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February 2, 2018

Nacho Vidal

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I’ll be honest, I’d entirely forgotten about the guy, or his forums, until he popped up on the comments in the Promises post, and basically demanded with menaces that I take down a post I made in 2014

Seems the guy is utterly against bullying, unless it is him doing it, and utterly for free speech, unless it is something he doesn’t like.

While it may be tempting to character assassinate the twat, on the one hand life is too short, and on the other hand I couldn’t hope to do as much damage to his credibility as he does himself, which brings us on to an entirely separate but related subject, who is the man behind the mask on a website / forum / blog?

Contrary to nacho’s belief I have in the past met in the flesh people whose online persona was exactly like his, bring friends, bring knives, bring guns, bring a nurse, bring a camera, and yet without exception in the flesh all they wanted to do was shake my hand and be my friend.

It took a while for the penny to drop on that one, without an online adversary they are just a lonely voice in the dark, I was actually doing them a huge favour, in effect legitimizing them and giving them purpose and meaning….

… but, I have also met many many many others, the “bring friends and I am still going to fuck you up” types are a very small minority, so unless you have met them in the flesh and for some time, the person behind the blog / forum / website is an enigma, and while we can speculate, it’s dead easy to be dead wrong.

  1. There are people like me here, anonymous for various reasons, but those reasons are all a variation upon “my identity has nothing to do with my message” and “I have no wish to sign up to future unknown complications when databases such as fuckbook and google and amazon cross reference this shit to my real life”
  2. There are people who are anonymous for legal reasons, whether it be an NDA or the simple fact that they would get sacked if what they posted ever got back to their employer.
  3. There are people who are anonymous for Tyler Durden reasons, multiple users or posters that wish to be seen as a group.
  4. There are people who are anonymous for dishonest or nefarious reasons, usually it’s just a case of follow the fucking money.
  5. There are people who are anonymous for entrapment purposes.
  6. There are people who are anonymous for “credibility” reasons, if they were outed their identity and circumstances might cast doubt on their entire message.
  7. You get the picture, I could add many many many more to this list, but off the top of my head I have met all of the above in real life in some circumstances or other.

What I have NEVER understood is the fact that any given person can conceive of the possibility that the 9 year old girl you are hoping to meet for sex is in reality a couple of ugly po-po ready to throw your ass in jail, yet they seem unable to conceive of the possibility that the guy whose ass you are going to kick is also nothing like the “weaker and wimpier than you” pansy you think he is… either you accept that identity is vague and fluid, or you do not, you don’t get to apply it where it suits.

I was related a story of two small groups of people who met in the flesh and got into a fight, both were law enforcement from different districts, one had spent the past six months pretending to be a young child up for sex, the other had spent six months pretending to be someone who could procure young children up for sex, so one day they meet in the flesh, the penny drops, and violence kicks off because the “other lot” have just wasted six months of “this lot”‘s time and resources.

I myself back in the day was a small independent ISP, did the whole hosting thing and all the usual services, and one day some dweeb who was a small time customer of mine with a half a dozen vanity domains, so I knew ALL about them, decides to pick a fight with me on one of the support / discussion forums, of course *he* claimed *he* was on close terms with the admin and so he knew all about me and if I did not reel my fucking neck back in, he’d post all my personal details and kick my ass and see that I was banned from the server…. I just ignored the twat as technically he wasn’t breaking any of the rules I had in place, but two other three other users tried to warn him, what happened them was utter hilarity, they were of course just sockpoppets and so on and so forth, until one day about 2 months later the penny dropped, and I had a very timid phone call from the guy, apologizing for everything, making a million excuses as to why it wasn’t his fault, and could I please delete all the offending posts by him… he got really upset when I said no, why should I, go back and read the rules again, these were unmoderated groups…

So yes, it’s difficult, even when some people choose to “out” themselves and show a picture and personal details and all the rest, you still have no way of knowing if there is any truth in it.

So all that is left is all there ever was, which is that it is REALLY FUCKING HARD to build a website / forums / blog / whatever that has any credibility at all, it takes LOTS of time and COMPLETE consistency and by definition the entire body of work is open to anyone and everyone to critique?

“How come you need donations and $200 a week to run this website, I know for a fact it’s hosted on go daddy / fasthosts and you’re paying 50 bucks a year max?”

“well, it’s 2 bucks a week for the website itself, and 198 bucks a week for me to cover my electric and food and gas and so on”

OK, so you think you have the RIGHT to sit on your ass and earn a living from this website… entitled much?

Compared to things like Sam’s Laser Faq, which is an ENORMOUS body of work and utterly free you have an uphill struggle to explain that away, like the dizzy bitch in this post, she apparently honestly thinks she has the RIGHT to make a living by being a parasite off the backs of other people’s effort.

I should make it clear that I have never met Nacho Vidal, I do not think we have ever even emailed privately, and all I know of his was the forums he ran (into the ground) but beyond that I know nothing, he could be a Tyler Durden, he could be a 9 year old girl, hell, he could be a bot, the language and arguments haven’t developed any on the past four years, and I say all that to make clear two things;

1/ Anything I do say about him is speculative, I do not know him from Adam.

2/ Judging people by their own actions and their own words is a million miles away from saying anything about the individual(s) behind the monicker.

So Nacho, those words and that post you object to so strongly… WHY? they are YOUR words verbatim copied and pasted from your own forum farewell / suicide message.

WHY NOW? Why wait for four years, it is that you just realized some new monetisation scheme is at risk because it contains a record, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, of your last forum suicide note?

LOGIC boy, learn some fucking logic, you can’t slag someone off for being a coward for hiding behind the anonymity of a wordpress blog when YOU YOURSELF hide behind godaddy and shit.

The fact that this is FREE and your was PAID only matters to users if you are trying to monetise shit, it’s real hard to lie about the racks of servers you own running a site with a wordpress.com domain.

Threatening to report me because my free speech hurts your feeling just brands you, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, as a fucking hypocrite of the first degree.

A complete and utter lack of any logical response, explanation or counter argument to your forum suicide post of four years ago as mentioned here is just going to make everyone thing you do not have any explanations or excuses, you just want it expunged, and why would you want that, unless you were embarking on another “pay me for my time” monetisation scam?

For your information, automattic, the parents of wordpress, have a pretty turned on attitude to free speech, unless you can point to immediate threats of violence (oh, wait, that was done my you to me in the comments) or other illegal behaviour, they most don’t care about whiny little bitches… if you feel you have a case there ain’t nothing stopping you filing a writ and having your day in court… if the court upholds your case automattic will quite correctly abide by the court’s decision.

BTW I used to work on the backbone, [redacted] is a virgin media IP address from the lewisham exchange, and when I say worked on the backbone I mean telindus trained and worked in the virgin regional NOC’s, so I KNOW what names and contact details to put down on a writ, can you say threats of violence and harassment nacho?

I got ZERO time for that shit, but stupid little boys like you who get 2 chips short at the BK and then start screaming for the senior manager because you have rights, don’t you know who I am, I’ll cost you your job bitch, and all the rest of it… just annoy me like the angle biting shits that you are.

ALL you have achieved is to bring a name and forum that was forgotten in the past to the forefront, and proved beyond all doubt that you are the same annoying hypocrite asshole you were 4 years ago.

Pity you didn’t get this blog shut down yesterday, as you threatened, innit.


PS comments locked for this post.

January 30, 2018

Promises, promises

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I have a lot of current promises that I have made in my life, I have an ongoing promise to pay the landlord of the home I rent every month, in UK law that is an assured shorthold tenancy, it means at any time I can give 1 month notice to quit, or the landlord can give 2 months notice to quit, even if the rent is paid and all terms of the lease are kept… I also have a business lease of a business / industrial unit, those leases are slightly different, they typically run 3/5/6/8/9 years, unless there is a break clause you sign up for the full term, and if you comply with all the terms and pay the rent you can stay as long as you like, the landlord can’t give you notice to quit, but they are both basically promises to make regular payments in exchange for something of value.

I have a promise to keep my vehicles safe and legal and insured, I have a promise to drive and operate them safely, I have various promises to pay for utilities, of course I also make various other promises, to obey the law, to not dump waste motor oil in the street, the list goes on.

Not all promises are a form of credit, at work the electricity is provided and then I pay every set period whatever the meter reading says, but the rent is paid in advance, the important point is they are all promises, I ***WILL*** do this thing.

A lot of my promises are covered by contract law, somewhere there is a piece of paper with my signature on it, and sometimes this is itself overly complex, a business lease *can* run to 50 or 60 pages, to me it is bollocks, I’m paying because ***I*** said I would, not because the terms in some contract make it so that I am legally liable, but I realise that that is a strictly personal viewpoint, and unless you know me personally that and a buck will buy you a coffee.

The important takeaway here is that you can have a pretty good stab at defining >95% of what I do by listing all the various promises I make, and >95% of what I am by how well I keep them.

Think on that for a minute.

Typically as a human male much / many / most (YMMV) of my interactions with the “fairer “sex is in reality nothing more than them attempting to induce me to take on a whole new set of promises, with a heavy dose of the shaming if I falter at the jump, a real man would have leapt proudly into the chasm…

Much of the schism is modern life can be attributed to promises, sure, I’ll promise to marry you and go out and earn money, but it’s the flipside that is gone, the thing you got in exchange for your promise, the house cleaned, a cooked meal on the table, and sex on demand.

The coloured text above, I trust you really did stop and think about that for a bit, well, the coloured text is why I am reluctant to make promises, and always have been, because there is a real and finite limit to the amount of promising I can do in my life, provided I aim to keep them.

If I don’t and my word ain’t worth shit then sure, I can make a million of them and every promise I make from then on until I die is worthless.

But if >95% of what I do and what I am is defined by promises, the inverse has to be true too, if you know someone who broke a promise then you can define >95% of what they do and what they are, and yes, that is some harsh shit, but lets be fair, a lifetime cock count of 3 or less is some harsh shit to define a wimminz with too.

Just because it is some harsh shit doesn’t make it wrong though.

My young life as a child contained a lot of do not do this because it is BAD, and the scale and scope of the bad was nebulous and beyond my comprehension, but the folks took it seriously enough and said it often enough that even though you had no idea what that unseen thing was, you knew it was BAAD, real fucking BAAAD… uncomfortable to even think about it BAAAAD.

Concepts that I could sort of grasp were associated with these BAD things, sort of grasp, but even so they were as scary as fuck, things like “No son of mine” and being “disowned” and being “kicked out and sent to the orphanage” so the BAD things in question were much worse than this, because this was just the immediate cost of doing them.

Today in 2018 promises are treated as either some quaint anachronistic victorian crap, or something that are a sign that your lawyers weren’t smart enough to get you out of on a technicality.

We could, and we do, and I do here, go on about all sorts of decline in society and the economy and suchlike, but somewhere in every single piece of that is the missing concept of the promise.

*****YOU**** read this blog because there is an unspoken promise that whatever is said here is said fairly honestly and openly in stream of consciousness fashion, an unspoken promise it’s not some bait and switch to get your eyeballs on a sponsored ad, an unspoken promise that the author isn’t going to use anything you say or read against you.

Just about every mammal on the planet has some innate concept of “fair” but two monkeys in a cage, give one a subdermal RFID chip, put in a switch that dispenses peanuts, program it so that it takes switch activation and proximity of the chip to dispense, you’ll see what happens… the concept of fair will be revealed…  then change the rules, so it takes switch activation and no proximity of the chip, and you’ll see what happens.. the concept of a broken promise will be revealed.

Women and men as creatures had many flaws, but for all their flaws they were a thing, and in the majority of cases you could be assured that the thing would stay being the thing.

WHATEVER is behind it, from Bernaise and his “torches of freedom” women smoking protest to legalise women smoking in the states back in the day, right up to today and mansplaining and meetoooo and all the other shit, wimminz were the ones targeted first and foremost to become creatures whose promises were worthless, because that was a great way to socially engineer men.

At that point it doesn’t really matter if the only motive behind it all was to make men buy Marlboro smokes, all that matters is you attacked the very foundation of what homo sapiens was, and so (Bernaise again) propaganda was rebranded as public relations, and next thing you know wimminz are convinced they need an audi convertible and it doesn’t matter who gets thrown under the bus or what promises are broken along the way.

Release the memo doesn’t mean shit, because “How do you tell if a politician is lying?” – “their lips move” the fact is no matter what the content, it isn’t going to bring back trust in them, no politician alive today has kept their promises.

OH, but they CANNOT, they WANT to, but they CANNOT, so IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT.

Well, fuck you and the horse you rode in on, it’s up to each individual to not make promises that they can’t keep, if you’re not logically and morally convinced that short of a major national catastrophe you can keep it, DO NOT FUCKING MAKE IT.

Nor are you allowed to engineer a set of circumstances where you can get out of it, sorry, war with the norks and putin hacked siri, all bets are off.

As alluded to in yesterday’s post, the state used to make a promise that sooner or later they would catch a burglar, and they would deal with them, and protect society from them, and in exchange individuals had no excuse and no reason to go all vigilante and break their own promise to society to be all peaceable like…

95% of what you are and what you do applies to everyone and everything, no exceptions, be it the po-po or trump or clinton or climate change “scientists” or anything else, and it’s a one way street, you can be 55 and never have a black mark from the last 30 years except for that one bad thing you did 30 years ago, and I will never forget that bad thing you did 30 years ago.

Sure, the last 30 years of blemish free existence means something, it does, I will not deny that, but what it means is you’re maybe 50% of the way back to what you were before you did that thing 30 years ago, if you just shrug and accept that judgement for what it is and deal with it, OK, I got some time for you, anything else I got none, because you’re just pissed off with the consequences of your misdeed, you don’t actually think you did wrong…. you’re just trying to to get any kind of finance so you can drive the car you want despite your bad credit because you defaulted on something way back.

Cry me a fucking river, NOBODY has a worse credit rating than me, getting on for 60 and never even HAD credit in the first fucking place, how do you think all your excuses about needing a car and this high interest liar loan is the only way for you and it’s not your fault if only people would wipe the slate clean and give you yet another chance sound to people like me?

Though I say so myself, I am one INTELLIGENT motherfucker, but the fact is I am not smart enough to partake in all that shit and keep it straight and keep it flying, I know that…. how do YOU expect a different result to the one I might expect?

You WANTING or NEEDING some shit RIGHT NOW doesn’t change that calculation any in your favour, it just loads the dice even more against you.

What fucks me and others off is WHEN that shit comes to pass, THEN you want to socialise and amortise your personal losses with me, like I was in any way party to your promises that you broke.

Fuck you. I *promise* not to take it up the ass without resisting.

January 29, 2018

Deep Anal on Fleabay

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Many many moons ago I was both a user and an avid fan of fleabay, fifteen years ago it has to be said it was fucking awesome, doing exactly what it said on the tin, and connecting buyers and sellers… I bought and sold everything from vehicles down to small stuff, and from memory don’t have any regrets.

Some time later I even embarked on using it as the basis of a business / regular income, and that worked too for a while, but the whole being nickel and dimed to death by fees was rearing its head, so the writing was on the wall.

Last week I was looking for two or three things, so for the hell of it fired up fleabay, it seemed to be a roughly even three way split;

  • stuff that not so much looked like it should be sent to the dump, as looking like it was found on the dump, being advertised for insane prices.
  • stuff that nobody in their right mind would buy used, like electrical MCB’s and other components, for way too much money, but still not enough to justify listing fees etc
  • stuff that isn’t up for auction at all, allegedly new direct from supplier, but vastly overpriced.

basically everything that made ebay awesome and PERSONALLY USEFUL AS A RESOURCE 15+ years ago has been killed in the name of monetizing everything possible, and now we have fleabay, no longer fit for purpose…. it’s a good place to go to get ripped off by people who think a rusty body shell is worth 10k, or a 1975 capacitor is worth 1.99….

I see a lot of parallels to this in other areas of life and society, we’re sucking the soul out of everything in the name of profits NOW, and I am not just talking about ways of doing business, I am also talking about the people themselves.

If you’re just out there to milk the shit out of everyone you provide services to as a book keeper / accountant, then why waste any time or effort getting any skills or knowledge or competence, all that counts is billing people, because that’s where your income comes from, the invoice, not the work it is supposed to be based on, because THAT is a cost source.

For example I can go to the police.uk website, pick an area, pick a month, and see what crimes were reported, and what the outcome was… in my area as a resident and business owner things like burglary concern me, and what I see is case after case after case that basically gets dropped, I don’t see any where a suspect was detained, charged and prosecuted.

If I was a crook, I wouldn’t just be using fuckbook to identify local talent, I’d also be using the police website to identify the risk of me being caught, and apparently around here the answer to that is “fuck all” so basically you have to turn everything into a zombie apocalypse and burglar proof fort knox…. and that shit costs time and money, even if you are an engineer and can realistically consider building your own jail to live and work inside…. po-po used to have 3 levels of response to intruder alarms, now they have two, one level is a response, if they have any units available etc, and if you haven’t had more than three “false” alarms in the past 12 months, and by “false” they mean they eventually turn up and can’t see anything amiss, so easy enough to hack / engineer that into invalidity, and the other level is no response, not even if someone rings in to say the alarm across the road has been going off for 6 hours, when seconds count, po-po are only days away….

… so it’s not like you can take a “fire door” approach and build a security system that DELAYS the criminals long enough to get nabbed, hence my earlier comment about the zombie apocalypse scenario.

The other thing is even failed attempts to get in cost you money, invariably they break or damage stuff in the attempt, and very little of this stuff is built to be repaired in modules or sections, nah mate, you need a whole new shutter door system innit… the car analogy being they try to jimmy the door locks and ignition to steal your car, manage to gain entry and damage both locks, but the car is still there, so the response is to scrap the whole fucking car and buy an entirely new one.

Then they start on the upselling, here is level 0, your insurers won’t give a fuck if you fit that or lace curtains, level 1 well it’s OK, level 2 is better, level 3 is “approved” by po-po (remember, those guys who won’t turn up anyway) level 4 is for VIP’s, blah blah blah….  yeah, some 30 x 12 flat bar and some 20 mm round bar and a stick welder and you can make something pretty damn secure, go up to 50 x 25 flat bar and 30 mm dia bar and even the shit with the portable battery disk cutter better bring several spare batteries, and you can always weld the fucker up again if it suffers any damage.

level 3 is just a 99 buck ebay garden gate with a sticker on it that says police approved security product and some rebranding that increases the list price to 950 bucks, that “police approval” and a buck will get you a coffee…. and like the 3.99 watch you bought on vacation, all the literature will talk about how it will “resist” shit like hacksaws and bolt cutters and so on, nary ever any mention of the battery disk cutter, but that resist means as much as me “resisting” the temptation to bang some 16 year old slut with big tits and spread legs saying do me daddy, do me in the ass… it’s good for 15 seconds maybe… and that’s on video, in ideal circumstances.. at all other times maybe 2 seconds.

But getting back to the fleabay tat, it seems everything you touch nowadays is crap, so the next thing to disappear from amazon will be the fairly straightforwards returns system, because apparently the growth in numbers of people returning shit is the most significant factor in the business, they may well make the 200 billion turnover, the same 200 buck item returned a billion times and a replacement resupplied…. bingo, 200 billion turnover.

Profits? What the fuck are they?

Interestingly (to me at least) I thought fuck me, if BMC minis are going for thousands then maybe I should see what my bike is worth, gotta be 30-40k at least going by that metric, and there are only 2 listed, and neither one is a “real” one, one is an injection and the other is messed with, and the prices aren’t really higher or lower, maybe a bit lower, but within a thousand or so, so it seems completely random what is being sold for what, I certainly couldn’t browse fleabay for a few hours and come up with some idea of how the economy is doing…

And I guess that that is the takeaway from all this, nothing seems to be connected to anything or based in anything, basically to anyone stuck in a time capsule since 1990 every single thing you can find looks like fraud.



January 26, 2018


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I suppose it is possible, if you squint, to say that once or twice in my life I considered suicide, for values of “considered” that include me considering holding up a bank for some easy cash…

For values of “considered” that include actual planning or preparation, then no, can’t say I did.

I can’t remember the film, but the line went “waste of a perfectly good white girl”, and I’ve often thought that when you see the picture of some young dead chick who took the ultimate sulk way out, that doesn’t mean that I think for one moment that if I had had the opportunity to offer them a way out, specifically being my personal sex slave and domestic servant, they would have taken it.

They would still have topped themselves, and they would still have claimed that they had “no other option”

skweeze me, being my sex slave isn’t an option? you get three squares a day, hot water, electric light, enough warmth you don’t need much clothing… sure, it may rate extremely low on your ladder of life options, but *surely* it’s better than death?

Clearly, it isn’t, suicide is preferable, and if I am going to be honest about it, while I may mourn the loss of another perfectly good white girl or boy for a few moments, I could have put that to use, oh well, my remaining sentiment is you did the world a favour, shame you didn’t do it and music a bigger favour by killing Morrisey first…

There is, to me at least, clearly something broken inside people who top themselves, and I do not just mean hope or the will to live or any of that crap, I mean broken as in defective, kaput, let the magic smoke out, busted.

This is not to say that I have not seen people who are clearly embarking on that journey, much earlier along the timeline before they become a suicided corpse… the difference for them at that earlier point in time is that suicide is just one possible future option, the other one is living as an individual whose shit is all fucked up, and you talk like a fag…

What I find interesting is the fact that usually many people can see that they are embarking on that journey, but pay more heed to their own reluctance to do anything about it, no worries it’s just puberty or hormones or teen angst or some shit…  the kid in question eats and smiles and sleeps and shits and plays on the xbox, so clearly they are OK, because nobody ever did any of those things and *then* topped themselves the next day.


Me, I just don’t get involved, the kid isn’t blameless, but on the other hand I can see why they’re suicidal given the people and circumstances they are surrounded by, I’d kill myself too, except I wouldn’t… nor would I “run away” like they do, because it is inevitably and frying pan > fire transition the way they do it, because invariably the way they do it isn’t to get away from or remedy a situation, it’s always to double down and raise the stakes.

So you start with a narrow window where you could do something, but too many other people will stop you, and accuse you of all sorts of heinous shit and motives for trying, and then you progress to the stage where you could do something, but the kid themselves will team up with everyone else to accuse you of all sorts of heinous shit and motives for trying, and then you progress to the stage where the shit hits the fan, and your role is the sacrificial blood feast for everyone who have now become vampires to feed off, before they all accuse you of all sorts of heinous shit and motives for trying.

Then the kid kills themselves.

Then the eulogies start, such an amazing and beautiful person, heaven has another angel, cannot understand what happened or why, but they were my very dearest and closest bestest friend / son / daughter / brother / sister / pupil / whatever.

And then they see the “WTF??” look on your face, and accuse you of all sorts of heinous shit and motives for disrespecting the memory of the dear departed and disrespecting their terrible sadness and loss.

Off the top of my head I have known at least a dozen kids who have killed themselves, invariably at some point the blame is put on drink or drugs, legal or illegal, the inference being that without the evil influence of these things, the dead kid would still be alive, maybe fucked up and in need of help, but still alive with a potential for future and hope.

I’ve never actually seen a case where this was true, my observations are that without the drink or drugs or whatever, they’d have done it a lot sooner, the drink and drugs usually delay the end quite considerably.

If they delay it long enough, the people around them usually start to wish the problematic bastards *would* do everyone else a favour and OD, because they really are a pain in the ass now, what with the po-po calling every day and so on.

Waste of a perfectly good white girl is just shorthand for a long and detailed diatribe about senseless waste and the disease of the soul and society and family.

Looks like society as a whole is going the same way, the USSA with the new 716 billion annual *official* MIC budget expansion reeks of nothing quite so much as the USSA trying to recreate the fall of Rome livestreamed on social meedja..

It’s suicide, and the parallels to some kid going down that path are the same, anything less than a huge fucking air gap and you run serious risk of being accused by everyone of all sorts of heinous shit and motives for your involvement…

January 25, 2018

Bigot Bot, probe my ports bitch.

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So the “narrative” now is that while we might not actually have AI just yet, that’ll be next year, the programs that we create now are turning into racist / sexist bastards innit..

Of course, the problem can be easily traced back to H^H^H^ blamed on the coders, who were obviously all privileged white male racist misogynist bastards innit.


What if they weren’t?

What if the so called racist misogynist bastard bots are just doing pattern recognition and classification, and this function is a basic principle of their operation, and the differences that they are spotting are real?

Deviating from this for a moment, here in the south west of the country there is a small town called Ashburton, years ago I used to know the mayor quite well, he was also a hotelier and publican and DJ, he was also a senior member of the Monster Raving Loony political party and close friend of Screaming Lord Such… Alan was a bloody good bloke, and not above poking fun at authoritah by nominating his cat for various official political roles.. it held more than one or two… quite how such a person could ever actually win any kind of election to become or remain mayor used to baffle many, but the fact is he did, and because he was the kind of guy he was, some things did NOT happen on his watch, simply because those contemplating such actions knew that Alan would not react like most politicians, he’d roast fuck out of them and nominate his cat to replace them, and then come up with a list of 6 reasons why the cat would do a better job, and they’d be pretty good reasons at that.

Anyway, one of the things that would never have happened in Alan’s day was closing the local police station, but now it has been closed, so today I was talking to a guy who makes security products, doors, shutters, that sort of thing, and he tells me he is basically working his way through the town, and everyone is desperate to get him in before they are robbed, because basically everyone criminally minded now knows that you can do what you want, ram raid the place and set all the alarms off if you like, and the nearest police and now 20 minutes away, which gives you 10 minutes to do your thing and 10 minutes to disappear before they even turn up on the scene.

About 18 years ago Alan sold the pub/hotel and moved a few counties east, but by then I’d already not seen him for a while, my claim to fame was sole designer of the first proper official website, I think geocities and web rings were still around then, which dates it.

Wonder what the rayciss misogynist AI bots would make of that?

We don’t know what rayciss bot would actually think, but it came as no surprise to anyone who lives in ashburton that the closure of the local police station would herald a local crime wave, there is no shortage of monies for helicopters or po-po BMW’s or po-po IT contracts or disbursments for top brass, but keeping a small police station for a town of 4,000 open, fuck that…

And of course even here the bots are making inroads, since there are no longer any mature ex military “seen bullets flying” po-po, they’re all diversity college kids, so of course they need software tools to decide if Fred Bloggs should get bail or not… Winston Watermelon won’t make bail, dat’s rayciss, fuck all to do with his previous 1200 arrests and 200 convictions, but if Fred is unfortunate enough to live on the same street as Winston and Burger King, then he’s fucked, no bail for you banjo boy.

Dare to mention or comment or see any of this madness, get labelled by the narrative as part of the problem, but, I’ll freely admit that even cynical old me didn’t see computer code getting labelled raycis bot… a sure disconnect from the days we were told that IBM was evil for aiding the nazis in tabulating the juden to be roasted… fucking piss poor job they did of that too, there are more of the cunts scurrying around now than there ever were…

But I have to be honest and say even if the evil jews are behind all this, even if the evil niggers and doing all this, even if the evil raghead muslims are doing all this, none of them could have done it without “good” white folks standing by and letting it happen, and I don’t buy into the hole in my bucket cyclical argument about well only cos da jews controlled da media and influenced da white society…

You couldn’t bribe me to fuck over my sons… I might well wipe my hands of the worthless shits, but that is not the same thing, it’s not even in the same universe as fucking them over for personal gain.

Why do you think I got excluded from all contact with them, because I would not have stood by while their education was obliterated and ignored and bigly walled off, nor will I commit seppuku once so excised from their lives, why should I, I was never the fucking problem.

The “problem” with building shit like this today with modern manufacturing (CNC) quality and precision isn’t that it wouldn’t sell, the problem is it wouldn’t sell a whole bunch of other shit like finance deals and unnecessary complex electronics and a whole bunch of “options” packages that double the list price, because it isn’t cool, and marketing decides what is cool… take a look at the abortion that is the modern bullit mustang for fucks sake.

The problem is darwinism, the white man won when lots of things, even being born, were routinely fatal, then the white man invented everything so everyone could like like kings, including medicine, and by fuck we diluted every gene pool there is with that little darwinian fuck you, but like a boss, we can already see the cracks in the system, and as much as I and everyone else is happy to talk about the economy or politics or shit, the real problem is the dilution of the gene pool by saving the weakest and letting then eat and have shelter and breed, and if that is raycis then it is anti homo sapiens more than anything else.

Raycis is when you observe that since generally speaking the whites were better stock, even when you spare the weakest and worthless and let them breed, the race as a whole hasn’t sunk as low as any of the others, because we weren’t as low as any of the others to fucking start with.

We may have fallen just as far as the niggers in the hood, but, we had much much further to fall, and what that means is that even if we go back to the whole hole in my bucket planned dissolution of white supremacy stuff, a sinking tide lowers all boats, so some hit the rocks before others.

Take a look a (((american))) politics and the TLA stuff, yeah it’s all the slanty eyed koreans fault their phones lost all those pesky secret society texts and secret memos… you trying to tell me the (((american))) politicians and influencers and hangers on and back room boys are doing just as well as the real white folks, them as ain’t on diazepan and opoids and fuck knows what else, them as can and do work with their hands and minds, them as think a new in 2018 re-manufactured international pickup is a better buy than either a model s tesla or a dodge demon, even if all three were the same dollar price, cos the inty would be still be running and have a residual value in 20 years time.

I’d buy one of these today if I could… the vehicle I learned to drive in when it came out.

January 23, 2018

The walled garden.

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In tech, we all know what this is, crapple lock in, adobe lock in, etc etc etc,  and depending on what side of the wall you sit in, they are all either great professional tools so it’s not like it’s a problem anyway, or fuck that been stung once too often already.

Except of course, tech is a bigger subject that just the latest portable device, the F35 “wants to one day be a warplane” is a walled garden, it has the equivalent of the genius bar for servicing and the store for spares and shit and the mother-ship for software fixes and updates, and if it fails to do X, well, it’s probably your fault for holding it wrong…

I was today talking to a military armourer that I have known for some time, and if you think that just means guns and bullets, that may be 7 or 8 per cent of the whole, like me he lives in the guns banned klingon empire, and he has known me long enough to know that if I lived in the USA there are two guns that I would own, a silenced subsonic .22 LR pistol, and a lever action 45-70.

He used to mock me, in a friendly joshing sort of way, all the millions of different guns I could buy, and I’d have bought those two… today he went quiet for a bit, said you know what, if you could survive / avoid the initial firefight, you’d mebbe be last man standing, or last man standing would have killed you for those guns, which would still work, which is probably more than could be said for 95% of military equipment.

I laughed, and he started talking about the walled garden in mil-tech, his comment was if he had crypto or stawks or fiat to invest in a long term bet, he knows a sure fire winner, there will be WW2 era weapons like Lee Enfield still around and still working long after the last one of anything that is current issue has gone to meet its maker, and taken the poor bastard issued it with it.

According to him in 2018 rifles and boots and mess tins are about the only three things issued to a modern day soldier, or used as a required thing by the modern day soldier, that do not, somewhere, have a software component, and the rifles aren’t true field serviceable by the average grunt, like my choice of 45-70 lever action, and when I commented but yeah, modern military shit is a lot more accurate, his reply was yeah, when issued, provided you keep it clean, provided nothing goes wrong, provided you don’t find yourself in a firefight and start sending 90 rounds downrange in a couple of hours or less, and he remarked about the G36, heat it up to a paltry 30 celcius and 500 mm variation at 200 metres and 6000 mm variation at 500 metres, like he said, take a real real bad 45-70 to be 18″ out at 200 yards from what it shot cold, so bad he couldn’t imagine it could get that bad and be in one piece, maybe one shot through free air and one shot through brush might make you 18″ out at 200 yards on a 45-70, maybe not…

He told me that late last year he had reason to meet with some of the russian troops, he said every single one of the cunts could strip everything they carried into component parts in a few minutes, then they could move on and do the same shit with light vehicles, latrines, cooking equipment, power supply / battery / gen set equipment, and everyone basically carried a toolkit, he said it scared the shit out of him, he said for his side, 24 hours in the firezone it would be press 1 for ammunition, press 2 for equipment return authorization, press 3 for technical support, press 4 to report a problem, or press 5 to see the status of your ticket…. please wait… you are… 1,637th in the queue…

Kinda kidding, kinda not, apparently he has 6 different wheel braces in stock, because the military can’t standardise on a wheel lug nut size… and this is just the light vehicles…

Mean while apparently all the brass are asking for moar money because Putin, he says they don’t need more money, they need less disposable shit, less nickel and dime bait and switch shit, less walled garden shit, and….

… I’m sworn to secrecy, I cannot give details, he shouldn’t even have told me, but apparently *certain* military equipment that has electrical conductive wires therein to facilitate operation and function, apparently, nobody really knows if it was to save money or the environment or what, but the copper wires came clad in a soy based insulator, and apparently the rats on base are taking this equipment hard down, as in paperweight utility maybe down, 0% of design function remaining.

He is apparently walking around every day muttering “four more years…. four more years…” and then he is out.

January 19, 2018


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Yeah, sing it Tom..

So today I was jawing with some local business people, and we end up talking about a specific individual, he is also loosely described as a local business guy, except, he’s winging it.

Now me, I’ve always been that guy, you know, 300 people drive down a road doing 50 in a 30, only one of them gets stopped and given a ticket, or whatever the scenario from the DOT inspection to the tax inspection, yeah, I’m that guy.

I’m as happy to be fly as the next guy, difference is, I know the only way I can be fly and walk is to do something minor that is undocumented, if there is a paper trail, I’ll get nailed.

Lots of other guys, fuck it, they’ll do 50 in the 30 and apparently get away with it scot free for years, then there is the odd one, he’s doing 60 in a 30, and he has a dead body in the trunk, and his car is running on smuggled uranium, the guy is fucking teflon.

It’s one thing I have seen more and more of in recent years as the economy tanks, people getting fly to get by, but even so, in every country in the planet, there is always the one agency that nobody fucks with, because they hold all the aces.

Here in the UK that agency is arguably HMRC, they are like tax men, but they are revenue men (or increasingly nowadays bitchy wimminz) and the difference is revenue men were the texas ranger and everyone else was the local hillbilly deputy dawg, and particularly down here in the south western part of the country with our history of smuggling french wines and brandies and all of the rest back in the days of highwaymen and so on, the revenue man was despised and feared at the same time.

Sure, if you are Amazon and have 500 corporate lawyers and accountants on the payroll you can fuck with HMRC and make profits and pay taxes on 5 bucks, with your turnover of 5 billion bucks, but for mere flesh and blood mortals… nope, not so much.

The police need a warrant to enter my house, HMRC can command the police to break my door down, they don’t need anyone else’s permission or signature… bailiffs and debt collectors can’t take your furniture or your clothes or you tools, HMRC can literally leave you standing in the clothes you are wearing, nothing else is off limits to them.

HMRC basically enforce being an unpaid tax collector on everyone running anything bigger than a small one man business, they force you to issue tax charges and keep the money for them and to keep paperwork to keep it all straight and by fuck it better be straight, and you can’t opt out, but you can opt in.

Being late filing these returns is one thing, you’ll get fined, being crap and making mistakes is another, you’ll get fined and penalties, doing anything that smacks of fraud or avoidance is still another thing, you can get up to 7 years jail time *and* up to unlimited fines and asset seizures.

I can also tell you from personal experience that you can make genuine innocent mistakes, doing what you think is the correct, legal, compliant thing, and you can still be wrong… “who fucking knew” well, the revenue man knew that law, or point of law, so fuck you.

So, back to the story and the individual we are all discussing, yup, he is being fly as fuck, and we were trying to work out how he could be that fly and still be legal, pulling out all the wrinkles, and we couldn’t figure out a way to do it that was revenue man proof.

He’s breaking the law, fucking has to be, and as far as we can work out, he hasn’t even thought about it, so it isn’t deliberate so much as ignorant (and we all know how far ignorance of the law will get you) and the only reason he has got away with it is everyone assumes he is legal and paying his pound of flesh, and he and his old man have been around for decades, so they are well known.

I’m reminded of a true story that I knew first hand from 40 years ago, another local businessman, well known, and his wife who had a small hobby business shop selling silk lingerie, and she drove a new racing green daimler double six, except she had never passed a driving test, so she never had legal insurance, and yes this was back in the day before computers came to law enforcement, well, there was the odd mainframe, but everything else and queries to it were done by paper and hand.. so everyone knew her, all the cops saw her, but they just assumed, nobody had actually pulled up a file with her name and looked at all the details and looked for anything out of kilter.

Thing is, for various reasons, *I* knew this guy was fly as fuck, but nobody else did, (they just call him a cunt) but, thing is, *I* didn’t know that they didn’t know, because they have had business dealings with him for far longer than I have, so I sort of let the cat out of the bag…

Let me be clear, I still don’t wish him harm at the hands of the revenue man, there is no way I would (deliberately) shop him, there is certainly no benefit to me, and arguably some possible future cost, but the story itself is all true, and it highlights an interesting point as society and the economy decays.

THERE A LOT OF FLY FUCKERS OUT THERE, always have been, but as teh state spirals down the drain, what do you think is going to happen, is it;

1/ going to get even more lax and incompetent so even more people can be as fly as fuck and walk away

2/ going to get all IBM / stasi / database on everyone and screen every cunt and squeeze every last drop of blood from anyone it can.

My money is on #2, which is why as I type this I have ONE unresolved matter “alles in order” papers wise, over the past ten years I have had a number (of which I will never speak of not even privately) of errors corrected so that my papers are good and cleanish, and the one remaining one should be resolved on way or another within the next three months, and either way it shouldn’t be too bad, depending on the angle you hold your head I *may* or may not owe the state a couple of thousand in taxes, and that shit hurts but it ain’t jail time because nobody can convince a judge it is pre-meditated tax fraud, hold your hands up, say sorry, ask for time to pay…. it’s not like I have any assets in my own name to be seized, better to let the cunt work it off… it’s only peanuts anyway.

But, here in the UK, for the revenue men in the shape of HMRC the registration threshold is 85k per annum, /365 that’s 232 quid a day, and remember, this is TURNOVER, not profits, if you’re in a game that has a 10% profit margin that means you are only making 20 quid GROSS profit a day, you’re talking a subsistence wage from a small fruit and veg stall here.

Getting your revenue man tax wrong (as in mistake wrong, not as in fraud wrong) or filing it late isn’t too bad, sure you get penalties and you can be fined a 100% surcharge on the tax you owe, but these are all ways for the revenue man to bleed you even more, so it’s good.

But, not being registered at all, or being registered as John Smith and having all the cheques paid to Trapper Smith, your loyal labrador cross who happens to have a bank account in his name, that’s fucking fraud my man, that’s not being fly, the revenue man doesn’t care if you are putting whores or methadone on the streets, as long as he gets his tax cut, he don’t care, but if you are selling fruit and veg and he ain’t getting his cut, then you my son are right up there with lil Kim and Putin.

Being fly is eating the “wasted” fruit and veg that don’t get sold, or it will be until you need to prove it got wasted by showing the itemised receipt from the landfill centre showing 10 lbs of potatoes and 37 brussel sprouts and 24 oz of carrots all went into the biodigester.

I’m reminded about the joke, guy works maintenance up the motor factory for 25 years, every single day for 25 years the gate guard stops him, makes him lift his coat off the wheelbarrow, makes him go through coat pockets, makes him open his lunch box, never finds anything, so after he does his 25 years and retires the gate guard asks him, never caught you with anything, but most everyone up there is a crook, and my spidey sense tells me you were dirty too, I just couldn’t catch you doing anything, what was it?

course, he was stealing wheelbarrows.

Nowadays it’s real hard to be fly, almost everything you do leaves electronic tracks, for example there is a mathematical thing, I can’t remember it, it’s a rule or law of some sort with a name, and it deals with the statistical probability of a bill of sale starting with the number 1, if you just create them by hand at random you’ll end up with the “wrong” distribution of numbers on your receipts, and yes the revenue men use this trick, amongst many many others including checking those electronic records, yours and everyone else’s, and looking for discrepancies.

So you can’t be fly by hiding shit, you can only be fly by hiding shit in plain sight.

Company cars are a bitch if you own the company, unless it is brand new and on lease, you’ll still get taxed as thought it is a new car on a company lease.

but, you can charge mileage on a private car, just record your business mileage and charge it to the company at 45 pence per mile, 10,000 miles per year at 45 pence per mile is 450,000 pennies or 4,500 quid, and that’s tax free dude… and a 500 quid diesel car that does 50 to the gallon and 5.70 a gallon costs you 11.4 pence per mile to run in fuel, sure, there is a tiny bit extra for depreciation, and insurance and so on, but, 30p per mile profit, if you’re driving at 50 and making 30p per mile tax free that’s 15 quid an hour…. you can make a fucking living driving the car up and down past the fruit and veg stand.

Hey revenue man, I don’t make the rules, I don’t even understand them, I’m a welder, this is shit my accountant told me to do.

Google location history will prove you did the miles, hell, it will even prove the route you took and average speed, you just have to make sure that somewhere along the last few miles at the other end of the journey you pass someone that may want a quote for welding, or may have some rods to sell, or that may want to talk to you about promotion, or may want to talk to you about training, or something…

There’s fly, and there is fly as fuck, and there is too fucking fly for your own fucking good.

Libido by request

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As it says in the subject, per reader request.

I’m not an expert in anything medical or sexual, lots of people are, lots of people who aren’t claim to be, lots of people write books and pamphlets, lots of people quote them as gospel.

For all I know I could be entirely unique in the annals of human biology and psychology, but simple logic and a lifetime of observation would suggest otherwise.

So, sex…

For me actually engaging in some physical sex act required two things, one was a physical feeling down in the nether regions, the other was a mental state of mind, god that’s hot. Importantly, both had to be present, and the mental state lead the physical state, not the other way around.

For both there was a clear difference between fantasy and reality, a picture of a girl might be really hot wank material, meet her in the flesh five minutes later and it ain’t hot no more and little pete is limp and bored.

There are obviously hormonal and biochemical things going on too, and I’m not an expert biologist or biochemist either, this is more Socratic, all I have to go on is what I can sense myself with my own body and mind.

The stands at attention all by itself boner was always the product of the mind, yeah, I have heard all the apocryphal stories of random embarrassing hardons in younger years, except they weren’t random, I was there, there was a trigger, it may have been insanely trivial, but it was there.

Things that would have made a totally inexperienced pubescent virgin me hard enough to hammer a nail in with, are things that a more experienced me wouldn’t even notice as sexual or sexy, there is a very great deal of “been there, done that, got the tee shirt” involved, and doing something for the 1,000th time just ain’t the same as the first ten times, and again if you are going to extrapolate from that to manufacture some idea that the only things that make me hard now are things I ain’t done like raping little girls, well, the problem is in your head, not mine.

To be sure, my tastes over time have gotten more “kinky”, but it is a question of degrees, rather than branching out into new fields of sexual behaviour, so the whole thing about I’m so bored fucking women that now I have to fuck twinks to get my rocks off is bollocks.

There is also the true element that throughout my life I have found in general that any given woman at 16 was a lot more sexually attractive than the same woman at 30 or 40 or more, and of course as you age, unless you are stinking rich, the fact is less and less young women find you sexually attractive, it’s an inevitable consequence of getting older.

There is also possibly an element that each of us is born with a certain lifetime budget of sexual excitement, the more you use it up, the sooner the well runs dry, which raises other interesting philosophical questions such as is it better to use it up or to keep it full, but that is outside the scope of this post for now.

Certainly knocking on the door of 60 I can see, both on screen and in real life, lots of female flesh that I know in my head I should find sexually attractive, to the point where I can deliberately look at it and deliberately seek within myself that spark of desire, and find maybe an echo, but nothing of substance.

I can sit here and tell you that it is over a calendar year since I had my cock in some cunt, and I can sit here and tell you that this is not the first time in my life this has happened, it has happened before in much younger years, the difference is that nowadays it doesn’t really bother me, to the extent that the problem is not lack of available and willing cunt to participate, and the opportunity to do so, whereas in younger years that was a viable excuse / reason.

Hell I have got beer sat in the cupboard that has been sat there for a year, and I haven’t had a drop, again I could not have said that in younger years, and I could say the same thing for many other things and lifestyle actions, and I think it would be disingenuous to separate sex out from all the other things like beer and treat it as a special case, far more likely that there are common threads running through it, like ennui..

I do not feel that medical / chemical / stimulus “remedies” are the issue here either, because none of them address the mental lack of “phwoooar, gimme summadat” which isn’t to say that behind it all there is not some basic biochemical reason.

Note I say reason, not lack or fault, it could be that testosterone or something else is low compared to when I was 16, but it could be that the chemical in question is only produced when the brain sees something sexually exciting, and as said above, if you used up your lifetime supply of new and exciting, that doesn’t mean the mechanism is broken, just the trigger ain’t there.

“MEN THINK WITH THEIR PENIS” is the common refrain, but it isn’t true, it never has been, but if you believe that you are just an organism driven by uncontrollable and mysterious internal urges, then maybe you can think that you are indeed a potential homo or rapist or child molester, god knows I have had enough opportunities in my life to empty my balls into some comatose slut whacked out of her brains on acid or mogadon or booze or all three or something else entirely, just like I have had enough opportunities to steal cars or steal cash from work or to set fires or to do a million other things.

I do not deny that the pursuit of sex has made me make many very bad choices, and that I have had to live with the consequences, but I could say the exact same thing about a guy I know who is fascinated with rotary engined mazda cars, and I could say the exact same thing about the coffee next to me or the cigarette dangling from my lips, sure, they INFLUENCE me behaviourally, but they do not make me into something that I otherwise would not be.

For the purposes of research, yes, I can hear you laughing already, but I am being serious, see the comment about about not having dipped my wick for a year, recently I did purchase some pills, and while they did make ***A*** difference that was clinically observable, notably what they did not alter one iota was the sort of ennui malaise lack of general interest in sex, so back to the original point I was making that sex was always a two pronged thing, both mental and physical, just treating the physical doesn’t actually “fix” the issue and make me run around with a hard on all day impaling young women on my meat bayonet.

Perhaps it is the wrong kind of pill, perhaps it should be a cocktail of things that would create a biochemical system inside me that was more closely resembling the state you would have found me in 40 years ago, but again, that is just conjecture, we do not know that there are any differences, shit DOES get boring when you get exposed to enough of it.

But, just for argument’s sake, lets say that there was such a pill, and not only did it replicate the biochemistry of a 16 year old, it would also wipe out the ennui and make everything new and fresh for a couple of hours, so I really would get hard enough to hammer nails at the sight of a nipple.

Would I take it?

That’s a big question, and to be honest, I do not know the answer, I might do it once for a laugh and in the spirit of scientific curiosity, but would I really want to go back to what I was back then? I’m not so fucking sure, as in I find the prospect unappealing and not very fucking likely.

And this whole discussion gets transformed by one simple observation, there are now whole crowds of young men, and they are young so all the young biochemistry is still there and still fervently bubbling away, and they have little or no sexual interaction with women, so there is none of the ennui been there done that got the tee shirt bored with that shit limp dick crap, and yet they still have no interest in sex.

Now it gets really interesting, because we can ask questions that cannot be answered practically, questions about unknown biological triggers not being tripped across whole populations, and question about why this is so, pthalates, or estrogen contraceptive pills, or toxic feminism, or processed food, or lack of body lice or other fauna, or who knows what.

Practically in my case because I have lived a full and varied sexual life, I do not feel that I missed out on anything, the only things that I have not done are things that I could have done at any time, like fucking kids or raping wimminz or sucking twink cock and taking it up the shitter, I never felt the urge, so it can go/stay on the shelf with a bunch of other shit that never interested me (though I have been accused of much of it) like mainlining heroin or being a heavy drug dealer or being a merc or driving a trabant around the world, what’s that, I’ll never be allowed to watch an episode of Friends as long as I live, boo hoo…. how can I possibly console myself.. my life is now utterly meaningless so I will kill myself.

So anyway, to the best of my knowledge, sex is like anything else, if you try to split a human being into parts instead of treating them as a whole entity, you start to get a very different and misleading picture, and sex for me was always a thing where the mental “phwooargh” had to be present to trigger the physical erection reaction to enable me to have sex.

Shades of circumstances where I had been without for a while, meet some skank, empty my balls, and…. NOTHING… not even the slightest hint or a desire to go again or stay around for more.. until a week later, rinse and repeat.

To the best of my knowledge a full and busy and active mind ( I do not necessarily mean full of great and interesting ideas, full of shit and crap and stress does the same thing) is a real barrier to the mental phwooargh.

To the best of my knowledge brewers droop was the inverse, the beer didn’t make your cock limp, the beer made it harder to keep your mind in porno mode.

To the best of my knowledge lots and lots and lots of experience of your mind in porno mode makes it harder for your mind to get into porno mode (ennui)

To the best of my knowledge enforced abstinence can make you mind turn to ever more perverted and kinky shit (caged monkeys will start shoving shit up their own assholes) but every time you met some female flesh afterwards that shit vanished to be replaced with standard porno mode.

To the best of my knowledge there is indeed an added “hot porno” bonus for anything female and young and hot, eg ready to breed, but, it is just an incremental added bonus, by itself it ain’t much.

To the best of my knowledge there is indeed a subtracted “yuck” penalty associated with every single skank ho and entitled freak and fat cunt you ever came across, nothing makes wimminz as unattractive sexually as meeting wimminz and putting up with their shit.

To the best of my knowledge there is no pill or treatment or medication or “cure”, a worn out lead acid battery is a worn out lead acid battery.

Theoretically meeting a hot young fresh unspoiled genuinely lovely personality young woman is the only viagra that exists, otherwise, if your dick will not rise to the occasion, maybe it is not a PROBLEM, any more than the voltmeter applied to the dead lead acid battery, it is just reacting to what it sees, you do not start tinkering with the voltmeter until it shows 14.4 volts, though that IS how much of society works nowadays.

Perhaps most accurate of all is to compare it to a dead friend or a missing tooth, you can trivially make yourself aware of the loss, and perhaps for others who have never had such a thing, they can trivially make themselves aware of not having something that they feel they should have to be more complete or more whole or more human.

Speaking entirely personally, while all the above is true, and it always took both a mental and then a physical thing, the precursor was the sense of magic associated with various parts of the female anatomy.

That has long since gone, you cannot erect a shrine in the middle of an open cess pool and dumping ground, it has gone so far beyond looking at a cunt and wondering how many cocks have dumped a load in there, and how many of those cocks were not even human, I can look at one that I know is still relatively young and relatively fresh and relatively clean and relatively unused, and you just know it is going to get all of that, only a matter of time, so how can it possibly inspire a sense of magic in me.

Perhaps there is *some* attraction to the idea that I can tag it with my graffiti before it gets turned into a toilet wall, but it’s still only ever going to amount to being a toilet wall, so there is no achievement to it, being there early is nothing to be proud of, sure, it’s marginally better than being there late, but being there late is one of the few things less worthy than being there early, you’re already raking around the bottom of the garbage pile…

It’s worth mentioning that NONE of this will protect me from from crazed wimminz and niggers who insist that all men are evil rapists and child molesters, but there *was* a certain element of having to deal with that mentality when trying to get laid, whereas when you no longer have any apparent interest in trying to get laid, you can remove yourself one step further from that sphere.

Does this mean that something is broken, that something is worn out, that something is past its sell by date?

I do not know, more importantly for me, I do not care, if for some reason I cared, or was persuaded to believe it was important, things might be different, but they aren’t, not for me.

Perhaps also tellingly, despite my own personal lack of interest in sex, I can quite happily have a wank two or three times a week, and I would quite happily kick anything to the kerb if I was presented with the old saw about “well, you ain’t interested, but I am, so I’m gonna get me some and it shouldn’t matter to you” because that is like saying just cos you don’t want to mainline smack or steal cars, no reason for me to give it up.

I think in part it was fucking wimminz who were in all likelihood both in a relationshit with some bloke and using that very “argument” to justify what they were doing that contributed to my own waning desire… me being past my own sell by date to get the hot young ones who were not yet hooked up.

Bottom line, I don’t see it as a huge problem for me, intellectually what I miss is what ain’t available any more, maybe it never was, maybe it was all just an illusion, physically and mentally, meh, not a problem… but then I do have a fairly full and busy life and a pretty active mind, there isn’t a great deal of time for porno brain, and porno brain is now very susceptible to catcalling from the memory crowd.

For the two readers who requested this, I don’t know, it depends on what is in your head, but I would strongly resist any notion that there is something “wrong” with you, and generally I am suspicious of anything that involves a profit motive, to go back to the raping and killing and car stealing, you can always do it next week, if you really need to, but if you do it now, it will change the rest of your life forever, so ask yourself this, is it really something that you need to “deal” with RIGHT NOW, or is is something that you can let take its own course and perhaps observe with a certain level of detachment?

Unusually for me I would actively invite comment on this.

January 18, 2018

Dreaming of electric sheep-shaggers

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The subject doesn’t matter, it could be sex, it could be money, it could be a car, the amount of push-back you will get will vary, but there is basically the same mental process at work.

How dare you want to sexually abuse wimminz, how dare you want to rip me off on a deal, how dare you sell me this car for this price, it’s all yadda yadda yadda, there is no real thought or intellect at work.

It can be your daughter or your pension plan or your car, I’m sat here trying to explain to you how your daughter just doesn’t have the ability to seduce me and avail herself of my knowledge and wealth, how your pension plan is no interest to me and I have no interest in participating, and how your car has issues, you’re telling me you’ll kill me if I so much as touch any one of them, because it’s always me that is going to be in the wrong… and ….




… the problem is your daughter couldn’t seduce me, your pension doesn’t interest me, and your car has issues, the problem is NOT MY OPINION on those things.

If the truth is your car is something that I would never steal, because if I did, I would be worse off, and you would be better off, so the problem there is NOT ME, you can’t “cure” the problem by fitting an alarm that keeps me away.

The problem is your car is an underwater over valued piece of shit, fitting an alarm and sleeping soundly at night in the knowledge that now you can sleep safely and your car will be safe from me isn’t even putting lipstick on a pig, it isn’t even putting lipstick on a pig’s ass, it is possibly putting lipstick on pig shit, but only if the lipstick itself is green and tastes of a donkey’s ass.

If I say in passing that your daughter looks like a slut and has an apparent IQ somewhere around a Disney cartoon character, that doesn’t mean demonizing me is going to turn her into an elegant and educated and cultured young lady, she’ll still be a slut with a room temperature IQ, and her life is going to be filled with things that migrate towards young sluts with room temperature IQ’s, and I still play no part in the picture.

If I comment that 150 years ago you’d have paid someone to marry your 12 year old daughter and someone to take on your 12 year old son as an apprentice, but today, even were that possible, your son and daughter would fail to make the grade and you’d fail to find anyone decent to take them on, that doesn’t mean that I am advocating a move to Turkey and a reduction in the age of sexual consent to 9.

What I am saying is that for all our supposed advances in technology and civilization and society and so on in the last 150 years, your kids are a much poorer quality product than they were 150 years ago on average.

If all you hear in your head is thank god for that improvement, my kids are now safe from sick paedos like you, then you missed the point utterly.

My grandfather ran away to sea at 14, he lied about his age, and at the tender age of 15 he was in the battle of jutland as a combatant, 8,500 on both sides died, over 1,100 wounded, 4 battleships, 7 cruisers, 8 destroyers and 5 torpedo boats were lost, 25 ships of one kind or another in total lost, about 10% of all the ships involved on both sides.

Sure, you can sit there and say all you like about that and kids working in mills and on farms and in factories and all the rest of the shit, and how awful those days were, and how much better and more civilized we are today, but you are utterly missing the point.

My grandad wasn’t *that* fucking unusual, he may not have been “average” but he certainly was not “special”, and the point is look around today, how many 14 year old boys in the entire united kingdom have what it takes to do what my grandad did?

The answer is a big fat fucking zero.

Correlation is not causation, so I am not going to try to attempt to draw a line between us becoming “civilized” and us becoming a nation of worthless wimps, what I am going to do is remark upon a thing.

That thing is that while we may well have rid ourselves of many things that we now consider primitive or corrupt or perverted or evil, we have also rid ourselves of people like my grandad, and while he may have served in both world wars at sea, most of his life was lived in peacetime, and the same sort of spirit that enabled him, and remember, he was not “special” or particularly unusual, to go through that, also served him in peacetime as a member of society.

Whether he was working on the railways or in quarries or on farms, he was still the same person who had what it took to run away to sea at 14, so that same character was present in the bulk of his life as a civilian and member of society.

He wouldn’t have stolen your bloody car or messed with your pension or married your teen daughter either.

It’s not US that your daughter and your pension and your car need protecting from, it’s YOU (or in the case of your daughter or son, THEMSELVES) because we are all architects of our own lives and fitness to live them.

Today’s 14 year old’s start crying and throwing a fit when XBox live plays up, here in the local man bites dog rag there is the tale of several unfortunate parents of various 14 year old kids taken to court and fined because little Johnny was absent for a week, and if they are girls their faces go in the paper and there is a manhunt in case they come to some sort of “harm” which usually involves doing what they will be doing in a year or two anyway, sucking cock and getting wrecked…  I know of a couple of parents who tell me how “good” their 14 year old kid is, because they earn 5 quid an hour mowing granny and grandad’s lawn once a week.

Someone else’s 14 year old daughter gets great praise because she can make a cup of coffee and can cook cup cakes and make toast, all by herself, it’s fucking amazing innit… the little sluts can’t tidy their rooms or mend their own clothes or add up a column of figures reliably, but this is the 21st century innit, and they can all open an app on their smartphone, and what else do they really need to be a success in life?

But always, always, always, we will come back to that huge gulf in comprehension, you’re driving a built to fail piece of shit that relies on software more than any Apollo mission, you’re underwater on the personal lease crap thing you did to finance it, I’d do you a HUGE favour by stealing it and burning it, and myself a huge disservice by getting involved in your shit finances and purchases that has nothing to do with me, and all you can hear is me saying “your car is so crap I wouldn’t even steal it” and taking that as a sign that I am a potential car thief, depriving hard working folks like you of your assets and hard earned and method of transport so you can get to work etc etc and take the kids to slut / xbox lessons.

You know, a thousand buck sorted reliable mid nineties toyota would do you as a vehicle…

Get away from my daughters / pension / cars you sick fucking pervert….

On occasions, I have tried, over time, to bridge this communication gap, and I can only explain it by saying imagine two powerful rare earth magnets, the closer you bring them together, the harder it gets to hold them, and the greater the risk of one flipping and taking your finger off.

The one time I thought I was getting quite close to explaining the “your daughter could not seduce me” I went from being a predatory paedo  (OK, I exaggerate for effect slightly)  to a fucking homo.

Which brings us all nicely to a story in today’s daily fail…  and this trout faced freak

apparently this bimbo freak creature feels “bullied” when her “offer” of a blog post in exchange for a free stay at a hotel was met with a “fuck off” from the hotel proprietor and blogger

I personally am in awe at how polite and restrained the guy was, yes, I know, he is in business so he has to moderate his behavior, because, PR, and all that, but even so, his restraint a “GIVE ME FREE SHIT” and “I’M DOING YOU A FUCKING FAVOUR LETTING YOU GIVE ME FREE SHIT” and “I DESERVE FREE SHIT” is nothing short of fucking awesome.

To put this in perspective, you know were we started, with me asking why you have a 16 plate ford on personal lease when you could have a 20 year old toyota that does the same job, and you call me a fucking paedo car thief?

Well, this here vlogger wot got her lips (both sets prolly) stuck in the vacuum cleaner pipe for 90 minutes is a case in point….

The hotel in question will face real security issues from guests using fake/cloned/stolen cards to pay, guests breaking shit, guests stealing shit, guests sneaking out without paying, kinda what the guy is saying, everything in the hotel including staff needs to be paid, and here this skank trout bitch is whining because NOT GEETING FREE SHIT is…. wait for it…. BULLYING!.


Yes folks, some completely random bloke who has never even seen this trout before declines an invitation to open his wallet, in exchange for absolutely fuck all, not even some trout lips and tongue working on his bunghole for an hour or three, and HE is the fucking bully, HE is the one with the fucking problem, HE is the one in the wrong.

You couldn’t make it up

anyway, if you ever find yourself in Dublin, it’s a fairly safe bet that the White Moose Café and Charleville Lodge Hotel is a “safe space” from liberals / SJWs / skanks etc

January 13, 2018


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I do not want to come across as giving the impression that I am up my ass, a self made man to be in awe of, or any of that crap… I do OK, but beyond that it kinda depends what ruler you use to measure me with, and there are a lot that you could use that I would come up short on.

To be fair to myself I don’t care about those rulers, and the ones that I do care about, I come up Ok on, for example I am in the distinct minority when I say that one of my most important rulers is being 100% debt free, no loans, no mortgages, no car leases, no hire purchase, no store cards, I 100% own 100% of my shit, so it doesn’t matter to me that my shit is a 15 year old car and not a 1 year old car, those are my rulers.

There is a lot of traction to the idea that to be successful, you have to be constantly poised to strike like a cobra, and when you are not striking like a cobra (and never missing) you have to be as industrious as a termite colony, and I get that, but experience tells me otherwise, experience tells me that there is a huge value to simple indolence.

The termite / cobra crew will call me lazy, or words to that effect, after all, I have been in and around IT pretty much as long as it is possible to be in and around it, yet where is all my crypto?

I DID hear about bitcoin when it came out, and in those days I did have enough processor cycles in three PC’s that ran 24/7 to have crafted a decent sized stash at no real effort and no real cost, but… I didn’t….

Nor did I find an entire class of kindergarten girls and start raising / grooming them, in the hope that one day 20 or so years later one of them will have matured into something that I would consider a suitable candidate for wife 1.0

Nor did I do many other things, and the reason throughout was indolence, I see the value of sitting here and chilling and thinking and relaxing and doing my own thing, to expend more energy than that, I need to see immediate or longer term but attainable gains.

If you’re seeing parallels to pre historic human behaviors, the hunter who was content to sit and watch and wait, since the fish farm means he ain’t hungry right now, you’d be right.

In my day job pretty much all the “must move now” circumstances that surround me are created by others, and when I say created I mean created, they do not need to exist, when it takes pen pushers three months to come up with a document / contract, all idea of urgency go out the window for me, and in fact any pressure to sign it is seen by me as artificial urgency, so I’m going to take my time and read it over about an extra six times, just to be sure… I do not know how often in my life I have been presented with literal “you must sign it now or lose the opportunity deals”.. I have never signed any of them, and yet, here I am still. Not signing them didn’t fuck me up.

I was thirty before I got married for the first (and only) time, more indolence, and though I say so myself, though it ended two years later, I can’t honestly say it was a huge source of regret, I can’t say it was great either, but it doesn’t count as one of the bigger mistakes of my life, whereas the psycho skank ho ex does, and even there, indolence saved me from making it far far worse that it could have been.

If I look back at what 75% of young lads were doing chasing ass in the late seventies, 100% of that 75% would today be firmly within the definition of sexual abusers, fact is so would the 75% of girls they associated with, were the law applied equally, but there we go..

… so there was a significant period of a decade or so where the “late starters” like me got to watch the 75% who went out and got girlfriends and moved in and got married and got a mortgage and got pregnant and all that stuff…

Whether it actually was or not, you could make the argument that we were the ones walking down the street like tramps looking in through the plate glass windows at all the happy homes and happy shopping stores and all the other good stuff that we were not a part of, it didn’t FEEL like that, I may not have wanted the street, but I didn’t want what I saw through those windows either, I wanted something else…

And then a funny thing happens, “why the hell aren’t you married? are you a fag?” starts to turn in to “you know, I envy you, don’t get married..” because the indolence in not being part of the 75% meant freedom to do other things… sure, Julie may not be much, but I can fuck her, and I can break up with her and fuck Jane, who also ain’t much, but YOU can’t, your ever loving wife would fucking kill you, and suddenly all the raucous enervated invigorated early adopter 75% are sat there making up reasons to put up with shit “because it would upset her indoors, and she will make my life hell”

The 5% who made the 75% look indolent were on their third marriage by this time… nuff said…

Being indolent also means you get a LOT, and I mean a LOT, of moments in your life where you think to yourself, thank fuck I wasn’t all eager beaver to dive into that shit show when the bright and shiny opportunity first showed itself…

It is basically giving yourself time, I can’t and won’t go into details, but the way of things in the western world and civilization and business nowadays is you really do not want all your eggs in one basket, you need a Plan B, because you cannot trust everyone else including the state to play fair and honestly and above board with Plan A, so because I am indolent I let some things sit for a while, no benefit to me to commit myself on paper too early, because once you do that there is no backing out, and today in the post Plan B that I started a few weeks ago landed, and suddenly I am no longer in the same place that I would be had I only Plan A to hand…

I learned this one many years ago, I’ll change all the names, but we’ll call the guy Mitch, and Mitch had a business that we will call Cagliari Car Hire on the island of Sardinia, and like with all things, after a few years of trading Mitch would tell anyone who would listen, if I could go back in time, I would not do everything the same, I’d make some changes… no big deal… so Mitch finds himself in a place where the local parasites, namely government and tax officials and lawyers and accountants, have the upper hand and can bleed him dry and treat him like dirt, sure Mitch, you need X and X is going to take 12 weeks to do and it will cost you a thousand bucks, what you gonna do, walk away from your business? lol.

So without telling anyone, Mitch starts another company, Sardinia Car Hire, so if he wanted to he could sell all the assets and vehicles that Cagliari Car Hire owns to Sardinia Car Hire for one dollar, sure, he has some rebranding to do, but everything else is in place to go, his customers aren’t going to give a fuck… same vehicles, same terms, same prices, same guy they are dealing with…

Suddenly in his meetings with the parasites, Mitch is not the guy with no power, truth has a certain ring to it, and Mitch can say “tell you what, you get this contract and paperwork all done by Friday, or I’ll fold the company 6pm Friday, and none of you gets paid for anything” because Mitch knows come 6.01 pm Friday Sardinia Car Hire can step in and take over. This is Mitch’s Plan B, and as soon as he invokes it, he makes Plan C.

Mitch never did invoke Plan b, he didn’t have to, the mere presence and option of a Plan B altered his opportunities, which altered how he dealt with the parasites.

I knew “Mitch” personally quite well, he stressed one single point to me, if you are bullshitting in the slightest about having Plan B in place, they will know, it’s instinctive with parasites, and they will fuck you up even more than if you just bend over and took it on Plan A… and then he said no, actually there isn’t one vital lesson here, there are two, the second one is giving yourself enough space and freedom and time to come up with a Plan B

Being indolent in other words.

I know people in business here in the UK who have problems with their company, with their accountants, with the VAT, with their bankers, with their insurers, with their alarm company, etc etc etc.

I can’t think of a single instance, not one, where creating a new thing is not faster than fixing the old thing…. friend of mine was having issues with their business banking, so I said open a new business banking account, he said no, takes too long, it will be two to three weeks what with all the money laundering bullshit and ID checks and all the rest of the shit, that was two months ago, he is still with the same bank, and still having problems…

There is zero incentive for the bank or anyone else to fix shit if you aren’t going to walk, unless you can present the parasite with a credible threat to kill the host unless they start behaving, they have no incentive to behave.

If you were one of the 75% who rushed off to get a girl pregnant at 16 and marry the bitch you probably won’t get any of this, if you are one of the 25% who just didn’t see the rush…. there is hope for you yet…

You are in the position of the guy with *two* part time girlfriends, and one of them threatens to cut you off from access to the cunt, unless you put and ring on it…. this is what Plan B is in sexual terms…. whereas serial monogamy is Plan A… you don’t have a backup.

If you act like the cobra and the termites trying to get your Plan B in place and have a string of wimminz on the go, changes are they are all going to get to know each other and team up to fuck you over, because you did not take the time to sit back and relax and chill and watch the territory for traps.

it’s a bit like the old joke about the young bull and the old bull, the young bull wants to run over and fuck something, the old bull says nah, amble over all casual like and take our time and fuck everything.

The young person and the cobra / termite person will hear one joke.

The indolent bastard will hear quite a different joke.

They may both laugh, that doesn’t mean they are sharing the same joke.

I often talk about the benefits of age and experience, but the fact is, age does NOT equal experience, you have to have a certain amount of indolence, which you use to relax and observe and think, before the experience will come.

Anyway, my Plan B landed in full fruition today, and being indolent, I made another coffee and had a another smoke and sat down and blogged about it, no rush, no panic over, no sudden release of pressure, because I allowed myself time, and the greatest weapon that gives me is against all the cobras and termites and parasites, they are not indolent, they do not give themselves time, time works against them, rust never sleeps.

My Plan B wasn’t a just in time last minute salvation, it was sitting around a couple of months ago and seeing that if I wasn’t careful, I could find myself in a one way street in a few months, if I didn’t have an alternative already in place.

Think about this, we do not even make motor cars from new off the showroom floor with a Plan B in place, we USED to, there was a full size full spec spare, a good jack, a good wheel brace, and everyone knew how to change a spare tyre.

Guy I know just leased a new 40k vehicle, he raves about the bluetooth connectivity and the seating capacity and 99 other things that will largely never get used to 5% capacity, and somewhere in the back is a stowaway 40 mph spare, a weedy jack, a weedy tire iron that will bend before it undoes anything done up with a windy gun on max torque (which they all are) , and guess what, the fancy locking wheel nut adapter is already missing, presumably nicked at the first service… you also need a special lead (not supplied as standard) to access the battery to jump start it.. his Plan B is the fucking AA, assuming he has cell coverage when it happens, who will change the tire 2 hours later when they eventually get to him, and he has to get himself to a tire shop at 40 mph,  when one opens, because he only has a stowaway… I have a proper tire iron, a proper jack, and a proper full size full spec spare, worst case scenario is I’ll get wet and cold for 10 minutes before continuing my journey… I’ll still arrive on time.

Me, the indolent one, won’t get panicked and stressed when a flat happens, I’ll be all awww shit, bummer… it doesn’t take huge intellectual power to come up with a Plan B, ***if*** you are indolent and give yourself time and space to think and analyze.

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