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August 1, 2017

Tech Talk, Hard Talk.

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I’ve looked at 3D printers, and given their current limitations, I’m trying hard to find a use case that justifies purchasing one.

99% of thingverse seems to be “you need a 3d printer to print parts for your 3d printer to make it work still / better” or “you need a 3d printer to make models that you wouldn’t buy if they were 99c and free shipping on amazon prime

I realise there are other cases, I could whip up a life size model of my cock, oh wait, better buy a creality, none of the others have a build volume big enough, fnarr fnarr

What I am saying is not that there are not valid use cases, just that I *personally* cannot see one, not right now, and 99.9% of the 3d printing I have seen and heard about is post purchase self justification, I bought a creality so I can make a cable support bracket for the creality that didn’t come with a cable support bracket, even though most of the parts are 3d printed.

What this means for people who haven’t bought a 3d printer, is 99.9% of everything is noise, if there is a valid signal in there, it has long since been drowned out.

Lets look at YouTube, I saw it when it first came out, and sure enough fucking cat videos were amongst the first things uploaded, then Google bought it, then a handful of whack jobs made obscene amounts of money on it, then “because the advertisers rebelled” Google / YouTube clamped down on the monetisation side.

Let me tell you what I think *really* happened.

1/ google found out youtube was a fucking money pit, and not even the kind of money pit you can write off for tax purposes as a loss leader and still be happy to run.

2/ google found out that big business’s love affair with all things digital when it comes to advertising was heading for the divorce courts, proctor and gamble alone are cutting 500 million from their future digital advertising budget.

3/ people like me found out that no matter what we did, no matter how many times we clicked on don’t like the channel or don’t like the video or already seen the video or all of the above, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference to the recommends that pop up on the youtube home page, ergo google cannot detect the 947th time an identical video has been uploaded by some asshole, and cannot detect that despite telling them 999 time by clicking, I don’t want to see any channels featuring wannabe celebutards and their latest car, and cannot detect that despite telling them by clicking 999 times, I don’t want any fucking arab shite, or how to apply makeup shite, or top ten list shite, or general shite where the thumbnail doesn’t appear in or come from the actual video, or have any relation to it, or reality.

basically google can’t recommend anything except the same old same old zero content clickbait shite.

Because that’s all there is, there isn’t any decent content, and what there is, that 0.1%, is simply drowned out to the point you’ll never find it.

Are you sensing a common theme here?

I’m due another “free” phone on my contract, overdue actually, we have two perfectly working Note 4’s here and one perfectly working Note 3 for emergency use should one of the 4’s shit the bed.

The problem, there aren’t any new phones I want, they are all this new long and slim form factor, even the new not yet released Note 8, and it won’t have a removable battery, and there simply isn’t anything else on offer.

There might be, some huwai or something, but again it’s the 0.1 % and you’ll never find it on my carriers website, so I’m downgrading for the first time ever since the S1 to a sim only deal.

I stated with them then because they were the only network that offered;

  1. they own their own cell towers and infrastructure
  2. unlimited data
  3. unlimited calls
  4. unlimited texts

it wasn’t cheap, but it was the best, and I stayed with the rotating “latest samsung note” flagship phone bundle because I liked them, but no more, I’ll be downgrading to this

4GB data. All-you-can-eat minutes. All-you-can-eat texts. 12 month contract. £10.00 a month.*
and saving 35 quid a month…. because there simply aren’t any phones out there that have the older note screen aspect ratio and expandable sd card storage and a removable battery, or maybe there are, but not from the phone operator, so I’ll buy one myself maybe, when the current notes all shit the bed, maybe… or maybe a nokia 3310, in the meantime I’m going to sim only for the first time in my life, and it will be *real* hard to tempt me back.

Same problem youtube faces, same problem 3d printing faces, same problem all sorts of shit faces….

it’s much the same story with my home broadband, uncapped 200/20 meg and a landline phone for 50 quid a month, the wankers are always ringing up trying to get me to sign up for one of the “amazing” TV bundles, it’s an extra 20 quid a month for nothing that even remotely interests me, nor are they remotely interested when I point out that the “free” (that I am really paying for) superhub is so shite that I have to run it in modem only mode and then run a proper draytek firewall / router / wifi ap…

try and fuck me over too much and I’ll drop back to the 100/10 meg service and phone for 32 quid a month, I started out on acoustic couplers at 300 baud so trust me, I can make 10/1 meg work fine, I have no need to download a dvd size mpeg container in 10 minutes or less, overnight works, I’ll live…

As it is I’m busy spending the capital I have saved in the bank buying as many tools and other shit as I can, no fucker going to include my savings in a bank bail in, or wipe them out with a currency crash, two scenarios that are increasingly likely here.

Nor do I have any great incentive to move from the humble but cheap dive that I now inhabit, though I have seen a *definite* drop in asking prices for rental properties around here, not enough of a drop, but put it this way, I am seeing *some* properties on the market for monthly rents that I have not seen advertised for a few years at least.

Nor do I have any great incentive to upgrade anything in the motor pool, everything is 15 or 16 years old and so far 100% reliable and pretty cheap to maintain and fix and run, though it was tempting to blow a wad on a baldwin motion c3 vette a while back, it would have been a money pit and a target, you can’t eat a vette or make money from it or sell it piecemeal, you can with tools.

Guy I know has just bought 5 pallete loads of mobil 1 in 5 litre jugs for that very reason, fuck putting the money in bitcoin or gold or the bank, and he can sell that shit 1 gallon at a time for what he paid for it, if not more.

Every “tech” tool that I have that relies on “tech” parts or consumables just got renewed / upgraded, so I can expect at least 3 more years life before the next refresh cycle, it hurts writing a cheque for 2.5 k, but not as much as not being able to in 6 months, or having to write one for 7 k in six months, and what the fuck use is money in the bank, you can’t eat it.

Speaking of “money” as in “cash money”, pure coinkydink that the notes and coinage are going through a refresh cycle and much of the stuff that is still legal tender today won’t be in six months time, eg pound coins, five pound notes, and then ten pound notes…. imagine being sat on 25k worth of obsolete currency.

I’m not that old a cunt, but I can remember my dad getting “bailed in” abroad once, sure, your money is safe in the bank, you can spend it any time you like, in local currency, you can’t take it out of the country, or exchange it (even if you could the rates are plummeting) or do anything with it, but it’s all still here, still safe.

27 years ago the place I was working work stopped overnight, gulf war one kicked off and overnight the exchange rate between the US$ and the local currency shifted 50%, most business was ultimately done by people who worked in the US$ so they turned the taps off overnight and it took all of three days to trickle down to the cigarette sellers and knife sharpeners who only dealt in local currency anyway, so it’s a lie to say nobody alive really remembers this shit… plenty alive in Greece do today, and that was only a couple of years ago.

I’ve got a cubic foot drawer stashed away in a remote place full of all sorts of prescription drugs, painkillers and the like, not enough antibiotics for my liking, and forget that use by date shit, most drugs are perfectly viable and over 95% of original strength 20 years down the line, just keep em cool and dry and dark.

I’ve got a minimum stash of 50 toilet rolls, 20 kilos of sugar, 10 kilos of coffee, several kilos of rolled oats, 60 or so tinned food, got to get a decent water filter in…

Anyway, enough of that dick swinging prepper shit, it’s not prepper shit, I’m just buying stuff now while the going is both good and cheap, on the basis that I’ve got the money and I don’t believe it is ever going to be cheaper.

Which brings me back full circle to a 3d printer.

I can see the use, possibly, but it has to be a disassemble-able repairable 100% metal head and extruder, and it has to take *any* type of material, and so on, and suddenly it’s not a cheap proposition any more, and if you have finite resources, which we all do, there are better things for *me* to spend money on.





  1. Does your ‘Mobil 1’ mate have some insider info about oil prices?

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — August 1, 2017 @ 7:50 pm

    • I doub it, he is a mechanic by trade and preferred “stock” to coin, as he said, what’s the worst that can happen, the price drops by 50% per gallon can, that may seem like a good deal considering what could happen to “money” in the bank.

      Comment by wimminz — August 1, 2017 @ 10:57 pm

  2. You don’t need insider info to know oil will go down.
    There’s more of it out there than anyone imagined.

    It’s like a shopping channel fairy tale, buy now only one drop left!

    3D printing could be revolutionary for warranties, imagine if a company had every knob for every last device in stock, as a cad file, and they could print you any replacement part on demand, with laser sintering those replacement would be even better quality than extruded plastic bits! But unlikely, since that cuts into profit.

    And i actually did move back to a dumb phone, a rigged CAT feature phone, don’t regret it a bit, it survives every drop, i charge it maybe once a week, it works in the rain, i can type blind on it, by the feel, i got spare batteries for it, and it has the only smart feature i desire, an mp3 player for podcasts, on top of that no contract for under 100 euro.

    The only trade-off is no fappy bird.

    I’m so jaded, to the point i buy bare Korean lcd panels! Yes you have to build your own stand for it, but on the other hand it has no smart features! Another worthy trade off.

    Comment by guest — August 1, 2017 @ 9:08 pm

  3. The more I read about bitcoin/blockchain, the more it looks like a intel community honeypot.

    Physical goods, non perishable food, etc still seem like the best option for holding value. An oat will always be an oat, while currencies change form and value constantly.

    Comment by Undefined — August 2, 2017 @ 2:32 am

  4. Oh I know 3d printing is in a pretty useless state right now.
    Even to us Miniatures gamers (X-Wing for me) it´s only borderline useful.
    The printer pastes they´re giving us are utter shite.

    I´m still hoping some gee-wiz kid will come up with a killer-app paste concoction, that somehow turns into something really steel or carbon like.
    In the mean time it´s an interesting way to learn and apply 3d modeling, experimenting with all kinds of shapes.

    Comment by hans — August 3, 2017 @ 1:54 am

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