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August 11, 2017

Economy? What economy?

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I type this from the south west of England, that probably isn’t that significant, but I have known this area directly since the 1960’s and indirectly through family lore and photos since the 1930’s.

In that period the industry in the region was hard rock tin mining (cornwall) open cast china clay mining (cornwall) open cast ball clay mining (devon) fishing (devon and cornwall) agriculture (devon and cornwall) and associated supporting industries and trade… and a bit of tourism.

Since then, “when I were a lad, all this used to be fields” can be said of pretty much anywhere..

https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@49.9697912,-5.2010104,661m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en is the southernmost town on the mainland british isles, there is nothing even remotely near it, yet it is now literally 5 to 7 times the size it was in 1980, and the same is true of almost literally everywhere down here.

The mining has long gone, the fishing fleets have long gone, agriculture has long gone and what’s left has been *utterly* decimated employment wise by mechanisation, and of course all the supporting industries (Holman being just one example, 3,500 employees to none) are long gone.


You can’t drive anywhere and be very far away from a B&Q, a Aldi, a KFC, a Dunelm, a Tesco, a local council office, a local hospital, a Boots, a Pizza Hut, but ALL of these including the hospitals are fucking SERVICE INDUSTRIES, there is no wealth being generated, nothing is being made, nothing is being extracted, nothing is being improved, WHERE IS ALL THE FUCKING MONEY COMING FROM????

I am being 100% serious, I DO NOT FUCKING GET IT, where the fuck did the money come from to build and buy all these houses, what the fuck do all these people do, does anyone know anyone personally who actually fucking produces something?

I have been thinking about this on and off for a year or two, and I can’t come to any other conclusion, I can’t wrap my head around any other concept, I can’t grasp any shred of anything that I am missing, I can’t even come close to joining the dots or balancing the books, I can’t hold it in my head long enough for it to not just evaporate away long before I can begin to perceive it.

And as the saying goes, when you have eliminated everything else, what you are left with, however improbable or unpalatable, is what you are left with.

All I am left with is the whole thing being a monstrous ponzi scheme con on a scale so many orders of magnitude beyond anything else in human history that it borders on the human mind trying to work with and understand the distances between stars and galaxies, we basically can’t, none of us can, we don’t have the wetware.

And almost everything in every one of those shops, or used by one of those service providers, is not made here in the UK, precious little of it is even made in greater europe.

We are told by geniuses everywhere that the fucking chinese are the losers here, they have our worthless paper, and we have nothing to sell to them in exchange for it.

I have along side the usual mix of spanners and sockets in everything from metric to AF to whitworth etc etc etc, compressors, a small lathe (cnc’d by me) a small vertical mill (cnc’d by me) vacuum pump, grinders of various sorts, taps and dies of all varieties, a c02 laser, a fibre laser, a mig welder, hydraulic tools, flowmeter, die chasers, reamers, the list goes on and on and on.

I can have that and 14 squillion in digital fiat hargesian goat bollocks, and the 14 squilion can evaporate overnight weimar style but it’s all 0’s and 1’s so I can’t even burn it or wipe my ass with it, and I will still have all those tools and the capacity that they give me.

Europe can disappear up it’s own ass tomorrow and the chinese (to name but one) will still have all that engineering capacity.

This is where I part with all the illuminati / rothschild / joo world order stuff, because they are all here in europe, and they are as welcome in china as a nigger at a KKK barbecue, it doesn’t make sense.

Soros / Gates / Musk’s billions can get wiped out tomorrow, Weimar style, what do you have to offer the guy with the manufacturing tools?

The vast might of the US military industrial complex is in fact as fragile as old Adolf’s tanks as they blitzkrieg’d across europe, it was a race to the next fuel source and a race against breakdowns, and it could so easily have collapsed in total disarray at any point and pretty much ended the war early right there and then, and this was back in the day when all you needed was Krupp steel and nothing was higher tech than the odd thermionic valve, and they were so fragile nobody relied on them for anything vital… runners on motorcycles carrying paper orders in leather pouches won the day.

We do not live in those times any more.

I was in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the mid seventies, both were little more than smelly ports with a few more modern concrete buildings around and roads with pavements that went nowhere and lead to nothing.

Eggs were flown in, newspapers were flown in, anything that wasn’t fresh or time critical like toilet paper and doors and hinges and carpets and electrical wiring was shipped in.

FUCKING GASOLINE AND DIESEL AND LUBRICANTS were shipped in, fucking electric power plants were shipped in, to power the drilling rigs that were shipped in, which were manned by staff that were shipped in.

There was nothing there but sun and sand and salt waters and some resources below the ground, it wasn’t a “self starter” economy, it was all imported.

To this day Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the same, sun sand and salt water, nothing to make concrete from, no iron ores to dig up and refine, no farm land to grow anything on, no rich oceans to fish, they can’t even autonomously extract and refine their own oil… and it has oh so many parallels to this south west corner of England, the populations have exploded, housing is everywhere, service industries are everywhere, the only exception / difference is they are at least extracting and selling a valuable mineral resource in large volumes.

My grandfather rode a camel, and my grandson will ride a camel.

Because when the oil stops it’s game over.

Tourism is based on cheap oil for jet fuel, sand is worthless, and solar panels would have to be imported and they don’t last that long, and transmission of electrical power over *long* distances of 1,000 km or more is a lossy fucking business.

What else is there?

I could content myself, as could a modern arab born to the right family, by saying hell we still have fantastic arable land here, and so on and so forth… but it doesn’t survive even a moment’s analysis, it’s not whether the land or the sea can be made to produce more than they do today, it is what the fuck are all these useless cunts going to be doing in the meantime?

Apart from rioting to eat?

My take is the yanks took a long view on the norks, back in the 50’s china was all slanty eyed little fucks and paddy fields, russia was russia but so what, fuck the japs, they got nuked 5 years ago and are still glowing, and basically the entire korean peninsula and it’s righ mineral resources was a trust fund stashed away until it was needed 40 or 50 years in the future.

The south koreans are already extracting their bit, so the norks are going to get sliced up between them and the chinese and the russians, the yanks won’t even get the crumbs off the table.

Ok, well, there is still africa, well, not so much, the chinese have been going into africa for 20 years now, but we never hear about it because they never recruit white men in london and new york to go over there and run shit, it’s all chinese labour and management, the local niggers can carry shit on their backs if they like..

The arabs should have bought australia… or at least the western half of it.

UK / France / Portugal / Germany should never have let go of any of their colonies, wipe out the locals if necessary, but never let that shit go.

But we never got any of that, instead we got outsourcing, we get being white is to be rayciss and privileged, being male even more so, being financially conservative and prudent meant you lost out, being a tradesman or artisan or producer meant you were the lowest paid, we got endlessly kicking the can down the road, we got Tesco and Walmart and Amazon.

Now we are being told one of the last great battles will be between Walmart and Amazon, except, no, not really, and it certainly won’t be a Graf Spee and honour and dignity, it will be the shot that rings out in serbia/croatia as the archduke ferdinand falls, like the grand old duke of york, an anachronism that was dead from the neck up long before it became dead from the neck down, and then we will really start to party.

The Walmarts and Amazons and tesco all have to die, and inevitably take millions of worthless feeders with them, before the next thing.

The new wolfenstien game would have been so much better if they lost the crap german accents and swastikas and low brow IQ’s, and instead the invaders were the people’s republic army and engineers.


we rove your strawberry mirk shake gwailo“, it says in the game trailer / teaser, before blaskowitz the jew bank clerk gets strung up from the nearest lamp post by the locals, hoping to be rewarded with a job greasing aibo’s assholes at the local factory / emporium / outlet / laundry and noodle house.


  1. I dont share your optimism that China is as independent from the international bankers as you seem to imply.

    I suspect the hollowing out of western economies and the shift of the global economy from west to east has been planned for some time now.

    The past 10 years, the gold price has been surpressed so Russia and China can buy it up for nothing. When the next reset comes, they can back their currencies to gold.

    Take a look at the recent moves by the IMF. Theyve included the CNY in the SDR currency basket and have been pushing for a global currency for 30 years (Economist 1987 Phoenix issue). Theyve been increasingly discussing the upcoming economic reset and a move tp China more boldly in recent years.

    If youre interested, have a look at this book discussing the alleged early infiltration of modern Chinese society and culture:


    Also check out the involvement of the Sogdian traders (namely the Wu of northern Zhou), and their later banishment from China after the Lou Shan rebellion in previous eras. They may have been responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people at a time when the global population was much smaller than the 1940s. A very influential group whose impact is rarely mentioned in history, interesting that.

    No argument here that the Chinese will be the best ones standing after the reset. Ive been learning Mandarin in anticipation

    Comment by Undefined — August 12, 2017 @ 2:06 am

  2. joo world order stuff, because they are all here in europe, and they are as welcome in china as a nigger at a KKK barbecue

    a – the Sassoon family ( Jews ), made their fortune running opium into China during the Opium Wars. so, a significant presence since the early 1800s. and the Opium wars happened because of a previous trade imbalance which had drained European silver into China over the 1700s.

    b – David Goldman ( Jew ) who had some notoriety a while back as the columnist ‘Spengler’ in the Asia Times works as a professional banker in Hong Kong
    he is one of many.

    c – the Jews have been openly talking about migrating in large numbers to China for going on ten years now. whether that will, or even could be successful, is an entirely different matter. now that China has the world’s largest manufacturing base, that could quickly be converted to a war power footing i don’t think something like the Opium Wars is going to play. and the Chinks are not the least bit ashamed of their “racism”.

    which doesn’t mean that the Joos aren’t going to try it anyways.

    oh, by the by? the Jews are more racist than the Chinese. Chosen People, don’t you know. African Niggers, Aussie Abos, 6′ tall Polynesian warriors, White Vikings, Mongols, Han Chinese, La Raza Mexicans, Honkies, we’re *ALL* Goyim. and the Talmud says that every Jew will have 2800 Gentile slaves …

    also, consider the example of Jonah. i’ve heard people claim that Jews have a special hatred for Christians. how then do they explain this example of Genocidal hatred from centuries before Christ was even born?

    remember, the salient fact in the book of Jonah is that Nineveh is a GENTILE city. Jonah would rather personally die than merely risk the possibility that those Goyim might repent and that God would spare them. and this is documented in THEIR OWN Tanakh.

    so far as the current monetary system goes, in the US the Treasury sells T-bills to the Federal Reserve to finance the debt and annual deficit. the Federal Reserve, contrary to it’s name, is privately owned. which means that Jew bankers rake off not only a percentage of every dollar that the US .gov spends, but they are also the one responsible for whether the money supply shrinks or grows … and they have instituted a monetary philosophy which demands that the money supply NEVER shrink. and a never ending money supply growth curve does what to existing funds held in savings?

    funny, that.

    also funny that this is in direct opposition to the Constitution which holds the Treasury responsible for the coining of money ( ie – the amount of money in circulation ).

    so, the US ( and pretty much every other country on the planet ) has instituted a “monetary” ( actually a fiat debt instrument, not the same thing ) system in which we PAY JEWS to add extra zeros to accounts … and we all pretend that this is “value” or “wealth” of some sort.

    Comment by bob k. mando — August 12, 2017 @ 8:30 pm

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