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August 4, 2017

Tesla gurrls

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Just been on a road trip up and down the length of the country, in motorways service station where there were between 3 and 6 electric car charging stations, there are rows at least 12 or 15 long of new tesla charging stations, resembling a dyson fan in red and white, being installed.

Does the Tesla take the same plug as other e-vehicles? Or is it Apple proprietary bullshit, and if it is, how is it helping to save the planet.. sorry sir, you’ll get the wrong shape electrons, quark, strangeness and charm.

I can’t think why, unless every tesla sold in the uk goes on a simultaneous road trip on the same route, maybe then they need 15 charging stations per service station.

I look forward to the cliché horror films where the murderer with chainsaw shuffles and closes the 100 foot gap to the victim in their tesla car at about 1 foot every ten seconds, and the tesla refuses to boot, or the dumb boyfriend cries that the batteries are flat…

Certainly given local highways planning departments and motoring standards in general, it won’t be hard for the tesla autopilots to be the best drivers on the road… but then stevie wonder on meth would be as good as some of the ones we actually have on the road, so it isn’t saying much.

Scores of drivers here took literally two hours to make two and three mile journeys, and of course all the “cycling first” assholes are proclaiming that the problem is cars, s’funny, nothing at all to do with pavements on some roads literally growing 30 feet in width, arbitrary one way systems, arbitrary pedestrianisation systems and so on, so roads that could take acrtics and two way traffic and car parking either side 30 years ago are now one way and barely wide enough for a VW golf .

That and a general “fuck you” attitude that sees people blocking junctions and turnings and ignoring lights and generally creating a gridlock where we *could* have had at least 5 to 10 mph traffic.

Still, it’s nothing a few more speed humps won’t cure.

I did see one electric car, a blue beemer i8, looking very superior as he cruised past my shitbox 600 quid volvo (that did a 550 mile round trip at a steady 70 mph for 50 quids worth of diesel) at 5 mph more than me, except in the time I had that thing in view it depreciated more than my car cost me, and I refueled (which is 800 miles range) in 5 minutes, which he cannot do.

I’m struggling to see intellect anywhere.

99% of everything I can see and touch and use and rely on was the result of the industry of white men, yet they have all gone, turned into retarded vain and stupid creatures that can only consume, not create.

The crew fed weapon was a direct response to the fact that the *problem* with individual weapons is the vast majority won’t use them to deliberately kill the opponent, but the crew fed weapon dilutes the responsibility to the point where all can participate, and shift the burden or morals to the others.

The exact same things is true of 99.99% of institutions in modern society, the “justice system” of po-po and lawyers and judges and advisors and counsellors and experts and so on are no more than cyphers in a crew fed weapon systems, and they all went rogue soon after they were created.

Love Trump or hate him, nobody with an IQ higher than room temperature in an igloo can be in any doubt at all that US politics has descended into balkanized anarchy, it’s not a coup or civil war, there are far too many competing factions for that, this is rats feeding on a corpse.

Let’s antagonise both Russia and China for the win…

Meanwhile everyone is talking about how the chinese economy is empty, it’s a potemkim village, it’s all fake…. how many full containers go from china to the yeww ess of aaa every week, and how many full containers go the other way, now tell me who was the fake economy.

All kidding aside, I actually think the tesla 3 *could* be a good car, it *won’t* be, because it is being built by tesla and it’s US$30k and nobody even knows if they can make 2,000 a week.

If it *is* any good by the end of 2018 the chinese will be making a knock off that’s 90% as good for 15k, and they will make 2,000 a day.

Because there’s the rub, modern cars have to be designed to be built largely by robots to be profitable, and the more components you have the greater the cost, and one of the best ways to reduce components is to go all electric….

And since we all willingly decimated our own local industry, the chinese are the only one left who can do it better than anyone else, they already build everything from an iphone though german cars to us passenger jet planes, a fucking electric car is a piece of piss.

And the UK’s new “only zero emissions by 2040” laws come in to force just 22 years in the future… my four vehicles are 16, 16 and 15 and the oldie is 36 years old, and to me they are all “modern”

In days gone by I owned and ran a 1961 BSA with magneto ignition, drum brakes and kick start only, 56 years old now…. the changes from that to a ducati diavel are unbelievable.

Since the old chairman and his little red book went away, china has basically been run by a panel of men who are either scientists or engineers, they have more in common with the old white men who built modern western society than anything we have alive today.

We in the west are rapidly approaching the status of wogs in the Congo jungle in 1870, and it is us doing it to ourselves, the chinese would rather we didn’t, because wogs have nothing to buy firewater or steam engines with, but if we do, it won’t take them down with us.

So my local city will look like Beijing in 1960, pushbikes everywhere, pushbikes pulling ploughs and harvesters, pushbikes pulling 40 foot containers, pushbikes sporting 120′ jib head cranes, pushbikes cleaning streets and carry away wastes, well, maybe not, just pushbikes and minimum wage subsistence jobs, so the pushbikes themselves will be old iron bone shakers, not a shimano or mag wheel or shred of lycra in sight.


  1. How would you turn things around?

    If you met the Queen on tinder and suddenly found yourself king, what would thy majesty do?

    Comment by guest — August 4, 2017 @ 12:20 pm

  2. >So my local city will look like Beijing in 1960

    You already can wait for a Tesla like they waited for Trabants back in East Germany!

    Comment by guest — August 4, 2017 @ 12:28 pm

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