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July 10, 2017

“Age of consent”

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I would like you to think about that, an *age* at which you will be permitted to *consent* to something.

It’s not just the age at which you can have your body do or not do something, it is the age at which your mind is allowed to make that choice.

Some milestones in the UK are,

  • 16 – hold a provisional driving licence, ride a 50 cc moped, smoke, have sex with a stranger, leave school, get a job, pay taxes.
  • 17 – drive a 125 cc bike or pass your test and drive a larger motorcycle or car
  • 18 – buy beer and spirits, have sex with someone who isn’t a stranger eg teacher etc, watch an adult rated movie, vote
  • 21 – drive a truck

I’ll be honest here, I’m out of touch with a lot of these, and a lot of them have changed too, when I was a boy you could work part time at 12 and join the army at 16 and we all though it was fucked up that you could join the army and kill or be killed, and fuck, 2 years before you were considered old enough to buy beer or vote or see an adult film, and one year before you could get a proper driving licence.

I’m not going anywhere near the 15 year old girls who aren’t old enough to fuck, but do, and who get pregnant, and who then get abortions, hey ho.

Back then it wasn’t illegal to fuck someone you knew like a teacher at 16 either, of course in practice it would have been career ending for the teacher but that’s neither here nor there, but now if there is anything that could even remotely be considered a position of power, driving instructor, boss, anything, the age of consent for sex is 18

Now, I’m not some paedo apologist saying that kids should be able to consent at 2 or any of that crap, no older person is going to argue with the statement that young people lack the experience to make good decisions, and that young people are easy to influence, and all the rest.

The problems though are two fold, one is the logic perspective, the other is the moral perspective.

From the logical perspective you can’t have any exceptions that break the logic, because then it is no longer rules based on logic, it’s just rules based on punishment.

So the younger the child gets the more protections they should get, and then you come to abortion, and then we get specious “arguments” that the thing being killed isn’t actually a human being, at least as long as skank ho mini mommy and the doctors do the killing, if mini skank ho’s evil aggressive boyfriend beats her for pulling a train while pregnant and she falls down the stairs and miscarries the very least he will be done for is manslaughter if not murder.

So the entire “it’s just simple logic” argument is toast, right there.

Actually the entire moral argument dies a death there too, that is not to say that there cannot be any logical or moral arguments made, just that they do not stand scrutiny as they are not universal and do not have any foundation when you include or exclude the very youngest, the unborn, on a whim.

So we’re back to the thing *we* all said when we were 14 and 15 and 16, and which we have been told throughout our lives is not true, to the point that many of us now repeat it to our young, and that thing is the state telling us what we can and cannot do with out bodies.

Nobody involved *consented* to the state intervening, none of us did back then and nobody does today either, yet the state intervened and told us we could not consent, and even if we did, it didn’t matter, someone is going to jail, whether it was underage sex or driving without a licence or drinking or smoking underage or whatever.

BACK IN THE DAY you turn 21 you become an adult and *your* parents are off the hook for your actions, prior to that all they can do is disown you or beat you, but they can beat you.. on the principle that you cannot make someone responsible for something without also giving them the means to control that thing, or wash their hands and walk away if control didn’t work.

Back in the day you want to fuck at 14 that’s a conversation that involves both your parents and the parents of the other kid in question, and probably some beatings, or wedding bells.

Back in the day you want to ride your horse and carriage through town at 14 that’s a conversation you’ll have with your parents, and if you damage or injure anything or just act like a loon a lot of people will be talking to your parents, and you’ll be getting a beating.

Now, if we talk about some horrible failed dictatorship nork state where kids are basically indoctrinated at 5 and drafted into the state apparatus at 10 and lied to their entire lives about absolutely everything, we will all be muttering in our beards about how fucking awful that is, the military draft was bad enough when it was done at 16, hell that nearly broke is, how can you do that to little kids?

I got news for you, I just been talking to some 11 and 12 year olds, that’s first year at the big school here (and yes as mentioned previously with puberty and so on, these kids are becoming sexually mature, and thanks to smartphones they are exposed to everything all the time) and they are as aware of all this “rules shit” as we were back when we were young, in fact they are even more aware of it.

Now, here is the thing, BECAUSE we now have a system that deliberately turns out dumbed down kids from school at 16/18 that are basically as thick as shit, you aren’t left with any intellectual arguments that work, you literally cannot get to a place where the kids will say you know what, I see what you are trying to say, I get that, but it’s not fair, I’ll put up with it because I can’t change it, but, it’s not fair and its not right.

You can’t do that because the kids are as thick as shit, fuck you and fuck your rules is about as close as you’ll get, so me being me thought I would be clever, I’d educate these little shits, I’d teach them about The Draft and national service and all that, to see if that rang any bells.

I get stopped / interrupted half way through, I’ll call him Jimmy, the corner of Jimmy’s mouth is turned and he is talking to me like I’m talking to a retard and he ain’t no ‘tard bro, yeah yeah we get that, says Jimmy, it’s not that, this is prison, we’re all born in prison, and he mentions something that may be a game or show, I honestly for the life of me can’t remember the name but clearly all the other kids knew it because they started to nod, and says it’s all like that man, we’re prisoners, so are our parents, they just got used to it.

I had to go away and think.

See, there is no way I can explain any of this intellectually to Jimmy or his crew, they will just hear sounds, they won’t grep content, there is nothing to be grasped by their minds, because they are as thick as shit, deliberately so.

YUUUGE BIIGLY mistake to think that because someone cannot grasp something intellectually, therefore they cannot grasp it viscerally, even a dog understands when it is being treated fairly or unfairly, it’s doesn’t need logic and Plato to work out when it is getting the shit end of the stick.

Logic and Plato is needed to convince the dog to eat it, for the greater good, fnaar fnaar, just be patient my pup, things will improve over time.

These feral kids and feral young adults have neither education nor logic nor plato nor anything else, and I guess when you get right down to it, they don’t need it.

Later I asked Jimmy how he knew I wasn’t one of “them” and again he looked at me like I was dumb, it hardly needed explaining, I wasn’t a teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor etc, and it was all run together like that, no difference between them, they are all the one thing, the prison guards, authoritah, the ones that enforce rules and hand out punishments, but who do not obey the rules they enforce.

I’m reminded of you tube videos questioning activists and protesters and getting dumb angry “just because innit” answers, and then dismissing the protester as a dumb shit… missing the point people… yes, they are dumb, and yes, they are angry, and dumb angry people do stupid shit, with very little warning… and dumb angry people aren’t a million miles away from “now I’m fucked I may as well go all in”

The laws that we had back in the day were not acceptable to us back then, but, we all had some sort of education and so we all came to some sort of accommodation that “may as well man up and take it because you ain’t gonna win” although of course there were exceptions… in my own case I’d been abroad and driving since I was 12, back in blighty at 16 I bought a bsa a10 that was basically half in a box for 300 quid and rebuilt it, I remember trying to get insurance but I couldn’t as I had no licence, and I remember trying to get a licence only to be told I was too young, the fact that I’d already had a licence for 4 years and had just rebuilt the bike meant nothing, that is the “law” so, I figured I’d tried, fuck you, and rode anyway… and got into plenty of trouble as a result despite never having an accident or anything else, but that’s neither here nor there.

If we have been deliberately uneducated to the level of kids today, I dunno… add into the mix that back then there was no internet, no smartphones, no xxxhamster, no tinder, no jpeg, no mpeg, no mp3… sucks teeth…

… add into the mix that since then laws have gotten more draconian and disjointed, plus all the technology also means shit is tracked and traced all the time, back then we had no speed cameras, no anpr, no police computer database available 24/7, I could go on and on.

At least back then it was a sort of open prison where once you made 18 you became a trusty and could pretty much live life the way you wanted to, there wasn’t any misandry in the courts, divorce wasn’t so messy and nasty, houses were affordable, you could easily enough rebuild your life if you took a knock through various circumstances, you couldn’t really get into much debt, much less be part of a society where being indebted over your head was pretty much mandatory for participation, and of course there weren’t so many fucking “safety nets”… if you lost a job you’d get dole for 3 or 6 months that worked out to around 75% of the average of your last 4 weeks wages, and when that ran out the only long term money you got was enough to buy food, just about, nothing else.

No exceptions for being born with a cunt or having 4 children by one of 10 possible fathers.

Back then, I can’t remember her name, I guess she was reasonably pretty but at the time I only had eyes for another chick, anyway it was her 16th and we were drinking and smoking dope and listening to jethro tull and hawkwind (I would have been 17 at the time) and some way though the night she comes out with “oh no I’m 16, sex is going to be boring now” because that is the other side of the coin, lots of people did lots of things expressly *because* they were not supposed to, drive from town A to town B while never being below the speed limit, and of course everything is changing.

Time was if you wanted to leave one place and go to another all you needed was a passport and money, you didn’t have to notify any authorities and you didn’t need special permission, and you certainly were not bound by the rules of the country you just left, the rules of the country you were in were what applied.

REFUGEE, I was educated so I do not need a dictionary to tell me that a refugee is an individual who is seeking refuge from something, and I do not need a dictionary to tell me that refuge is to hide from or run away from.

“Economic refugee” WTF is that all about, BY FUCKING DEFINITION if the motive is fiscal then you are not a fucking refugee, you are an economic migrant.. and I don’t need a dictionary to tell me that migrant is someone who seeks to change where they live.

Dogshit thick 12 year old Jimmy has no education, and no difficulty, they ain’t from fucking round here, and they get treated better than us… I refrain from explaining that is was common practice to beat and humiliate the buck nigger, and elevate and reward the most unworthy, to break up the slave community spirit, it would go way over Jimmy’s head, and yet I don’t think Jimmy is missing out on any useful info, he has the dog’s basic sense of unfairness and resentment, and not just towards the rapefugee, but the teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor  who is behind it all, same cunts who are behind everything else Jimmy don’t like.

For all their ignorance and uncouth ways and everything else that I could possibly say against Jimmy and his ilk, they have one redeeming feature that I love dearly, they know when they are being treated fairly, and they *do* react to that, perhaps in ways that we older inmates shy away from as being inappropriate, but they do, which puts them a million miles ahead of all the teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor  etc

I have *never* been one to watch my words, always been a tell it like it is and fuck you if you don’t like it kinda guy, to be sure my personal experiences and age (and the psycho skank ho episode where no matter what you say it’s twisted and used against you, and the meaning of every single word gets changed on a whim) have a big part to play in this, so I have always been the sort to not have a fuckbook page with everything on it, not wear a tee shirt that says “I fuck other guys wives”, not put in writing on here that I just drank a bottle of whisky and drove 30 over the limit on the wrong side of the road, and of course on here I don’t actually put my given name to stuff (I know that this is a far cry from anonymity) because basically I was brought up that there are a lot of laws you can break if you do it quietly, it’s not that you won’t be detected, it’s that *they* won’t bother.

nowadays we have the Jimmy’s of this world breaking the law, bragging about it on fuckbook, getting arrested and then jumping bail and posting pictures to the judge’s / po-po’s fuckbook page with them sipping a margarita somewhere sunny and sticking two fingers up, literally… that’s bad enough but a local source tells me some are even doing it from their home town while hiding out from the law and taking the piss out of the po-po for not being able to find them…

It’s just another sign of what I mentioned yesterday, we’re headed for a prison riot.

The deliberate dumbing down of society was to my mind a *massive* mistake, yes you can dumb them down to the point where you can as a corporation or a state do what would be wildly illegal for me to do, which is to manipulate them, to me this modest short term gain is vastly outweighed by the fact that you can no longer appeal to their intellect, so at a stroke you reduced everything to brutish ignorance so you could sell more shit and amass more temporary power, and the demon you unleash in doing so is the basic animal instinct and response to unfair treatment, and every single sign of that you just double down with more dumbing down, more laws, more repression.

When I was 13 90% of kids if asked about sex would lie and say yeah they’ve done it, the very very few who had done it would be lost in the crowd of liars.

Today you ask 12 year olds and I shit you not 50% have done it, and they don’t fucking *say* they have done it, they whip out the smartphone and show you fucking PROOF they have done it, and when you panic and react in horror (because who wants to be arrested on a charge of being a paedo) they say it’s OK man, I’m under age and so was she and you didn’t touch my phone.

Then you’ll get a Jimmy, he will tell you yeah, most of the time those mpegs are real, most of the time everyone has seen this in the school, most of the time that’s why they are taken, because everyone does it, but some fake it, everyone at school knows they faked it, but that doesn’t matter, the point is the old’s don’t want to touch their phones now, just in case.

Jimmy has (he tells me) two different girls sucking his cock (separately) and one citizen dying in the street after being tasered (I query him and he states an actual death and place and date that was reported in the press) and he has shared them all amongst friends so he doesn’t care if someone steals his phone, and like he says, what old or teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor is going to want to touch his phone, knowing what’s on it.

Big big big mistake to think that feral kids can be easily controlled by keeping them dumb and ignorant and repressed… the times in africa and other places where one white man held sway over hundreds of wogs he *never* forgot he was outnumbered, and the *last* thing he wanted was a situation where they saw him as an oppressor, it’s way too easy to poison a bastard or cudgel him asleep, the only way it worked was with respect, you could be as hard as nails as long as you were FAIR,  and the things that made me a good white man abroad also made me a good manager at home and abroad, demand enough self discipline and skill from yourself to earn respect from the staff, and then treat them all fairly and equally, *they* will sort out their own hierarchy and rules, they don’t need you imposing it.

A feral dog or feral youth doesn’t need a phd to know when YOU are out of your depth, and they are pack animals, beat them all individually at will, they will all turn on you one day and they *will* see the fear in you as you run away for reinforcements, and you just made your own task more impossible long term.

I, and *many* others, talk about Yellowstone letting go or moar war in Europe or the ME, why do you think the powers that be prefer such a scenario to the point they will do everything they can to make it happen, anything but their worst nightmare, the feral pack revolting and putting everything that smells of teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor to madame guillotine.


  1. That’s the problem with putting fluoride in the water to keep the population stupid and manageable.

    Pretty soon, your guy whose job it is to measure the dosage and keep everyone manageably stupid gets distracted and takes a sip. With every sip, he gets distracted more easily. Pretty soon, he forgets how much fluoride he’s supposed to put in there. So he just shrugs and uses P for “plenty”

    Now you’ve got a bunch of retards, and the elite are also drinking the tapwater occasionally, and it’s a quick downward spiral into idiot anarchy.

    Every successful strategy brings about its own failure.

    Comment by Baruch Kogan (@BaruchKogan) — July 10, 2017 @ 2:41 pm

  2. The dipshits running things likely want what is going to happen. They gamed it out, likely fourty years ago or more, that they could no longer maintain control given projections and decided it would be better to cause upheavals in and social cataclysms to drop the populations of primarily white westernized countries and ensure any survivors will be ruled by an iron fist. Any non-western countries not willing to play ball, knowingly or unknowingly, would get destroyed by said white countries while they are still viable for such a task. I personally think the United States will be a literal killing field sometime relatively soon. Little pricks won’t give up your guns? Fine, we’ll get you to turn them on yourselves.

    Comment by demiurgemadness — July 10, 2017 @ 7:47 pm

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