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August 8, 2017


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I’ll save you the link, basically Torquay council is on the way to borrowing 300 million quid, so that it can “invest” in commercial properties up to 100 miles away let to companies like Tesco.

Meanwhile the same council has a 5 million funding gap between income and expenditure, and the only other thing it can think of doing is raising council tax on residents and businesses.

Readers of ZH will be familiar with the plight of Detroit and other places, and might be tempted to think that this sort of thing is an american problem, but as the above shows, it isn’t.

The more money people have passing through their hands, the more they want to pass through their hands, because some of it always sticks, one way or another, and it doesn’t really matter to those in control, because no matter what happens, at no point are they personally going to be liable for the debt, they are literally spending other people’s money.

The fact is that such behaviour should not just be illegal, it should be subject to immediate arrest and imprisonment pending trial, and yet it is all perfectly legal and above board.

My own personal problem as a businessman / entrepreneur / employee is that I have never been “driven”, I just like playing with shit and if I can earn a living doing that, so much the better, but if it starts looking like actual work…. yeeeewwww…

So I’m tentatively looking at premises, and bottom line on the numbers is I can get 797 square feet of ideal / prime space for £212 a week all in, 26.6p per sq ft per wk.

Put simply, I don’t have that surplus now, so it’s down to whether the new equipment going into the already overcrowded workshop can generate that extra revenue, and then some.

It should but it might not and if things work out I’ll have a month with the new equipment before moving in to a new place to test the waters, and there lies one dilemma, the other one is I’m not really looking for the next stage of expansion so I can turn into a tech billionaire.

I want to earn more money so I have more free cash, but I also want an extra 800 square foot man cave to play in, hence having the extra free cash.

The difference between me and many others is I’m not prepared to borrow 1 penny to do it, why should I, when I already own everything I have outright, why would debt suddenly appeal to me, because unlike the local councillors, that debt will stick to me.

But, presently, I’m in that vacuum place, I can run the numbers all I want, and they can seem as reasonable and doable as I like, but the numbers and a buck will buy me a coffee, the numbers themselves are worthless, because they are all imaginary and projected.

If you look at my business model and invoices I issue, basically there are a whole range of items that I can put on the bill, but most of them are like the councillors, it is just money passing through my hands (materials, shipping and so on), basically what we would call turnover, with the exception of billable machine time, that’s the revenue source, what we would call profit or income.

The issue with “turnover” from the above example is there is basically no “profit” in it, it’s just a necessary evil that you have to do to be able to charge billable time, which is where the “profit” or income is.

I’m not saying I make a loss on the “turnover” items, but they aren’t a “profit centre”, and they do actually consume time to do.

Tesla for example makes a loss in every single department, *except* the US equivalent of “carbon credits” which is basically a state subsidy for eco-bullshit.

This is a *real* trick to pull off, not the making money on carbon credits thing, but the losing money in absolutely every single department thing, and not vanishing in a cloud of angry debtors wielding pitchforks… it’s the sort of trick usually reserved for the likes of Detroit and Torquay councils.

I’m sat here refusing to borrow money (assuming I could) and refusing all ideas about sharing my new man cave to cut costs, they are sat there borrowing millions to “invest” it in other areas.

This is a very real and very interesting dichotomy, to these people “business” and “finance” mean things that are utterly alien to me, and I’m sure my definitions are utterly alien to them.

And there is a simple tell tale, you won’t find Musk fucking around in the corner of a Tesla factory playing with high tech toys, and you won’t find Torbay councillors standing on property rented to Tescos walking around with a weed whacker and gardening tools.

Their tinkering is all done on computer screens, No Man’s Sky meets the Excel Spreadsheet as they grind their way through another multimillion dollar deal, all that phyzz shit lying around somewhere is just a necessary evil, it’s would be so much neater to play with Libor or Bitcoin.

But, I digress.

The real point here is that our entire monetary system is broken, in a sense I can see the point about wanting to move away to a cashless society, because the advent of electronic cash made old school cash just a subset of the electronic, much like my “turnover” items are a subset of the business as a whole, but the problem wasn’t the electronic cash per se, the problem was that there weren’t any controls on it worth speaking of.

Bitcoin is touted as being salvation for one reason only, it is controlled in the sense that there is a finite amount, in every other way it is as worthless as our current electronic fiat currency.

My problem is that I must live and do business in those worlds, using those bloody currencies, and as such they have an inordinate effect on my and my business.

My problem is that, in my own personal opinion, my distrust of them is such that I am entirely justified in avoiding every single debt instrument that I can, which limits me to electronic fiat cash.

To be honest with you I might as well be trading in 7 year old kids ready for fucking, instead of Pounds Sterling (electronic fiat version) because I have no interest in the medium itself, it’s just a lubricant for the machine that I call my life, and as I add to the complexity of that machinery and add another 800 sq ft man cave, I need more lubricant to pass through my hands and that machinery.

For those purposes widely accepted promissory notes for 7 year old anuses would work as well as £ symbols in ebanking, if they are accepted by all then they work for me, the actual promissory note itself holds no value for me.

Which in itself exposes another flaw in the system, money doesn’t “do” anything, it never did, not even when it was all phyzz silver or gold or pressed latinum you ferengi twat.

So nobody would ever work for it, unless they had to, because the baker and cobbler and butcher all only took gold…

Back in the mists of time the making of a small town was a charter or permission from the king to set up a market in town to trade shit, of course trading there meant paying a slice, and paying it in coin with the king’s head on it, so pretty much trading could only be done in the king’s coin… no market charter, no trading, enforced by force.

We are really no different now, some time ago I reached the point where my own off the books “Honest John” accounting system would no longer suffice, the threshold was passed where official scrutiny prevailed.

Sucks for the state, because I was honest enough and lazy enough that like everyone else I know when I am screwing the system, and when I am screwing myself, so I can always stay on the side of screwing myself, and its worth it, because I don’t have any hoops to jump through or paperwork to keep, and as long as I have a tenner in my pocket I am happy.

But when you get to that threshold you are no longer trusted, no matter what, and so you’re presumed guilty until found guilty (like the po po, they will never look for exculpatory evidence) and your only real option is to pay an accountant a thousand pounds a year.

Just like the po po when you demand a lawyer, the state boys hate you, because they missed their window of opportunity, anything issued by the accountant is accepted, and for my part since I’m paying for a fucking accountant all this shit that I never bothered claiming for is going into the mix.

Fuck you.

Of course now they are really out to get you (you are the prey, after all) and another layer of the pleasure that got you into running your own business is stripped away.

Now every where I go I have to ask for a fucking vat receipt, and it’s a pain in the ass, because NO automated machinery likes to print them… why not? well a VAT receipt has to contain the vat charged, the registered vat number of the business, the registered name of the business, and so on, and that makes the receipt physically longer, and when your company prints out 10,000 a day at one store that means its worth the saving….

Because it’s not *law* that you have to print a vat receipt if you charge vat, just that you have to record it internally.

Which brings us to “auditing”, tesco and the like print so many receipts it is physically impossible for human beings to audit every single one, so basically the systems are certified and the electronic records are just accepted (bit like the volkswagen emissions tests) and that’s that.

In many ways, even though I have no interest in the promissory note itself, trading promissory notes in 7 year old anuses would be preferable to pounds sterling, because money is evil.

When I am made God, the only valid currency will be phyzz, and it will be metal coin, and it will be doped with refined uranium and plutonium, nobody is going to want to hang on to it, and nobody is going to want to amass a horde of it, and at a single stroke money will do what it always should have done.

Of course it is possible to code a half life and a critical mass into electronic virtual fiat currencies too, oh deep joy… and usury would be a multiplier on the half life…. and of course critical mass is based on any physical system, not virtual accounts within a system

365 day half life

640k critical mass (should be enough for anyone…lol)

usury = half life / 1 + (10 x usury rate)

critical mass range / sphere 1 metre (no virtual accounts)

Failing that I’d pass a new law, anyone SIGNING or APPROVING a credit deal (both lender and borrower) is personally responsible for life for 1% of the total with interest in the case of default, and you get left with nothing, not even the shirt on your back, and any one or any thing giving you succour (yeah I’m bankrupt but the wifes 2nd cousins Chihuahua ain’t, and his trust fund owns this mansion) gets included automatically.


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