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July 17, 2017


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Steve Martin playing Ruprecht the monkey boy to Michael Caine, they are at a table eating dinner and Rup raises his fork, which has a cork on the end of it, so he doesn’t injure himself…

So, here is a photo I just took, three “blades” in descending order of sharpness.

A few weeks ago a 12 year old kid wanted to cut something, so I handed them the buck in the middle, the look on their face and their parents’ face was memorable to say the least, you see this kid had never handled anything sharper than the dinner knife at top, and it struck me, everyone is a fucking Ruprecht with their baby blunted plastic scissors and corks on their forks.

For those of you wondering;

  1. bog standard sheffield steel dinner knife
  2. buck 110 fg
  3. wapienica razor (polish made surgical razor, old stuff now)

It’s been troubling me, these few days of holiday so far, that look on their faces, WTF has the world come to when people are scared to handle a blade that isn’t dull?

Well, it means none of them know how to handle the buck, much less how to handle an open razor, my eyes open further, in a world where all anyone knows is remington electric and bic disposable, it’s no wonder nobody knows how to shave, so they are either covered in stubble or bleeding, maybe both, nobody will have a close even shave.

I dunno if I’d put an edged weapon before or after fire, basically they are both prehistoric in the human sense, Inuit kids 3 years old can play with flensing knives safely enough, white kids and adult white kids are afraid of a buck lockblade…

Not included in this photo shot is a “stanley” box cutter, arguably *far* better than anything you see here if all you want to do is slice someone’s jugular open and end their days, but all handle and tiny blade in this new juvenile ignorant world makes it safe in the eyes of most.

No knowledge + no experience = total inability to make a valid judgement.

When I was a boy 99% of cops were ex military men, which meant 90% of them had seen active service and 75% of them had seen action.

I can remember an instance where I pulled a diving knife out of my boot (double serrated edge commando point) my mate pulled a morticians knife (think filleting blade but sharper) out of his sleeve and my other mate pulled a (genuine, it wasn’t that valuable then) rohm ss dagger out of his jacket, the motorcycle po-po we are talking to opens his pannier and pulls out a mk 2 US navy kabar.

We’d all come up behind an old Bedford lorry (old fashioned tarp and truckers hitch tie down) and his load had shifted and he couldn’t undo the knots to sort the load out, so he turned around and asked “anyone got a knife?”

What followed (after cutting the offending hitch) was po-po discussing the relative merits and weaknesses of all 4 knives for the next 30 minutes while the truck driver sorted his load, the next day I sold the diver’s knife to a fisherman (yep, great knife to keep lashed to the winch just in case you want to cut some polyprop line, not much use for anything else…) and bought my first buck 110, that’s the second one I have ever owned in the picture, #1 is out in the workshop in the tin with all the twist drills and crap.

Today we’d all have been arrested, and probably been threatened by armed po-po… because nobody in the po-po is ex-services.

I have a small Kennet tool grinder, amongst other things, I could within 3 minutes make the bog standard blunt dinner knife sharp enough to fillet fish, and maybe sharp enough to do a third of a shave, and it would still look like a fucking dinner knife to these dumbasses today, until they sliced their fingers off, then, having cut one finger off, they’d draw it across their palm or something equally stupid to see how sharp it was.

I now *literally* find myself in a place where young people who have daily contact with both parents *and* all four grandparents are asking me to teach them how to shave.

Never even crosses their minds that lesson 1 is a couple of hours talking about edged steel and lesson 2 is a couple of hours talking about hair and follicles and lesson 3 is a couple of hours talking about water and soap and lather and then we can think, about the first shaving lesson with the humble bic disposable.

I just had to brain dump this so I could continue with les vacances.


  1. Mea culpa, Ive been using a 2 bladed cartridge razor lately, since I travel a lot and airlines wont let you carry single blades or double sided safety razors on board.

    Its not a bad shave, and a cartridge can last a month if you clean out the debris between the blades and strope it across your forearm after each use.

    But this has been another post which reminds me I’m out of practice. Been years since I sharpened a blade and I need to keep those skills fresh. Cheers

    Comment by Undefined — July 18, 2017 @ 2:29 am

  2. I learned to shave via youtube. I started out with an electric razor but as I got older they just pissed me off. I decided they were too expensive for the poor job they did. I started with cartridge razors but then when the Fusion razors came out from Gillette I got pissed off at the price tag and started looking for other options. Now I just use a double edged safety razor with Feather brand blades.

    My Mom wouldn’t let me have a BB gun when I was a kid too. Then when I got older, got my first job and finally had my own money I just went to the sporting goods store and bought a pellet gun without asking. She didn’t make me return it so it all worked out, LOL.

    Comment by Michael — July 18, 2017 @ 5:17 pm

  3. I dunno if I’d put an edged weapon before or after fire, basically they are both prehistoric in the human sense

    you want to take any wild guesses about how old quadratic and cubic equations are?

    Comment by bob k. mando — July 19, 2017 @ 3:04 pm

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