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October 3, 2017

Viva Las Vegas

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I believe the last count is 58 dead and 500 injured, x 365 that’s 21,170 and 182,500.

According to wikifukia there were 35,092 vehicle fatalities in 2015, and at an average of 2 injured for each killed that means 70,000 injuries.

So basically a las vegas shooter every day would just about keep up with the automobile, puts things into perspective, but still, there is some shit I do not get.

Why go to all that prep work, and there was a lot of prep work to fire off that many rounds, get a hotel room on the right side of the building to hit the concert, etc etc etc, and not used silenced weapons and subsonic rounds?

Sure you’ll lose some accuracy, but you are literally shooting fish in a barrel, not aiming and individual targets, so who cares?

This kind of follows on from the previous post, because everyone just assumes that anyone who is nuts is also stupid and incapable of creating or following a plan, or if they do, the plan will be fatally warped.

Nothing of course could be further from the truth, crazy people are at least as able as anyone else to craft a plan carefully and follow it faithfully and adapt to changes.

My psycho skank ho ex might be called a crazy bitch by many, but she wasn’t, she was just plain nasty, if she had been crazy she might have come up with a better plan to ruin my life… you know, there is a world of difference between wondering what you will be accused of tomorrow, and wondering if you will wake up dead or with appendages cut off.

In my life I have met a couple of real crazy fucks, and in both cases there were circumstances where just for a few minutes the mask came off, and you realise you are talking to one crazy fucker, and it is an uneasy feeling, because at no point is there even a whiff that you are talking to one stupid fucker, you know you are talking to one crazy fucker who can plan and execute and adapt.

The female NASA astronaut a few years ago who set herself up wearing adult diapers so she could stalk someone and not miss a moment to seize the moment is a classic example of this.

Many years ago I was on a rooftop at night overlooking a western metropolis (I’ve told this anecdote before, and the equipment dates it now) and the guy next to me hand me a long rifle with a starlight scope and paraphones, he’d grinned as he’d pulled the mag and cleared the action before handing it to me, because he knew how magnetic that trigger was.. years later in video games I’m still the guy sniping super mutants and rust devils, preferably at night, preferably at extreme range…

The problem with me isn’t the execution of the assassination or armoured van robbery or anything else, it’s the detection and conviction, I just do not get how people can think it is all going to be OK to go out and rob an armoured car or a bank, when the chances of getting away with it are close to zero… did you leave your brain on the nightstand when you got up that morning?

So really the only way to rob a bank and get away with it is to do it in such a way that nobody ever knows it is you, which means you do not rob a bank, you rob the guy who robbed the bank, or you crash a couple of boeings into the bank and then blame it on Iran or someone else, or better still short the stock on insider knowledge of a chapter 11….

… I met a guy years ago who hired me to do some engineering consultancy for him, towards the end of the gig I found out he was investigating a company that folded… paperwise everything checked out, it was a straight up bankruptcy and nobody behaved “improperly”, but he was convinced something stank, so he hired an engineer to work through it, and it turned out there was a way to “disappear” a few million dollars worth of stock, only you could never prove it *after* the event… basically it revolved around item X, which was worth a lot of money per unit in its usual form, but which was just so much industrial waste in its other state, so after the event there is no way to tell if the valuable stuff was swapped out for crap before the company folded, or if the company folding caused a series of events that turned the valuable stuff into crap, because the stuff itself was fungible, so after the event (lacking any other evidence) there was no way to tell if a few million dollars worth of product had disappeared, there was no way to tell if a crime has been committed.

You  can contrast this sort of thing with the sysadmin who gets fired, then goes home and logs into the corporate mainframe with a backdoor and wipes everything, this is like ex revenge, the idea is the other fucker *knows* it was you who fucked them over.

I mentioned Breivik in the previous post, contrast him with the Vegas guy who died at the scene, neither one had a plan to “get away with it”… the bank robber analogy is someone who breaks into the bank and leaves the cash and safe deposit boxes alone, but burns all the mainframe data storage and backups.

Breivik planned to avoid “suicide by cop”, the vegas shooter didn’t, this is one essential difference, and the manifesto of breivik ties in with this, you don’t write a 1,500 page manifesto if you are planning a suicide by cop.

Another reason that we can assume that Breivik is the genuine article is there was no Jack Ruby waiting for him to be arrested.

The problem is that all of the above, and others besides, well, we are human, and we want to understand why (well, we do in the touchy feely 20/21st centuries anyway) and the problem with this is like Jack explaining why he is still with Diane, his explanation is perfectly understandable, but you do not get it, yeah, I hear all that man, but I still don’t get why you hooked up with her in the first place, much less stuck with it all these years.

So we want to know motives, was they guy bullied at school, did he have a small penis, was he a blockbuster card holder, did he drink bud lite, and you can ask and know all these things about Jack, and still be no wiser about why he is with Diane.

Ultimately you’ll come down to what I felt stood in the secret family courts, you are listening to this person being described, and you just can’t relate to it, that person ain’t you.

The big difference between the two scenarios is the secret family courts and the police and everyone else, even if they do have a vested financial interest in investigating an alleged fire 6 feet under a lake, it’s a slow process that takes days and weeks and months, whereas with the shooter or the bank robber or mad bomber, it’s a catharsis that rarely runs for more than 30 minutes from when they committed themselves to that course of action.

Sure, the planning stage may have taken days or weeks or months, but you could say the same thing about buying a new car or getting married, you can always walk away from it 10 minutes beforehand.

People will often talk about “having no options” and this is of course very rarely even close to the truth, the truth is they have no other options that they like, and they can’t see that changing.

I’m just a poor broke victim of society, that’s never going to change, may as well rob a bank.

So the issue isn’t whether the vegas shooter lost his shit because the new star trek / blade runner / NFL bended knee reboot sucked, so knowing those things about him will not help you.

The issue is they thought they had no better options, and weren’t likely to get any soon either.

Breivik for all we know may have preferred the path he took, to a future where he saw himself bored lonely and single at 50 watching reboots of the time tunnel on cable.

And “my available options” are one of the cards most human beings play closest of all to their chests.

Again, Breivik carefully planned everything, including his targets, whereas the vegas shooter, well, it was probably a case of any crowded target rich area will do.

Which puts it in the same space as getting a stone chip on your windscreen, it’s a random event, so you don’t go to schools, or cinemas, or shopping malls, or military bases, or country music concerts, or ride buses or trains, and before you know it you are like one of those hermits avoiding all EM radiation because they are convinced it is harmful to their health… and then they die of something trivially preventable because they are off grid and can’t call anyone for help.

The vegas guy could just as easily have cooked up some toxic compound and flown it into the concert in a drone, if the idea was to kill people and evade detection and conviction for a small while, that’s what he would have done.. but no, he planned his own time and place of death.

His goal then was not to kill 58 and injure 500, any more than it was to make the hotel 100 bucks richer by renting the room, they were just details… albeit if he was angry he may have wanted to share the pain…

I don’t actually think the guy was a state stooge or a false flag, though there may well have been one played out around him without his knowledge after the event.

I think it was a “fuck this shit” moment by one person who didn’t see any better options on the table.

The problem that we as a society face is you can’t stop people from deciding to say fuck it and go out in a blaze of hubris, and you can’t do much about the fact that the more technological we get, the more collateral damage we can do….. banning guns in the USA will not counter this, guns are banned here in the Uk so the freaks just go out and hire a truck, it’s still a technological force multiplier.

You can ban trucks and the freaks can target the water supply, there is always more technology that can be used as a force multipler, and so the cure will always be worse than the disease.

Now, finally, we come to the real point of this piece…

the vegas mass killing is being billed as the “biggest / worst mass muder in US history” and that may be true, but it is only partly true, because the truth is the addendum “…so far…” because the more technological change there is the greater the force multiplers available, and the greater the multiple possible for each one.

Anyone with military experience will know that munitions have weight, so one guy killing 50 and injuring 500 with stuff he toted himself is getting up there towards the upper limits of what can be done with a gun by one guy.

And at that point I’d seriously consider not ever banning guns, because they are unlikely to ever eclipse what the automobile does in a year, even if more and more people every year decide they have no better options than to go postal.

more people in the UK die from shit like swine flu, hernias and skin disease in any one year than terrorists have ever killed, or mass killers have ever killed, hell, 96 died cycling…

We just as a species are more suceptible to 50 being iced in one go, that we are to 50 being iced one per day, so whether it be a burning building or a plane crash or a sinking ship or a mass killing, it makes the news.

And that’s the other side of the technological coin, 100 years ago you could ice 50 people in one country and the chances are someone in another country would never even hear about it, nowadays technology means it doesn’t matter where it happens, we hear about it while it is still ongoing, so we hear about a lot more.

I was half a world away from the twin towers on 9/11, but I still watched it in time to see the second tower hit, and all these years later, I’m still none the wiser as to what went down, or how steel frame buildings, one of them not even touched by a plane, fell at free fall speed very shortly thereafter.

So every act becomes circus, becomes theater, and it is old news as soon as the next act comes along, and come along it will.

Even as I type this there are thousands of people around the world who don’t see any better options, and plenty more coming in future, and sure as god made little green apples, some of those will do a mass killing.

We can either simply accept this, like we accept auto fatalities, or we can accept that the more technology advances, the more force multipliers will come in to play, or we can accept that nature will find a way to limit DNA becoming a monoculture.

Or we can go the other route, and we can seek to understand motives, we can seek to ban such technologies that are used as force multipliers, or we can seek to wrap everyone in cotton wool.

Imagine a DJI Agras carrying 9500 grammes of thermite and an arduino, just land it on a gas pipeline or a power transformer or a fuel bund or pretty much anything else of your choice, trigger the thermite and watch all the evidence go up in smoke, or 9 kilos of gasoline, or 9 kilos of gallium, or 9 kilos of toxins, fly that shit anywhere you like POV style and the fact is it is cheaper than many firearms by the time you spec them up and add all the accessories.

You don’t have to imagine it, allegedly the russians blew up a huge ukraine arms dump with a drone and one thermite grenade.



  1. There has been a series of ukrainian military depots fires or explosions, quite a number. A few fires or explosions might be accidents due to poor maintenance etc, but otherwise fires and explosions are often deliberate arson: either to get insurance money (who would insure an ukrainian government warehouse) or more simply to destroy the evidence of some bigger crime.

    My best guess is that ukrainian army colonels and politicians sell the weapons and ammo in their armories on the black market and then burn them down to destroy the evidence of their looting, and then blame Putin. Then they get USA taxpayer money to buy more weapons and ammo from USA vendors “because freedom fighters”. So everybody wins! 🙂

    Comment by arsonists — October 3, 2017 @ 12:01 pm

  2. […] Over on Wimminz, there’s a sobering discussion about the technology’s increasing role in killing folks. Go read viva las vegas. […]

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  3. “Then they get USA taxpayer money to buy more weapons and ammo from USA vendors “because freedom fighters”. So everybody wins!”

    heh. seems the f-15 program had run its course and was going to be shutdown. but muh jerbs, maga, yada yada. so they cut a deal with qatar, which yesterday was terristas, today a cash paying customer of f-15s. the business of ‘merica is weapons systems. hoo rah!

    Comment by let it burn — October 7, 2017 @ 6:11 pm

  4. Interesting, thanks.

    Comment by james — October 8, 2017 @ 5:03 am

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