discussions on swinging sites long before I ever encounter them on a MSM news site.

Then, as stated here, (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-12-28/what-america-really-thinks) there is the growing awareness that it doesn’t really matter who “they” are, “we” the great unwashed public, just don’t believe anything “they” say, or try to tell us, or try to inform us of, or try to educate us about, or try to sell us etc.

It’s not how we early adopters predicted things would turn out, not by any means, but this mass jaded apathy and cynicism is no bad thing.

“They” can no longer run any kind of article about divorce or the family courts or domestic violence and have a comment section that is not over-run with men saying it is all bollocks.

In typical bolting the stable door weeks after the horse has bolted fashion, the powers that be are trying to impose curbs and filters and controls on the bits of this new network that so far remain in their control, to whit, the internet connection from your house to the backbone and back.

But they watch what happened in north Africa and shit themselves, nearly three years ago now I bought a Samsung Galaxy S1 smartphone, I didn’t need no stinking internet, I didn’t even need no stinking 2/3g connection.

I didn’t need those things because I was carrying around a device the size of a packet of cigarettes with Star Trek capabilities, that would charge from any USB source, that would on demand operate as its own wifi hotspot and share files between similar devices, no need for swapping SD cards or bluetooth transfers, any fucking thing with wifi.

Three years later I have the third iteration of that device.

What I have, basically, is what we used to call sneakernet.

It was an old saying, never under estimate the bandwidth of a holdall full of backup tapes, and in actual fact it is as true today as it was in the dawn of the digital age.

Never under estimate the bandwidth of millions of people walking around with hand held devices that can exchange files trivially between themselves once they are within a few metres of each other…. sure, the latency and ping times are a bastard, but latency and ping times don’t mean a fucking thing when it comes to text based discussion and information sharing.

We knew that back in the fidonet / BBS days.

I was reminded of this by something my mother said a couple of days ago, my bro is literally on the other side of the planet, so he sends me an SMS message, and it gets to me in a couple of minutes.

When I was a lad a letter used to take two weeks to do that journey, par avion, (fuck it, it used to take three days to fly from London to Singapore, and we thought that was fast… it took 28 days by fast liner) and if that wasn’t good enough you could send a very similar message to an SMS, but it was called a telegram, and it cost a lot of money, and it still often took a day or two, or sometimes even more…. I was in Africa when a family member died, it was this time of year, by the time I got the telegram the family member had already been buried.

The last big fuckup we had in Europe was Yugoslavia, but as recent as it was, it was before the smartphone revolution, before Windows95, before “the internet” as the AOL’ers knew it.

Fast forwards to Egypt and Libya and even those populations with minimal smartphone market penetration and the revolution is utterly transformed by the ability of these devices to form ad hoc mesh sneakernet networks…

The gap between Yugoslavia and Libya is far far far smaller, technologically, than the gap between Libya and your average western school-yard today.

The genie is well and truly out of the bottle, you could literally pull the plug on ALL internet and 3G systems in the UK and while it would cause uproar, data would still flow, and while ping and latency would be atrocious, I’d say 8 hours tops for anything meme-worthy to transit from one end of the country to the other.

You can’t un-ring a bell, and you can’t put this technology away again once Pandora opens her box.

Samsung, for example, may have intended “bump to share” as a fun little feature to drive sales by allowing people at a social event to take and share pictures etc on the spot, but then again the internet was intended to route around damage in traditional switched networks in the event of a nuclear war, and we see how that turned out.

August 31, 2012

Ship of fools

Apart from being a rather good Robert Plant song, as well as an increasingly relevant and poignant sixties film, originally it was a 15th century oil painting by Bosch.

Thing is, the great thing about classics and art is that the more you absorb, the more you realise that nothing, not the microchip, modern warfare, screw thread, plastics, nano-materials, agriculture, transport, space flight, NOTHING changes basic human nature.

You could invent a time machine, pluck Machiavelli from the past and air drop him into modern western politics and a week later he would be calling the fucking shots and defining the spin / propaganda of today… same goes for all the sycophants and hangers on.

The jaded and weak will look at all this, shake their heads, and mourn that there is no hope for humanity, and maybe we need another dinosaur killer impact.

I disagree, I see this and see instead a dynamic system, a natural system, that is evolved not only to ensure that all possible avenues are always explored and niches populated, but also a system that is by design inherently unstable and therefore subject to regular radical change, and therefore stimulus.

Of course, this is the macro view from 1,000 miles up, with a time frame where years = seconds, and in the micro view it sucks donkey balls if you are one of the individuals that gets to take it up the ass, so that some other individual has someone who they can fuck up the ass.

Given that what is good for the whole on the macro scale is of necessity bad for certain individuals within that whole on the micro / individual scale, it follows that the programming and design of each individual that makes up the whole is going to be compliant with the process.

This means that while there may be individual exceptions (which again serve the purposes of the macro) such as Michaelangelo and Tesla, on the whole the sheeple should be, well, sheeple, not cursed with the ability or disposition to think things through too much.

You see, too many individual and informed and thinking players will screw the game up as a whole, and we see this in every single area of human endeavour, artificial man made rules are put in place to ensure that the game as a whole does not suffer.

It can be a sports team, or a company making widgets, or an army, or a socio-econo-political system, always, without exception, all the individuals are penalised by rules for limiting the scope of individual informed thinking and choice.

For every Ghostrider who can actually ride like a motherfucker, there are a million like me, who are merely adequate in our ability to control our vehicles…

Just 50 Ghostriders a day using the 118 mile stretch of the M4 motorway to commute between Bristol and London would leave it looking like fucking Beirut in the 80’s, THEY would be fine and get to their destinations every day on schedule, doing the trip in 45 minutes, everyone else would be either in a pile up, or negotiating one, and the two hour nominal journey would take four or five hours, assuming you actually made it in one piece.

So we put in place rules, rules which don’t really affect the sheeple that much, maybe we are limited to 70 when our actual driving ability would top out at 90, and we simply don’t have the balls or skill to do any of the other stunts involved in sustained high speed riding, but these rules totally cripple the informed and thinking and truly able players from using their abilities.

Sometimes, when the shit hits the fan and the wheels fall off the wagon and the rules and structures disappear without a trace, sometimes, along comes someone with that exceptional ability, and suddenly you have an Audie Murphy.

Pick HIM up from the past and drop him into the 2012 US Army in afdiggastan and it is only a question of time before he gets shitcanned straight out of the stockade.

There is no room for a Wozniac or Gates in today’s IBM, any more than there was 30 years ago.

By now, my regular readers, who will know how I think, will be if not one step ahead of me but at least prepared for me to draw parallels between those who mourn the state of humanity today and consider a dino killer to be no great loss to the planet, and those who morn the state of the beta provider male and consider a total societal reset to be no great loss to the planet.

They both miss the point.

The point is that if you are an individual with the ability to inform themselves and have independent thought and reason to guide your actions, you have one of three choices;

  1. Stick your head above the parapet and get it shot off.
  2. Keep your head below the parapet and wait in hope for a SHTF moment when control ends so you can shine.
  3. Devise your own third path.

As we can see from the above observations about the Ghostrider et al, taking the third way entails the following restrictions…

  1. It is NOT an answer for the sheeple majority, it can only ever be an answer for the minority.
  2. It is only good if you studiously avoid BOTH scenarios #1 and #2 above, in EVERY aspect of your life.
  3. It is only good if you do not pine for the camaraderie of #1 above, or the glory of #2 above.

It’s a bit like the pic on the right… (from a pay per porn site teaser)

Yes, Mr Black Stud has a monster cock that is 11″ long…

Well, provided you stick the end of the tape in his asshole, if you notice that the root of the TOP of his cock is at the 4″ mark on the tape, then 11 – 4 = 7″, which ain’t bad, but it certainly ain’t huge or worthy of note.

The first way is be one of the sheeple who pays for that site, despite the fact that the promo pic is a lie, so everything else inside is gonna be a lie too.

The second way is to try to be the guy in the pic, the porn star.

The third way is to neither patronise the site with your money, nor the porn sluts with your cock, but to sign up to PoF and fuck up the ass the wives of all the guys who are taking the first way while dreaming of being the second.

While ensuring that at no point do you either find yourself sharing a parapet with types #1 and #2

September 11, 2011

EnvironMENTALism and Feminazism.

Now, while it is a truism that as you get older you gain in experience, and you gain in knowledge, it is also true that your intelligence does not also continue to grow.

I attribute about 25% of my intelligence to innate ability, and the other 75% to the fact that from the age of 0 to the age of 7 my brain was taught to be inquisitive and to observe and puzzle things out, this I owe to my parents, who provided the environment I grew up in.

From the age of 7 the mould was cast, and with more practice I may have continued to grow my intellect up to the age of 16 or so, at which point it pretty much levelled off, and all the apparent gains since then are really down the the ever increasing amount of knowledge and experience that I gain year by year. Grist to the mill.

If we assume that IQ is a valid measure of intelligence, which is a moot point, we know that by default the average intelligence is by definition an IQ of 100, and we can say that me being an arrogant bastard I will place my IQ at 125.

Going from the above it means that 25% of that, or IQ 31, is the raw computing power I was born with genetically, and the remaining IQ 94 comes from a combination of training that raw computing power and feeding it an ever accumulating pile of data and experience.

If I had had less nurturing parents, instead of gaining 94 IQ points I might only have gained half that, 47, which added to my born with 25 would give me an IQ of 72, or considerably below average intelligence.

Obviously this is a bit like human diet and height, if you make people progressively dumber year on year, by definition the average IQ of 100 will represent a progressively dumber but still average intellect individual. (and there is an inverse correlation between intelligence and obesity)

As I look around me today, I am reminded of the film “Idiocracy” which if you have not seen, go out and rent it, allegedly a comedy but in fact almost a documentary, people today are a lot dumber on average than they were when I was a small boy.

I often tell people to go and read about the Tolpuddle Martyrs, and especially the quote from George Loveless, a fucking common farm labourer, in 1834, and by God it blows away anything a farm labourer in 2011 could write, even with the internet and the benefit of 11 years of compulsory schooling in a modern technological society.

In short, irrespective of the initial potential supplied by nature, the very rapid changes in nurture since I was a boy to the present day have clearly had a profound effect on intelligence.

As you all know, I bang skank ho’s for a hobby, and this means I come into contact with a lot of todays kids, in their own homes where they are most relaxed, and I have to tell you, they are as dumb as fucking turds…. I have to emulate Beavis and Butthead in order to have any form of meaningful conversation with them, if I try to have anything even remotely approaching a conversation that I would have had at 16, invariably within three sentences out of my mouth I have said at least two things that completely went over their heads, they never heard of it, or anything even remotely related to it, they have an iphone and ipod and itunes, because they are cool, but have never heard of Jobs or Wozniak or the Apple ][ or Mac or anything else.

So I talk to them about this, and they do know for a fact that they literally did not learn one single fucking thing in their 11 years of compulsory schooling, and it pisses them off…. that 25% raw materials I mentioned before is smart enough to know it has been kept in the dark and fed on shit, and to resent it and the entire planet for it bitterly.

Incidentally this is how I get to fuck young chicks, compared to “my era” average IQ of 100, they are around IQ 75, even though that is today’s IQ 100, and that means just smart enough to find a clever older man interesting and sexy, a clever man their own age would be a cunt… go figure.

And as we all (we being you reading this, because chances are you have seen the same shit going down and formed the same opinions of it) know this decline has gone hand in hand with the rise in feminazism… Achtung Herren


What we actually have is a correlation between feminazism and a general lowering of intelligence, the more areas of society that feminazism penetrates then the more areas that are dumbed down and the increasing downwards pressures on intellect.

And what do we have rising alonside feminazism and lowering intellect? Why, we have all the environmental / greenie / tree hugging motherfuckers, “nucular” power is teh evil etc….

And so it is that after Fukushima, Germany, once known as the greatest technical and engineering nation on the planet, not exactly known for earthquakes since it does not reside on any tectonic plate boundaries, and not exactly known for tsunamis since it has fuck all coastline, just ups and closes all it’s nuke power stations due to popular demands, and commissions a bunch of coal burning plants, which, since coal contains many trace elements including pitchblende, which WE learned about in school (Mme Curie) which contains many lovelies such as rare earths, lead, thorium and mainly uranium oxides, the net result is that coal power plants produce and release more “nucular” pollution than nuke plants, much, much, much more, plus all the other noxious shit and particulate matter.

So we have people today who are too ignorant to know that extremely long half life = very low level radiation, but extremely short half life = very high level radiation, complaining about “nucular” waste that will be “dangerous” 10,000 years from now. I’m going to close this piece with an informative graphic at the bottom.

I quite like the way it starts, correctly comparing the radiation dose received by living within 50 miles of an operating nuclear plant for one year, with an equivalent we can all relate to, EATING ONE FUCKING BANANA.

Incidentally, wind farms are legally exclusion zones, you are not allowed anywhere near them, perhaps you sort of knew that, but never thought about it, well think on this, all the wind power installed in the UK has a peak theoretical generating capacity of around 8% of Fukushima, but add all the exclusion zones together and they exceed the current Fukushima exclusion zone in area.

Anyway, back to the plot.

“Carbon tax”, when I was at school I was taught that “Organic chemistry” was the study of chemistry that included the carbon atom as a component in the reactions. When I left school and went home I would watch Spock and Bones in Star Trek series one talk about carbon based life forms, and the next day at school we would hear some more about the Carbonaceus period of pre-history.

With the dumbing down of society that feminazism has accompanied, if not directly caused, you aren’t going to find many people who can relate to what I am saying here, if you can they will probably be male and 50+

By reason of my sex, I have been excluded from raising my own kids, and excluded from any mentoring of any other kids in any educational setting too, because let’s face it the facts of the matter are that feminazism has always seen men as evil, and sought to place barriers between us and impressionable young minds for fear that we would infect them with the fucking ability to think and reason for themselves, aka brainwashing to the feminazis, so that they can keep the kids dumb and brainwashed, aka liberated to the feminazis.

The end result is not the world we have today, this is just the overture, but already we have reached a stage where the things I talked about above have come to pass, and we have reached a place not only where my own considerable practical technical skills and experience are not merely insufficient to get me a job because nobody wants those skills, but there is also nobody I can pass those skills on to, and as I know from my own first hand experience, (for want of a nail the kingdom was lost) the only possible way to acquire those skills is by being apprenticed to a master for several years, and ideally growing up with one of those masters being your own father so you started absorbing that shit at ago 0 and by the time you were 7 you had absorbed more about the subject by osmosis than the modern university book learning asshole knows by the time they leave uni with a degree.

My knowledge and skills are going to die with me.

In *theory* I have enough years left to train a bunch of apprentices and students to the point where they are smart enough to not cut their own hands off and safe enough to start actually learning and accumulating their own experience ready to pass on, in theory I could wait five years to start doing it and still have enough time, which would just about allow enough time for this system to crash, and suddenly realise they need men with skills to rebuild.

But here is the kicker.

What the fuck is this new society going to bribe me with, given that it will be largely based on the cunts who stole my own fucking children from me, and lacking a time machine that can’t be put right.

Wall to wall teen pussy?

Fuck, I get enough now, and I get time to kick back and enjoy it and myself, and frankly I’m quite happy to spend the rest of my days continuing to kick back and enjoy myself and not give a fuck, and most of all, NOT TAKE ON ANY MORE RESPONSIBILITIES!

What’s that? Get someone younger than me, you mean someone in their thirties, a child of the eighties, a child of the feminazi world, a child from a broken home, a child who went to dumbed down schools, and a child who should by rights already have benefitted from the apprenticeship to someone one generation older than him, eg the likes of me… sorry, won’t cut it.

I’m a man, I have bred, my DNA imperitive has been met.

Doesn’t matter how desperate YOU get, MY priorities are no longer yours.

Society shit on me, I’ll be remembering that until the day I die.

Now I will ask you again, what do you have to bribe me with, that I want or can use?

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