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July 11, 2017


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The human eye shakes, if it didn’t we would be blind to everything that didn’t move, because it is only change that triggers the cells at the back of they eye, they are not a CCD.

The other end of the scale is stuff that changes too much, the body has to try to fight to keep up, and sooner or later it starts just ignoring both the content and the change, as long as the change is constant.

If you want to know the human limits just look around you, thanks to computers and TV’s and smartphones and IT, everyone is saturated 24/7 and most try to cope by only focusing on a few things, Fuckbook, Netflix, Amazon and Tinder for example.. add in Uber and Deliveroo and you can live your life that way, and you are still filtering out 99.9% of the “content” out there.

If you take usenet and have a subscription to one of the e-book groups you’ll find that just amongst the pirated content, there is so much new “women fucking animals” porn being produced that you’d have to whittle it down to something very specific and unusual, so not wolves or bears or vampires, perhaps bottle nose dolphins, or perhaps dragons, to limit the amount to a level where a speed reader could keep up with it all if they spent 12 hours a day reading.

Let me give you an example, and bear in mind I was online before there was any such thing as the WWW, so I remember altavista and webcrawler and the rest coming out.

Google, clean clear efficient and blew the rest away… right?

So, here is a search phrase for Google.

“I want to read a blog written by a guy who uses lasers”

It doesn’t specify what sort so it could be a DMX light show or it could be a metal cutting fibre rig or it could be data comms or it could be a quantity surveyor etc etc etc, just a guy who uses lasers all the time and blogs about it, that would be interesting and that’s what I’d like to read about.

What you GET is a keyword search that’s had some minor word weighting performed on the input text and that’s that, so, either;

  1. there are no such blogs out there
  2. there are such blogs out there but google hasn’t indexed them
  3. google is crap at finding shit

I’ll leave you to work out which it is…

When 95% of the results match what I searched for, then you can come talk to me about how wonderful a search tool google is, as it is it’s in reality no better than altavista or webcrawler were back in the day, their big problem back then was there was new stuff coming out faster than it could be indexed, but the win back then was webrings, so you only had to find ONE good site about lasers and then you were off in a nest of next back webrings all about lasers, and fuck all about anything else that didn’t interest you like penis enlargement.

And these are the guys that want to make an autonomous car?

You can’t even do search, you just bullshitted everyone you could and eliminated the competition… and for decades now you’ve used that dominance to…. not improve search.. way to go.

Not only that, they aren’t even trying, oh, you’re in the UK, uh, OK, well, there is a whole bunch of shit here and we are going to have to weight your results because that shit is more important to us than making search work.

It doesn’t matter, because there are still 2 million pages of results, and only the autistic ever get past the tenth page and see them start to repeat themselves.

Of course it’s all total and complete bollocks, and you can save yourself 14 squillion dollars on search engine optimisation and page ranking and shit by calling yourself http://www.bristol.arc.welding.co.uk instead of http://www.creoline-group.co.uk and having a fucking website that says WELCOME TO BRISTOL ARC WELDING instead of some flash shit with some gender neutral asshole smiling and pointing at something interesting in a stock photo yadda yadda yadda.

Trust me, anyone any where near bristol who types any combination of the words “arc”, “welding” and “bristol” will get you on page 1 of the results…. you may get some mis hits for bristol massachewsets of course but you can fix that in the second line of your home page below the welcome to bit.

I’ll predict that 99.9% of you got here either from a link from another site, a link from a friend, or because you typed “wimminz” in a search, and I was the first one to use that word in a URL.

So, anyway, back to fatigue.

Thanks to all the aforementioned IT goodies, we now live in a world where there is several thousand times more “new” content every day than any individual human being could ever hope to even sample, and it’s all just one click away.

And the volume is increasing, so humans do the only thing they can do, apply fatigue and filter, and sooner or later you get to the state where your filters are so good, and the search / indexing is so bad, that there is basically no new content to view.

There is, but you can’t find it, so it may as well not exist, so all that’s left for 99.99% of the sheep is to sign up to an echo chamber like a fuckbook group, and have new joke of the day new meme or the day latest trump atrocity of the day pushed to their mobile device.

Don’t worry, I get it too, I can check the daily fail website any day you like and see 99 different articles of “news” any one of which *would* have prompted me to say something, not any more, oh look, another story about a poor wimminz battered by an evil man, another story about the glass ceiling, another story about a celebutard wedding… meh…

Anyway, I’m taking a couple of weeks off, not going anywhere special or doing anything special, just unplugging for a bit and doing some of the stuff that floats my boat.

(No, not vacationing in Yellowstone…lol)

I’m fatigued out man.


  1. Word. Even ZH has become the same ol shoebox. My eyes glaze over as soon as I see a Trump article, and only a flicker of interest arises with a Yellowstone headline.

    Enjoy your unplug time. A camping trip or getaway sounds good right now. Maybe a long haul bike ride for you?

    Comment by Undefined — July 12, 2017 @ 2:03 am

  2. Enjoy your break mate. The hiatus will suck, though ;D

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — July 12, 2017 @ 10:45 pm

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